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Proceedings of the Board of
I Holbrook, Arizona, March 7, 1921. ,
In accordance with statutory requirement, the Board of Supervisors
of Navajo County, Arizona, met this date in regular session. All mem
bers of the board and the clerk were present.
The minutes .of the proceedings of February 7 and 15 were read and
approved as read. .
The treasurer was instructed to strike, from the assessment roll
1918 and 1919 the school and road tax of Jose Duran, non-resident.
Also to strike from roll 513, 1917, J. E. Richards and Fred B. Randall
40 acres in section 6, T. 18, N. R- 20 E, assessed through error.
Also to strike from roll 513, 1917, St. Joseph Light and Power Company
personal property to the amount of $750.00 on account of no assets.
Also to strike from roll 533, 1918, St Joseph Light and Power Company
personal property to the amount of $250.00 on account of no assets.
Also to strike from roll 950, 1919, Maggie Baird, widow, exempt all
of her property on account of her being a cripple.
Also to strike from the assessment roll 1912 lots 7 and 8, block
Winslow, assessed to O. A. Brown, through error double assessment.
The treasurer was directed to pay the Allied Contractors of Omaha;
Nebraska, the sum of $403.79, 1 per cent interest on outstanding warrants
due them for 1919 and 1920.
The treasurer was directed to transfer from the general fund to the
expense fund the sum of $2838.00.
The following banks were designated as active, and inactive county
depositories: Merchants and Stockgrowers, Holbrook; Bank of Northern
Arizona, Snowflake; Bank of Winslow, Winslow; Arizona State Bank
Winslow; Union Bank and Trust Company of Winslow, -Winslow.
Miss Velma Nelson, court reporter, agreed to furnish all transcripts
in criminal and civil cases, in which the State of Arizona is a party,
free of charge upon demand of the county attorney.
Mr. W. E. Ferguson was retained as counsel in the Mrs. Hazel Feek
perjury case, Attorney Greer being disqualified.
The appointment of John Lewis as deputy assessor by Assessor W. E.
Shumway, was approved by the board as of- March 1st.
The bond of the Bank of Northern Arizona for $20,000.00 was approved.
The reports of the following county officers were audited, checked with
the treasurer's receipts and approved: N "
R. L- Newman, Sheriff, fees for February $75.82
J. M. Patterson, Treasurer, balance on hand last report,
January 31, 220,804.01
Receipts fromall sources, February! 7,865.74
Disbursements, all funds, February 24,632.66
' Balance on hand, February 28 204,037.09
H. D. Lore, delinquent taxes collected from February 7 to
March 5th inclusive 7,446.62
L. C. Henning, clerk of superior court, fees for January 260.55
Fees for February : 245.00
W. E. Shumway, Assessor, property tax collected, February 922.43
School tax collected February 80.00
Road tax collected February 8.0Ó
R. B. Walton, Justice of the Peace, Winslow, February fees 3.75
February fines; " 100.00
Jos. L. Peterson, Justice of the peace, St. Joseph, January
no collections
D. W. Easley, Justice of the peace, Holbrook, Jan fees 13.45
Fines ' 40.00
J. O. Freeman, justice of the peace, Snowflake, fees .50
" R. L. Ison, justice of the peace Woodruff, no collections Jan. and Feb.
J. B. Wakefield, justice of the peace, Taylor, no collections Jan. and Feb.
John L. Fish, justice of the peace, Lakeside, no collections Jan. and Feb.
Lottie M. Webb, justice of the peace Pinedale, fees January 1.00
and February . UK)
Fred Loe, justice of the peac White River, no collections for January.
The following receipt was given to Mr. Lloyd C. Henning, Clerk of
the superior court under date of Mar. 8, 1921.
Received from Lloyd C. Henning, One hundred twelve and
A rtnltors in full nnvmpnt r-f Ilppttllnt AÍ ílrlf ff t t a cji-
perior court, as shown on the records of the defunct Hol
brook State Bank, as of Dec. 11, 1920. The board hereby
waives all claim to any dividends or salvage that the said
Holbrook State Bank may at any time be able to pay.
Yours truly,
M. R. Tanner,
Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.
The clerk was directed to issue cash orders for the relief of the fol
lowing indigents:
Chas. Roberts 1 S8.C0
Pedro Roche 8.10
Carlos Baca -- 8.00.
