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jydiiey rScott Dead-
me of the best known citizens
of íavajo County passed away
p.t he California Hospital in Lcs
Areles, California., Wednesday
e; jing at 7 o'clock of Melano
"Sma. While the death wes
J-j. for by tho relative cf tha
dceasocl, it v,as not expected so
sen and at the tima of his death
thfe was no relative with him
e?pt his da'ijntjr Loraine.
Its Scott wired Mrs. J. C. Znek
h2 to notify her undo James
aá to ask him to come to Lcs
Ágeles. Jani2s Robert and
Grge Scott went to Los Angel
es reaching- there Saturday
rrrning. The interment took
pbe in the Fosedale -Cemetery,
Sairday the 27 of November.
Ti dsceasad was one of the best
kjwn men of Arizona as he was
Oged in the wool growing
bsiness both at Holbrook and
JSienix. He had lived in Nav-
"!"-anty for the last nine years
vjvas well and f avorbly known
,most every one in the Coun
ty He was 54 years old at the
the of his death. He was born
."Uohawk, Oregon, while living
native state he was engag
stock raising most of the
the, part of the time he was in
"xíjé émpioy of the United States.
" He was married to Miss Malissa
" Boggs in 1876 and has but one
child, Miss Liorame surviving
.him,, his wife dying in 1905.
There were five brothers and
two sisters, Raleigh Scott the
oldest living in Oregon and
two sisters Mrs. Jennie Tayou
and Mrs. Lucy Scarborough liv
ing in California and three of the
brothers in this County.
"""JSrt, James and George all
known and respected cit
izens. The deceased was a
nember of the Woodman of the
World. The many friend of the
daughter and relatives mourn
with them in their loss of a kind
. brother and a loving and trust
ing father.
In the Probate Court of the
Cpunty of Navajo, Territory' of
- In the Matter of the Estate of
tHelen Breed, deceased, Notice
cf Continuance.
'Notice is hereby given that
t$e hearing of W. H. Burbag'e's
petition for letters of administra
tpn on the estate of Helen Breed
vgssed, has been continued by
der of said court from Dec-
Tiber 1st, 1909. to Thursday the
,.rd day of December, 1909, at
3, o'clock in the forenoon of said
t iy, at the courtroom of said
ourt, in Holbrook, county of
Navajo and Territory of Arizona
?hd all persons interested in said
rotate are notifiied then and there
i appear and show cause, if any
tiey have, why the prayer of
aid petitioner should not be
T Dated December 1st 1909.
; R. c. Smith, clerk.
; First publication Dec. 3 lt09.
. By an over-sight Miss Grace
' JJolay's names was omitted
from Decorating Com. From
iepop corn, Maud Mrs, Jos.
and Mr. and Mrs. Soper.
. Fire caught in the residence
vf Mr. and Mrs. C. Hess and
"deshoged obout $100.00 Dollars
worth of property fully insured,
Henry Kempenich Agent.
James Scott came inthismorn
&g from Lbs Angeles, cal where
- ie had been to attend ' the fune
ral of his brother Sydney who
, ' ied there last week. Mr. Scott
informs us his brother - was bur
fed in Los Angeles, as that" was
- is request, .
Win Two, Lose One
1 ra I ,? i
Pioves Síiceessñii On
lis icur
On Wedr.Ccdco bcft.ro Thcidis-
. 1 ,
giving the Normal basket bail
boys, accompanied by Mr. Adorns
and F. V. Perkins, started for
Snowfiake and St. Johns,
they met the acraemy
teiim freni
of the above n&ir.cd schools
in a match rrame of basket ball. ;
l;afce i
Ac: demy was played on Thanks-j
giving day and aesultcd in ?. j
victoay for the Flagstag ÍTormal I
boy by a sccrse of 14 to 13.
On Saturday following Thanks
giving day the gome with the
St. Johns Academy was playdd.
This game aesulted in ascorse of
10 to 15 in fitver cf S't, Johns.
BoWi games were e'esely ccn-
A I ' 1 1 Í 1 J
LtottíU Uy IIH5 CJjl.OLil.íí LccUr.S
n n rl wprfl p.trrr dpd with f-r,thns-!
íasin ana excitement ty the
large crowed cn the side lines.
"The Normal boys made a fine
showing in both games and had
it not been for the long tiresome
drive preceding, the St. Johns
game and the fact that one of
Normal's forwards wrenched his
knee in the beginning of the
game there is every reoson to
believe that boih games would
have resulted in a victory for the
Normal team. Even as it was
the St. Johns team was com
pelled to put up a hard fight
f rom beginning to end in orderto
win. These were the first match
games for the Normal team and
every member of the team did
honor to our school by' the way
he played.
