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American and National League Chiefs Gather for Meeting
••(By G. N. LAWS)
(Here are eagles in Kansas,
as the smoke-house song would
liavg im 'believe, those birds which
fly above Newton must have scream
ed gaily Sunday afternoon, when
the coyn-fed apprentices from the
middle-western town wrested the
championship of the Santa Fe sys
tem from San Bernardino at city
park by a score of 25-7. What
sii'rte’d’as a very good game, with
no particular advantage apparent,
ended in a rout, with Newton run
ning - the Californians ragged in the
dual' quarter.
’TV.stinging wind which angled
across the field from the southwest
made the game a straight football
contest, and Newton’s superior
strength in the line finally made
the big difference. That and tak
ing advantage of the breaks. The
chilling gale numbed hands, and
filled eyes with sand; it is no won
der. that fumbles were numerous,
San Bernardino’s lone touchdown
camg.fis. the result of a fumble and
a heroic dash of 60 yards by Mort.
Newton’s first score came as the re
sult of a recovered fumble, and a
long pass, Clauson to Haen. Cau
sqp ran the rest of the distance on
a line play.
As an exhibition of football as
the stands like it, the game was
a flop. For three quarters it was
anybody’s game, but in the fourth
period came the anti-climax, when
San Bernardino relaxed and allow
ed Newton to score three times,
Newton hart the best club, but it
didn’t seem that the difference
amounted to 18 points.
Californian Injured
Perhaps it was Scheppers injury
in the last minutes of the second
quarter that lost for San Bernard
dino, for the towering fullback, who
carries a majority of San Bernar
dino’s load on both offense and de
fense, was unable to do much In
the last half. In the early part
of the game the curly haired
plunger made long gains consist
ently, and shook the Newton backs
with fierce tackles when she for
ward wall yielded and he was
brought into the melee from the
* Had Scheppers remained alto
gether, his performance against
that of Benjamin would have made
Qne of those individaul football
duels which makes all the rest
Only a background. As it was,
senjamin j U st acted as the instru
ment of torture to a flagging team
J.hicli failed to rally. Sometimes,
<*ven outside of movie football
games, the under dog rallies fierce
fy, hut it seemed that San Bernar
dino’s spirit sank as Newton’s to
tal soared, and after Taylor had
Recovered a fumble and scored a
#iird touchdown for Newton, the
squad became careless, and
ihe fourth score was just so much
Unnecessary punishment.
„ Benjamin’s performance was
brilliant. His bulk and speed, his
Jjhiftinoss and craft made him
#tand out even above Clauson, who
#*; nothing to sneer at.
K Many Severe Penalties
" A superfluity of officials made
Jhe game slow, with many severe
•penalties called on both squads.
•Two field judges were added to the
Jsual quota of referee, umpire and
*eadlinesman, and the congestion
jfcade much argument. Five men
van hold at least three different
•opinions, and some of the argu
ments almost came to a pass
■adhere the flip of a nickel would
fiiean 15 yards either way. In
Justice to the officials, the plays
were all called on the square, but
|o game is perfect, and calling
Ahem too close slows a contest
tlown considerably.
» A gang of urchins, using caps
4.0 r footballs, staged an exhibition
between halves, and a few showed
jparked ability in using the straight
firm, reversing a field of about fifty
and hard tackling.
First Quarter
Sun Bernardino kicked to New
ton’s 20 yards line. Newton de
fended the east goal. Newton re
turned 7 yards. On the first play,
benjamin lost 2 yards on a long
«end run. Caluson made 10 yards
*d round right end, but Newton lost
-2 on the next scrimmage when the
■bull was fumbled. Newton recov
ered. San Bernardino held the
*Kansans, and the ball went over
bn the Newton 37 yard line. New
ton had used the huddle, and shout
ed a gang yell for a snapping sig
nal. Moore stepped through right
-tackle 7 yards. Scheppers made
7 yards and first down. Moore 3
“yards, right tackle. Scheppers
nrnade 2 yards and then failed to
'gain. Moore failed,to make the
distance, and Newton took the ball
on their 18 yard line. Benjamin
made 7 yards through the line, hut
Newton lost the same distance on
the next play, a fast, deceptive end
run. Clauson made 5 yards around
right end. Newton’s kick was
blocked, but the Kansans recovered.
