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The Holbrook News, Holbrook, Arizona, April 15, 1921
Connecticut Man Is Chosen Depart
t tnent Adjutant for Period of
Three Years.
Thomas J. Kannigan has received
the unl(iie distinction of being elected
adjutant of the Connecticut department
of the American Legión for a period
of three years. He Is also in charge
kf the service division at department
Mr. Bannigan was born in Ctlca,
rN. Y. He received , his education in
schools of that city and in ieor;e-
fctown Academy. He came to New
Britain, Conn., 25 years ago and in
p.911 moved to Hartford where lie is
engaged in the wholesale and retail
cigar business.
During the war Mr. Bannigun served
as a captain.. Returning to Hartford
at the end of the war, he gave his ef
Pates for race meetings at
various tracks were approved at
a recent meet in-; of the steward
of the Jockey dull as follows:
Jamaica, Jl-iy U to -i; Oct.
I to l."i.
Jtclniont park. May 27 to June
1(5; Sept. -J to 10.
Aqueduct, June 17. to July 4;
Sept. 17 to ?,.
Kmpire City, July 1) to 30;
Oct. 17 to 211.
Saratoga, Aug. 1 to 31.
! -. i
N . V ' I
Diamond Yarns
iforts to revitalizing his business. In
February, 1919, when the city of Hart
Iford needed a capable man- to direct
jits Soldiers, Sailors and Marines' club,
Air. Hannigan "was asked to take the
job. Despite the call of his business,
(ne abandoned it again, through pa
triotic motives, to supervise the club,
A record-maker in the formation
and organization of Rau-Locke post
No. S, Mr. Bannigan soon became one
of the most prominent Legionnaires
lu the state and was elected as the
lirst state adjutant. Department head
quarters had been without a perma
,nent location, using a room in the
Service club as quarters. Br. Ban
nigan prerailed upon the city author
ities to turn the building over to the
Mr. Bannigan is also a member of
the national committee on war risk
iuauLutv jiiju coiiipeijnniioji nuu is
.chairman of the . Hartford Elks' na
itioaal soldiers' fund committee.
:Texas Department of American Legion
to Relinquish Control of Kerr,
ville Institution.
The Texas department of the Ameri
can Legion is completing arrangements
'te turn the Legion Memorial hospital
at Kerrville over to the state, in order
that the provisions Í the biH appro
priating $1,500,000 to expand the in
stitution to a capacity of C00 tubercu
lar patients, passed by the state legis
lature, may be carried out.
The Legion will maintain its hospital
organization, which will co-operate
with the state health officer, the super
intendent of the state tuberculosis san
itarium and the chairman of the state
i board of control, the officers designat
ed to supervise the expenditure of the
' Charles W. Scruggs, state adjutant
of the Legion, has expressed the ap
preciation of the ex-service men as fol
lows: .
j "The governor of the great State of
Texas has met our expectations and I
am firmly convinced has ouly consum
mated the sentiment of the people of
i Texas by signing the Legion Memorial
.hospital bill. The Legion is proud to
; share with the governor and with the
-'legislature pur inordinate pride in the
.consummation of this splendid en
: dea vor and fulfillment of our f unda
' mental duty to Texas' disabled ex
service men."
Kansas Passes Laws for Legion.
That the voice of the ex-service men
of Kansas, as represented by the Am
erican Legion, has 'been' heard is
manifested by the generous enactment
cf legislation beneficial to veterans of
the World war. The legislature of that
state has passed the following bills
atfecting ex-service men: An adjusted
compensation bill, in khe form ef an
enabling act ; an act granting to all
ex-service men of the TVerld war the
same rights, privileges and immuni
ties granted to veterans ef other wars;
an appropriation of $1,000 a year for
general expenses of state headquarters
of the legion ; an act protecting the
Legion and Auxiliáry emblems from
unauthorized use; exemption fram
taxation of all property held im the
name of the Legion ; n act placing
under the care ef Legion posts erring
young boys paroled from industrial
sehAols; and a boxing bill.
Eight Bars en Victory Medal.
eerge Leander, a member of Ar
goaae Test ef the Anerieas Legion
at Des Moiaes, la., has eight bars on
his Tictecy medal.
Anything Is Possible.
While ene man says of a thing: "It
1s impossible !" and contents himself
with saying so. another one passes hire
and does it. This has been the history
f the world's progress ever since
tiwe began. We cannot say of any
thing that it Is Impossible in this mar
velous world of invention and endeav
or. We can only say: "It lias never
yet been Jone."
