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Vol. $.
We Lead,
Others Follow-
That old, reliable and ponular hquse, the
ZfiMsCß-Oprte Institution
Is in the lead as baigain-givers. Good goods and low
prices is Q«r iqotto.
£n Dry Goods, Furnishing Goods, Prp§s Goods, Shoes,
Hats, of best quality and up to date styles, we lead in
bargains for the people.
QUR GROCERY DEPARTMENT is complete, and is
always stocked with a full line of tresh goods.
Q-o to til© Co-Op. fox Baig'alns
FRUIT cans,
Mason Krnit
Everything Else that people want in the Harvest and
Fruit Season at
Farmers’ Expjiange
Brown’s Best Shoes qj she Lowest Prices.
Our Stock of Men’s Hats are Going q,t Cost.
Call get our Prices on Groceries.
Just Arrived
Full line of Hammocks, Cots, Camping Outfits and
Wall Paper. Our Stock of Liijplejup, Mat
ting, and Carpets i s Complete. ’
Select 0-ood.s axx.d-
Oom-petitioxa. prices.
All kinds of Spring Cots, Ucublp, 3-4, and Single.
when you come to town; W$ qp* the boys who always
give you the worth of your money.
We Are. Headquarters
in Mesa for Dry Goods, Ladies and Gents Furnishings
Hats, Boots and Sho 's, Millinery, Silks and all fancy
notions included in the Dry Goods line.
We Do a Strictly
cash business. Our Prices are beyond competition.
Don’t Forget the name.
- . ■ v --v 1-; - *
We are Headquarters for
General Hardware
v • . irC* .%> .s -v •: * & v *
iVagonfi, Buggies apd Wagon Material. Iron and ,Steel.
f ? .f v ... , , , ,
Mesa Free press.
Kibhej & Edwards
Rooms 1,2, 4, 6. Strinegger Build’g.
2G S. First Ave. Phoenix, A. T.
A Grocer Says
“I guess everybody in Bellevue, Ohio,
knows 0. B. Callaghan, the grgper. I ani
in his em • a’*"
ploy, anti . , I
am about as fl « I i <1
well known 41
as he is. A. 1
grocery is a I ViT
place where) |W\ 'V 5-
you have if ,r t*a •
cold gusts 1/ U’; nn jVj.
at-find i ‘ i
coming .n • k
every time V ■
the door
good deal of
running u
gtrout out* *
f-doors too. Anyhow, I [l*-s
catch cold very often, but
the minute I begin to sneeze —'
I reach up on the shelf and
take a dose of Acker’s Eng-
lish Remedy. I tell you It
is wonderful-how quickly it stops a cough of
cold. I have used it myself, and to my fam
ily for a number of years. It works like a
charm. I suppose some of the folks would
have run into consumption before this if 1
had neglected to keep a bottle ready all the
time for immediate use. I wouldn’t think
of using any thigg el& for throat and tong
troubles/ I Know what Acker’s Remedy
actually does, so what sense is there in ex
perimenting? Certainty is better thap
chance.” (Signed) John Hof*.
Sold at 85c., 50c. and $1 a bottle, through
out the United States and Canada; and to
England, at Is. 2d., 2s. 3d., 4s. 6d. If you
are not satisfied after buying, return, the
bottle to your druggist, and get your money
back. -
We authorize the above guarantee.
|T. B. HOOKEb * oS.jrmfiftdore, yew York.
For Sale by J VV. Haney, Druggist.
City Bank;
At Mesa, in the Territory of Arizona
at the close of busimss June 30th.
Loans arid Discounts, less due from
Directors.... 11, 04
Doe from Directors, 4.000 • O'
Overdrafts, 1,587 60
Due roni' Trust Companies, State
and National Banks 4,424 70
Banking House, furniture and fix
tures 2,887 75
Other Real Estate, 7,589 87
Stock, Securities, Etc,, . 5,502 75
Current Expenses and Taxes Paid, 26 25
Spocie, 2,877 80
Legal Tender and national Bank 2,352 00
Exchanges for Clearings,• • ••’•.870 61
Total 43,727 37
Capital Stock paid in, 10,400 000
Undivided Profits,.. 51 46
Individual Deposits Subject to oheck, 29.525 {J
Demand Certificate- of Deposit,'. "1 ,260 00
Time Certificates ‘ of Deposit, -,275 00
Due to Trust Companies, State and
National Banks, . 2^s^
Suspense Account 1 ; ‘ ; - 20 si
Total 143.727 37
Territory of Arizona, County of Maricopa, I ss.