Clauson made a yard over left end.
Time out Newton. Benjamin went
around right end for 7 yards.
Clauson carried four tacklers 5
yards to make it first down. Ben
jamin failed to gain, and Clauson
lost 5 yards on an attempted end
run. San Bernardino ends and
tackles were charging hard and
fast. Newton punted, but drew a
15 yard penalty. Another punt got
away better and it was San Ber
nardino’s hall on their own 45 yard
line. Scheppers fumbled on the
first play, Newton recovering. Ben
jamin dashed around right, end for
15 yards, but the blue team was
offside and drew a 5 yard penalty.
Time out Newton. The blue back
field made 2 yards, 3 yards, and
then lost 5 yards on their peculiar
end run play, as the quarter end
ed. Score, Newton 0, San Bernar
dino 0.
Second Quarter
Newton punted to the Califor
nian’s 21 yard line. Scheppers
rushed through center for 6 yards.
Moore made 3 1-2 yards, and Mort
made 4 yards and first down.
Scheppers made 7 yards, Moore no
gain, Scheppers no gain on a fake
end run. San Bernardino fumbled,
Newton recovering. On the first
play, Newton fumbled and Schep
pers fell on the ball for San Ber
nardino. Mort ran right end for
2 yards. Moore ran through right
tackle for 1 yard, The Ngwton for
wards were hitting low and hard.
San Barnardino drew a 15 yard
penalty for using hands on offen
sive. Moore failed to gain. San
Bernardino kicked to Newton on
the San Bernardino 45 yard line.
No return. Clauson made 5 yards
on a hard thrust off left tackle,
and Benjamin made 2 more on an
end run. On the next play, New
ton fumbled but recovered; no
gain. Scheppers failed to gain, and
Mort lost 6 yards when a charging
Newton tackier smeared an end
run formation. Scheppers made 7
yards through center. Moor’s kick
was blocked, Pipe recovering for
the Newton squad on the San Ber
nardino 37 yard line. Clauson
threw a long pass laterally across
the field to Haen, for a gain of 22
yards. Clauson ran right end for
5 yards, but Newton was penalized
15 yards for use of hands. Two
passes were incomplete, and New
ton drew a 5 yard penalty. Ben
jamin ran 25 yards through a
squirming mass of players, and on
the next play ran through the line
for a touchdown. Newton failed
to convert. Score, Newton 6; San
Bernardino 0. Newton kicked to
San Bernardino’s 20 yard line. The
Californians made no return.
Scheppers was badly hurt in this
play. Time out San Bernardino.
Newton was penalized 15 yards for
illegal blocking. Moore failed to
gain, and Mort made a yard thru
center. Moore made 5 yards
around right end. San Bernardino
had the ball near midfield as the
half ended. Score at half, Newton
6; San Bernardino 0.
“Third Quarter
San Bernardino kicked to New
ton from the west goal. Newton
returned 12 yards to the 27 jard
line. Benjamin ran left end for 3
yards, and around the other wing
for 2. Clauson made 10 yards and
first down through the middle of
the line. Benjamin ran 10 yards
through left tackle. Sherman, New
ton right end, ran around end for
a yard. Mort picked up Sreman’s
fumble and raced 60 yards for a
touchdown. The Newton boys made
him step fast. There was plenty
of argument at this juncture. A
whistle had been blown, it seemed,
but the congestion of officials had
made the whole game so confusing
that nobody seemed willing to ad
mit they blew the blast. The
tochdown was allowed amid moans
from Newton, and Pickard convert
ed with a place kick. Score, San
Bernardino 7; Newton 6. San Ber
nardino kicked to Benjamin on the
Newton 12 yard line. He return
ed 28 yards to the 40. Clauson
made 5 yards. Newton lost 2 yards
on the next play, and end run, and
a pass was slapped down by Schep
pers. Newton drew a 5 yard pen
alty for only haying 6 men on the
scrimmage line. Benjamin made
10 yards through center, and Clau
son made 7 through the same hole.
