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Official Paper of Navajo County and the Holbrook Oil Field
VOL. 12. NO. 49.
Livestock Prices Higher
Receipts Fairly Liberal
Moderate receipts today overcome
come of the adverse conditions in
the market and prices ruled higher,
under a fairly active demand. Be
cause of the probable strike among
packing house employees, , expected
by the middle of tne next week, there
was some hesitancy among buyers
early but as trade advanced demand
assumed fairly large proportions.
Cattle were quoted strong to 25
cents hegher, hogs up to 40 and 70
cents, and lambs 25 higher.
Receipts today were 500 cattle,
5000 hogs, and 8500 sheep, compared
with the 14,000 cattle, 15,500 hogs,
and 12,000 sheep a week ago, and
13,900 cattle, 21,500 hogs and 3,450
sheep a year ago.
Beef Cattle
The bulk of the fat cattle here
were medium to good grades that
sold at $8.75 to $9.50. Nothing was
offered in choice or prime and the
latter class would, have brought $10
or better: Plain steers were quoted
at $8.00 to $8.50 and prices for prac
tically all the fat cattle were 15 to
25 cents higher. Cows were mostly
15 cents higher and heifers mostly
25 cents up. Veal calves were very
steady. If st riming does not mater
ialize the market will rule sharply
higher late in the week as commis
sion men at all markets have advjsed
against shipping fat cattle that will
arrive later than Wednesday.
Stockers and Feeders
Demand for sockers and feeders
was active at strong prices. Labor
conditions will have no effect in
this division of the market as the
country outlet is large. Good graz
ing steers are in active demand, and
a good many flesh feeders are mov
ing into feed lots.
Hog prices started 25 higher and
closed 75 cents higher with the top
S10.50 and bulk of sales $9.75 to
$10.35. Compared with a week ago,
prices are 40 to 50 cents net lower.
Shippers were back in the market
andp ackers seemed anxious for sup
pliea. Combined receipts at the five
Western markets were less than 50-,
C00 hogs, or about one-half as many
as a week ago. Pigs were strong,
top $11.60 and the price range $10
to 11.60.
Shop and Lambs
Lamb prices were 25 cents higher,
and sheep were steady. The best
lambe here were 85 pound grades,
wet fleece that brought $9.50 to $9.70.
Choice dry Iambs would have brought
S9.85. Ewes are quoted at $5.25 to
$6.00. Yearlings $7.50 to $8.25, and
wethers $6.00 to $6.50.
' Horses and Mules
Receipts at the horse barns were
450 head. Trade was quiet with
prices quoted about steady.
Market Correspondent.
A girl of fourteen years of age.
was brought before a New York
court as a truant frm school. The
girl proved that she was married
and the court ruled that a house
wi fe is not required to attend any
school regardless of her age.
The President of , the United States
has a special flag used on occasions
when the President appears in his
ex-officion function as commander-in-chief
of the Army and Navy. The
flag consists of the coat of arms
as they appear on the President's
seal, against a blue background and
flanked with four stars.
r- Ik rri- ill Z
flW LIE: 55A
k&U'CHc line SJgjy
Teaching First Aid
fXhy In : í I
Every person mentally and physical
ly abM to do so should take the Ameri
can Red Cross Instruction In First Aid
Treatment. It's a life-saver and a
pain-saver on the farm. In the factory,
on the street, at the office. In the
, home, wherever accidents may occur.
Ilere's a young wife' who Inexpertly
wielded a can-opener and received aa
ugly gash across her wrist from the
Jagsed can lid. Mother was there,
however, with the First Aid kit and
Red Cross Instruction, and probably
prevented a case of blood poison by
giving prompt and proper Ireutmeut
befoie the dot-tor arrived.
Washington, March 24. Early con
sideration is to be given to relations
between the Un:ted States and sov
iet Russia, it was indicated today at
the state department.
Formal announcement of any alter
ation in the relations between the
two countries or in any of the ruling
by the Wilson administration, may
not be made for some time, but it
was made clear that already certain
modifications of these rulings either
ire under consideration or have- been
These decisions were reached - in
dependent of the appeal from the
soviet government to President Har
ding and the Americah government
for a resumption of trade relations
between the United States and Rus
sia. ,That appeal reached the state
department today from the white
Appeal Is Received
The appeal was received at the
white house and sent to the state
department without being called to
the attention of President Hording,
and it was first announced that it
had not been received. A similar
announcement also was made at the
state department, but this subse
quently was corrected.
