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Vol. 8.
We Lead,
jt ' 1 \>* - f- r
(QtLens Follow.
'That old, reliable aad ponular house, the
r Z*C«-Optilit! listlli
* I* in the lead as baigain-givers. Good goods aud low
prices is our motto.
Infery Goods, Furnishing Goods, Dress Goods, Shoes,
of best quality and up to date styles, we lead in
bargains for the people.
1 our Grocery department is complete, and is
stocked with a full line of trash goods.
Qo to t3n.e Co-Op. fox Ba.xg'a.irxs
(pߥ i jR AL——
Full line ot Cook Stoves and Heaters.
Granite Ware,
ylgents for Canton Clipper Plows and
Mitche) Wagons.
Paints and Oils.
*4 f <
L' “* 11,1 WL "■ . .. . ~
Farmers’ Exchange :
*• ■■ ...
JUS ■ 16 • SES.;
V N - <
Rrown*t Best Shoes at the Lowest Prices.
Our Stock of Men’s Hats are Going at Cost.
Cali and get our Prices on Groceries.
„ o:o : 1
j£§r\Ve compete in pricts, quality considered.
Blanket* and all kinds of Bedding.
Our Stock is now complete, and we will be prepared to fill large orders
from factory, i f not in stock
. A.Hunsaker's
when you come to town; We are the boys who always
give you the worth of yoqr money.
j¥e Are Headquarters
in Mesa for Dry Goods, Ladies and Gents Furnishings
Hats, Boots and Shoes, Millinery, Silks and all fancy
notions included in the Dry Goods line.
We Dio a Strictly .
cash business. Our Prices are beyond competition.
Don't Forget the name.
- jlTotlilag tout Buggies;
~ All Kinds. * Ml Prices. Call and see them.
Mesa Free Press.
’ A. P. SHEWMAN, Publisher.
fg* No person is authorized to contract bills
on account of this paper except on written
order of the Publsher.
Advertising rates made known on application
IF* Subscription, $2.50 per year.
The following is the law passed by
the twentieth legislature of Arizona
requiring the payment of poll tax by
the citizens of Arizona before they
can register and thereby become en
titled to vote:
Section 1. No recorder, justice of
the peaCr), or other officer authorized
to register electors in any of the
counties in the territory of Arizona,
shall register or take the affidavit for
the purpose of registration of any
elector within this territory, unless
such person desiring to be registered
shall produce and exhibit to the regis
tering officer a receipt showing that
be has paid a poll tax for the year in
which he is registering.
Sec. 2. This act shall not apply to
any perton who is by law exempt
from the payment of a poll tax. But
in this event the persou desiring to
register must make affidavit to the
facts that entitle him under the law
to an exemption from the payment of
a poll tax.
Sec. 3. Any of the registering of
ficers enumerated in Sec. 1 of this act,
or any that hereafter may be qualified
to register electors, who enters the
name of any person upon the great
register of the county of which he is
an officer, without requiring the per
son s ekiiig to be registered, to ex
hibit a poll tax rec dpt forth * year in
which he is being registered, or taking
the affidavit ot such person showing
he is exempt from tho payment of a
poll tax, shall be guiliy of a misde
meanor and subject to a tine upon
conviction tbeiefor, of not more than
SIOO or imprison,nent in the county
jail not less than sixty days, or by
both such fine and imprisonment.
A great deal is being said just now
about the danger of the abrogation of
the homestead law, says the Denaer
Stockman because of the . proposed
leasing of the range la. ds Theie is a
great deal of sentiment and consider
able wind in this sudden interest in
the homestead law. The lands that
it is proposed shall be subject to lease
should never be subject to homestead
entry and any law that would make
it impossible for such'-lands to be
homesteaded would be of benefit to
the people. VVhy should anyone be
allowed to take up land of the kind
that twenty acres are required to fur
nish life for one steer. He might sup
port eight steers upon it, but eight
steers would not furnish much of a
living. It should not be possible for
any man to take up such land for a
homestead Any man who would
want to take up such land would be
either a fool or a knave. If the for
mer, he should be headed off; if the
latter, he does not want the land for
any good purpose and is nob entitled
to it. All lands which are fit for
homestead entry shou’fj never be sub
ject to lease. They should be retained
for homesteaders, and where lands aie
not tit for homestead, they should be
withdrawn from the action of that
beneticient law.—Star.
The people of Arizona have no
cause for complaint ut the course pur
sued by Col. J. F. Wilson, their dele
gate in congress. He has done all auy
man cruld have done. He has pre
pared and introduced a large number
of bills which if enacted into laws
would greatly benefit • Arizona. He
has by actual observation and much
research informed himself thoroughly
as to the conditions and needs of every
section of the territory. Cob Wilson
is working hard and earnestly for
j statehood atd he ha . gathered together
an arrpy of facts concerning the in
dustrial conditions of Arizona that are
bo indisputable of our just claims to
statehood that we cannot see hW any
member of congress can find any justi
fication for further opposing the ad
mission of Arizona as a state. Mr.
