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implement & Machinery Sale
Closing: out surplus stock at 30
less than wholesale while they last,
for cash or notes approved by your
local banker; Tractors. Motor Culti
vators, Trucks, Grain Thrashers,
Kean Thrashers. Fanning- Mills, Gas
Engines. Cream Separators. Binders,
Mowers, Rakes, Harrows, Plows,
Drills, Bean Harvesters, Ford Lug:
eraioe Carrier-". Grain and Bean Test
ing: Scales, Etc
Write for Prices asid Partir nisi rs.
The Western Faro Machinery Company
1817 15th St, Dranr.
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cent am for fail goads when yo r Dot familiar
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Hi C. 1323 91 SL. r. t. (n 1442. Dmmc
Write L tor Complete Information.
TOIIIC OPTICAI, CO.. 1515 Stoat St.
IsKrtT A HOSKOHU, DiMtrtblltor
See our exhibit Auto Show, April
4 to 9. 1921
H-rte-r Tlv "letter Service
House Paint, tallón. S2.90; Black Hoof Paint, gal
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Arrow filitt 4 Wall Piper C.. ink 4 Calif.. Daneer
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Mail Orders Giren Prompt Attention. 10 East Calfax.
BALDHEAUS Prof. Charles will fit you
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Hair & Beauty Shop. 410 16th St..Denver
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Park Floral Co.. 1643 Broadway.
BEAUTY PAHI.OHS. Hair Goods by
mail. Millicent Hart Co., 721 15th St.
monds, watches, silverware. Out town
orders careful attention Est. 1873.
AUTO TOPS. Side and back curtains.
Mail orders. C. P. Bliss. 1361 Court PI.
- Paris. Doctors examining the -new
conscription class ol 1921, Which is to
be called to the colors this month, have
a new question to put to each youth as
he stands before "the 'examiners clad in
his "alltogether."
It is: -"Are jou amedioligne or bre
viligne?" Constripts who thought the doctors
were calling them names -were gently
told that the terms are the result of a
new discovery -by Dr. 'Thoris that by
examining the bones of a man by
x-rays it is possible to tell With prac
tical certainty whether 'he Is capable of
-sustaining long marches and hard la
bor, or Whether 'he Is 'better at brain
work and ought to 'be -put in the cav
alry or the QHC.
Incidentally, it -was 'discovered Apol
lo wasn't by any means an ideal phy
sical type. .Be would never have got
'by the medical !oard, because he was
too evenly proportioned. The best
male structure, says Thofis, is that of
the medioligne, Who has Short legs but
a long and powerful trunk. As an ex
ample 'he cited Georges Oarpentier.
"Mr. Gotton Wins."
Lexington, Ta. Mr. Gotton of Mem--phis
is bantamweight wrestling cham
ipion of Washington and Lee Univer
sity, but whether his first name is
Henry or Nicholas nobody but the
Memphis twins know. They are
alike as peas and after winning their
way through tryouts to the annual
chompionship fought it cut clad in sim
ple gymnasium suits. Somebody won,
but it looked like' a man wrestling
with himself, and the referee would
not take a chanee on Identification. He
merely announced that the champion
ship , had been "won by Mr. Gotton"
and the audience roared approval.
Bandit Not Posted.
Chicago. A girl novice in the school
of banditry failed In an attempt to put
her lessons in practice on Harry
Baumstein. Accompanied by a man,
he met Baumstein. Tut up your
hands," she said, pointing a small pis
tol at him. Baumstein put them up.
"Now what do I do?" she asked her
companion. Baumstein did it for her.
He ran.
Bomb Suspects Discharged.
New Orleans, La. The five seamen
brought here from Rio de Janeiro re
cently, charged with mutiny on the
6hippiDg board vessel City of Alton,
and suspected of possible connection
with the Wall Street bomb explosion,
were discharged from custody by
United States Commissioner Browne.
The men were examined by Depart
ment of Justice officials, but no evi
dence was found which would warrant
their being held, it was said.
Hard to Float Bonds.
New York. Tightness of the money
market was emphasized when" City
Comptroller Craig on opening bids on
$47,000,000 in corporate stock notes
and city revenue bills found that
banks had offered only $26,400,000 of
the' amount. Interest rates demanded
were higher than the city has ever
been forced to pay, .in some cases run
ning over 0 per cent. Before the war
tb city borrowed all the money it
needed at 2 to 2 per cent
Farmers in Western Canada
Jubilant at Prospect.
splendid Winter Weather Has Put the
Naturally Fertile Land in Splen
did Condition, and Bountiful
Yield Are Assured.