In the event of an agreement by
the U. S. to treat with the soviets,
it was indicated that no technical
bars would be placed against the
entry into the United States of a
delegation which the Moscow wire
less dispatch to London said the
soviet proposed to send here to ne
gotiat a trade agreement.
It also developed that a slightly
broader view has been taken by the
department regarding the issuance of
passports and vises. While there has
been no indication of any material
relaxation of the regulations it be
came known that in certain except
ional cases vises and passports would
be authorized. The announcement
in press dispatches from Stockholm
that a quantity of Russian gold now
is on its way from that place to
the United States. -. It also devel
oped that the American government
would not raisa the question of the
metal's origin. It was explained
however, that the parties to whom
it was consigned would accep it at
their own risk.
The official view is that its stat
us cannot be properly impugned if
it bears the mint mark of any rec
ognized government such as that of
Sweden, which is reported to have
been placed on the consignment.
If, after it is received and accepted,
a claim as to its origin or owneiship
is made, th2 question would be one
for the curts to decide.
Lenlne Seeks Capital
The attitude adpted toward the
importation of gold, it was explained
is not different from that assumed
in Great Britain.
It was also learned that official
confirmation of Lenine's declaration
of his renunciation of many princi
ples of bolshevism, have been receiv
ed and will be made one of the
bases upon which American officials
will build their study of the Russian
question. It was made clear hweve,r
that Lenine's declarations were not
accepted as definite proof that the
Russian leader, actually was contem
plating and material alteraton of
his methods. The department has no
doubt that he made the statements
credited to him in which he declared
that many of the principles of bol
shevism had proved failures and that
they must look to capitalism for
rehabilitation and stabilization, but
officials are not unmindful of the
statements many times officially
made in Russia that the revolution
ary leaders would not hesitate to
act and speak in any way deemed
expedient to further the general
plan of world wide revolution.
, No cigarette has
the same delicious
flavor as Lucky
Strike. Because '
The following figures are taken
from the government census- bulle
tin just issued for the month of
March. The totals will no doubt be
a little disappointing to all of the
towns of the county, after an un
bridled license for several years, in
making boasting claims as to their
population. The principal objection
to the federal census is its aptitude
to squeeze the water out of the in
flated population claims of over-
enthusiastic communities.
Heber precinct 110
Holbrook precinct, including
Holbrook town , 1,277
Keams Canyon precinct 100
Lakeside precinct 224
Linden precinct 75
Pinedale precinct 293
Pinetop precinct 62
St. Joseph precinct 271
Showlow precinct 258
Shumway precinct 93
Silver Creek precinct 152
Snowflake precinct, including
Snowflake town . 805
Taylor precinct 420
White River precinct 336
Winslow precinct No. 1 com
prising part of Winslow 1,520
Winslow precinct No. 2, com
prising part of Winslow 1,3 6
Winslow precinct No. 3, com
prising part of Wnislow 893
Woddruff precinct 113
Township 21 N, R. 19 E 3
Township 22 N. R. 17 E 6
Township 2 N. R. 19 E 2
Township 23 N. R. 171 E 1
Township 24 N. R. 21 E 4
Fort Apache 1,745
Hopi (Moqui) 4,110
Navajo Ind. Res. 1,832
Washington, Marca 23. Definite
announcement that former Attorney
General Palmer's opinion, permit
ting pesons to prescribe beer for
medical purposes, would stand unless
Secretare Mellon hou.d ask for a
review, was made today by Attor
ney General Daugherty.
The attorney general reiterated
that except on equest for a review
by the head of the department, the
department of justice could not
hand down reviews of its own opin
ions this way.
In "connection with the possible
transfer- of the prohibition enforce
ment bureau from the treasury build
ing to the department of justice, as
a part of a general reorganization
of golernment depatments, the at
torney geneal said he was r.ot seeking
any additional authority but would
accept such responsibilities as con
gress might place upon him.
Creation of a single intelligency
department to do the investigation
work of the government was advo
cated by the attorney general.