Some baseball squads went South to
train; then sioud around and watched
it rain.
The player limit rule prevents the
St. Louis management from stacking
the Cards.
Frank Talcott, star pitcher of the
Yale nine lu 1918, has signed with the
Boston Red Sox.
After short lunching on a circuit
jaunt a ball player is always glad to
see the home plate.'
Paducah, Ky., has organized its ball
club and named George Block, veteran
catcher, as manager.
The Pittsburgh club has returned
Second Uasennm Danny Clark to the
Wichita Falls club.
The Philadelphia Athletics have
transferred Pitcher William Grevell
to the Chattanooga Club.
The White Sox seem to be getting so
cocky about their prospects that their
roster Is .almost a rooster.
Bloomington has traded Gus Kell
ernian, second baseman, to Cedar Rap
Ids for Pitcher George Clink.
Lee Fold's idea i.-j that a relief
hurler should be that and little else
to be effective in his special role.
The Giants are the most cosmopoli
tan team in the big show. McGraw's
men come from 19 states and Cuba.
By terms .of a bill Introduced In
the Pennsylvania legislature it will
be a felony to bet on a ball game in
that state.
American league pitchers have ap
pealed to the authorities that Babe
Ruth's home-run hold is dangerous and
should be barred.
Art Kores, Infielder, sold by Indian
apolis to Oklahoma City, has notified
the management of the latter club that
he will not report.
Despite other reports, Derrill Pratt,
baseball coach at the University of
Michigan, denies he will play major
league ball this year.
The Charleston Sally league club an
nounces that it has purchased Pitcher
Pete Henning and Infielder Connie
Roche from Kansas City.
Catcher Ray Haley, who took a va
cation last year, has decided to line
up with the Wichita club this feasor
and has sent in his contract signed.
Joe Easista of Wheeling, W. Va.,
star fullback of Pittsburgh's Fifth ave
nue High school 1920 football team,
will enter Penn State college next
Chief Bender of New Haven and
Pep Young of the Detroit Tigers have
been assisting in coaching the base
ball squad of the University of Penn
; i i $ i
III " , 1
l I
I ' i
U ; g y 'A H ?
: 1 kill, h Í 1
-; i f i i ill I
im I id)
V4u f rU
Farm Wanted- Want to hear
from party havnff farm for
sale. Give price and descfip-.
tion. IS. .13. Howard,, Chám
patftn. IUinoia. "
This evening gewn for the debutants
i? of shell pink faille, trimmed with
EÜver lace. The apron front is wined
but in hoop effect
i '' 1
Black, Navy Blue and All Extremely
Dark Shades Will Attract
Less Attention.
hile the slender women may e
casionally Indulge in bargain corsets,
a purchase of this kind with its hap
hazard tit is to be avoided by the
woman Inclining toward stoutness, for
It is by means of a properly con-
si meted and properly adjusted rorset
that the figure foundation Is made.
The choice of fabrics for gowns is
also very important -when a slender
appearance is desireiL There are cer
tain materials and colors that have a
tendency to magnify the figure, while
others have the opposite effect. Kotigh
surface should be avoided by! large
women1. Brilliant colors can be Used
successfully only in very small touches,
Certain colors are generally known to
apparently diminish size, among: them
being black, navy blue and all the .ex-.
trniely dark shades, while white arid.
;h light colors are apt to be ex
pansive. : . "' '
Stripes cut off the width-and empha
size the length, but a woman' even
verging on stoutness cannot consider a
plaid. Fabrics "woven . or printed in:
larife figures are hot to be thought. of,
although small .figures may be con
sidered.' A one-color scheme of dress
ing i good for the . stout woman. In
diess designs long ones, should be cul
tivated, as they, break up the widtli'
of the figure. Horizontal or cross lines
should be studiously avoided. Tunics
and draperies- are good If tliey- are
long. Tightness is a mistake. A gown
that is tight fitting will attract atten
tion to size:" The'lines should be easy,
no compression in one place to cause
a bulge in another, for flesh must go
somewhere.- Plain girdles and narrow
crushed girdles may be used with one
r two narrow sash ends. .
Soft, indefinite colors suit; an older
woman. She should avoid bright, harsh
shades that . call for a young, fresh
complexion on the one. band, and the
drab tones and dull blacks that; sug
gest the old lady on the other andl
I 'earl, silver, oyster-gray, clematis; ;
wistaria, 'pansy -color and black.; and
white are the best colors for herj For
street suits older women should 'keep
pretty close to very dark blues, blacks
and dark grays. - . !