"What a delightful winter we have
had," is an expression that could be
heard almost anywhere when the
topic of the weather became the sub
ject of conversation. Not only In the
Middle West and "down east" could
it be heard, but also in the Far West,
up in the Canadian West. There
the same remarkable features that
brought forth a wonderful winter ex
isted. Reports from all parts of the
country, from famed Medicine Hat In
Alberta to Winnipeg in Manitoba. In-'
dicate that all through the winter
season very little cold weather was
experienced. In December, we read
that golf playing had put into the dis
card all ice sports, that farmers were
caught "red-handed" plowing tbeir
fields. In January, the Alberta yeo
mnn got out his tractor aud in his
shirt sleeves was seen preparing
ground for the 3921 crop. During
February, in Saskatchewan, one
farmer harrowed fifty acres and
planted the ,seed. "Why, yes, tf
course, m March," said an Iowa
farmer, who liad jnst heard from his
son, who was looking after the 'Vest
em Canadian farm, "my boy writes
me they had some snow, and a few
cold dips, Dnt what did that matter?
The cattle and the horses came
through fne winter in better condition
than they looked three or four months
ago. Grass was plentiful on the prai
ries, the stubble was rich and valu
able as food, and the straw stacks
and groves proved ample for shelter."
Spring is now fully upon the West
ern Canada farmer, his machinery is
all in shape for a spring's work, and
he Is looking forward to an excellent
crop year. Last fall there was a
splendid lot of moisture that perme
ated the ground sufficiently to leave
a perfect seed bed. Indications are
now that the crop will go in in the
condition required for successful ger
mination. Then, with the lengthened
days of May and June, the many
hours of sunshine that they bring, ac
companied by showers of rain, and
with ft soil of which there Is none
richer nor more generous, there will
be seen preparing for a ripening har
vest the hundreds of thousands of
acres of wheat, oats, barley, rye, al
falfa and corn that will make the
hearts of the Western Canada farmers
swell with pride as they reasonably
look forward to an abundant harvest.
There is a great deal that can be
said In favor of the climate of West
ern Canada. The most important is
that those who live there, and have
lived in other countries, prefer It to
any they have experienced elsewhere.
It Is true the winters as a rule are
colder than are those In countries
lying much farther south, but it Is
also true that they are tempered by
a dryness of the atmosphere that
makes a lower temperature preferable
to that several degrees higher where
greater humidity prevails. Enerva
tion and Hstlessness are unknown;
the air is bracing, but the cold is not
penetrating. Then the summers and
the autumns they could not 'be more
enjoyable. Advertisement.
.A Sharp Speaker. -
Mrs. Sheridan, the beautiful young
Anglo-American sculptor who recently
went to Russia and made busts of
Lenin, Trotzky and the other Bolshe
vik leaders, succeeded particularly
well with her bust of Trotzky.
Mrs. -Sheridan, who was Miss More-
ton-Fréwen before her marriage, said
at a dinner party:
Trotzky, you know, is famous for
his sharp speeches. When I exhibited
his bust ;ln Petrograd, a lady said to
" 'What a likeness ! You can see the
quiver on his lips.
"'Yes; said Lenin, 'and the arrows
coming 'Out of it.' "
Dorrt Forget Cuticura Talcum
When adding to your toilet requisites.
An exquisitely -scented face, skin, baby
and dusting powder and perfume, ren
dering other perfuies superfluous.
You may rely on it because one of the'
Cuticura Trio (Soap, Ointment and
Talcum). 25c each everywhere. Adv.
His Theory.
Wilbur, age seven, rushed Into his
home after school and his first re
quest was for bread and jam. His
grandmother, after complying with
the request, jokingly told the boy
that he would "never grow up" if he
continued to eat so much bread and
jam, whereupon Wilbur answered:
"Grandma, I believe that's why
you're so old. You don't eat any
bread and jam."
Catarrh Can Be Cured
Catarrh is a local disease greatly influ
enced by constitutional conditions. It
therefore requires constitutional treat
Is taken Internally and acts through
the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of
the System. HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINE destroys the foundation of
the disease, gives the patient strength by
improving the general health and assists
nature In doing Its work.