More than double the average am
ount spent annually for ten years
in building the Panama Canal, was
spent last year in constructing high
ways by Federal aid within these
United States.
As a result of the record-breaking
cross - continent trip completed by
postal airplanes recently a continu
ous day and night air-mail service
between San Francisco and New
York City will be established May 1.
The Easy Talker is all Warmed Up
and is going So Good that he has for
gotten AH About the Speaker of the
Evening, whom he Is Introducing.
Every town has a Self-Made Orator
who can Go to the Mat with the Dic
tionary on short notice and Comes in
Handy when the Regular Speaker
can't Get There.
Washi ngton, March 22. A formal
call for an extra EOssion of congress,
to meet April 11 and receive legisla
tive recommendations from the new
administration was issusd today by
President Harding. None of the
specific problems were named in the
proclamation, the president merely
declaring an extraordinary occasion
required that' congress convene "to
receive such communication as may
be made by the executive."
Mr. Harding already has indica
ted, however, tlu.t the tariff and
taxation will be the foremost in his
message. He is expected to make a
plea for prompt relief to the nation's
agricultural interests and the list
of recommendations may touch many
other subjects such as the railway
situation, the merchant marine, and
immigration. One recornmendation
relative to construction measures
within the government machine he
is exepcted to sl-ggest is the crea
tion of a gerenal commission to dis
pose of many kinds of property ac
quired by government agencies dur
ing the war. Whether the message
will touch on foreign relations, is a
matter of speculation but of govern
ment and of ir.ductrial rehabilita
tion at home. .
Sunday School on Easter Sunday
will open at 10:15 A. M., instead of
at 10:00 o'clock, the usual hour.
Subject of Lesson: "The Risen Christ.
At 11:00 o'clock instead of the
regular preaching service, the Sun
day School pupils, assisted by the
Church Choir, will present the can
tata: "Mv Jesus. I Love Thee." This
is a beautiful service of choruses,
duets, and solos,' and speaking exer
cises by Xb-f I it. J .-folks. , Th? Pastor
will give a short tidk on the Easter
At 7:30 P. M., instead of the usual
Epworth League meeting there will
be an Easter Evening . Service with
the following special features:
Vocal Solo, "I Know That My Re
deemer Liveth," Miss Isla Gard.
Violin Solo, "Souvenir," Mr. J. F.
Vocal Solo, Mx. H. Perry Carter.
Anthem, by the Choir, "O, Holy
Serman, "What Christ Means to
If we are not disappointed in re
ceiving the slides that are ordered,
our hymns for this service will be
illustrated by a number of beauti
fully colored pictures. Everyone,
present on last Sunday evening were
pleased with the illustrated song
The committe in charge of the
Easter Egg Hunt, are planning a
good time for the children of the
school next Saturday afternoon. Be
at the Court House lawn at 2:30 and
see who finds the largest next.
Easter Service will be held at the
Girls' Friendly Hall at 4:30 Sunday
There win be Communion Service
at the church at Winslow at 7:do,
and at 11:00 A. M., to which we
hope the members may find it con
venient to attend.
. v- r
f-"r 'A
a; t -
r . v .
Americans who contribute to the
for their generosity if they could see what It means to hundreds of thousands
of war weary sufferers in the Balkans. Here is a widowed Roumanian mother
with her five children just after a visit to a Red Cross relief station. All are
barefoot and the boy at the left Is wearing clothes made of scraps from the
battlefields. They have just received winter clothing, food and condensed
milk for the baby. Similar work Is being done for Russian refugees driven
from home.
Phoenix, March 21.. With only two
days of the session remaining, both
houses worked hard and late yes
terday in an attempt to get thru
as much legislation as possible be
fore the sound of the final gavel.
The house spent the entire day in
considering the general appropria
tion bill, while the senate put thru
a number of important maesures.
Legislators are now beginning to see
daylight through the maize of con
gestion with the prospect that their
duties will be pretty well rounded out
tomorrow the closing day.