Conn., dean of Pinehurst golfers, cele
brated his ninety-second birthday at
Picehurst recently by playing the nine
hole putting course In 20 strokes, In
cluding four aces.
A Secret.
"Why, yes," said Miss Pertie Good
win to her intimate trienri. "liarry
Etd I are .going to have a secret wed
dini; Not a soul is go:ng to" knew ol
It ti'l it's over. Haven't you heard?"
Dally Thought.
The Treseat Is t,he living sum wtol
cr the whole Past. arlyle.
Hair TDresser Advises Certain Shades
to Add Colorful Glints te
the Tresses.
A well-known hairdresser advises
the use of hairnets of certain colors
to add colorful glints to the hair.
I the hair is a dulf mouse color
and the eyes are blue, use a gold-yellow
If the eyes are brown, a red net
should be tried.
Of conree, the very best nets must
lie purchased, and not those ef arti
ficial hair, poorly colored.
If gray hair is inclined to be yUow.
a very flue, dark blue hair not. orn
over the coiffure, will take l! tinge
of yellow ut of it.
As blue hairnets cannet be pur
chased, a whit one will have te be
dyed in ene of the bluings prepared.
The net should be ef the best quality
so as te give the right effect.
Patent Leather Hat.
A smart hat worn by a woman who
knows how to dress is made of black
patent leather of a fine, thin quality,
with tiny colered wooden beads, sewed
on at regular intervals all over Its'
Beltiess Jackets.
Jackets are generally beltiess and
iagle buttoned.
In c.v.t-Ty. counts' an itr
pririin.u" younji m;in with bi
cycle to sell .the best .bi
cycle motor, attach'inent: mv
the market. ' This is afi.p.xl
, cellent proposition.; A-ildres-.;
Arizona and .New Mexico j
Sales Co.,
204. Monihon IJldyr-. ;
Phoenix, ' Ariz.
WANTED To : exchange . Imperial
Valley irrigated ' farm in alfalfa
and barley for sheep 'with or iwith
out range and equipment. '!
43 E. T. Wells, Brawley, Calif. :
r :-.):. ,, i ,lf.;..!
'. ; 1 '-.-! ".'""'..y':''.'t'ii
, " .riiitc States Laud; ttuicoi
..... TNi'iiiV Arizonn..
For Rent Furnished bed roora
in one of the beat homes ú
.: Holbrook; aU modem. conVein
ences. Address oostofficé box
14fi. or phona l 85. -' 4-I53t;;
Notice is hereby givén "that in .pur-.
suaiice óf.hn Act of Congress foand
in' Tifie: 32, Page's, oi he"' Revised
Statutes -of "the United States, R.. L,
, Kieth; " whose Post Office ' address is
Vinsiów,' Arizona, has made applica-J
nuil iui-,a patent- lor. 'that ; 'Certain
Oil - Prácer Claim,' ' 'Icnowii'' as, : (Ball
'Hill -Number 2 Placer' Claim)1 íocátéd
oh --thea Southeast" quarter if' Sectióií
Four (4),. town'shtft :Foatteen jW)7
North, Range Twenty (20) East, Gila
and -. Salt?; River v:Baso ( and IMeridlani
the:; same :óntainin::-petroLeum,.;:a
miiiei;at . oiI,:.iilJ situated ;in i the H.oJ
brook rnvning- -distfictj County ;dÍ jjav-.
ajo; Sta:te: pt . Afizona, -rarul heing all
smy?ye4 ..lands. , ,as-: per? ..the roft'iciat
pla.tr .-aod-,-field Lnotes-.-.p;;"ftle.n;lié f
Ofl.ice.ef ,tjie. .United; states rS.ijiryejpf'
iots. . See. C-
-Two 'houses' ; and one
FOR: SALE six vacant
II. Jordan. . ;. . :.u
FOR RENT Five jooiá modernjhouse
furnished or unfurnished'. Phpiie 5
of Aiizonam and for the Coimtw rihij
therein filed "with the Clerk of . tfa
said Cou.rtit.Iqlbrook, in saidj Qounj
ty, witHniweátíy-Vlays after thk lei-v-
aceupon-ou-.of.-4;his--Suimo'n, if
served in this said County,,., or i 1 all
oíh'iíí 'cases 'Ifiittiv'iiiiilgtyyB tl ieie
after, the times above hie'Atiortec be
ing exclusive jjfítíie5lajl tí seifc-ice.