It is hoped that the weather
will stay good so that a return
games with one or both cf these
schools may be played on the
home field before Christmas.
The Korm&i team wiil work hard
to win the return gaznes and
they deserve from the Flagstaff
people the same kind of suport
and ioyalty that tec people of
Snowilake and St. Johns showed
their teams.
The line up for the two games
was as follows:
Flagstaff Snowfiake
McDonald Center....... Rogers
Dutton Forward Bushman
. . , - . ,
Blome Forward Shurnway
Gibbons Guard Merrilds
MaureJ 1 Gua rd ..Brim hall
Creswell Substitute.
Referers Prof. Adams and
Prof. Cram. Umpires Prof
Cram and Prof. Adams Scorses
Mr. Perkins and" Prof. Smith
Time keeper Creswell. Score:
Flagstaff 14, Snowfiake 13.
Flagstaff , St. Johns
McDonald Center Mineer
Dutton . Forward Mineer
Blome Forward Berry
Gibbons .Guard Gibbons
Maurel Guard Morgan
Creswell Substitute. . . . . . Jolley
Referees Prof. Sainsdury and i
rroi. Auams. umpires r r o r.
1 1 T TT
Adams and Prof.
Scorers Mr. Perkins and Mr.
Gibbons, Timekeepers Mr.
Creswell and Mr. Wrencher:
Score: Flagstaff 10, St. Johns 15.
Judge and Mrs. R. c. Smith
went to Winslow today. The
J udge had some business pertain
ing to his Court in the city to
the west. They will return to
night on number 2.
H. B.
Smith was here this
attending" to business
II. B. is one of the pro
farmers of Navajo
,'oUce for Pub'.icaticn.
Coal Entry.
rt'risl Ka. t'73l
er.ix, AiizJiii Land Cij'cD,
November 15, CD
Notica is hereby given that Wilüem
Evans, cf Holbrook, County of Nav&jo
Tt riitcvy cf Aiiwrsa, .asihi tfcy
;!cd in th:3 oTncc i.:'s &:..Iication lopur
e:í:sc. uri.-tr t':is provisions of Eoeticn
34?, t Revised Statutes, t!.e cw
on 2 íourUi ci faction as. i.., iD.vnsr.jp
'no. 11 n, KaiiFo no. 13 E GúisIíB&M
Any a:rJ r.l! persons claiming adverse- i
iy the ienda describe;!, or desiring; to j
, lire:cf t0 6!)1.ieant. shou'd fila their sífida- j
vits of trotií in tl.is effie'e o or e-. i
! fore the 2Í day cf December,
otherwise the appliccticn may '
he allow- I
'Frank II. Faiker.
First pubiication Ncvembr r 19 00
Coal Entrj'. I
rUo-nix. Aibcr.a Laa-1 CHjo November 15 UC9
líctije i"hercby sricn that Fcnry F. Ashsst,
of Pr:stt. C.;u-.ty oí Yaa.-ai. Turrit jrj' of Ari
zona, hts C.ii day f;!?i in this ofTi.-e his applci'.ion
t j .urihno ur-der tha prDVÍ3Í3tis of Sotian 2347
U. 3. Rvir.a Stat-attc. tiis Lctj r, 7. E ono half
SW ere fourth of ScKríi;-a Nj G Tovrr.ship No. ION
No. ID E. G&SRE-iM. ' ' .
I Anyaniaü ;2rsjn3 cV.ixKÍnT alver3?!y tr.e
; Ln-8 J.s;iibed, or desi-.ins tiobject for any r(a-
"-n t0 thc s-1 thereof t aP, li.-sr.t. ahouU lie
mcir cmavits cl protest m Uii
this office on or bef re
tha Slith day cf December
i?9, otherwise tha 'ap-
plication may be alljwtV.
Frank II. Parker, Rcslctn.
Firtt publication November 26 13D9
.Notice f jr FuLHcbtion.
I CoU Entry.
, Serial No. 073S2
Pho?nI;c, Aiicona Lrni Office November 15 1909
Notice ia hereby irivcn thp.t Robert Scctt, of
hovI6w, Cc-Jnty of Navajo Territory :of
Atizona, has this day filed in this of Ice his rppli
calion to puchas?, under the provisions of Section
2317. U. S. Revised statutes, the NS one fourth
of Section No. 9. Township No. 11 N, RangsNe.