All Druggists. Circulars free.
E J. Cheney Ic. Co., Toledo, Ohio.
Married Life.
"I gave my husband no cause for
fault finding."
"That's a mistake. A little fault
finding keeps 'em occupied." Louis
ville Courler-JournaL
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle ot
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
tor infants and children, and see that it
In Use for Over SO Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castora
Population of Tarsus 8,000.
The population of Tarsus, celebrated
as the birthplace of SL Paul, has
dropped within the last five years
from 20,000 to 8,000.
Habits of Our Feathered Friends
Discovered -by American
Banding Society.
Incredible Wing Mileage Is Revealed
in Some f the Reports New Facts
About Domestic Relations of
Jenny Wren and Husband.
New York. The habits of birds, the
ige they attain, the dispersal or dis
tribution of their young, their mating
customs, the strength of the homing
Instinct, the consistency with which
migrant birds return to given areas
in their winter range, routes followed
by individual birds, aud even polygamy
these and countless other problems
the American Bird Banding associa
tion seeks to solve by methods that
leave no oppotunity for questioning the
accuracy of the date.
The several hundred members of the
Association have for 12 years been
conducting their research on a large
scale in the western hemisphere, and
European societies whose aims are
identical with those of the American
workers have been operating since
1898. These bodies of investigators
pursue their experiments by the use
of rings, bands of tags, each bearing
an inscription or ' return address and
a serial number. The bunds are usu
ally made of aluminum and are man
ufactured In about a dozen different
izes to fit the legs of all birds, from
the smallest warbler to the clumsy
pelican and the mighty eagle.
Fifty-eight thousand of these bands
have, so far been made for the Amer
ican Bird Banding association, and
approximately 20,000 have been placed
by members on the legs of native wild
birds. Each ring is stamped with the
words, "Notify Am. Museum, N. Y"
and following this, or on reverse side
of the band, is serial number. At
the time the band is placed on the
bird the bander records on a stan
dard file card all information relating
to'the operation. These data Include
the number of the band, the name of
the bird. Its age (whether nestling,
fledgling or adult). locality, date, name
of bander and remarks. The bird,
having been thoroughly "catalogued,"
Is sent on its way.
Long Migrations Recorded.
Workers for the association have
carried bands Into the remotest re
gions. As members of scientific and
exploring parties they have placed the
tags on birds In Aláska, Greenland,
Labrador, and even in the antarctic a
thousand miles from Cape Horn. A
.young robin, banded In its nest on the
lonely shores of Great Slave lake, in
the Northwest territory of Canada,
has been reported from Louisiana,
more than 2,000 miles away; a Mas
sachusetts tarn, r sea swallow, has
been recovered a similar distance
from its birthplace, in the waters off
the Venezuelan coast, and a chimney
swift, a 'bird less than six Inches long,
has been recorded at its New Hamp
shire summer home after three sea
sonal journeys to South America, in
volving almost incredible wing mile
age, the minimum distance covered
'having been 18,000 miles.
Aside frem the birds which are sys
tematically trapped, wild birds, either
dead or aDve, fall into human hands
in a variety of ways.
The longest period record thus far
turned in is been produced by a com
mon crow, "which was banded in the
nest at Berwyn, Pa.', May 17. 1914, and
shot while stealing chickens on the
sixth anniversary of the date of band
ing, May 17, 1920, at Phoenixville, Pa.,
only eight miles from the site of its
Actress Collects
Inez "Plummer, New York actress,
stood there collecting old shoes from
Can Be Made From Corncobs and
Straw, but Poor Food, Says
University Expert.
Lafayette,. Ind. Making sugar from
corncobs, straw, sawdust and other
materials which have been suggested
by chemists at various times recently
Is nnite Dossible. but there is a ques
tion as to whether such sugar has any
real food value, according to Presi
dent W. E. Stone of Purdue university.
?V 2
I ' ft I Vthm!:t-i
Pyl!ft" ni mi" ' ""' s
irds by
birth. The Inscription on the alumi
num band worn by this bird is as
legible today as it was when received
from the maker, notwithstanding the
six years of rough treatment under
all weather conditions. One of the
most astounding details of bird life
brought out by banding has to do with
the domestic relations of Jenny Wren
and her songful husband.