Wilson is a candidate for re-election
this fall and on the record he has thus
far made will be entitled to the res
pect and confidence of the democrats
of Arizona.-—Arizona Bulletin.
A session of the Farmers’ Institute
will be held in the Co.-Op. Hall. Mesa
City, next Thursday afternoon and
evening, March 29th. This will bo an
interesting session, and all should
make it a point to attend. The fol
lowing is the program:
afternoon session, 2 p. m.
Music, vocal solo,*Mrs.B. F. Johnson.
Making Poultry Pay—J. Johnson,
Maximum Alfalfa Crops John
Shorney, Glendale.
Successful Grain Raising John
Vance,Mesa. Discussion . Phelps,
Music —Cornet and Piano Duet.
Effects of Winter Irrigation on
Orchards—Geo. Schornick, Mesa.
Discussion —Prof. McOlatchie, Phx
Music —Vccal Solo, Misr Maeser
Vegetable Growing in Salt River
Valley, Prof. McClatchje, Phoenix.
Discussion —J. Holdren, Mesa.
Handling Milk for Best Results—
0. Peterson,
Facts Concerning Stock Water—
Prof. Forbes, University of Arizona.
Music —Piano Solo.
There will be a free distribution of
some publications issued by the Ex
perimental Station.
Dan Hibbert is in town. He ex
pects to remain until April.
James Passey has been ili for a few
days, but better now.
The English C students presented a
farce Saturday evening representing
the graduates five years hence.
The Academy has challenged the
University for an athletic meet. A
committee from tho University will
meet one from tho Academy to arrange
for a contest in oratory.
If the strength of the Missionary
class may be judged by their singing
of gospel hymns under Prcf. Lund’s
directions, they are a power indeed.
* «►-« —# :
The press of Arizona has put a rod
in pickle for politicians who have been
guilty in tho past of making political
capital at the expense of newspapers
which refused to be dictated to or
controlled by these oolitical plunderers
These gentlemen are known in every
eounty and will be attended to at the
proper time. The “organs” will not
be able to save them. —Bulletin.
Mr. Ed. Lafng,who was so seriously
injufed last week at the artesian well
now being put down for Dr. Chandler,
has borne up bravely under his great
injuries and the loss of his right arm,
which had to be amputated. The
arm lias not healed very well and it
was thought necessary to take him to
one of the best hospitals in Los
Angeles for treatment. A special
train took him to Tempe, where he
caught the M. k P. for tho City of
the Angels. Mr. Laing made many
friends while here who hope for his
speedy recovery.
A caucusof the electors of the town
was held at the town hall last Wed
nesday evening for the purpose of
nominating a municipal ticket. Not
withstanding the rain and mud there
were about 25 electors present, and
they nominated the following ticket:
For Oour.cilmen: W. A. Kimball, W.
L Sirrine, C M. Mullen, Geo. A.
Macdonald and Phil Mets For Mar
shal, C. B. Lewis; Clerk, G. A Mauk;
Supervisor of Streets, Qweu Davies.
Flection occurs on Monday, April 2nJ.
'Jur local railroad offers a special
rate of $59.70 to Suit Lake and re
turn. Tickets will be on sale March
28th and April Ist, »nd will be good
j for 60 days. See G. A. Mauk, local
i agent, for pmticulars.
* j < . * -<• •
The citizens of Mesa City will cer
tainly have plenty of timber to select
from at the coming municipal election
to oe held on Monday, April 2nd.
It addition to the caucus ticket men
tioned elsewhere three additiotfhl ones
were filed with the Clerk last night
which we give in full as follows:
TaX payer’s TICKET.
Councilmen W A. Kimball, Ben
F. Leßaron, C. M. Mullen, G A Mao
ri anald, Phii Mets
Marshal—o B Lewis
Clerk—J H Pomeroy
Street Supervisor—Owen Davies
Councilmen —J G Peterson, Bert
Wingar, J II Rogers, Joe Standage,
T H Sabin.
Marshal—Wm A Burton
Olerk—J H Pomeroy
Street Supervisor—W H McOul
-Councilmen—W A Kimball, Chas
Mullen, Geo Macdonald,D M Leßaron
W L Sirrine.
Marshal—-P Daley.
Clerk—J H Pomeroy
Street Supervisor- J H McCullough,
Judge Richardson in a breach of
promise case at Boston has just ruled
that a Sunday night contract of mar
riage is not void under the genetal
Sunday law.
“In view,” he says, “of what com
mon knowledge shows what has been
done on Sundays and Sunday even
ings in respect to contracts of mar
riage, I should doubt very much if it
was generally thought that an engage
ment which was made on Sunday wus
void. In the part of the country
where my youth was passed, though
It may have been only a pleasant de
lusion, we used to think that such en
gagements were among the things that
Sunday, and especially Sunday even
ing, was instituted for.”