Oíijadgnient by defaalt;
Action Brought in the Superior Ceurt
of. the State of Arizona, in and fer
plaint Filed in Said County ef Nav-
j f i tic uiuic ui tur- v in 1
l'.jr&S&, Superior Court.
In the Superior Court of the State of
against you. . i -. ; v.m mw
: .Gjyen,wvte.ns hand., and . the iSeat
wilibt tiaJLJ'l.X&ZIZ-3-0 County.
Arizona, j'n ..and.-for jtbc jCoupt
Navajo, this 22nd day of March,. í21.
C'oli; !U.-?iKi!f:'sai.V -Su-pejiiofcCbui-t.
,rOeputy Cierk.
. ..4 . , r
Acfjen rult;, thiSupfeior; q
State of Arizona. Ex Rel to the Re!a-'
j ofjhjSAatei.of.iWna.in ;artr-for
rr.the County :Navak.-and he Com-
piaint, Filed litt.fiaidt County f xlf-S
ajo, . inn. the.. Office of ,the ,
Said., uperjor Xjotfíi. I r" j'" .A
IMiili i- MiJiii.it f
. . , '.' . Ti' ' f . I The State of Arizonai&idllM tat t.
Intelligent Apes.
At the foot of Mount Kowang, In
North Manchuria, there live strange
Diilnmls cnlled "fíini-nanban-kan."
rtiey are larger limn ordinary apes and
!c 'nicioüs cyveri.s in the rocky
1es f Hie hills. During the spring
-r.d si iüMcr tl-.ey store up sufficient
ir-rj tr.r Ihi- winter.
bred White Leghorn " mated t( J31ue
Ribbon CockeréL $1.25 á setting of
15 egg's, postpaid.- Mrs. Albert
Hatch, Woodruff. ' 1 ' Mchl-6tpd
FOR S'ALE-i-Wh'ite Leghorn hatching
gg-s. McFarlane strain, he'avy layers.
33.CO "&" 55.ÓO "a setting of lá eggs.'
Sehtr-postpid. GLEIM POULTRY
RANCH, Piioeriix, : Arizona, xRouté 3.
..-.if ; ív: -. iCHASi r:E.: MARSffAiiii
Register, . TJ. -S, . Land. Office,-; íhberiíxr
Too ,,Vüi i.nf . Á nC':í ' -i c ' 1 eo't 1 hr:"i!
i0'Rehti.ohj a.nd tíi4Kejsgjof ,ÍT. M.
o?..fsonilTiaauieT- anyljgx-Onicio
mfssmnvi. ti .0 : mj
In the na.rfte;0fit!exSiafeéJéf; rfzonaV
Government and State Land
Seekers For $2 íiO yvé will
furnish any Township ! Piát
sho win g o p e n srovemment
;land. rWrite; for information
on Application for Mining Pat
ents, Homestead Entries,: Resr.
ervóir Sites, ? Rights Of Vay.
etc: ; Liet us take care of I your
pu bl i c. I an d work ; . reasonable
fees. - Arizona Statej Land fri-i
formation Bureau, .321 "Piérn-
insr Buildrag, P-hoenix,'..Ar4z.-:"
Action 'Brought in !'tjié Superior Coúr'tr.
""'bf ífietáté of Arizona,-' ;in apl'for
- the County' of Naváj and the! hi
plaint Filed itt Sáíá County of Na'vi
ajó, 'in the1 Office' of .the' Clerk t of.
:-f Said SÜpior C6Úr'':'';?"::V' ' :l:o.i
i.-riií 3-í;T ': ' r.ir.-VJ-. t-j
íñíTie" Superior ' Court. f rthé Siiate of!
--Arizoná in artd'fór' Navajo" Cjcxuiityr
Thg Statfr'of -rATÍzob'a,'E! Kéf andirtO
'"the dse-of J'.'W., Éfcharc'fe,s Tesy
tLicr ana uincio lax. isOUCp$or
llfÁffiíÍítJ4daietorÍ Nav
ajo County, Arizona, Plaintií', y..
Freser and E. H. Iea-er.
