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The mayor of Baltimore says that
nt good light la worth a dozen po
licemen. An official estimate places the nuni
r.r r pf dairy cows lu the United States
it 21,000.000.
-More coal is mined by machinery
lu proiortion to the total output. n
Ohio than In any other state.
Some varieties of rice ripen in two
months after planting, -vhlle others
require up to sir tnon-.lis of cultiva
tion. Now York City has been increasing
its birth rate for the last six years.
For the twelve months just passed It
has been twenty-eight to the thousand
In recent trials of the Pollak-Virag
high speed telegraph between Berlin
and Konigsberg. a distance of 430
miles, 2,800 distinctly recorded words
were transmitted In five minutes.
It is remarkable that notwithstand
ing the love and devotion of a Jewish
mother there seems to be no trace ot a
real Jewish lullaby. Those known are
r,r roront orlein. American He
There is the promise of much cheap
er ice in New York City next summer,
no matter what the natural crop may
be, for there will be many more arti
ficial plants, in operation than ever be
fore; Subway- railroads are good invest
mentaJn New York City. Profits have
Increased about 17 per cent in the last
three months over the same period last
year, the gross earnings being $3,321,
500, an increase of $459,400.
Harry P. Whitney began his busi
ness training as a bank clerk at $20 a
week. He now has charge of the $30,
000,000 estate left by the elder Whit
ney, and it is said that his -trusteeship
has increased the family fortune.
Stanley Field, son of Joseph Field.
r Manchester, and nephew ot Marshall
Field: Rodman Wanamaker. H. H.
Rogers. Jr., Arlan A. and Clendenln
J. Ryan, are young men who have
avoided the frivolities .that too often
have stultified the heirs to great
wealth and are making their lives sig
nificant by work. .
Menus in New York restaurants are
not always what they seem, and ap
parently are frequently dressed simp
ly for appearances. . In a large Broad
way restaurant a menu that looked
fair anil ostensibly presented ninety
four dishes showed on analysia to give
only twenty-seven that could be pro
duced rom the culinary department
The Women's Educational and In
dustrial Union of Boston has adaea
expert visiting housekeepers to its de
partment of household economics. For
a small fee the visiting housekeepers
will drop in and set the machinery of
the household running smoothly by
exhibiting new equipment or giving
id and instruction in whatever branch
mistress or maid may need It.
Simmons College, Boston, is said to
be the only place in this country
where women can be trained to plan
and manage lunchrooms. The demand
tor such training is reported to have
more than trebled during the last two
years, as more and more cities and
school boards are realizing the neces
sity of providing working girls and
boys and school children with health
ful midday meals.
Miss Jane Wright of Cincinnati has
been elected to take charge of the art
library of Princeton university. She
was librarian at the Cincinnati art
museum and resigned to go to Prince
ton. : The trustees of Princeton are
said to have allowed the place to re
main vacant for over a year because
CoifKunu Says Harvester There
Never Get In Horry.
Congressman and Mrs. Hitchcock,
accompanied by Miss Ruth Hitchcock
and Miss Crounse. returned recently
from a Bhort trip to Europe, the Oma
ha World-Herald says.
Referring to the trip, Mr. Hitchcock
said: "We were in Germany uunng
the early harvest season and the work
of whole families in the fields present
ed scenes of prosperity and content
ment. The work would be hard if
done in a hurry and rush, as we Amer
icans do it. but it does not appear to
ce so in German harvest fields. Old.
young and middle-aged of both sexes
work away rather leisurely. xney
stop to rest and talk or take refresh- I
ments often, and as a rule appear to
be having a good time. I understand
that Germany has 18,000.000 people
upon the land,' as the expression goes.
That is a large proportion pf her 65,
000,000 people.
"The best part of Germany' factory
Ufe Í3 that competition still remains.
