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Vol. 7.
When in Phoenix
-wall on. tlis a
J'or Drugs at Right Prices, fresh and good.
Rear looks after you when in hie store.
Bear fills prescriptions every day, too.
Beonember Bear,
Opp. City Hall, 118 £. Washington St,, Phoenix.
- ... . ,
We Lead,
Others Follow.
That old, reliable and popular house, the
Z«Cfi-(lpti?8 Instill
Is in the lead as bargain-givers. Good goods and low
prices is o«r motto.
In Dry Goods, Furnishing Goods, Dress Goods, Shoe*,
Hats, of best quality and up to date styles, we lead in
bargains for the people.
OUR GROCERY DEPARTMENT is complete, and is
*lway* stocked with a full line of tresh goods,
O o to tb.o Co-Op. fox Betig'alrLa
l r—
nrotning tout Buggies;
All Kind*. All Prices. Call and see them.
Full line of Cook Stove* and Heater*.
Granite Ware.
Agents for f>ntcn Clipper Plow* and
£ Mitchel Wage—.
Paint* and Oil*.
1 aonssKHRasTRPhHT,
Mesa Free Press.
w. d. moetok. A.r.saawkak.
Advertising rates made knows on ap
plication .
Conditions throughout the genera)
business world offor the highest en
couragement. Large aggregate of vol
ume of business for November, in
creased foreign demand, and compir
atively few failures, show an unusual
condition of financial soundness.
Export of food products continues
large. Industries generally have done
well. The most important event being
the placing of orders for 700,000 tons
of steel rails.
The price situation is on the whole
satisfactorary, as more advances than
declines were recorded for the month.
In cur immediate vicinity Southern
California business is effected some
what by the fact that November has
passed bringing no rain. Business must
of necessity move along very conserv
ative lines until there is a good soak
ing rain.
Interest centers now in the coming
orange crop, and orange buyers are
particularly'active, and holiday ship
ments are going forward. It is claimed
that the fruit sent forward is better
than the fruit sent Urt year for Xmas
trade. The price for fancy navels is
$2.00 top price, 15 cents less than
opening rrice last year.
The walnut crop is about moved.
One beneficial result of this year’s
short crop will be that no walnuts
will be carried over, thus insuring for
the coming season a clean market.
Eastern demand for dried fruits is
fairly active and prices are well sus
tained The raiseii crop of state on
upst grades is wed cleaned up. Under
the management of the raisen combine
it is shown the net. rate per pound
received for whole crop will average
about 3 1-4 cents, as against a net
average return last year of l 3-4 cents
The celery crop was the largest crop
yet moved from this section.
Barhy prices remained unchanged
during the month. Corn brought full
prices. A general advance went into
on beans. The stocks are reduced and
held firm.
Failures for November were the
lightest of any month during the year
in onr district,, being 9 in number,
with liabilities SII,OOO, assets $3,000,
against 15 in November 1897, with
liabilities of $31,000, assets $12,000.
Col. W. T. Brooks, the mining ex
pert, returned Sunday evening from a
trip »o Honduras, Central America.
He bad a large placer mining scheme
on bard but arrived in Honduras at
the outbreak of the present rebellion
and found it impossible to do any
thing, He says there is lots of gold
in Central America, hut the uasettled
cooditon of the country mokes it ex
tremely hazardous to attempt exten
sive mining. Mr. Brooks had a hard
trip and was glad to gbt baqk to civil
ization again He will remain in
Yuma some time and may become
pertnantly interested m the develop -
ment our mining resources.—Yuma
It is interesting to read in a demo,
cratic paper of this town recommen
dations regarding the office of super
intendent of public instructor The
fact that the office' already is filled by
a capable republican is ignored by
that paper. Mr. A. P. Shewman, the
present incumbent, has displayed first
class ability in the performance of his
exacting duties and we doubt if a
better man for the position could be
found in the territory. The Republi
would be glad to Shewman
hold the office indefinitely,—Repub-
A medical scientists is authority
for the statement that chi 1 ren and
old people especially suffer from a lack
of lime in the system Persons who
habitually drink soft water, while
they enjoy immunity from certain of
the ills of life, expose themselves to
others quite as much to be avoided
Hard water helps the the teeth and
the hones by furnishing lime, which is
necessary to health, growth and de
velopment. Old persons who drink
but little loose their teeth more
quickly than those who take a reas
onable amount of drinking water.
