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Funeral Service
m Tonsy H o nga died vested ay morning at
Peach Springs, Arizona. She is the little
old lady who was hurt on the Trail and the
helicopter had to come and get her about
two years ago, Many people from Supai
went out to the funeral todav, Louis and
Maude Sinyella, Rebacca Boney, and Mark
Hanna went in yesterday evening. This
morning the following folks left Supai:
Lemuel, Pave, and Clenn Paya, Betty ''on
tova, Fred Hpmidreek, v ecca Uqualla, Amos
Watahomigie, Alva and Alice and Bert Jones
Edith and ' r ack Putesov,
Hamilton has been bothered by a
ring tailed cat in his house and so ''on
day morn~'ng Algin Watahomigie shot it.
He gave it to Austin Hamidreek who will’
wear it for a tail when he dances.
Mark Hanna and Ray Uoualla came home ''on
day afternoon from Hilltop. They are cow
bovs_and v ark savs he rode a bronc. Bovd
and bddie, cowboys, went up the »7-*ii to
help drive some cows down. Later on Ray,
little Relmer, and Edward took the cows
back up the
Fred butchered weighed about 450 pounds
and was two years old.
Chicly Putesoy was seen the other day
smoking a new pipe,
Alva Jones and sons a ramada on the
north side of their house. They will use
it for saddles etc.
Last Friday morning Mr, Collins went to
Peach Springs and he took Allen Akaba,
Lemuel Pava, and Elizabeth Uqualla with
him. Elizabeth did not know she was go
ing and so she rode like the wind and
caught up with the party: she made it up
the Hualapai T~ail in less than one hourj
What a gall And what a rider! She went
to Peach Sprinps to get her baby (heli
copter babv), Juan Sinyella brought
the two babies around that dav **rom the
Srand Canyon.
Mrs. Juan Sinyella called on the phone
afternoon to say hello: she said
her brother, Charlie ' T escogame had been
visiting her.
Sunday morning M r. Collins, M r. and Mrs,
Stanley Daley Manakala, Mrs.
Ray Uqualla and Reich*ne, Lemuel Paya,
Allen Akaba, and little Edmund Tilousi
all came back from Peach Springs, ™hen
Mr. Coll'ns went in Friday the road was
in very bad condition and the mud was real
and he and Lemuel had to dig and dig.
It took them five hours to get to town.
Sunday th* 3 road had dried out and they
came sailing without any trouble,
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-Supai News— 13, 19 5 17
Curley Jones went for a Sunday afternoon
up Topocoba Trail, Ha saw a bobcat
and chased it and killed it.
Several people have been getting their
Valentines readv for the partv Saturday,
Tallin Purro and H mte Tilousi dust went
up the Lane dragging a great big fig log,
M artin Clinton had an operation on his
leg at the Kingman Hospital last week ard
he is getting along dust fine. When v r,
Collins and the ''arakajas went in to see
him he was fast asleep and the nurse could
not wake him up at all.
u r, and Mrs, Reed Watahomigie have named
their daughter, Aurelia Ann. She is
still in the hospital, Maggie and Reed
came home with the mail man yesterday,
''r. Collins **ixed the tractor distributor
this morning, Tt was good to hear the
sound of the motor when the tractor crew
started it up,
''arian Putesov made her little son, Roddy,
a birthday cake Monday. He was three
years old,
Manv women are busy gathering willow
branches for basket making now. The davs •
are very warm and it is like Spring. .The
trees along the river are leading out.
Lots o** the folks down here have been
swimrrng during these warm afternoons.
Some even mlm early in the mominr when " ‘
there is steam rising from the stream of
water. . ,
Sprang must be here: the little folks are
restless and getting into mischief. Play
ing with matches and rock throwing are
dangerous though and should not be allowed*
Tomorrow* will be Arizona's birthday. The ]
State will be 45 years old! Abraham
Lincoln's birthday was yesterdav. This
month is full of great men’s birthdavs.
Thursday, Feb. 14th, will be Valentine's
"High up in the Rockv "ountains, on the
of a great forest, there lived a little bgy
with his mother. One day, for some mis
behavior, she punished him. The little boy?
s_n temper and rebellion, called out, 'I W
hate you, I hate you!" and ran out.
'Tien he came to a great canvon with at
towering cliff behind, he stopped in his
flight, but shaking with anger, he cried fjkl
gain, 'I hate you, I hate you, I hate vcui>
An echo came back, 'I hate you, I hate yoS
I hate you.'
Scared to death, he ran bac I '' to his '*
mother, crying about the bad man in the fdiv
est who said, f T hate you.”
And the mother, wise as mothers are,
her little son back to the canvon. And skV
said, "Son, now cry out, 'I love you, I lev#
you, I love you’." The little boy did as his
mother said and the echo came back, cl earl v
sweetly, like far-off bells in a temple gaW.
den, "I love you, I love you, I love you."
The mother said, "My son, that is the
law of life. What we give, we get,”

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