Wren Is Fickle.
Wrens habitually raise two large
families in rapid sequence each sea
son, and in these circumstances it
would naturally be thought the head
of the establishment would give his
uninterrupted attention to his house
hold. Not so, however, with an Ohio
bouse wren, who,' the moment his first
hatch of offspring was on the wing,
ruthlessly abandoned his little brown
wife and, moving off less than a hun
dred yards, reared ih's second family
with a newly found mate. This ahom-1
inable fickleness might never have
been suspected had it not been for
Here's Another Peril
in "Hitting Bottle"
Winchester, Va. The art of
drinking from a bottle: is being
lost in this vicinity. E. Clar
ence Smith of Berkeley county
entertained a party of men
friends -at an old-time "pitch"
party, at which bottled pop was
served. One of Smith's guests
had not gurgled anything for so
many years that when he went
about it In the old-time way the
suction fastened the mouth of
the bottle tightly to his lips and
it could not be removed.
Finally one of the guests pro-i
cured a feather and tickled his
friend under the nose, provok
ing a laugh, which broke the con- .
Insane May Be
Cured by Music
Pianist Boguslawski Evokes First
Response From Many Stu
porous Patients.
After Two Years Research Musician
Claims Remarkable Results From
Music In Arousing Patients .
From Mental Stupor.
Chicago, March 13. The Italian
woman sat huddled in the corner, her
thin shoulders shaking. The color
came to her bleached skin. She worked
her fingers over her face, over the
walls; she tore frantically at her
fingers with her teeth. The intermez
zo of "Cavaileria Rusticana" ended.
The woman kneeling in the corner,
Adeline sagged down. A nurse
leaned over her and remarked:
"She says : 'Oh, my baby ! Baby
needs a mother. When am I going
home? Say, you know, that's the
first time she's spoken ; since they
brought her here. She refused to
nurse her baby."
Moissaye Boguslawski, Russian pian
ist, who Is now living in Chicago,- fin
gered through the "Miserere" from
"11 Trovatore." Shudders crept over
the Italian woman In the corner and
she wept. The tears sped down her
Shoes for Poor
i : - w
placed a barrel outside the theater and
passers - by for the poor of the city.
President Stone before becoming
head of the university was a chemist
and was an authority on sugars.
"I prepared sugar from corncobs,
from straw and from sawdust in 1898,"
said President Stone. "These have an
entirely different constitution and be
havior from the ordinary sugars ot
commerce. These sugars are not sub
ject to fermentation and the substance
from which they are derived, found
in corncobs and straw, did not appear
to be digestible when fed to animals,
as some experiments of mine seem to
the nttniiitrefl rings used uu oil of the
characters involved.
Another house wren with a history
is the "little old woman who lived in
a shoe." She and her husband and
their 13 children (reared in two in
stallments) were all banded. No word
has ever been heard from the children
since they left home, but a year later
a wren was seen at the old "shoe bun
galow" with a bracelet on his leg. but
no mate was near. The observer is
left wondering if perhaps there Is not
a wren Heno somewhere in the South.
Of the total of 20,000 birds banded
approximately 400, or 2 per cent, have
so far been heard from, and additional
recoveries are being received from
time to time.
1 '
In John J. Walking of Dorchester,
Mass., the civil service examiners be
Heve they have found a perfect man,
physically. This former heavyweight
boxing champion of the U. S. S. Mt.
Vernon romped from machine to ma
chine, making a strength test record
of 100 per cent-
Old Almanac.
Burlington, Kan. W. W. Richards
of Lebo believes he is the possessor
of the oldest almanac In Kansas. His
almanac was printed In 1701, thus be
ing 220 years old. It was printed In
Welsh by Thomas Jones..
face. She weaved her heaa from
side to side. -
. "Yes, yes," she moaned, "I have a
heart everybody is happy baby
father oh, don't forget me:" And
she vibrated to the rush of the music,
while her mouth twisted into a gro
tesque smile.
Tries Music as Aid to Insane.
It was at the state hospital for the
Insane in Dunning. Surrounded by
the "stuporous," or depressed types of
insane patients, Mr. Boguslawski sat
at a piano running through the emo
tional gamut of music. A small audi
ence of alienists watched the experi
ment. ...