Lime, or food products in which it
abounds, should be a part of the regu
lar supply furrihbed to the system.
Pue of the most valuable vegetables
for this purpose is the yellow turnip
or rutabaga, which shsuhl be given to
growing children at least once a week.
Properly prepared, it is very rs lisfa
able and its food value has nevea been
appreciated.— N, Y. Ledger
The Los Angelas Times of recent
date, has the following complimentary
notice of the Indian foot, ball team
from the Phoenix Indian School,
which is now visiting Southern Cali
forn * : “Tae young Indians from
Arizona who are now in this city,
tisited the Univesity of Southern
California yesterday. It is said they
manifested much interest in the dif
ferent departments through which
they were shown, and a youug Pima
on being called upon to do so made a
brief address in his native tongue, the
word * foot ball” being about the only
one recognized by the university stu
dents. The deportment of these In
dians, many of whom have seen but
little of the world, is highly credita
ble to them and the school from which
they Come. It is to be hoped that
their manners will not be spoiled by
contact with “civilization.”
Mr* J. S. Laney brought to our
office Monday some lemons raised on
his home place just southwest of town
One little twig containtd four mag
nificent specimens They are bright,
smooth and with an exceptionally thin
rind and full of juice, although just
picked from the tree We have never
seen finer lemons any where. The
trees on which they grew are yet
young and although they have never
been protected against freezes since
the first year of their planting, the
trees have never been damaged, save
that the tender shoots are now and
then nipped Mr. Laney has less than
a dozen crees and th’s year will have
quite a nice lot of lemons tV m them
one tree turning off nearly two boxes.
Kita Pomeroy, the ear-old
daughter of Mr. and M rs. J. H.
Pomeroy, died Wednesday morning
after an illness of one week fiom
pneumonia, Rita whs a bright little
girl and a general favorite with all
who knew her, because of her sweet,
sunny disposition. She will be sadly
missed from the home circle and by
all who had been wont to hear her
pleasant greeting. It can be truly
said that another bright little star
more Ims been added to Heaven’s
constellation. The family and rela
tives have the sincere sympathy of
the entire community in their great
Ex-Marshall W. K. Meade was in
Kingman the past ten days Mr.
Meade has just returned from the
Ynkou country and is enthusiastic in
praise of its richness. He says that
next year will see the rich diggings
near Dawscn worked out audthen the
counbiy on the American side of the
line will receive the attention of the
miners on the npper Yukon. A strip
of country 1800 miles in length and
200 miles in width along the Yukon
is gold bearing. Mr. dfeade is inves
tigating several mining propositons in
Mohave county.—Mohave Miner.
Parents, visit the schools. If yoo
have the smartest boy or the dullest
boy, go and see. If the teacher is
teacher is said to be partial, go and
see. If you believe the school is do
ing the most for your child, go 'and
see; and if you think it is doing no
thing, go and see. At any rate,
visit the schools. The schools will be
better for it aud so will you.
John Biddlecome the contractor
will shortly bpgin work on a brick
house for Will Goodwin in
and will in the near future const u<*t
a brick store buildirg for thrfdream
ery Con pany at the Creamery this
side of Tempe. He will also about the
Ist of February begin the|constructiou
of a brick creamery building and
brick store for the Creamery Co. just
across the street from the A/ill.
John is a pusher with all his work
and all his woik is solid and substan
Mr. Sickels, a former resident of
Willcox, now, resides southwest of
town. He called upon us this week
and informed us that some of his
friends have recently arrived from
Illinois, bringing their household
goods and stoik with th«ru, His
brother and other friends are also ex
pected to arrive in the near fulur-.
John BarnettVdrug store is liter
al y an emporium of Christmas dolls,
toys, jewelry and fine toilet sets. The
doll department furnishes dolls of
every style and size and th»y aro
handsome. Mr. Barnett has stocked up
with as fine a line of Christmas goods
as can he found in the valley.
H. D. Cassiday, District Attorney
and Distriot Attorney elect of Pinal
county, died At his home in Florence
on the 7th inst. He was a fine law
yer, and was held in tha highest es
teem as an honorable, upright man
and citizen. The remains were takvn
to San Diego for interment.
Over two inches of moistnre fell in
the shape of rain and snow Saturday,
Saturday night aud Sunday. The
earth is well saturated and the mount
ains are covered with snow, which
will insure irrigating water for some
time to come. Altogether the stonn
will be wor h many thousands of dol
lars to this valley.
