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Denver. Grazing applications for
national forest range are below nor
mal for cattle and about average for
Bheep in Colorado and Wyoming this
year, according to "District Forester
Allen S. Peck of the Denver office.
Most of the applications for permits
to graze stock on the forest ranges
have been received by the supervisors
and they indicate that 'the sheep range
will be utilized entirely, but that there
will be some -surplus cattle range.
This condition is the natural result
of the market conditions last fall and
the different positions in which It
placed the -cattle men and sheep own
ers. The market was low on all kinds
and classes of cattle and there was lit
tle preference in selling. Banks were
calling loans and pressing some stock
men. Others had to sell parts of their
herds to buy wlnter feed for the re
The market -on lambs was not high.
but much higher than on old sheep
and the owners could reverse their us
ual plan -of marketing, bold over their
average number and get off with
-smaller loss. They sold ewe lambs and
kept old ewes, which should have gone
to the packer. In this way the num
bers sold were little. If any, above nor
That plan of selling amounts to a
postponement of loss and will be felt
this year. 'The lamb crop is likely to
be smaller this spring and the num
ber of old sheep marketed this fall
will be above normal, for many of the
older broken-mouthed" sheep cannot
be held over , another season.
'Count M in otto Becomes Citizen.
'ChicagoCount Giacome Michaile
.'Minotto, son-in-law of Louis F. Swift,
: multimillionaire packer, who was In
terned as an alien enemy at Fort Ogle
thorpe, Georgia, during the war, has
become an American citizen. He re
nounced allegiance to Victor Emman
uel, king of Italy. Since his release
from Fort 'Oglethorpe, Minnotto, and
his wife, who was Ida May Swift, have
been living quietly at Lake Forest,
Basing its action upon the recent re
duction in steel prices, announced by
the United States Steel Corporation,
the International Harvester Company
has announced a straight 10 pér cent
reduction, effective next year, on pro
ducts in which steel is the principal
raw material. The reduction applies
chiefly to harvesting machines and
covers, grain and rice binders, shock
ers, reapers and push machines, mow
ers, hay rakes, side delivery rakes, ted
ders, combination side rakes and ted
ders, loaders, corn binders and pick
ers, huskers and silo fillers.
1,000-Pound Hog Breaks Record.
Denver. Thé heaviest horr ever sold
In any open market went over the
scales at the Denver stock yards re
cently. The animal weighed 1,000
pounds, against the standard weight of
200 pounds. It was owned by Jake
Thompson of Wray, Colo, and was
purchased by the Keogh-Doyle Meat
-Company at 5 -cents a pound. The size
of the animal makes it impossible to
handle It with packing house machin
ery, and it will be slaughtered fey hand.
The animal is 4 years old.
Long-Distance Flights Planned.
Washington. Long-distance flights
arhich will cover practically every sec
tion of the country are being planned
by the Navy Department with the big
dirigible ZR-2, which is now n earing
completion in England, and which Is
expected to arrive In the United States
early in July. The flights will be large
ly experimental to determine the feas
ibility of the use of rigid airships for
commercial purposes, an announcement
by the department said.
Why One Youth Seeks the Land
of Opportunity.
Beckoning Hands of Independence and
Wealth Stretch Out From Western
Canada to Those Who Have
- Faith and Courage.
Strolling around the exhibit room of
the Canadian government office In St.
Paul, studying the grain, and picking
up an odd piece or two of literature
describing farming and Its results In
Western Canada, a dapper, well-built,
strapping six-footer said to the man
ager, "I've been haying a grand whirl
of living for the past few years. I
used to work on my uncle's farm In
Iowa. I beard of the big fat pay en
velopes that the city chaps were get
ting every week. I went to the city,
and Í began getting then1. Jtoo. I had
all the excite'ment they would bring
theaters, dinners, swell clothes and,
.taxis. I surely saw a lot of that life
that In days gone by I had anxiously
gazed upon and secretly wanted to
"But I'm driven to earth now. I'm
still working, but the pay envelope Is
thinner. Not working steadily, you
know, and I sort of miss those silk
shirt times. I went to Western Can
ada once, and I think I'll make an
other trip.
"I was up there five years ago.
want money, and lots of it; I want
to be my own boss, but I haven't much
coin to start with. I want to get Into
that class that dont have to worry
about a buck or so. I know fellows
out there in Canada who went there,
e few years ago, got a quarter section
some homesteaded and some bought
on easy payments and they are well
I today. A number of the boys from
my own state paid for their lands
from a single crop. I may not be as
successful as they were, but I want
to try."