18 E. G&SREtll. .
Any end 11 persons claiming: f.dversoly the
lands described, cf or deskiu? to ol ject for fcny
reason to the sale thereof to ppl:car t, should filo
their amJavits of protest in this ofTute on or. lie
fore the 24 day of December, 1909, oiherwisa 'the
application may be allowed. p
Frank H. Parker.;'
First publication November 19 19C9 '
Coal Ent.y
. Serial No. 07569.
Land Office at Phoenix. ArizonaNov 29 1909
Notice is hereby given that Guy P .M41p.es. of
Holbrcok, County of Navajo Territory of Arizona
has this day filed in this office Application to Pur
chase, under the provisions of .section 247, U. S.
Revised Statutes, the SS one fourth f Section 28
Tov. nsh-p 11 H, Range 18 East, G&SKB&M.
Any all and persons claiminK"ndcrS2ly the
lands described, or dc3iiing;to object f ar any rer-
son to the sale thereof .to . applicant, should file
their affidavits of protest in thio officn on or be
fore the Sth day of January, 1909, oth !rwis3 tie
applic-Lion may be allowed.
Frank H. Packer. , Rezisi;
lirst publication December 3 1939..'
Cca. Ent;-y.
. ' Serirl NO C7383
Land Office at Fhoenix, Arizona Novembcr2Í 09
Notice is hereby fri-.en that Conrad IIcss Jr.. cf
Holbrook, County of Navajo Territory cf Arizona,
has this day Clad in Ois office Application to
Purchas?, un:lcr-the provisions of section 2S47 U.
3. Rcvisi Statutes the NV one fourth of Section
30 Township 11 N, Ksnzo 13
Any and all persor.3 croi-nin? alvírsoly the
lands desoiibsd, or defirirj; to object for any rcc
son to the sal thcrecf to cprlicant should' fi'e
their affiluvits of protest in this cf fico on or be
fore the 30tá Cay of December 1959 othrrwke the
application may be EHo-A-ed.
Frank II. Fa kcr Register.
FL-st r-ul'll-ation November 20 09
County cf .Navajo, Territory of Ari
zona. In the Matter of the Etate of
Andrew J." Dissett, deceased. Notice
for Posting of Settlement of Acoount
Notice 3 hereby given that C. W.
Crouse the Administrator of the
Estate of Ajr.drev J. Bissett, deceased
has rendered and presented for settle
ment, ar.d filed in said Court, his final
accouut of-ltis erimii'iisti'fttrcvrr ef-etd
estate; and that Thursday, the twenty
third day of December, 1909, at ten
o'clock, a n at the Court-room of
said Court, at the Courthouse in Hol
broek in said Navajo County, has been
duly appionted by the Judge of said
Court for the settlement of said ac
oount, at which time and place any
person interested in said estate may
t pnnwíf .i rw 1 : 1 1 n 1,,.. nv-nnr-.tmna ,n wrir-
linPr to the account anv contest the
u.iu...... Jli tAtV).. -
- fcáted November SOth, 1909
R. C. Smith,
First publication December 3
Bud Howell of Pinto was here
the first of the week. Bud is very
much ihterested in the growth
of Holbrook. In fact he is a
Holbrook booster.
Dr. O.-S. Brown, Hospial
Surgeon ! for the Santa Fe at
Winslow, was here yesterday J
and made this office a visit.
We were moving this week
and consequently have very little
news. Next week we promise
Jyou better.
Coai Er.tt
1 .' i . j,.
Noüce ua- tUn iht ww- A Ckk 1 ,
.ioiiroc, County cf Nívtjo, Tsi'ifei-yot Atíicnx
bsa IhUdcy in th:ic:T:c hi art l:-6'l. ti !
purchso. v-TtCcT th prevM-me cf ?ccH-h ZSil. V. I
3. Kev.fesd rtatutvB, ti-, -uth w i; n"a-ter of!
s?cta.?o.T.TC.cs-v; K.rkncci Uft. g..
t .-ski-jc?. ice!, lase ta oi.jei t íar ay r.a i,
ih. ict-.cre.i t. wite, e:.ou!.i ru their
ay if Eccfia-jcr iáts. cthencisí the ar.pücttioii
r..ay be tii-jtt cd.
. F:-l: H. Párher, P.í:3r.
Ti:3t n K cvem "jer lii
ft íctico fjr PcLliiti-n.
Cccl Sr.tr?.
Aii:ie, l ffd cr.e Ncvtcr 15191
ÍTo'k'S is heicly giver, thc H'-nry Hudson Scorñe
cf II .lbrock, Ccunty cf Nanjo, Tcr;ilJry of Aiir
sh?, hr.a tKi clay iilctl in this oíü.íe h?s cppííja
íijr t j '-urrbas, unJcr tho prcvÍ3Íor.3 cf Section
2Zi' V. S. Rev3oJ SUtut?, thütír.uthweot quarter
3f:ticn 23. T p. II ÍJ. Earerc IS East. CiERE&M.