It has not been wiped out by the
trusts, as in America. The factories
are scattered all over the German em
pire. Every town of any size has Its
smoking factory chimneys. In fifteen
years the wealth of Germany has In
creased 59 per cent. The only unfavor
able symptom Is the Increase In living
expenses. The Increase is much great
er In Germany man in cusmuu ui
France, but Is less than In the United
"I visited the- city of Rhelma In
Franc during the great international
flying machine contests and saw- three
flying machines In the -air at the-same
time traveling at railroad train speed
under nerfect control. I saw both the
monoplane and the biplane In flight
and had a chance to see the advan
tages of each type. The double plane
has the greatest carrying capacity, but
the single plane looks more like a bird.
Is simpler and more graceful.
"We timed our visit to Munich so
to attend the great Wagner festi
val, which is one of the musical treats
that Europe offers each year. It is a
strange sight to see people wearing
their evening full-dress clotnes bi í.od
In the afternoon and start for the op
era. That custom, however, has us
advantages. You get home by 10
o'clock without feeling the least bit
tired, because you have two long inter
missions which afTord plenty of time
for refreshments and a walk in the
beautiful theater garden. We attended
the four operas of the Niebelungen
ring and were delighted with the
splendid productions."
Saves Try I n on Hata.
Whether the millinery device de
tlgned by a New York man will be
as popular as it Is Ingenious remains
to be seen. Ac
cording to the pre
vailing opinion of
a woman's depart
ment in a millin
ery store, it does
not seem likely.
The device con
sists of a large
card with an open
ing large enough
to admit a wom
an's head. Above
. , - 1. . nf a nm A
this opening is palmea a i"
particular design, while below is a
design to represent a dusi i.--
a woman's waist. The mea .s .
a millinery supplied . with a painted
coming within two strokes of the pro
fessional record. Miss Leitch is looked
upon as by far the best of all women
players. . She Is planning to visit this
country next summer.
A Womanly Woman.
She stayed at home.
You don't hear of her.
She was too busy to talk.
She was too well bred to brag.
She didn't say she disliked hotels.
She murmured not when Mrs. Rich
drove off.
She didn't declare resort life too
She was making school dresses for
wear later.
She was taking her children for day
excursions into the open places.
She haa explained all she can of
the flowers, trees and insect life.
7 , ' f every hat In stock. She studies some good nature oooks
reproduction of 7," look the Lloug with the children before their
n-kn mummers come in tney mu. I .
d when excursions.
hats over on men . -
walk with a lorward stoop accent
ates all these faults and lays hersell
open' to various diseases as well. Be'
cause, if you slouch forward, you com
press the lung3, and prevent proper ex
pansions of the chest. Consequently
the lungs are insufficiently supplied
with fresh air, and the Hdy does not
get enough oxygen for the require
ments of health.
Carrots for Complexión.
Carrots are said to be excellent foi
the complexion., and here Is a good
way to prepare them: Wa3h, scraps
off the skin, cut Into dice and leave in
cold water for half an hour. Put ic
the Inner compartment of a doublí
boiler with no water upon them excepi
that which clings to them after wash
ing. Cover closely and cook tender
An hour should be long enough foi
this. Turn into a deep dish, peppei
and salt and cover with a good whiti
sauce. Peas may be added, and th(
combination is delicious.
they see styles they would like to
try on stand in front of a mirror and
put their heads in the card bearln
the design or those parui-u. r
of headgear. This plan saves a great
deal of wear and tear. on. hats, and
saves the customer a great deal of
time, but whetiier It will- be appre
elated by. the fair sex Is. a. matter-of
grave- doubt.
Health and Beanty IMnta.
A flannel bag or hot alt Is very
useful' and comforting, not only for
but for any iuu-
She has superintended her children's
games and their gardening efforts. In
addition to her own work.
And she's the "salt of the earth,"
this woman who Is above aping those
with more- money, an who rejoices
In- a. fine mind and body, w.hichr she
puts to the best possible - use. Phil
adelphia Record.
There's Jio Other Way.