He wanted to talk, and the manager
was a good listener. He continued
"1 want to "have my own home and
raise my own cattle ; I want hogs and
noultry. and rmlk and. eggs to selL
'Can 1 get a market?"
He was assured that he could, and
that he could get a decent-sized crop
to thrash every fall.
"Ton know," he said, "if the farm
ers on five-hundred-dollar-an-acre land
can make money, my reasoning leads
me to believe that I can grow as many
dollars an acre from that cheaper land
In Western Canada."
This period of semi-unrest Is caus-.
Ing more thinking and planning for
the future than probably at any time
In the past. The desire for personal
and financial independence Is grow
ing. To secure this', the first resfl
source of wealth is the land ttseTf.
That Is the solution. During the -era
of high prices, doubtless there -was
some inflation of land values. 'So the
new man the young man "wishing 'to
make a start on a rami was con
fronted with the problem Of the 'land
he wanted having gone 'beyond his
limited capital. He mast -seek else
where. Two decades -ago,: and less,
good farming land -could 'be bought
In Canada at four dollars an acre, but
as the demand increased and Its pro
ductivity was proven, "prices advanced,
There has been ne Tmflue inflation,
though, and prices today are very rea
sonable. Some day, when the coun
try Is settled, rand will bring a much
higher price In Western Canada. To
day land prices range for unimproved.
$18 to $25 an acre ; improved, at $30
The productive salue is almost be
yond estimate. The reports of those
who have beea farming these lands.
making money and enjoying every
personal freedom, re available and
can be secured on application.
It Is apparent that this last big
available farming area of Western
Canada-will tend, to no small extent,
to dispel some -of the ( unrest that Is
so prevalent rooay among uie young
er men, who have had a taste of bet
ter things and Who intend to have
them In the foturcAdvertisement.
Whoever dees less than his share
makes it necessary for some one to do
more than his.
A Feeling of Security
You naturally feel secure when you
know that the medicine you are about to
take is absolutely, pure and contains no
harmful or habit producing drugs.
Such a medicine is Dr. Kilmer a Swamp-
Root, kidney, liver and bladder remedy.
The same standard1 of purity, strength
ana excellence ts maintained, in every
bottle of Swamp-Boot.
It is scienti&eauy compounded from
vegetable herbs.
It is not a sfritranlftnt and iia taken in
ten. spoonful doses.
It is not recommended for everything.
It is nature's great .helper in relieving
and overcoming kidney, liver and blad
der troubles.
A sworn statement of puritj- is with
every bottle of Dr. Kilmer's iSwamp
Eoot. If you need a medicine, von should
have the best. On sale at all drag stores
in bottles of two sizes, medium and large.
However, if you mm tirat to try this
great preparation send ten .cents feo Dr.
Kilmer A, Co., Binghamtoa, N. Y., ior a
sample bottle. When writing be sure .and
mention this paper. Adv.
The man who starts to ride a hobby
should not forget to equip himself
with an emergency brake.
Catarrh Can Be Cured
Catarrh is a local disease greatly Influ
enced by constitutional conditions. It
therefore requires constitutional treat
taken internally and acts throutrh
the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of
the System. HALL'S CATARRH
MEDICINO destroya the foundation of
tne disease, gives the patient strength by
Improving- the general health and aaslata
nature in doing lie work.
Ail jvrug-glsts. circulars free.
F. 3. Cheney 4 Co., Toledo, Ohio.
From Her Cheap Sweetheart.
Young Woman (holding out hand)
Will you please tell me how to pro
nounce the name of the stone in this
ring? Is it turkoise or turkwoise?
Jeweler after inspecting it) The
correct pronunciation Is "glass." Bos
ton Transcript
British Adopt
French Ruins
London to Restore Verdun, but
Cemeteries Prevent Work on
Outlying Villages.
Manchester Raising $250,000 to Lift
Mezieres Out of Its Heap of Dust
and Ashes Raise Money for
the Rhelms Cathedral.
New York. Despite the burden of
their war debts and the heavy taxes
in the billions of pounds sterling they
poured into iCurope to save civiliza
tióh the people of Great Britain still
are finding means to help the stricken
populace Ir the devastated regions of
Under tne stimulus of a campaign
directed by the central committee of
the British League of Help, they are
donating millions of dollars to repair,
rebuild or restore public utilities,
houses, villages and towns in the war
swept zones of France. . More than 50
ruined towns and' villages have been
adopted by English cities and towns.