In thejtf nw of the State of Afizona,
to EÍáíi4p3ífíÍi Freaser, (fpr De
linquent Taxes), Defendants, jGreet
ing: J
-..Y01. ?,rf,h?r;PJr,suínnj0ied and re-
4JÜ1 ftrSféftppeatihi faj aJtron brought
against you by the above nan j plain-t.yirthfSv.perior.(-t)f
h State
q Arizona, Tn and for the Coiity of
Navajo, and' answer CneK'rnplaint
f thii
iiwiginfiled. iwüV-thpeíir
WHeflAinift al
Gieeting: , . , . H
aff rioTf vOJ i .'.':j' .1:1
-r t i . . . . i :
quirod -fto appeaivitt, SM,m:t'n. hrcíueht
aa4is;you. btJiqjbtrve najeti:dlaiti-.
tjfff jaApje Superjor- Court pf. the Etate
of '.Arizona, inland, for he.Coupiy of
1 NaVaíórdáriswébH'-thfe' -ConiiUOat
AliMaltél tiíe serv-
j Summons, if
boíinty, r n a'I
oler -ías.jA-iÜthjLry days there-aMn-'ikTieVaSove"
mentioned be-
$1ÍfcMAllñ;$í&My of serrice.
or juBwejih efaultjwni be taVea
against you.
rt-garteriw CoiJA AtMAate of
fApWSNjn taivd,fei. tbetCounty jt
atfiiáiHráarohirarch. 1921.
(Sfal) , T mmc, HENXJNG.
&.2LitiHit:Za. -''Witt.-Si-'UiV ' ii.J-.P',.rVUur8cltwl,. iiad otten to call
WSS-'A C,,:,,leS l,8"Vl" (the 01051 f,"nOU
$i$S&ZKtf9'&$ W.d5oun" naitiirWIW SfVie.iiiHMeenth century)
"wMitrVweiity fayá'f'fer:íh serv
seri-fed Mn'h'is3 s'áiá' Cüiitv'í ''ór ! in all
Afíer-efe'és'fwMthMyi'kiays thenen
áftó'the'JtimSS1 abové ieíiti6hed be-
inekclusíve'f Viffeidiy óf -etxvke.
oí .j.utigirietiuiuyJíieia.utiiMiil. 4 JO .laKen
"Plaintiff; H.K.'; Anderson,-? Dei-
In the" name óf the. State óf ArizQhak against iretL di'ru Un o.t t.'- 'í I
H. :KJ Anderson, Defendant,' GreetT Í-. rt:j.'? j .. .
..: ?-"-. r' : " ' ' " ' -Given -ondeé' ftiy-aTid'and' the Seal
'''""V' . ' " .' ' ' "' ' -'. Off orthe:;Süeífíbji.Coüiitóf.-the State of
líElISTITCHING-r-And .. .piloting; rat!-
tachment, works on. all sewing ma
chines. . Price $2.00. .Fersopal checks
lCc extra. .. Light's; Mai 1 Order House-,
Box -127. --Birmingham, Ala,-; . j.:
!Eath:.irt West Africa::-:
The Baatu ! of West' Africa; htalte
ejabornte. preparations fof a -real 3óaU
oy .u:gging. n: hole ,4a. .the ground, j In
which he puts.' seven .hcrls, a uuai-tity
of peppei, Cjiirdathorar "ieds mid bushes,
theii he pours in 'n lot' of boiling. Jiot
water. After he géts: in"ú light' frame'
coveretl with clay -is put over the hole
to keep In the steam. .After hours-of
x-jning'- the bather-" -enie'ives and is
washed oft-, w&h clean water, ! thfeO;
kneaded l)y.a professional for one
hour, wlien.he. dons his scanty clótUjng
nd goes his way "shi ver iüg. with cleaa
ness. . - ' "- j
V"-r"" ty Temperature.
"IV est' l-1'ü-s widnw ays. the rea-Hf--l
H'-r Hhxt iigi'gflinen"t
le-!!!-"er :fi.-'ií-e..v.DK n ""-doctor
,vi'd t" !:( n Hieruioineter 'in
:erviuii!li while he held her hand.
"lallit-: Nt-vs. á
: A
Good Now!
Takes Worry Out of Life
if you die a natural death
if you die by accident
$100-00 A MONTH
for life to you, yourstdf, if who'ly er
permanently disabled, or
$100.00 A MONTH
to you if incapacitated torover three
montos Dy sicmness or accident
and in addition the
face of policy ($10.000) at death, or
if death results from accident
This policy of insurance protects
you whether vou live, or die, or
have an accident, or fail ill, or are
disabled. The best investment . in
the world today.
Limited to Class A risks only
Issued by The
in amounts up td $25,000 ($50,000)
Telephone, call or write
Special Agent
Phone No. 6 Holbrook, Ariz.