The old adage that "Money makes
the mare go," has a counterpart In the
truism that advertising creates and
holds business. What man of ordi
nary common sense engaged In busi
ness in this day and generation would
think, or have the right to think, of
success without liberal publicity
through that best of all advertising
mediums, the local paper? Sacred his
tory records that "there Is a time for
all things," and when that truthful
sentence was penned If it was noi
meant that advertising should be per
ennial there was a lack of foresight
that his since been made manifest.
Th. BmaJlest merchant in tne smau-
.i 1 V. Via -Ka
est town, even tnouga ue
,t nf the field, will soon
Peroxlde. the application of which
sometimes prevents the growth of su
perfluous hair, is apt to have an In
jurious effect upon the skin by over
drying it.
To alleviate the effectJ of a blow
little ones oiten receive at play the
old-fashioned remedy of a little butter
or olive oil rubbed on immediately Is
excellent. It should be removed every
half hour for an hour or two.
As a knock hard enough to bruise
the eye may cause serious trouble, one
should be careful when walking in the
dark in unaccustomed spots to protect
the face and chest by raising tne arm
about to the level of the nose and keep
ing it bent in front of you.
Lemon being an astringent, it Is par
ticularly good If the pores of the skin
r pnlareed. It is excellent to rub on
the yellow line on the neck where the
collar ends. Be careful not to use
lemon Juice too continuously. a3 it
sometimes huri3 delicate skin.
The habit of grimacing óverexer
;lses the mouth and draws unpleasant
lines about it. The woman wnose lam
Uy tells her ot this defect should count
herself fortunate, and endeavor con
tinually to check these mannerisms
which threaten to dlsfigtrre her.
Tt is foolish to put drops in the eyes
to give them an added luster, as this
will, in the course of time. If it Is
kept up. almost entirely rum tne eye
sight. If the eyes feel heavy and tired
k.th. them with weak salt water.
either hot or cold. This can do no
harm and will relieve the strained sen:
A home-made specific for tan and
sunburn consists of paste made from
magnesia and lemon juice. Apply to
the neck and arms by means of a
linen bandage or directly to the skin.
:overlng It with a cheesecloth. Allow
the bandage to remain on for several
minutes, then wash off in tepid water
. . , ( ... i .
which has a dasn oí wucn usiei m n.
Apply twice a day If necessary.
To Remove Tan.
One of the m03t celebrated recipes
for removing tan Is the following
English recipe: Best English mustard,
one tablespoonful; oil of sweet al-
Mds and fañetes
Collars are now practically even all
around and are very high. Tab3 and
points have disappeared.
Scotch zephyrs in all the new berry
inlnra with a eood amount of whitt
in the weave will be suitable for one
piece 'dresses.
Black chantllly shawls- come- In. ai
an excellent, drapery- over silk gowns
It is not necessary to cut the shawl,
though it Is draped and held; ia place
with rosettes of soft satin.
The latest whim of the Parisian ii
carrying the evening gloves In tht
hand Instead of wearing them. Rings
have grown to such large size and art
., u,.. tn o-ot n nerson WHO Kt,a there is HO neia -
LU r v vtcic au-.uuu o - , , , . -
measured up In every particular to the matter of spreading printer s ink is
standard which they had fixed
tu ,o,o rnr roller skating, which
has spread in such extraordinary fash
ion throughout all classes of society
In the British isles during the last
year or so. has now caught the sailors
and petty officers of some of his ma
jesty's lleet In Its seductive sway. Dur
ing the THames display the people go
ing around the warships in sieamer
a-er.- amused to see quite a number of
seamen making a precarious rink of
the deck of a battleship. London
The effect of the new Canadian law
on cigai-ette smoking by boys is shown
in the-trade returns. Although -3o
000.000 cigarettes were smoked in Can
ada since the first of the year, mo3t of
them being made in the Dominion, the
number shows a decline of 30,000,000
on the figures for the preceding twelve
overlooked or" Ignored. Trade that by
right should come to him win oe in
verted In the direction of a rival town,
where the spirit of enterprise above
hevond all takes into consiaera-
tlon the power of the press as a dls
iwhntnr of Information that the pub
lic desires to know before parting
with their dollars, that they may be
a h.n thev will, do the most
Without advertising mere ia
.hin7 to success. It has been demon
strated by plies of musty goods- on
dusty shelves, by out-oi-aace iaur
that nobody wants at any pr..
culminates in a. putting up- of the
blinds and a pulling down of the cur
tains, no more to be taken down or
raised up.