Mrs. Martinez Chavez 8.00
P. Guterriz - 8.00
Luis Morales : 8.00
Mrs. Mary Norton 8.C0
Jose Olguin 12.00
WHEREAS, it is desirable and will serve the public
interest to have a public road laid out from the point of
intersection of the Holbrook to Winslow Highway," south of
the Little Colorado River, from the point where said high
way intersects the East boundary line of Section 12, Town
ship 17 North, Range 19 East, G. & S. R. B. & M. to the
Little Colorado River; and 1
WHEREAS, the Congress of the United States has here
tofore made a grant in presentí of public lands for public
public highways, under and by virtue of the Act of Con
gress approved July 26th, 1866;-
NOW, THEREFORE, be it hereby resolved by the Board
. of Supervisors of the County of Navajo, State of Arizona,
in regular session assembled on this 7th day of March,
1921, that the grant of public lands hereinbefore
. mentioned is hereby accepted and by virtue of such
grant and of these premises it is hereby established and
laid out as follows: Said public road to be four rods
wide and (Commencing at the point of intersection of
Have taken a big Decline. For example,
Some of our prices are reduced to
2Í4 lbs. Apricots..! , 30c
2H lbs- Pears 35c
2l lbs. Peaches 30c
' 2 lbs. Grapes 35c
2Vi lbs. Sliced Pineapple 35c
2 lbs. Tomatoes 15c
2 lbs. Corn 15c
2 lbs. Peas 15c
Come in and look over our other prices which
' range in proportion to above list.
A. B. Schuster Co.
the Holbrook to Winslow highway with the East boundary
of Section 10, Township 17 North, Range 19 East G. & S.
R. B. & M., and running thence North along the East
boundary of said Section 12, to the Northeast corner of
said Section 12, Township i7 North, Range 19 East; and
said public highway is hereby further extended to be of
the width of four rods along the West boundary of Section
6, Township 17 North. Range 220 East, G. & S. R. B. & M.,
and running from said point North along the West bound
ary of said Section 6 to the Little Colorado River.
It is further ordered that this Order and Resolution
be spread upon the minutes of the proceedings of the
Board of .Supervisors, and that a copy thereof, duly certi
fied by the Clerk, be filed and recorded in the office of
the County Recorder of Navajo Conuty.
WITNESS our hands this 7th day of March, 1921. '
Attest: Chairman Board of Supervisors.
M. K. TANNEIÍ, Clerk Board of Supervisors.
The following demands were audited, allowed and ordered paid:
Expense Fund
H. D. Lore, 6 percent commission on tax col
lections $446.80
R. L. Newman, official expense and meals for pris
oners 212.62
Dem. Wrt.
73 725
74 726
75 727
76 728
77 72
7S 730
79 71
80 732
81 733
82 734
83 735
Si 736
85 737
86 738
87 739
88 740
89 741
90. 742
91 742
92 .744
93 745
94 746
95 747
96 748
97 . 749
98 751
99 752
100 753
101 754
102 755
103 756
104 757
105 758
106-111 759
112 760
113 761
114 762
115 763-
116 764
117 765
118 766
119 767
120 768
121 769
122 770
123 771
124 772
125 773
126 774
127 775
128 776
129 777
130 778 .
131 779
132 780
133 781
134 782
135 783
136 784
137 785
128 786
li 7S7
12 12
13 13
14 14
?50.'00 I
J. E. Crosby, official expense
L. C. Henning, supplies for officé
Cooley Lumber Co., desk in Assessor's office
Gilbert E. Greer, legal services assist''n:j co. ntty.
Cooley Lumber Co., labor "
Holbrook Lt and Pr. Co., for 177 Kw. light
J. M. Patterson, for official bond
Arizona Transfer Co., freight on lumber
Geo. H. Keyes, Jr., premium on bond, R C. Cress-
well i. 12.50
Todd Protectograph Co., 8000 printed checks 75.83
Navajo "Garage, labor and storage 26.50
J. E- Jlichards. official expense 59.30
Arizona Good Roads Association, membership for
1921 25.00
Old Trails Garage, supplies 4.85
A. C. M. I., supplies 1.20
Velma Nelson, reporting . 17.60
Annie Rogers, services as nurse in indigent case 50.00
C. E. Owens, official expense 67.08
W. B. Woods, tolls and rentals, January 60.20
The Royal Typewriter Agency, 1 new typewriter 106.88
Western Union Tel. Co., telegrams 14.48
C. H. Edmunds, labor and supplies for Essex car 45.35
M. R. Tanner, stamps 25.00
J. Donner, labor on court house - 88.00
J. Donner, labor and supplies court house
J. Donner, varnish for court house
R. C. Cresswell. official exnense 14.60
- . i
W. B. Woods, telephone rents and tolls for February 70.80
The Mountain States Tel. & Tel. Co., tolls and rent
als 14.60
Merchants and Stockgrowers Bank, assignment 37.50
H. D. Lore, filing fees superior court 42.50
Field-Parker Co., supplies 269.23
Holbrook Business Institute
Holbrook, Arizona
Instruction Given In
Commercial Law
Business Forms
Business Grammar
L'etter Writing
Civil Service
Secretarial Courses .