Newton first down. Carrier went
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Case May Go To
Federal Courts
(AP) —Counsel for Jack Dempsey,
former heavyweight champion, to
day asked Common Pleas court to
transfer to the federal district
court here the suit brought by
Jack Kearns, Dempsey’s former
manager, who is trying to recover
some of the proceeds of the re
cent Tunney-Dempsey fight. The
transfer was asked on the ground
that the fighter is a resident of
California and Kearns a resident
of New York. Counsel for Kearns
opposed the transfer and the case
went over for a week.
Browns iron Men’
Won’t Join Eastern
All Star Eleven
PROVIDENCE, R. 1., Dec. 13
(AP) —The three Browns “Iron
men” who were invitad to play on
the All-Eastern eleven against the
All-Western combination on the
Pacific Coast on next New Year’s
day, will not make the trip.
Captain Hal Broda of this year’s
eleven, Orland Smith and Dave
Mishel, all seniors, reached this
decision this noon and asked the
college athletic authorities to so
notify the promoters of the con
(Special to The Daily Mail)
WILLIAMS, Ariz., Dec. 13.—Wil
liams was represented at the
Northern Arizona Chamber of
Commerce convention held in Flag
staff Satuday by Attorney E. R.
Byers, R. H. Hoffman and James
(Special to The Daily Mail)
WILLIAMS, Ariz., Dec. 13.
Judge George McDougal and Mr.
and Mrs. John Morgan attended
the funeral of Albert Snarr at
Flagstaff this afternoon. Mr. Snarr
was a member of the Williams
lodge I. O. O. F. up to the time of
his death.
. “Clothes certainly make the
“Not any more, my dear—now
it’s the car.”
: Now :
In My
New Building
The public is cordially invited to
step in any time and look my new
store over. The same high-quality
merchandise of national reputation
at the same fair prices, the same
good service, in a newer, roomier
Next Door To The Old Store
“Gloverized Cleaner”
Phone 229
Vincent Richards
May Be Read Out
Os Amateur List
LOS ANGELES, Sal., Dec. 13
(AP) —Vincent Richards, profes
sional tennis star, does not know
what action, if any, he will take in
case he is read out of the amateur
list in the national ranking by the
United States Lawn Tennis asso
ciation, he said today. “I’ll wait
and see what they do in February
and then decide,” he said.
Richards prepared to leave to
night for Coronado, Calif., going
from there to Del Monte and re
turning here in time for exhibition
matches Dec. 28.
Williams Business
Men Give Banquet
For Football Team
(Special to The Daily Mail)
WILLIAMS, Dec. 13.—T0 show
our boys the town is with them all
the way, a group of Williams bus
iness men are giving a big turkey
dinner to the football team tonight
in the Rotary room of the Com
munity Church. Larry Williams
has been in general charge of the
arrangements, but as he will be
unable to attend the function, W.
L. Lindbloom will act as master of
ceremonies. Some original stunts
are promised, by Coach Helma.
NEW YORK, Dec. 13 (AP)—Reg
gie McNamara, “Iron Man” of the
professional bicycle riders and his
Italian partner, Pietro Linari, to
day split $12,000 as the winning
share of the $75,000 in prize money
and bonuses awarded to the com
petitors in the six-day race that
finished at Madison Square Gar
den Saturday night.
Although the race svas one of the
most sensational ever held here,
the attendance, aggregating 100,-
000 for the week, was slightly be
low the record set in December,
1925, grind which opened the new
NEW YORSK, Dec. 13 (AP)
Gene Tunney is willing to part
with a kiss—for charity.
After being “assessed $25 for
the Elks Christinas basket fund at
a Brooklyn lodge,” the heavy
weight champion encountered a
lady who offered to contribute $5
herself in exchange for a kiss.
Gene accepted.
Flagstaff Ready
To Open Winter
Sports Program
FLAGSTAFF, Dec. 13.—With the
local chamber of commerce spon
soring the winter sports program
for this section, the demand for
snow shoes and skis have jumped
from nothing overnight to having
become necessary to hang out the
“sold out, more on the way” sign
by local merchants.
Sufficient snow has fallen dur
ing the last 24 hours to assure
lovers of the outdoor sports to fol
low their bend on hills in and out
of the city.