If we are In business there are some
chinea incurring expénse and labor and
strlk- effort that may De pui '
There are hats and hats. This fall's newest style hats are turned up
and turned down, trimmed heavily and trimmed very simply but the crown
must be high, and It must have a feather on it somewhere. Above are some
of the styles. -
To Make Sleep Come.
you cannot get asleep try a I
inonee bath made thus: Into eight
ounces of alcohol put two of ammonia
and two of camphor. Shake thorough
ly, and when well mixed add four
ounces of sea salt and enough hot
water to fill a quart bottle. To apply
It. adds the Family Doctor, pour a
little of the liquid In a shallow dish.
mniafen the whole body a little at a I
time by dipping a small sponge in It.
Rub on only a very little, then finish
with a vigorous rubbing with a coarse
crash towel. Get Into bed, and well
the oulck arrival of. "nature's
quick" restorer, balmy, sleep.
monds, one tablespoonful, and lemon
Juice to make a thick paste.
Mix and spread in a thin- plaster
over the face, keeping It well away
from the eyes and leaving it on the
skin until it smarts. In a few days
the scarf skin will become loosened
and will gradually rub off, carrying
the tan and freckles with it.
Vichy water, applied night and
morning, is also effective in removing
tan and freckles.
Elaborate Bodice Deslarn.
months, ine resuus are u.u.e hllt advertising.
it Is remembered taat the liy u noi .u-.u,..,, --- -
never! That musi k ---- --
ing when
law was In force for only eight months
of the year. It forbids the sale or gift
of cigarettes or cigarette material to
boys of 16 or less under penalties of
from $10 to $100.
Au eight-inch disk of cardboard re
volved on the shaft of an electric mo
tor ot highest speed gets stiff, owing
the rotary tension, which makes it
behave like metal, and It can no longer
te bent. If struck with a hammer, a
cnund rniis like that from bronze. It
easily saws a cigar box in two, simi
larly as a disk of soft iron, when rap-
ifllv rotatf-U. cuts through heavy ar-
n.cr plate. Centrifugal ..force j does
uirny other strange things. Among
nhera when a rmall c!:aiu U !oped
arojnd a hlgVspeod ro-.ary drum the
.c;-:nfn fan be slioved oil the urun: to
-.,r,,i wiiprp It fcom-e:! ur. nd
go on ourselves with successful busi
ness pursuits. Evchange.
Lon- Lived Fish.
Fishes, especially the larger specie.
live a very long time. According to
Bacon, eels live fifty years. Carp have
been known to exist at least loo years,
while dolphins, sturgeons and sharks
Uve more than a century and attain a
huge size.
Nickel Steel.
At high temperatures the breaking
strength of nickel steel is higher than
that of welded Iron, and this applies
in a still greater degree to the elastlo
The Zoyder Zee.
Washlna- Blankets.
Put a cupful of soft soap and two
tablespoonfuls of borax into a tub of
lukewarm water. When this has had
time to entirely dissolve puf In your
blankets and let them stind for half
i day. Then wash carefully and rinse
thoroughly In several waters. Do not
wring them. Have some one take hold
f one end of the blanket and you
;rasp the other firmly In your hand.
Shake the blanket carefully and hang
up to dry.
Woman Wins Golf Honors.