Office Routine, Etc.
Call and See Us,' or Write
for Further Information
Phone 185
We Focus on
Holbrook, Arizona
Live Stock Prices Decline' Moderately
Receipts Fairly Liberal
Marguerite Drumm.b ond premium.-
A. & B. Schuster, supplies :
W. B. Farr, stenographic work for co. atty.
J. W. Bazell, visiting and examining Holbrook school
children ;
The Holbrook News, printing ; '
Babbitt Bros., nidse
R. D. Greer, auto hire ;
R. D. Greer, auto hire
Jennings Auto Company, auto supplies
T. R. Greer, official expensé
H. D. Lore, filing fees ,
J. M. Patterson, cash orders, health and jury cert.
Ed. Gardner, official expense, Jan. and Feb., '.
J. M. Patterson, jury certificates: . 104.30
Kansas City Stock Yards,
March 14th, 1921.
Liberal receipts of cattle at all
the principal markets today turned
prices down. However, there was
active demand for beef in the east
and the weakness in live cattle is
81.85 thought to be only temporary.
69.00 Here prices were off 15 to 25 cents.
Hog prices steady. Fifty thousand
arrived in Chicago, and fairly lib
eral supplies elsewhere. Sheep
and Iambs were quoted weak to
25 cents lower. Demand was fair
ly active at the decline.
Today's Receipts
Receipts today were 14,000 cat
tie, 14,500 hogs, and 8500 sheep,
compared with 13,500 cattle, 12,500
sheep last week, and 16,800 cattle,
iy,Vi0 hogs and i3,auo sheep a year
, Beef Cattle
Liberal . receipts i together with
rather unsettled labor outlook
caused a weaker tone in the cattle
market. In most cases, prices
were down 15 to 25 cents. Indi
cations are that packing house
Frankel ' C. & R- Mfg. Co., carbon paper.
Snowflake Herald, printing.
labor will accept a wage reduction
-00 I wthout a strike. The Lenten sea-
7.00 son will enrl with Easter Sundav.
The Holbrook News, printing and adv 102.81 and this is expected to increase de-
M. R. Tanner, contingent expense 93.95 I mand for beef. Yearlings and
Holbrook Drug Co.. supplies 6.60
Ellis, Transfer Co., drayage 6.25
The McNeil Co., supplies - 5.52 :
University of Arizona, appropriation ., : 83.33
Burroughs Adding Machine Co., contract
Navajo County, ' assignment
The Manufacturing Stationers Inc., supplies
John L. Fish, service vital .-Litis tics
Irene Bart, for cert, copy Art. of Incorporation, Clear
C. Co.
Mri. Nellie Freeman, services vital statistics,
Road fnnrt
Arizona Transfer Co., suipiies end labor
F. Ellsworth and Sons, road maintenance contract
McGonigle and Christy, lumber
15 J. M., Patterson, assignment..
The following salaries were allowed for the month of February, war
rants 2436-2437 and 2438 being issued to cover same.
J. E. Crosby .
Velma W. Nelson
L. C. Henning '
Olive Clarke 1
C. E. Owens
R. C Cresswell
J. E. Richards
mand for beef. Yearlings and
weighty steers sold up to $10.00 and
the bulk of the fat steers sold at
$9.00 to $9.75. Cows and heifers
were steady to 25 cents lower. Most
15.601 0f the handy weight heifers were
0.00 steady, and rough weighty kinds
36.25 I showed the decline. Veal calves
.7.75 I were emoted steadv.
l'J.50 oome common to plain stockers
and feeders were quoted weak to
25 cents lower. There was an act
1.00 1 ,ve demand ior ine Detter classes,
i9ior at iuily steady prices. demand ior
16.13 I nehy feeders was active.
R. L. Ne
Wm. Lee
Enoch Wi
C. H. Fro
Harry W.