Any crA all pc:sona ciiuming ai'.vt ial' tl.e
L.nc desci ibil, cr cciiiingr tD object for any rca
sjnjtothe sale thcrticf to r.rrosnt, shcull file
th ir nfn-a it- of i rctcst in this cilice on or
before the 2 "th ay December, ISO. othsrwUe the
applict'ion mr.y Le il jwed.
Frank K. Pasltir, Rcgist-r.
First Dubli;ati.jn Í lovember 19
Ioijce fcr FuLHcation.
, Cal I-.try. -Eerii.1
No. 07377
Fiiotnis. Atiicnn Lanl Office Nov:-mber 1j. 100?.
N'ciiceij hereby d'en that Piatt C. Wilier, of
Prscoti, County of Yavapai. (?r Teniiory) of
Aiizcna. has this day ñled in this office his appli
cation ta purchase, under tha provisions of Sec-1
ticn 23Í7, U. S. Reiúcd Statutes, thi S ene ha'f N
E one fourth. Sec. 31. S one half ÍÍW one fourth
of Section No. 2, Tonrcshlp No. 11 N, Ranus; No.
19 E. G&SRE&M.
Any and all ccri:ns clianil.is adversely ths
lands dcscilted, or ilcsiiin to object fcr fnp rea
son to the sale thereof to applicant, thoui f.le
thtlrefHdavlu of protest In this efHca on or be
fore the 24 day cf December. 1S09, otherwfao the
application tr.ay be tllowed.
Frank H. Farkir.
Retrister. '
Notice for Publication.
First pullicatian Novem'jer 20 1909
Coal Entry.
Serial No. 07S79
Phoer.ix, Aiiüsa Land Office. November 15 19C9
- Notice is hcrcEy given that Robert Keating of
Prescoct. County of Ya varia. Territory of Arizona
has this day filed in this office his application to
Purchase, uiider the provissioni of Sectson 2S47,
U. S. Revised Statutes, the. lots 3, 4, Sec. 31, T. 11 N.
Ranee 19 E. and Lets 4, 6 of Section 6, Township
No. 10 N., RaaeelN'o. 19 E. G.& S. R. B. & M.
Any and all qei eok3 claiming adversely the lands
described, et desL ing to object for any reasou to
the sale thereof to apRÜecr.t, should file their affi
nt nmtot in thi office on or before the 24
day of Decembti. 1909 other ise .the application
may be allowed.
Frank H. Parker, Register
First publication November 23 1909"
Serial number 07117
Land Office at Phoenix, Arizona,
f Movcmber, 15, 1909.
Nctiec fs hereby p iven .that William Arm
bruster of Iiolbroek, County of Navajo, Tetrltoiy
lt mi- day filcdia this efnee Ac plica
tion to purchase, under the provisions of Section
2347, U. S. Revised Statutes, the iouth west quar
ter of Section SQ, Township 11 N., Range 18 E. G &
S. R. B. & JI.
Any and a 1 ptrsons cUimlntr advcrslv the Unci
described, cr dcciiirg lo ol ject for any reason to
the sale thereof, to api-licant, should file their affv
davits of pretest in this office on or before the 24th
day cf Decen.tcr, ICCP, ctherv. isc t:.e application
may be allowed.
Frank Parker, Register.
. First publication Nov. 19
Notice for Publication.
Coal Entry.
Serial No..OT35 .
Phoenix. Arizona Land Cffice. November 15 ifX)9
Notice isfhereby given that William It. Scors3,
of Iloibrook, County of Navajo Tenitory of
Arizona has this day f.lsd in this office h3 appli
cation to parchas?, under tho provisions cf Sec
tion 2347, U. S. Revised Statutes, the SE one
fourth of Section No 29 Tovnsfcip No. 11 N
Range No. IS E C-iSRBAM.
Any and ail persons claiming adversely the
lands described, or desiring to object for any rea
son to thc sale herecf to. applicant, -BhoulJ file
their offidavit3 of protest in this effice on or be
fore the 24 cay -cf December 1909 otherwise the
application may be allowed
Frank H. Parker, Register.
First publication November 19 t
Ccal Entry.
EeiialNo. 07437.
Land Office at Phoenix, Arizona. November 22 C9
Notice is hereby given that Fred T. Colter, cf
Springerville, County of Apache Territory of
Arizona, has this day filed in this office Applica
tion to Purchase, under the provisions of section.