The supremacy of man now Is be
ing challenged by women In the game
of golf. Miss Ida Leitch. a young
Englishwoman, has developed such
skill that It Is believed she will prove
a rival for the be3t. professionals, in
cluding Taylor, the British champion
and the player most admired by Presi
lent Taft. Few women have developed
real skill at golf, but Miss Leitch has
the application and the patience neces
sary to a steady game over the hard
courses. The other day she turned in
a score of T2 for the Silloth course,
Th- Zuvder Zee was formed by an , . the hardest in the United King-
f . . 1 t . 1 I - .. 1 V. l.ba ilnWI) . ... . . I.-.. nn.4
An ertremelv smart and effective de
sign for a separate blouse which would
be pleasing made up in soft silk or
wash materials is pictured here. A
roniinatoii arrangement of tucks in
various widths combined with eyelet
embroidery or lace is used. The plas
tron is outlined by a broad piping of
delicate silk, as are also the tucked
iv. ran Little buttons and loops
1 front closing. The
-i w , nf llover lace. The
UCrr J tuuo w
hih wuerf collar is made of mous
Bellne de sole and the design ot the
front is repeated In the back.
Cultivate a Graceful Walk.
v.rv few elrls walk gracefully now
adays, in spite of the craze for phys
ical culture. The most generauy
MooaMa faults are a forward droop
of the head, sticking out of the elbows
and scraDine the feet. The gin woo
so numerous that the wearing of
gloves becomes a question and the
result Í3 their banishment.
Chiffon bishop sleeves have a por
tion of the uppers made of dre3S ma
terial. The noticeable puff and fluting
at the hand have a tendency to make
the hand appear much smaller.
Pintiiresauelv reminiscent of the
middle ages are the popular casquines,
made of corded silk, with short sleeves
and somewhat elaborate with Jetting
The skirts worn with jackets of this
kind are rather full.
The skirt for street wear is notice
ably long, and the skirt of sheer gar
ments is also quite long. Modistes are
fast bringing in dresses that must be
sliehtly lifted at the hem in order that
the wearer may take a step, inis
style made its appearance when Paris
muslins were adopted and the femi
nine dress lovers were delighted with
the long, billowy white dress and blue
Broke Ple-Maklno- Reeord.
Mrs. Wyman, aged 70, of PIttsflelQ.
Mass.. recently broke aiJ recoras in
her piemaking-career: She made seventy-two
pies of nine different varie
ties, as follows: Custard, apple, cocoa
nut, prune, raUln. squash, chocolate,
blueberry and lemon. Mrs. Wyman
did the work alone and had it finished
by noon.
To Clean Lamp Chimneys.
An excellent cleaner for lamp chim
neys is made by fastening to the end
of a stick a sponge Just large enough,
when Immersed in water, to fit the
chimney. Wipe your chimney inside
with this. and. after rinsing, dry with
a soft piece of Unen.
To Clean Knives.
In order to keep your knives clean
and bright, take some wood ashes and
mix with fine scrapings of a raw Irish
potato. Rub this over the blades with
a cloth, and, after rinsing, dry with a
soft flannel.
Hard to L,ose.
. 'It's hard to lose a beautiful daugh
ter." said the wedding guest sympa
"It's a blamed sight harder to losa
the homely ones." replied the old man,
who had several yet to go. Exchange-
Buenos Aires has the finest opera
house in the western hemisphere. U
cost $10.000,000.
Statistic3 just compiled show that
the i-verage is 31S car rides a year for
each Inhabitant of New York City.
Five Chinese government schools are
teaching railway engineering, -and 'a
sixth probably will establish a course.
The five largest office buildings in
New York contain 2,300 miles of tele
phone 'wire and almost 10.000 tele
phones. When dusting or cleaning the new
tungsten lamp3 the lamp should be
burning to prevent accidents to tha
delicate filament.
The average person does not experi
ence any sensation from an electrical
current until the pressure reaches
about thirty-flve volt3.
The largest electric sign in the
South advertises the city oí Montgom
ery, Ala. The sign Is 75 by 83 feet and
contains about 2.500 lights.
Since Manchuria wa3 converted Into
a province its expenditure has increas
ed rapidly. Its balance sheet last year
was six million taels on the wrong
Rio Janeiro, with a population ot
900,000, spent more money for public.