There should be a* effort'inxde'this
winter to secure water for our ceme
tery so that trees and shrubbery and
flowers may be made to embellish that
resting place of the dead. Steps should
be taken in that direction at once
Mrs. Mattie Ritter arrived Tuesday
morning from Utah where she has
resided since her marriage three years
ago. She will spend the winter here
with her mother, Mrs. Lewis, and
vith other relatives.
There promises to be a larger area
sown to grain this season.in this valley
than ever before. The good pricer of
the past year and the promise of
plenty of rain and irrigating water
have encouraged the farmers to re -
nevred activity.
In the railrond collision near
Prescott last Saturday, engineer
W ade of the S. F P. & P., was in
stantly killed and several of the train
men of both trains were seriously in
The Lamb boys were down from the
Goldfield country the first of the week
They reported four inches of snow, on
a level at Goldfield, while at second
water aud Garden Yalley there was
from four to seven feet.
A collision occured on the S. F. P
A P. a few miles above Prescott last
Saturday . The two engines were a
total wreck and sevoral parties were
badly injured.
Alkire Bros, has a holiday announ
cement in this issue. This solid firm
pays cash for its goods and is always
on deck with low prices for ita par
rons. *
Robt. Banta left for his future
home at Big Bug Wednesday of last
week. They got caught in the storm
at Phoenix and were held there for
several days.
Yuma had a very destructive fire a
week ago. A large part of the bus
iness portion of tbe town was destroy
ed. It will be rebuilt with substantial
The Santa Fe Company has bought
the San Joaquin Valley railroad thus
securing a through line into San
Vrs. William Ijwin and sister,
Miss Gertie Anderson, went by stage
to Phoenix Jfonday afternoon.
i Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alum*
Atom baking powders are the greatest
mmaccrs to health of the present day.
Tne Passey and Passey and Mets
blocks are now completed, and they
are substantial structures. The con
tractor John Biddlecome sustained his
well known reputation as a builder iu
the construction of these blocks. One
of them was 110 feet long by 25 feet
wide and the other 50 feet by 25 feet
and one story and the entire walls
were np and ready for the roof in
forty-two hours from the time work
commenced on the foundation. The
work shows for itself and is entirely
satisfactory to the owners
James Bark has filed a contest
against D. L. Murray for the office of
Sheriff. According'to the returns
Murray had nine majority,
A contest has been filed in the cases
of the three Republican candidates
for the legislature who were shown to
be elected by the returns.
The Ladies Circle Woodmen of the
World initiated several new candi
dates Tuesday night. Hot coffee, cake
and sandwiches were served after the
The air was filled with flying snow
balls for two or three hours Saturday
and several of the boys carried away
black eyes and game noses as a result,
BORN—Deo. 16, to the wife of
Frank Barkley, a fine boy.
Leads in completeness of equip
ment, comfort of transport, prompt
ness of service, Fast and elegant
trains, with pintsch gas lights on all
cars. Dining cars on all limited trains.
The highest standard maintained all
the year round. No snow blockades,
238 miles the shortest line to Los
Angeles, quickest time to all eastern
points. For further information cal
on or address, M. O. BIOKNELL
\ Age
IF YOU WANT a Xmas Present
go to G. F.
ington Street, Phoenix. Albums,
Dewey Rugs, Parlor Lamps, Olocks,
Rings, piaiu cr set, Silverware of all
IC going east, we will assist yon in
selecting a route and secure you the
best connection and accommodations.
If west, use the shortest and quickest
line for seaside points. For farther
nformabion call on or address,
M. O. Bicknkll,
G. P. A., Phoenix.
The Phoenix Short Line has reha
bilitated their Pullman service between
Phoenix and Maricopa; passengers can
take the Pallman at seven o’clock in
the evening, remaining in it until six
o’clock the next morning, doing away
with the necessity of occupying rooms
at Maricopa.
sunset" LIMITED.
. The Southern Pacific special fast
train between Chicago and the Pacifio
Ooast, will make the first run about
November Ist, and thereafter twice a
week. Solid vestibuled Pullman
train throughout, dining service and
everything complete. Also twice a
week a special fast train between
New Orleans and San Francisoo con
necting with fast train for all Atlan
tic Coast points. The finest and most
complete service from coast to coast.
Four fast trains east and west each
week from Maricopa via the Sunset
route. For further information con
cerning this unrivaled passenger ser
vice, call on or address
If O* fIICKNELL, fl. P. A
30. 14.

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