Can insanity be ; cured through
music? After two years' of research,
Mr. Boguslawski claimed remarkable
results from music on such cases. He
has been performing experiments at
the Dunning institutiorf, It Is said, for
the last month. He . has been hold
ing weekly "musical clinics."
Psychiatrists and health department
officials, as well as Chicago physi
cians, are watching the experiments at
Dunning. At each "music therapeut
ics" test, as Mr. Boguslawski hin
nnmed his psychiatric process. Dr. D.
B. Rotulan of the hospital staff hns
collected data for presentation to the
American medical profession for dis
cussion. "These experiments are the first of
their kind ever conducted in the Uni
ted States." said Dr. Rotman. "They
are highly interesting. There is a
universal potency to music; it ap
peals to the subtler elements of the
mind. Patients long considered dull
are aroused by tills music to the ex
pression of emotional dl;-play. The
effect on that Italian woman, for in
stance, was overwhelming.- Now we
have found a response, she- may be
A Revelation, Says Official.
"This is a revelation to me,'' ex
claimed Dr. E. A. Foley, assis-tant
superintendent of tiie institution,
watching the pianist endeavor to
arouse the patients from th-ñr mental
torpor with many varieties of mel
ody. "I have studied this for two years;
I know it will work," replied Mr.
Boguslawski. "I don't claim to be able
to cure insanity, but I can relieve
much mental distress. Probably n
third of the 100,000 insane in the Cni-
j ted States can be greatly Improved
by music therapeutics.'"
One of the cases studied was Mary
K., an Armenian refugee. She was
made insane by war horrors. She saw
her mother, father and brother slain
before her eyes. The Chopin funeral
march' today brought her to her knees
in mumbled prayer. Tragic memories
apparently were revived. She fell on
the floor, sobbing
"Nostalgia," explained BoguslaWski.
"An intelligent approach. A relief
through the caress of sympathetic
music for pent-up desires, suppres
sions, imagined fears. Music is the
scalpel which help open the wound.
After that it's a case for physicians,
not musicians."
show conclusively. So far as the phys
iological value of these substances, or
the sugars derived from them, Is con
cerned, the results of the research in
dicate that they have little value.
Danish King to Visit Greenland.
Copenhagen, Denmark. The king of
Denmark, who Is also king of Iceland,
will visit Iceland, Greenland and the
Faroe islands In the coming summer
with the queen. This ' will be the
first time any Danish king has visited
ÍI5F- Sí
What to HD for
disordered Stomach
Oh How Glorious to Be Free
From Rheumatism's Tortures !
Just suppose you could be free
from your deepseated, agonizing
rheumatic aches and pains, your
stiff joints and unsightly swellings!
Wouldn't you give anything to get
rid of them?'
You have doubtless
rubbed on outside treat
ments; most rheumatism
sufferers have. Some of
these take the edge off
the terrible pains for a
few hours, but they do
not strike at the cause,
which nearly always lies
VáVrf' '"WÍf'-Vi VJiVB Fooa nara aouar witn tne great ae-
éfrU '! '.'.-. tfJsf i'iÁVK " ' tnand for wheat at hiüh pnce. táay
UhfShWÍÍÚvMS fsrmer in Western Canada have paid for their land
f i'?í2ífe5yT2fó7vi; TOy" from a single crop. The same success may still be
ÍMjrÍt:W" 'Y"" yours, for you can buy on easy terms.
mm- Farm Land at $15 fo $30 an fiera'
'A.íifVW-Z'-r located near thnvinn towns, n-ood markrta. raiiwavm land of m
&V& which stows
vAV' '; 'r-f'vK grazing lands
üv ilhc vou id icau
iaiei itiivi stsssWM
Connecticut Man . Merely Sets Forth
Qualities He Desires in His
A citizen of Bristol, who Is separat
ed from his wife, advertised here as
follows, according to a Winstead
(Conn.)' dispatch to the New York
Herald :
"Wanted, a housekeeper; good home,
small amount of work ; prefer one who
can sew on a button or two once a
month; do not bar politics; she may
be a suffragette, as X bold no political
Job; prefer one who has had not over
eighteen years' experience; she must
have the Tuesday dinner dishes out of
the sink before Thursday; bear In
mind I do not bar any religion, but
do not want one who is too religious;
now, maids, do not apply for this job
unless your age is under 90; decent
wages and congenial surroundings.