The civil administration hill cal
ing for a reorganization of state of
ficers and departments was pastee!
by the senate by a strictly party
Senate bill 83 providing a tax levy
for common and high schools suf
ficient to raise $30 for every school
child as shown by daily average at
tendance records was amended by
Senator Woodward to cut the allow
ance to $25 per pupil and send back
to the enrolling and engrossing com
mittee to incorporate the amend
A record for prompt action was
the action taken on a new bill by
Senator Woodward regarding the
banking of state funds. The bill
was introduced in the 'morning and
under suspension of the rules rushed
through to third reading and final
action and was carried by a vote of
17 to 1.
The bill amends the present law
to provide that the state treasurer
shall not deposit with any state de
pository stpu moneys in excess oi -10
per cent of the amount of the com
bined capital and surplus of said
The senate killed two bills one
calling for a government poultry ex
perimental station at Glendale, and
another regulating junk dealers for
the protection of railroads and tele
graph companies.
The co-operative marketing bill
was favorably reported.
Senate bill 30, to provide for the
establishment of a teachers' employ
ment bureau was indefinitely post
poned. Senate bill 187, providing for 8
per cent instead of 5 per cent on
state warrants, was passed without
Substitute house bill 19, providing
for the certification of doctors and
surgeons and osteopaths under reci
procity, was passed without division,
as was hous bill 14, creating a board
of chiropractic examiners and per
mitting the practice of chiropracty.
A lively tilt between the advocates
of county seat removal followed the
reading of senate bill 141. As read
this bill provides for the removal of
a county seat to any incorporated
or unincorporated town in the county
upon a majority vote in an election
which may be called by the filing of
a petition containing the names of
5 per cent of the qualified electors,
provided, however, that the new co
unty seat shall be 15 miles distant
from the old.
Claypool of Gila, objected to the
15-mie clause. "If this legislature
is going to be a joke all the way
through I suppose it is alright to
let, it go that way. You have brot
nothing but logic legislation in Here
to be voted upon, and there are too
many bills which are designated to
fit some particular county, without
giving residents of other counties
the same privilige."
The bill in question is supposed
to have been drafted to aid in the
removal of the county seat from
Tombstone. Claypool was charged
.n .
j ; T i
Red Cross would feel amply repaid
London, March 23. Newspaper
reports from Riga state that the
fifteenth and sixteenth soviet armies
stationed in the vicinity of Pskov,
are in open disorder and deserting in
crowds, says an Exchange dispatch
from Copenhagen today.
The soviet government is reported
to have declared martial law in 16
provinces, the report says.
Ardmore, Okla., March 23. Clara
Smith Hamon, acquitted last week
on a charge of murdering Jake L.
Hamon, Republican natinal commit
teeman and reputed millionnaire oil
man, spent today resting from the
eight days iu court, and reading a
hundred letters and telegrams form
sympathizers. She had two confer
ences with attorneys, who later said
nothing had been arived at regard
ing the possibility of a suit against
the Hammon Estaet, while Clara
had before her a number of high
salaried offers, she was not con
sidering their acceptance.
She said herself that she was more
interested in making a new start
in life and establishing herself with
respect to the people of Ardmore,
where she will remain for the pres
ent. In a few days she said she will
probably go to El Taso, Texas, where
her father is very ill, and later go
to Caifonia where a married sister
At the office bf the county at
torney of Carter county late today
it was said there was no intention
to prosecute Clara on the statutory
charge filed against her and Ham
on, with whom she lived for ten
years at the hotel where she shot
It also was said at the county at
torney's office .that information
against Frank Ketch, formerly Ha
mn's business manager, now admin
istrator of his estate, charging him
with-being-, an accessory after" the
fact of Hamon's murder, would prob
ably remain in the pigeon hole,
never to be served. Ketch testified
that he gave Clara Hamon $5000 and
told her to leave Ardmore and re
main away. .
At the county building today the
district clerk was busy paying the
expense of the Hamon trial. He said
that the cost would probably run be
tween thirty- four and thirty- five
thousand dollars.
Jurors who rendered the verdict
for acquittal yesteday reiterated that
only one ballot was taken and that
it was confirmed by a rising vote.