- You are hereby summoned and. re
quired tb- appear in ah. action biroug-ht
against you hy'the above; "named :plaia-J
tiff ;m' the Superior Court' o.f the State
bf Arizona !in; apd" for ;the"Coynty;.;p. '
Navajo',-" and answer 'the' ' 'Complaint
tnerem,, .tiled wrtn the Clerk .of , this
said Court, it Hblbroót, in said jQoun-
1 tyj 'within '-twenty "days' after.' the .erv-r
ice 1 n'"nnñ';V-nil"" 'ñf tVlfíí fínrhmrtTia if
seryea -m tnis saia county, or jin .eili
wwiw wiuiui üi i .y ,tiy$ i i p cr-.
áftef,; -thé'Jtí'm'es"' above ' méntiboéd be-
m- cAtiuMvc- ui. Liic ujaj-. uj. .-service,
or judgmehjf'by dVfáiiit'.-vv'ni bé itakeri
agaiinst $6x1. . t :'JíuI íJV'J ''"'. 't i
Giveñ1 tói'dér :niy há'h'd .'and' the 'Seal'
ot' the -Sup'fei io'í : Coúrt; of the Stkfé of
Navajp' this. 17t day 'of tyarqbj I92ÍC-'
iVpC?-tplci1 IJENNING,
. " ' Cleric of 6aid! Superior; Cour
J Vf-fJ
1 ri
-- Slítiíw ttivz? rir .Minor arvi-' i- tr : r. . w-1 i
t W . Y U111A UMrVlk ) f W A. t W w A. .W'XAA.y , r ' X X M
'.'H : fííoti ,e."í..':!.'!:-o o?.!.".
h JIl 3íÜ í.ó tatv$Ü ifti-:hnii - TU4 TATír .1 íl f-r t i .
.íf'i$ti-rHí.s-i n-úbijl ( -
"Táké aiPéep Thes'e-Pwes: - 1
-gn'bliuu v.'&ii axii'í! tt g 'fT í lyjiAiiT j
í.íiíi t.iw 7.1 1 .
Action Broughtin the Superior Court
of the. State of -Arizona, in and for
the'County of jt&Jik and the CónV-'
. .. jilaint Filed in Sait ;CduBty oflKav
"aio. in the Óffictí .oP the CIerk; W
' ..Si:.-iinariA-f?nlirt. 1 -"i I id f
.Ti.íT. .-";-:" t.M w7 - V:-.-:-. - r ;
In- .the .Supeiaor: Court -of ,:the , State
Arizona, in andriorj-Navajo Countyv
The;State:pf Aiizpvbt: Ex .Eel and,t;
the use of J. M- Pátterson, Trija,-;
. fiireR, and; EQfficio" ;.Tajt; C(llect,
Navajo County, Arhibna, Plajritiif,"
vs. Flora E. Ward, TL üWardL De
fendants. 1 V.fi
In the name of the State of Arizona,
to Flora E. Ward and D. M. Ward, De
fendants, Greeting:
You are' hereby summoned and re
quired to appear in an action brought
against you by the above named plain-
ArisdjnaVirlh ahí! fair the3 Éoitrityéoí;
Ñfeajytthis 22d'.idaií ,tf Maa-ch,1 1921.
TSearJ! '' -í( -LLOYD1 "O.HEM NÍING,
:íí; r itfétWot- gakl-Sype-iibV Court.,1
, Clerjc ol said SuperiorjCourt.
t í r. r.. By.Q-Q CLARK t,
" ':.I í cia-:-:.;A Deputylaerk.
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of 56
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moK Traders
The Store that Sares You Pennte
11 . ' " ! 1 1
1 i
GREAT INDUSTRIES NEED YOU! If you are still waiting
vour turn for advancement for real future still in the dis
tanceconsider how a mastery of Bookkeeping, Short
hand and Typewriting will lead to promotion of executive res
ponsibility. The man wanted is the man who knows well the subjects we
teach. You can be that man if you will train in your spare time.
We offer you thorough instruction , in Bookkeeping, Shorthand
and Typewriting, and Allied Subjects, and a few months study,
of these subjects, as we teach them,' will be a wonderful invest
ment pf time and money for you indeed, the very best invest
ment you can possibly make. , 1 ' ,v
For further information, call or, write.
Holbrook Business Institute
Holbrook, Arizona

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:V.7tH í. hierre.
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