The point raised has never been
passed upon in the courts of this com
monwealth, nor, so far as known, in
any of the courts of the United States.
An exception was taken by th9 d -
sense, and the case will go to the su -
preme court upon this question.
Articles of incorporation of the
Mesa Light & Power Co. and of the
T mpe Light <fe Power Co- were file d
in the office of the County Recorder
last Tuesday. The incorpoiators of
both corporations are Harry L. Chan vi
ler, Brtha T. Chandler and Charles L.
Diehl. The capital stock of e.eh
company is $25,000. The object in
each case is to transmit and sell elec
tric power and deal in electiical ma
chinery, etc.
Our new postmaster, Judge Newell,
has succeeded in getting his office in
good shape in a very short time after
he took charge. He has for his chief
assistant Mr. S. L. McArthur, who
has had considerable experience in
that line in eastern cities, and the
Judge is to be congratulated on having
secured his services. Good mail ser
vice is appreciated by all the patrons
of the offee.
At a meeting of the citizens of
Tempe held last VVednesday night the
following named persons were nomin
ated for municipal offioc: Councilmen,
Carl Hayden, Sam Brown, John
Knight, Dr. J. A. Dines and O A.
Corbeli. For Olerk, F. M. Schuere
man; Marshal, George L. Oompton.
Manager Martin, ot the Pierson drug
store, informs us that he is having a
great run on Chamberlain’s Cough
Remedy. He sell five bottles oi that
medicine to one of any other kind and
it gives great satisfaction. In these
days of la grippe there is nothing like
Ch unberlain’s Cough Remedy to stop
the cough, heal up tbe sore throat and
lungs and give relief within a very short
time. The sales are growing, aud al
Who try it are pleased with its prompt
j action. —South Chicago Daily Calumet.
For sale by J. W. Baily, Druggist.
The School Trnstee election will
occur on Saturday, March 31st next.
The term of Kimball Pomeroy ex
pires at that time.
*' H -t * -vrS s
A. startling: incident, of which Mr.
Jonn Oliver of Philadelphia, was tlie
subject, is narrated by him as follows:
“I was in a most dreadful condition. My
skin was almost yellow, eyes sunken,
tongue coated, pain continually in back
and sides, no appetite—gradually grow
ing weaker day by day. Three physi
cians had given me up. Fortunately, a
friend advised trying ‘Electric Bitters;’
and to my great joy and surprise, the
first bottle made a decided improvement.
I continued their use for three weeks,
and am now a well man, ~1 know they
saved my life, and robbed the grave of
another victim.” No one should fail to
try them. Only 50 cts., guaranteed, at
J. H. Barnett’s Drug Store.
The new blacksmith shop of Gilbert
<k Draper has opened its shop and are
doing a general blacksmithmg business.
Could not express the rapture of An
nie E Springer, of 1125 Howatd st,
Philadelphia, Pa., when she found that
Dr. King’s £few Dispoyery for Consump
tion had completely cured her of a
hacking cough that for many years had
made life a burden. Alf other remedies
and doctors could giye her no helpVhul
she say? of this Royal cure— “it soon re
moved the pain in my chest and I> can
now sleep soundly, something I can
scarcely remember doing befo e. I feel
like sounding its praises throughout the
Universe.” So will everyone who tries
Dr. King’s New Discovery for any
trouble of the Throat, Chest or Lungs.
Price 50c and SI.OO. Trial bottles free
at J. H. Barnett’s Drug Store; every
bottle guaranteed.
Rutherford Jones, representing the
Century Dictionary of the Los Angeles
Times, was in town yesterday.
_ S '
Os Shiloh’s Consumption Cure tfl
guarantee: ‘‘All we ask or you is to use
two-thirds of the contents ot this bottle
aithfully, then’if you tan say you ere
not benefited return the botfle to you!
Druggist and he mky refund the prio?
paid.” Price 25 cts., 50 cts. and fl.OCf
For sale by J. H. Barnett, Druggist.
The late rain has done a deaj
of good, and our farmers all wear
broad smiles.
A Beautiful Complexion is an *»». possi
bility [without good pure blood, the sort
hat only exists in connection with goed
digestion, a healthy liver and bowels.
Karl’s Clover Root Tea acts directly oh
the heart, liver and kidneys keeping
them in perfect health. Price 25 ctS;
and 50 cts. For sale byJ- H. Barnett
Da\is A Ross have been doing a
rushing business with Belgian hares
The Ladies’ Improvement Club have
the north plaza in tine shape and it is
a credit ip the town.
The infant child of Mr. and Mr*?
James H. Ruse has jaeen very ill, but
is now improving.
: Tca *3kk :
Let the wtod bluster and
howl, - A-s v
And pretty maids’ tresses plow s«£»
There’s comfort'kWaitihg as home—
Japan*s best and most fragrant tea. j
Pride of Japan
No. 26

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