Work on Flagstaff’s municipal
perpetual motion toboggan slide
has been going forward rapidly
during the past week and when
completed will represent one of the
most unique avenues for winter
sports in this part of the country.
It is said that the toboggans will
attain a speed of 60 miles an hour
and the riders will not have to
climb back but over 100 feet be
fore they will again ascend the top
of the slide, which is located on
the north slope of Observatory Hill.
The entire slope where the tobog
gan is being built will being well
lighted to avoid any accidents.
Flagstaff’s city owned lake is
also being prepared for ice-skating.
MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Dec. 13.
(AP) —The body of a man, believ
ed to be that of C. M. Waite, 55,
well known race track builder of
Jacksonville, Florida, and New
York City, was washed ashore here
early today. Waite was said to
have built race tracks in various
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113 West Second Street Winslow. Arizona
NEW YORK. Dec. 13 (AP)—Max
ey Rosenbloom of New York, de
feated K. O. Phil Kaplan, his fel
low townsman, among the leading
contenders for middleweight box
ing honors, in a slow ten round
feature bout at Madison Square
Garden tonight. Rosenbloom
weighed 159; Kaplan 157 3-4.
Babe Herman, veteran New
York featherweight, won a ten
round decision from Eddie Ander
son, the Wyoming cowboy, in the
semi-final. Herman made his edge
in experience count throughout,
scoring the only knockdown in the
fourth round.
Herman weighed 129(4; Ander
son 126.
Alt Mancini, Anglo-Italian wel
terweight, fought a draw witli
Farmer Joe Cooper, of Indiana, in
the first of three ten round bouts.
Cooper off-set Maneini’s clever all
round attack by more punishing.
Each weighed 145.
Teddy Baldock, British bantam,
won a technical knockout over Joe
Clifford of New York, in the sec
ond round of a six round prelim
inary to the Rosen hloom-Kaplan
match at Madison Square Garden
tonight. The referee halted the
bout after 2 minutes and 55 sec
onds of fighting in the round. Bal
dock weighed 120, Clifford 120(4.
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Dec. 13.
(AP) —Charles A. Pratt, Jr., of
New Bedford, was elected captain
of the 1927 Harvard football team
today. He has been varsity tackle
for the past two years and has won
his track letter in the short, jave
lin and discus events.
A DAILY MAIL want ail »ill rent
that spare room for you
NEW YORK, Dec. 13 (AP) —A proposed salary in
crease of SIOO,OOO for baseball Commissioner Landis was
received without enthusiasm today by National League club
Although the magnates
mously favor re-election of Landis
to another term of seven years,
they indicated today on the eve of
their annual meeting that the cir
cuit. will oppose a move to boost
his salary to $60,000 annually.
Furthermore,, they feel that the
commissioner should increase the
usefulness of his advisory council,
which includes the president of the
National League, and'the American
League vice president, league
spokesmen said.
To Pick Chain]) Batsman
The magnates will go into ses
sion at 1 o’clock in the afternoon
with President John A Heydler,
who will ask the owners to draft
regulations to govern the annual
selection of the league’s champion
Indications are that the league
will approve opening the season
on April 12 and concluding on Oc
tober 2, thus returning to the late
closing date in effect last year.
Barney Dreyfuss of Pittsburg,
spokesman for the National League
schedule makers said, the Septem
ber 25 closing date tried out this
year had proved unsatisfactory.
Only one club in each league he
explained, had been able to com
plete play on schedule time, and
the world series was not advanced
as Commissioner Ladis hoped it
would be.
Even Landis lias been won over
to the late closing plan, Dreyfuss
Will Eight “Farming”
Dreyfuss announced he would
carry Id's fight, against “farming”
to the joint meeting of the two
leagues later this week in Chicago.
He complained that one national
league team alone owns six minor
league clubs, which he described
as not only unfair to other owners,
but to the minor league player.
“We preach the draft, but we
practice the ‘farm’ he complained.
We're just a hand of hypocrites.”
CHICAGO, Doe. 13 (AP)—There
is no desire on the part of the
American League club owners to
supplant Kenesaw Mountain Landis
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Reasonable Rates
Telephone 418

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