J. M. Patti
T. R. Gree
.aith uray
Wesley Newman i
O. C. Williams ,
Geo. P. Sampson
Jos. L. Peterson
D. W. Easley
R. L. Ison
J. O. Freeman .
J. B. Wakefield
Fred Loe
Lottie M. Webb, 3 payments
J. L. Fish
Ed. Gardner
Hugh Larson j.
L. F. McClanahan . L
J. E. Heward
C. F. Gardner
J. A. Allen
A. R. Gardner v
J. H. Webb, 3 payments
1 First half Second half
..$ 62.50 $ 62.501
. 75.00 75.00
93.75 93.75
. 25.00 25.00
54.17 54.17
. 45.83 ' 45.83
. 45.83 45.83
. 75.00 75.CO
150.00 150.00
50.001 50.00
. 37.50 37.50
. 37.50 37.50
37.50 37.50
. 83.75 93.75
104.17 104.17
. 93.75 93.75
93.75 93.75
62.50 62 50
. 40.C0 40.00
. 62.50 . 62.50
. 4.00 4.00
. 41.67 41.67
4.00 4.00
.. 7.50 7.50
. 5.00 5.00
5.C0 5.00
. 12.00 ' 4.00
. 7.5D 7.E0
. 37.50 37.50
. 2.C0 2.00
. 37.50 37.50
. 2.00 ' 2.00
. 3.50 3.50
5.00 ' 5.(
. 1.25 1.25
3.73 1.25
Opening bids for hogs were 15
to 25 cents lower, but the buyers
were anxious for supplies, and be
fore many sales were made the mar
ket rallied to last week's closing
level. Actual sales showed the
market averaged steady. The top
price was $10.90, and bulk $10.00 to
$10.80. Pigs were fully steady and
in active demand. J. he top price
was $11.50. Prices for pork in the
East were advanced $2.00 to $3.00
a hundred pounds so that the hog
market is in a position to stand
liberal supplies. ( -
Sheep and Lambs
Sheep and lamb prices were weak
to 25 cents lower. After the
decline was established trade be
came tairiy active. nest nanay
weight lambs sold at $la00 to $10.25,
and ewes $5.50 to $6.00i Yearlings
and wethers were lacking. Trade
in feeding lambs and breeding ewes
was quiet. -
Horses and Mules
Demand for the better classes of
horses and mules improved mode
rately, but the ordinary and com
mon kinds sold slowly. irices
were not quotably changed.
Charles M. Pipkin, .
Market correspondent.
Sealed proposals will be received
by the Highway Commission until
11 o'clock A. M. March 21st, 1921,
There r.ppearing to be no further business, upon motion duly carried I for the grading and surfacing of the
the board adjourned.
Cierk Board of Supervisors.
C. "rl OWENS
Chairman Board t Supervisors.
You Want
Oh! That's Easy.
Just place a Want Ad in The News.
For Results
Winslow-Reservation road about 2
miles east of Winslow known as Pro
ject No. 6. ,
The work consists of approximate
ly the following:
4000 cubic yards roadway borrow;
800 cubic yards gravel surfacing.
Specifications may be obtained
from W. J. Hookway, Secretary.
Each bid must be accompanied by
a certified check for at least' 5 per
cent of the total amount bid.
marked on outside of envelope, "Pro
posals for grading and surfacing
Winslow road, Project No. 6
The Commission reserves the right
to reject any or all bids.
Secretary, Highway Commission. '
Sealed proposals will - be received
by the Highway Commission until
11 o'clock A. M. March 21st, 1921
for the surfacing of. the Holbrook
Snowflake road, known as Coleman'
Ranch. x
The work consists of approximate
ly the following:
3000 cubic yards of surfacing.
Specifications may be obtained
from W. J. Hookway, Secretary.
Each bid must be accompanied by
a certihed check for 5 per cent of
the total amount bid.
Proposals shall be addressed to W.
J. . Hookway, Secretary, and plainly
marked on outside of envelope, "Pro
posals for surfacing Holbrook-Snow-
flake Road, Project No. 7."
The Commission reserves the right
to reject any or all bids.