I,E W. Wilbur, Cashier of the above named
bank do solemnly iwear that the above state
ment is true to the fierf. of my knowledge and
belief. E W. WI^RJJR. Cashier.
Subscribed and ewqrn to before me this 7th
day of July, 1900
(Ixo. W- Woy, Notary Public.
Correct—Attest. Coni. jan. 1902
Wm Chbisty, )
C W Chouse. V Directors*
E W Wilbur )
. ; * • ’ *-• x m
> >'.A - 'US. ;•Xr-’T
... .
■ j ,
r ■' J' , \v. .: •
r? *• ; 1 j \ v : ,
y■ ■. '-*■
•?% ; ; . ;y. : ;
■ V
•5 'U Sri. i. - il f
?* r s) jqc
Kart*s C;;: v^ 5 fifos* Tea |'
m ”'Sjtu!t<«ea tn-j’Coi'r.oi -xioo, PuvrVs the ‘
ts. uiu. ai'-csst t.hnr b.« ! r». C ircsCoi. t
iupation, rij-l a ! Eruptions of w
1 a*? r>ki:i. An ;-ihi.vs 1./.vitivj Nerv- \
’ on,c ; S«id <-iv‘aiiKo’utt-’yuanintee by ail ip.
at Sic., 00c. s:mi SI.OO. S
C - WT.LL’i Si GO., LEROY, N. V * ‘
i.-: rio«»--i-Tons
For sale by Harnett, Druggist
Peed and Livery Stable
A METS. Proprietor
A. P. SHISJVMAN. Publisher.
No person is authorised to contract bills
on acoonnt pf this paper except on written
order of thq Pnblsher.
Advertigiqg rates made known on apj^oation
3T Subscription, (2.60 per year.
We clip the following from a Mis
souri paper which says some nice
things about the newly elected Demo
cratic territorial c ntrnl committee
Col. John B. Breathitt, big of build
and with a heart several sizes too large
for the body of an ordinary map, ar
rived in Jeffefton Uity yesterday
mo) ning and wdi spend several days
here, greatly h tli delight and grati
hcai.ion of his fronds. He has not
heeu here for several years and was
given an ovation on all sides.
The Almighty may at sorpe tipio in
the past put 01 eqrth a man of larger
heart and more generous impu ses
than Col. Breathitt, but it hasn’t hap
pened in this generation.
“001. Breathitt went to Arizona
soon after serving a term as a m mber
of the Railway and Warehouse com
mission of this state, tjle h Id »n
important federal position und
Cleveland, and atter retirng from of !
lice win-n the Mcßmlay adminintra
tion came i,i he became a quizes, of
Arizona, locating at Tucson, ne
is pjacticing law and doing a broker
age business. That he is popular in
tae te.iiiory is shown by the fact that
two y- ars ago he came within a few
votss of the Democratic nomination
for delegate to congress, and that he
was recently made the Democratic
V-ttional Committeeman for Arizona.
His friends in Arizona, and they
are numerous, intjeec), say t|iat is l
Bryan is elected he will be gotemot |
of the territory, and that w|)en state- j
hood is given Arizona he will be one !
of the United States Senators
“If the people out there slum id give
him half the territory, his tri’-ndp in
Missouri would say that it w.is not -•
bit more than be deserves,**
A million and a half dollars is
pretty good price for a glass of b -er,
says Pregcptt Courier. Never
theless that |g about the price that
Pregcott paid for a glass of beer that
a lodger in the Scopel block drank.
Mr. Scopel yesterday pointed qui to
the Pouner Reporter the mao -ho
drank this costly beer, and n , by no
iWeam?, has the appeara >c -of , t man
who would insist on i> gh priced ar
ticles—as a millioq dollar -b ik. Mr.
Scopel says the lodger went to hil
room,lit a caudle, put it into a miner’s
candlestick, stuck it ipto the wall and
wm t down for a gjass of beer. And
while he was gone the candlestick fell
r he lighted caudle ignited the
wall paper and the eo> flagraiion fol -
lowed which is now a matter of w c ll
knos u local history.
h . t .