Apply at once."
Too Much Intermission.
Bobby, being a great lover of the
movies and especially the slides dur
ing Intermission, always Insists on re
maining for two shows. I had scolded
him, explaining that It took up too
much time. We have our luncheon at
12:30, but Bobby Is called In half an
hour before to' give him time to catch
his breath and freshen up. after his
jplay." He sat In the kitchen watching
me put the finishing touches to the
lunch. He looked disgusted.
. I exclaimed : "Bobby, don't you feel
He replied: , "Oh, yes, but I think
the intermissions are too big in this
house." Chicago Tribune.
In Days of Old.
"Tour majesty has bad a blowout."
"Where Is my tire woman?" de
manded Queen Elizabeth.
Prudes are females who are always
looking for temptations to resist.
Can you do it now? If you cant,
. there's something wrong.
Many find coffee a disturbing
element, so wisely leave it off
and use
"There's a Reason jbrPostum
btade by Postum Cereal Co. Jnc,
Battle Creek jhich .
Take a good dose of Carter's Little Liver
Pills then take 2 or 3 for a few nights after.
You will j-etisli your meals without iear of troub'e to
follow. Millions of all ages take them for BiUeasness.
Dizziness, Sick Headache, Upset Stomach snd lor Sallow.
Pimply, Blotchy Skin. They end (Ac misery CoruKpotto y
Cctuídí bear J SsuH tJt: WD Ds,- Saaaü frit
in the poisoned, impoverished blood.
When this is so, you need an in
ternal remedy, one that will tako
out the impurities that are tortur
ing you, ona like famous S.S.S.,.
which has relieved thousands of
cases of rheumatism all over the
country just this way.
Get S.S.S. from your
druggist today, and after
SI starting with it write us
i I a history of your case,
I addressing- Chief Medical
Advisor, 877 Swift Lab
oratory, Atlanta, . Geor
gia. Think what that mean, to yoa fas
2 Ó to 45 bushels off wNit to tHo scro.
at low prices convenient to your grain farm etv
me uroii im ironi hdgh raiaanK ana est asir w n sr .
2 fiLaSJ&V
Learn the Facts fibsui Western Ccna
How taxation (none on improvements), healthful climate, good
schools, churches, pleasant social relationships, a prosperous and
industrious people.
For illastntsxi .iterator, napa, dttcrfptioa of farro opoortonitS la
Manitoba. Smakatehewao and AiMrtJL radoeed raUroMi raUM, If., anta
tMpaftgwDt of Immistraiioo, Ottawa, Canada, or
W. V. BENNETT, Room 4, Bee Buüding, OMAHA, KEB.
Canadian Government Agent.
Hearers Might Have Found It Hard
to Understand, but Old Friends
Were Satisfied.
Two lieflong residents of an Indiana
city meet dally at the noon hour, one
going to lunch, and the other return
ing to work. Their habits have be
come so regular that they usually meet
ot the same place on consecutive days.
As nelthej hears well. tbeir"r!cf
forms of greeting have become stereo
typed, but the other day som-tlilng
slipped and this is what was ver.-,
heard r
"Mornln. Mr. Jones nice weather
we're having," said the one, oblivious
of the fact that it was pouring rain.
"No, Mrs. Smith ain't doin' so wel
lately. Reckon the weather ain't the
best in the world nowadays." waa the
"Goin to attend the revival nwet
ings this week, Mr. Jones?" said the
"Yes, you come and see us one of
these days," was the parting answer.
Brief Reform.
"What sore of woman is Mrs. Gad
der?" "The usual kind, I believe."
"After the . monthly bills come ln
and she's had a heart-to-heart talk
with Mr. Gadder she practices strict
economy for twenty-four hours."
Birmingham Age-IIernld. '
Watch Your Step. 1
A drunkard of .long standing liny
betu reformed by an operation which
removed a bone that pressed, against '
the brain. The Detroit News also re
ports a number of cures effected by
the removal of a brass rail that
pressing against the foot.. Kansa
City Star. .
Antics of a stubborn automobile ar"
enough to make a horse laugh.
Postum is a pure
cereal drink con
taining nothing that
can possibly disturb
nerves or digestion
has a delightful fla
vor that fully satisfies,

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