W. J. HOOKWAY, . ;
Secretary, Highway Commission,
In the Superior Court of the State
of Arizona, in and for Navajooun
nr , ': v ' - "
Action brought in the Superior Court
of the" State of Arizona,' in and for
the County of "Nav'ajot ahVl'th'e Com
plaint filed in said- County of Nav
ajo, in the office of the Clerk of
said Superior Court. ." .
Clara B. Sikora, Plaintiff, vs. Frank
Sikora, Defendant.
In the Name of the State of Ariz
ona, to Frank J. Sikora, Defendant,
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to appear in an action brought
against you by the aboye named
plaintiff in the- Superior Court of the
State of Arizona, in and for the Coun
ty of Navajo, and answer the com
plaint therein filed with the clerk of
this said Court, at Holbrook, in said
County, within twenty days iaf ter tlje
service upon you of this Summons,
f served in this said County, ' or in
all other cases, within thirty, days
thereafter, the times - above mentioned
being exclusive oft the day of service,
or judgment by default will be tak
en against you. . " ;
Given under my hand and the Seal
of the Superior Court of the State of
Arizona, in and for the County of
Navajo, this 3rd day of March, 1921.
Clerk of said Superior Court.
By OLIVE CLARKE, Deputy Clerk.
United States Land Office
Phoenix, Arizona.
Feb. 15, 1921 ;
Number 048646.
Proposals shall be addressed to W.
J. Hookway, Secretary, and plainly J Last publication April 15, 1921,
Notice is hereby given that in pur
suance of an Act of Congress found
n Title 32, Page 6, of the Revised
Statutes of the United States, R. L.
Kieth, whose Post Office address is
Winslow, Arizona, has made applica
tion for a patent ior that certain
Oil Placer Claim, known as" (Ball
Hill Number 2 Placer Claim) located
on the Southeast quarter of Section
Four (4), Township Fourteen (14),
North, Range Twenty (20) East, Gila
and Salt River Base and Meridian,
the same containing petroleum, a
mineral oil, all situated in the Hol
brook mining district, County of Nav
ajo, State of Arizona, and being all
surveyed lands as per the olncial
plat and field otes on .file in --the
Office of the United States Surveyor
General, and in the United States
Land Office at Phoenix, Arizona.
Date of posting said notice was
August 34, 1920.
Register, U. S. Land Office, Phoenix,
First publication Feb. 18, 1921
FOR RENT Two houses and one
warehouse. FOR SALE six vacant
lots. See C. H. Jordan.
bred White Leghorn mated to Blue
Ribbon Cockerel. $1.25 a setting of
15 eggs, postpaid. Mrs. Albert
Hatch, Woodruff. Mchl-6tpd
FOR SALE White Leghorn hatching
eggs. McFarlane strain, heavy layers.
$3.00 & $5.00 a setting of 15 eggs.
Sent postpaid. GLEIM POULTRY
RANCH, Phoenix, Arizona, Route 3.
FOR RENT Five room modern house
furnished or unfurnished. Phone 85
FOR SALE One Ideal Standard Well
Rig used 60 days.
One Portable California Well Rie-.
84 foot Derrick.
35 H. P. Boiler, locomotive type.
500 feet 13 inch D. B. Casinir.
42 pounds to foot, in the welL
10004 feet 11 5-8 inch D. O. Casing.'
31 pounds to foot, in the well.
2002 feet 9 5-8 inch Casinir. 30
pounds to foot, new on surface,
Temper screw and elevators, new.
Two small frame buildings & mis-.
ccllaneous tools, casing etc.
For. price and further particulars
inquire at the News office.
HEMSTITCHING And piloting at
tachment, works on all sewing ma
chines. Price $2.00. Personal checks
lCc extra. Light's Mail Order House,
Box .'-127, Birmingham, Ala.
WANTED To exchange Imperial
Valley irrigated farm in alfalfa
and barley for sheep with or with
out range and. equipment.
43 E. T. Wells, Brawley. Calif.
Lloyd C. Henning
Holbrook, Arizona
Local Representative for
Complete Line of Caskets on hand
Notary Public
Holbrook, Arizona
Office North Holbrook Hoto!
Honra 9-12 1-5
Holbrook, Arizona
Attorney at Law
Practicing in all the Courts
Holbrook, Arizona
Tailoring Cleaning Pressing
Opposite Hotel Holbrook
Yon cannot get new
Eyes but jou can
gret new Glasses.
Santa Fe Hospital, Winslow, Arltoem
HOLBROOK. nruzcrifi


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