Tl)e stockholder of the California
Consolidated Petroleum Company is a
stockholder of fifty oil companies.
His stock entitles him to bis pro rata
of all the dividends the California
Consolidated receives on the 2,500.0Q0
shares held by that 'ompany in the
fifty companies in question. His
stock also entitles him to his pro rata
of all the oil received as royalties on
5,000 acres, and to his pro rata of all
the oil developed on 10,0QQapres.
Jn this Company he has three sour
ces of profit and fifty chances to one
to get profitable dividends.
■' There are fortunes in oil apd the
stock of this company is sure to pay
handsome dividends and go to a large
Stock redeemable on demand at any
time within $0 dq.ys |rQai dist« oI cer
tificate. All money paid in install
ments refunded on demand at any
time within 30 days from date of (irst
payment. If yon do not want your
• stock, send to Company and you will
: promptly get ever) cent of yi«r mon
ey back.
The Native American has tips to
say in regard to the bcuding question.
“The proposition to vote $500,000 in.
aid of the Tonto Basin reservoir prop
psition Js teceiving considerable atten
tion on the part of the people of
Maricopa County. The pyespmption
is that a bond issue of this charactet
will has*en the construction of the
peservoir. Certainly the people can
not afford to leave a stone unturned
in order to secure an abundant water
supply, it looks very much as tha*
they will have to depend on them
selves and private capital to sesuro the
desired And and the Tonto Basin pro
ject is the cheapegt and most prac
li »a,Me of any mentioned. It would
pay Maricopa county to make an out
right donation of $500,000 if by doing
so every acre under the existing canals
would .be lujrnishtd with plenty of
A very pleasing surprise party was
given our talented friend, Miss Oitiiie
Maeser Ifi id *y week as sin was pre
paring to ma£e a trip to hej* home in
Utah, Miss Maeser has done a grand
work .11 Mesa in the musical line and
her friends outdid themselves on the
occasion to show their appreciation of
her efforts. She took train Saturday
wejsk San Francisco where she will
spend a few seeks mth friends and
then go on to Salt Lake City We
have ir from good authority that she
will rmurn again—when the heated
spell is over, and then something will
Mr. E. Jones had a vepy narrow
escape from death Friday. He was
riding up Main Street on a gallop and
when in front of Dins fev.il.sUie too
horse stumbled and fell leaving his
foot in the stirrup. The horse be
came frightened and ran, dragging
3f r - *l on ®s jfqj* a|}out IQO yarcjgi fiy the
foot. The horse became very much
frightened at its moveable load and
tried to kick loose from him, which he
finally did, M''. Jones extricating his
foqi frofp the stirrup. Strange as it
may .appear the horse did not hit him
once, qnd he sustained no injuries save
his back being bruised from dragging
and a big scare.
While m Long we called on
our fellow-citizen Phil Mats, who is
sutpmering there. He is having a
good time and is a general favorite
with the fair sex. It is whispered
that one of them is about persuaded
to rp;ik<- Ariz *na her home. No in
• 1»* i*' # •
formation cou id be gajned as to just
when this will occur, but if it don’t
happen soon l hil will lose all interest
in Arizona and will no doubt decide
to with the go|4en state.
A very difii alt and delicate opera
flop wqs performed on Mrs. Alex.
K jr of this place last Monday morn«
jing by Dr Jones, of Tempo, assisted
by Dr. Wilbur, of Mesa, and Hines
of T. rat e. The dreaded disease had
not yvt come to the surface, but had
caused M 8 Kerr considerable suffer
ing, and th- physic ans were caMed in
and decided that it was a cancer and
. *1 • ■
that an operation should be performed
at once, jyhich was supcgssfully ac
complished Mrs. Kerr is resting
quite well after her terrible ordeal.
Last Saturday night the Mesa Bpqss
Band gave another concert. These
concerts are getting to be quite a fea
ture in Mesa. Saturday night the
streets filled with vehicles, and
the sidewalks were lined with people
who came out to enjoy the fine program
of music dispensed |iy the band boys.
The city fsthepn, it is understood, will
be requested to build a band stand.
The efforts of the band should be ap •
predated by alj.