2347. U . S. Revised Statute, the nw one fourth of
Section 23 Township UN Range ISE.
Any and all peroons claiming adversely the lands
des:i ibed, or desiring to object for any reason to
the sale thereof to applicant should filid their
affidavits of protest in this office on or before the
30th das of December 1909, otherwisj ths applica
tion may be a'lowcd.
Frank H. Parker, Register.
Fii st publication November 26 09
Coal Entry,
rgerial No. 074C2.
Land Cffico ct Phoenix, Atizona Novembcrl909
Notice is hereby given that San ford W. Jaques,
of Shov. low, Ccunty of Navajo Territory of Ari
zona, has this day fikd in this effice Application
to Purchase, under the provisions of soctlon 2347,
U. S.- Revispd Statutit, the nw ens fourth cf Sec.
tion 29, Township II N Range 18 E.
Any and all pel sons claiming adversely the
lands dcsciibed, or desiring to object for any rea
son to tne sale thereof to applicant, should filed
their affidavits cf pretest inth s office on or be
fore the 30 day cf December, 1909, otherwise the
application may be allowed
Frank H. Parker, Register.
"""""First publication" lovjcaiber 26 lty Z
I represent five good -live Fire
Insurance Companies, V
, Sidney pp.-
i1 rtij 1 r.Uw.it;) vv
T , .... . .,1 .- . -t
In thi ftiRttei' Oí t:V"i 1j3.SÍ3 01
Archibald Cs.n"OtTIi Def'CSBSdi
':. , " , . "
D Johnlí, Iiuítt. -administra-
Caijicroii, deceascr, and Annie
j c&íEercn, Lízzio Cameron, John
' Cameron, Ai'cnio Cameron, Jr.,
i Aiiffus Cani&rcr! r.r.d Alexander
i G. Chisholm, heirs at law of the
said deceased, md'W. H. Burbage
! ar.d Harry "Eurbage, persons who
claim-sorne interest in the estate
of said dacdsrit, and John léi
and Richard Roe, whose real
names are unknown, and who
are thereof mentioned by. ficti
tious names, they being persons
who claim some interest in said
estate: . v.
You and each of you are hereby
notified that upon the petition of
Alexander G. Chisholm, an order
of the above entitled Court., has
this date been made .requiring all
persons interested in the estate
of -said decedentto appear in said
Court on the 2Sth day of January,
1910, and set forth the nature
extent of their respective claims
in to, or upon the property or
estate of the said -decedent, and
you are cited to appear in said
Court, at the hour of ten o'cfoCk
Á.M. of said day and set forth
the nature nd extend of your
respective claims ip,.tf,.pv ..ypP"
the property and estate k.of 'the
1 Jn.nM ftH ka Ann.
ever barred from asserting snch
Dated this sixth day- of Nov-,
ember 1909. - .
R. C. Smith,
Judge andEx;officio Clerk of
said iourt.
First publication Nov 12 1909.
In the Probate Court -Of
the County of Navajo, Terri-
In the Matter of the Estate of
Helen Breed, Noljice.of Hearing
Notice is hereby given that W.
H. Burbage "has filed in this Court
a petition praying that lettters 6f
administration of the Estate of
Helen Breed, deceased, t3 grant
ed to him, and that the same, will
be heard on Wednesday the first
day cf December, A. D. 1909, at
10 o'clock in the forenoon of said
day, at the courtroom of said
Court, i-i Holbrook, . County of
Navajo, Territory of Arizona and
all persons interested . in saffl
estate are notified then and there
to appear and show cause, if any
they have, why the prayer of
said petitioner should not be
grand. Dated November 15th
R. C. Smith, Clerk.
First publication Nov. 19k 1909
Tomas Ortega will begin sell
ing. fresh meat in Holbrook .the
first of the year. We have . hot
learned where the shop will be
Mrs. Dr. ' WWtcomb of Eot.
Wingate - passed through . Hol
brook yesterday accompanied by
her son having just returned
from a visit at Fort Apache.
: . ,
Ed Howell the cattle Ring'tf
Northern Arizona was in town
this morning from his ranch on
the Rio Puerco trading with our
merchants. Ed. bought a sau
sage mill, while here ánct says he
will have old county sausage, hot
cakes and black coffee for breack-
fast hereafter. We don'tbláme
him and are in clined to believe
William Smith pne of tha big
cattle raisers of our county was
in town today. Mr. Smith in
forms us thf Tniiintis nrf- trvirur
to gét' allotmfenta-' in the' r.ri-ver
valley. - .: V--"V

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