W. A. Jolly of Ardmore, a member
of the jury, said that when the jury
retired he said to those around him
by way of feeling out sentiment,
"Well men, I favor a first degree
murder verdict." "Then," he con
tinued, "one of the others replied:
"I favor letting her go and doing it
quickly," and I added 'so do I.' "
Can you gather together a few
decks of cards that have been cast
aside because the edges are turned
or bent, , or "because they have been
used more than once? Can you get
a half dozen or a dozen decks of
cards from your club, or your
Ex-service men" in the six United
States Public Health Serivce Hospit
als in the Pacific Division of the
American Red Cross( want to play
cards to help . pass the long hours.'
They won't mind if the edges are
torn, turned or ragged, or if the
spots are nealy concealed with some
Will you send all of your discard
ed decks to Miss Hilda Steinhart,
Supervisor of Hospital Service, Pa
cific Division Headquarters of the
American Red Cross, San Francisco.
She will forward them to the hos
pital patients. If you have any
games, victrola records or musical
instruments that are not in use,
will you include them also.
with being interested in the remov
al of the county seat from Globe to
"No, I was not interested in Miami
at all," he said: '"but I do not want
to see anything placed in the way
of the town of Claypool becoming
the county seat of Gila county."
It was then moved to amend by
striking out the 15-mile clause.
Eddy voted no, but before the vote
was announced, changed his vote to
aye, with the final vote ten to seven
favoring the . bill.
The bill was sent back to the en
rolling and engrossing committee to
incorporate the cmendment.
Philadelphia, March 23. Univer
sity of Pennsylvania b oys have tak
en the lead in a movement which
economists agree is one of prime
importance' for the financial and
mental welfare of the United States.
They are aiding to educate both for
eign and native born residents . of
Philadelphia in sound principles of
personal finance, thrift and safe and
profitable investment.
These workers have realized that
instruction in these subjects without
effect and many of them are taking
regular canvassing trips throughout
the more densely popuated districts
of the city, inducing the purchase
of Government Savings Securities,' as
Saving Stamps and Savings Certific
ates. Regulart rips are made to en
courage the regular buying, laying
aside of a cetain amount of each
week's pay envelope, and the can
vasser travels from door to door,
overlooking no opportunity.
The results of this work have been
most helpful and satisfactory and
have been reflected strongly in the
attitude of those addressed, both in
the . purchase of securities and ' the
piing up of saving , funds. :
A uniform salary for cowboys will
henceforth be the rule among Ariz
onaona cattle outfits, according to a
decision made by the Arizona Cattle
growers' Association, at its recent
conference in Phoenix.
Instead of wages varying from $-40
a month to as high as $60, there will
henceforth be a uniform rate of $45
a month on all ranches. A similar
agreement to pay $45 a month to
sheep herders was reached by " the
Arizona sheepmen recently.
The new wage scale of $45 a month
was adopted on account of difficul
ties which the cattle growers are
facing at this time. ,
Due to the fact that there . is
practically no market for cattle at
present, the cattle grower finds him
?slf in a poor condition to pay good
This of course, is small consolation
for the cowboy, who finds that in
comparisn with the wages of domes
tic servants in the cities his $45 a
month is a very slender stipend. .
With servants pay in Los Angeles
and other coast cities ranging from
$65 for average help to over $100 a
month for JJapanese help, the Ariz
ona cowboy naturally feels that the
otnance of his calling wil have 'to
le given very high vauation in order
to make up for the uniform wage of
It is reported that an immediate
result of the announcement of the
new wage scale for cowboys has
been a -marked increase in the num
ber of letters received each morning
by Tom Mix from buckaroos aching-
to break into the movie game.
The rainiest spot on earth is the
Waipo Valley in Hawaii. , The pre
cipitation averages one inch a day.
Two thousand five hundred and
three oil wells were completed east
of the Rocky Monutains during Jan
uary. The money that American women
spend on jewelry, feminine foibles,
and beautifiers in general during one
year would pay either half the inter
est on yje national debt of t'-e en
tire appropriation for the Navy, in
cluding new ship construction.
Child Welfare
Boys aDd girls w'o learn early t
take proper care of tbelr teeth,
throats, eyes, ears and stomachs, have
made .a long step toward healthy
manhood and womanhood. Through
Its public health and nurslDg serv
ices, the American Red Cross aims
eventually to reach all school children
with teachings regarding disease pre
ventlon and health promotion. Here's
a school nurse treating a little girl
for sore month, at the same time I im
planting a valuable lesson In teeth
brushing and proper diet.

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