Charles C. Bowen, treasurer of the
* >? * ■ / V' .. fifJ tjr ,
Santa Fe, Phoenix A Prescott R R.,
and a member of the great seed house
of Bowen A Ferry, of Detroit, died
yesterday He had been in \U .health
for soue time. He was largely in
leresteu in canals and banking buni
nes« in this territory and owned a
large interest in the Consolidate*)
Canal. He was a man who was well
liked, an 1 he gave a large amount tq
. «■ ••• i
Tjlie Gazette of yesterday has the
folJoyjng: A prominent democrat of
Mesa in writing to the Gazette, says
■ General Wilson ha(l un
hook from some of his fool friends.
The Gazette don't believe th|t Gen.
Wilson is hooked up to these suckers.
The truth is, they are trying to hook
onto tba General expecting him to
pull them into public office. There
. isn't a man in Maricopa county strong
enough to pull that gang.”
-■ ■ « ■ ■ ■■■—
Probably few people have failed to
note the recent increase in the num
ber of one-dolijiF hi Us in circulation.
These are mostly silver certificates
1 and are the results of the new cur
rency Uw. Sherman notes of 189 Q
' are being redeemed and cancelled ag
fast as silver dollars can be coined to
take their place. Thege newly poinejj
dollars are not issued, however, but
certificates are put out instead.
1 awoke last pth severe pain|
in my stomach. I never feltyo bsdly in
all my life. When I came down to work
this morning I felt so weak I couljl
hardly work.' I grenfc .to Miller & Mc-
Curdy's drug store and they recom
mended Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy. It worked
like magic and one dose fixed me all
right. It certainly it the finest thing i
ever tyaed for stomach trouble. I shall
not be without in my jp>uis hereafter,
tor I should hot care to endure the suf
ferings of last night again for fifty times
its price.—-G- H, Wilson, Livernmah.
Burgettstowp, Washington Co., Pa.
This remedy jj for rale byf. Sjv. Baily
Loo Angelo* Mtumg Review: VVhei>
solid gold arrives in ton lots it is safe
to say that the diggings it comes from
were pretty good. from
Beattie reports the there of
two steamers from Alaska baying on
board three tons of gold dust and nug
gets. Two days before that a dispatch
from San Francisco announced that
the steamer Gustin was on the way
down with five and one-half tons of
gold. It is not, therefore, any longer
form to speak of gold by the ounce
when referring to the yields of Alaska,
the proper expression is “gold by the
ton, These lots came frop} |lje
dike. ,
Hon. A. C, M cQueen has an
nounced that he will not be a candi
date for Supervisor, as his time is and
will be entirely taken up with his pri
vate Mis many friends will
regret to hear this, as everybody
was pretty sure that he could
this important office if he would only
go it, as he is a man who is well
liked and respected by all who know
W-? . . '
Last fall I sprained my left hip while
handling some heavy boxes. The doc
tor I called on said at first it was a
slight strain apd would soon be J,
ft jjff it grew worse and the doctor tiled
said I had rheumatism* It continued
to grow worse and I could hardly gej;
around to work., I went to a drgg store
i apd tjje druggist recommended me to
try Chamberlain's Pain Balm. I tried
it and one-half of a 50 cent bottle cpred
me entirely. I now recommend it to all
my friends. — F. A. Babcock, Erie, Pa.
i It is for pale by J. W. Baily, Druggist
4.-V -"v ttC ** • ’
I —— ' ——
The present Board $f Supervisors
i or rather a majority of them, do not
represent the MeSa people at all as
i they jiave turpe3 down the reasonable
and proper requests of our people and
shown a reckless disregard for their
views. The c >miug election wilj
doubtless make sotpe very desirable
* m + *+ -
1 Dull Headache, Pains in various parts
• of the body, Sinktng at the pit of the
■ stomach, Loss of appetite, Feveriahness,
I Pimples oi Sores are all positive evi
i denees of impure blood. No matter how
. beeca so It musl be purified in erder
to obtain good health. Acker’s Blood
’ I*l** never failed to cure sciofulous
| or syphilitic poisons or any other blood
I j disease?}. It is certaiuly a wonderful
I I reippdy, and we sell eyery bottle ou a
1 guarantee. For sale by J \V
\ Baily, druggist.
Nc. 44

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