Improvements last year than any city
in the United States, excepting New
The submarine cables of the world
cover a total of 278,20 miles, distrito
uted among 2,053 cables. Three-fourths
of this total mileage Is owned by pri
vate companies.
There has been much dispute as to
whether whales can utter any sounds.
A writer in Kosmos says that he and
forty other persons who witnessed the
throwing 'of a harpoon at a whale off
the Brazilian coast heard a distinct
groan when the animal expired.
Public watering troughs for horses
were condemned as disseminators of
disease by the State veterinarian oí
Missouri. Dr. F. D. Luckey, and by Dr.
Schoenleben, of Kansas, at the session
of the Interstate Association of Live
Stock Sanitary Board In Chicago.
Mr3. Wyman. age 70, ot Pittsfleld,
Mass., recently broke all records in her
pie-making career. She made seventy
two pies of nine different varieties as
follows: Custard. apple, cocoanut,
prune, raisin, squash, chocolate, blue
berry and lemon. Mrs. Wyman did the
work alone ani had it finished by
A shell which will hit two marks
will be tested this fall. The solid steel
head of the shell contains a charge of
high explosive which is detonated on
impact. Back of this is the shrapnel
chamber, containing 120 bullets and a
charge pf high explosive. The shrap
nel portion can be timed to expioae
above a body of troop3. leaving the
solid head of the shell to pass on and
ati-ilrA pkpwhpre.
A, woman in Worcester, Mas3-. was
surprised at receiving extra large bill3
for gas used the last two months and
on Investigating the matter found that
her new maid was keeping a teakettle
singing on the gas stove all day long.
In answer to her query as to the rea
son the maid inforcned her that she
felt more like working while the kettle
was singing. The maid now works
without accompaniment. .
Japan can boast of the most luxuri
ous prison in the world. It Is about
fifteen mile3 from Tokyo. In the
midst of gardens, where flourish med
lars and cherry tree3, encircled with
pond3 bearing fine crops of water lil
ies, rises the mass of spacious and airy
cells. Lighting throughout is by elec
tricity. Among other features are
bathrooms with marble baths, hot and
cold water, dressing rooms and read
ing rooms.
He was a citizen of Aberdeen. Scot
land, who had gone to spend a few
days in London with his son. After
their first greetings at the station, the
young fellow remarked: "Feyther, you
are not lookln' well. Is there anything
the matter?" The old man replied:
"Aye, lad, I have had quite an acci
dent." "What was that, feyther?"
"Mon." he said, "on this journey frae
bonnle Scotland I lost my luggage."
"Dear, dear, that's too bad; 'oo did It
hannpn?" "Aweel." replied the Aber-
don tan, "the cork cam. oot.
In olden times thumbscrews were
used to torture prisoners Into confes
sion.. and- thus gain from them, secrets
that only intense bodily pain would
bring forth; but this, with many other
fiendish means of torture, was left be
hind by advancing civilization. Now.
however, it has made its appearance
again, but, as a means of self-lnfllcted
torture, says Popular Mechanics. It is
the newest aidto-beauty fad of Eu
rope, and Its mission Is to squeeze the
tips of the fingers until tney cnange
from fat and pudgy to long and taper
ing. Lions are said to walk about the pal
ace of Emperor Menellk of Abyssinia
and injure no one, and are docile at
the least sign from their master. A
Russian visitor demanded of Menellk
how it was that his gentle pets respecU
ed such and such a visitor. "They
have scent." replied the emperor.
"They know the smell of an ambassa
dor. They know they must not cause
trouble between me and the foreign
powers. They are diplomatic Hons."
The queen added: "They once devoured
before me an Italian consul. It I was
afterward found that he had noq his
lottars of credence. He was not lik or
der, and I excused the liona."
vi cn struck acts ir.ee a 113 -"'' inroad or tne Jea, wa:u "v"- jom, breaking tne aamieur icum
Eie-a:. I the protecting sand dunes. I

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