Verdun, that became immortal as
one of the bloodiest battlefields of the
entire war, has been adopted by the
city and county of London. So great
was the havoc wrought there by the
enemy guns, so great the loss of life,
and so numerous and thickly popu
lated the cemeteries of the soldier
dead, that many of the outlying vil
lages may never be reclaimed. But
Verdun proper, the city that "They
Shall Not Pass," is to be restored In its
Boroughs Take Individual Action.'
Aside from this several London bor
oughs are taking individual action. Ac
cording to reports received by the for
eign information department of the
Bankers' Trust company, Kensington
has adopted Souches, Wadsworth has
undertaken to look after the needs of
Villers-Ploulch, and other boroughs are
forming committees to raise funds to
take cure of other villages.
Manchester is raising 50,000 to
help to resurrect the dust heap that
once was Mezieres; and of this
amount 11,000 already has been sub
scribed. Newcastle has undertaken to
provide 20,000 for Arras, and has paid '
Its second installment of the gift. On
February 5, when the mayor, of Arras
visited Newcastle a check for 350,000
francs was handed to him.
And Oxford, Sheffield, Exeter, Eves
'ham, Eastbourne, Cirenchester and
Birmingham have given and re giving
to their capacity.
Oxford proposes to restare the wa
ter supply and to rebuild the school
at Fayet. For this object, nearly 700
already has been collected.
Sheffield has adopted three towns
and villages Bapauroe, Puisieux and
Serre, all made famous !n the battle
of-the Somme and In the great 'Ger
man drive in 1918. The fund in Che
hands of the lord mayor of Sheffield
now stands at iEoIOOO. Of this a first
installment f TJO'.OOO francs lias been
sent to Bapatmie toward the establish
ment of a day nursery; and, At the
special retroest of Its mayor, a mo
tor tractor toas been forwarded to
Puislenx. j
Everhm Orders Cider Fruft Trees.'
Exeter Is undertaking to restore the
water nprjfy at Montdidier, -wfrere the
Amerivaii troops first went Into the
battle Tine, and has forwards 2,00
to the Tflojyor of that city. Evesham
ts raising 1,000 for Hehroterne, and
has rdened 300 cider fnstt traces frem
HoTrand. "Eastbourne has sent to Bray-.srrr-Soimne
a gift of 5,000 francs, -ifoe-
ides . -supplying that rnmeC village
wlita -goods and foodstuffs to the value
rat 300. 'Cirencester has auipped:and
is -supporting a food titcheu -for i the
Our New Postmaster on the Job
t TtzTT:.?":" 1 1 ' '' i'"i iii" w "i "") j'jlhiii
Postmaster General Hays is making
end outlining his policy f "a square
graph shows him in the distributing department of ,tbe New York posfceftioe.
Mr. Hays, as chairman of the National Republican .committee, made a repu
tation as a manager and harmonizer.
Polish Children Enlisted In the Garden
Army by the Junior Red Cross
of America.
Washington. Modeled along the
lines of America's school garden army,
is the force of Polish children formed
by the Junior Red Cross of America
when that organization was called
upon to carry relief and cheer to the
ebildren of Kosciusko's land. With the
first warm spring days thousands ot
school children of Passel and Ville, to
which agricultural implements, sewing
machines and clothing have been sent.
Birmingham has adopted Albert. As
a first step, clothing, boots and blank
ets to the value of 500 have been sent,
and more is to follow.
Apart from the organized assistance
of the British League of Help, the
British are raising a special fund for
the restoration of the Rheims cathe
dral, and the Boyal Agricultural soci
ety has organized a fund to supply cat
tle to the raided farms of French ag
riculturists. To this fund 70,000 al
ready has been subscribed.
Confiscating Big
i. I Ji 'Z f W : WiiR y:
An alleged delivery of liquor by one of their drivers without a transpor
tation permit resulted in a raid on the warehouse of the Singer Brothers In
New York. The federal agents are shown listing orne of the confiscated
goods. .
Joint Action of State and Fed
eral Governments Necessary
to Stop Destruction.
Largest and Most Important Field tor
-Co-opertion Is Fire Prevention .
Cost of Protection Should be
Shared by Private Owner.
Washington. Need for puWic aGtlon
to save the remaining forests of 'the
United States from devastation, -and
to iprovide for timber production on
lands-already laid waste, sas -strongly
urged by OoL W. B. Greetey, -chief of
Che forest service, United -"States De
partment of Agriculture, mt -the- hear
ings before the house agricultural com
imittee on the Sstell biU.
The bill aotiborizes .and directs :the
secretary oí grlcultmne. ' lo - co-operation
with the various -states or other
suitable agencies, t oecotnmend 'the
requirements essential ffor protecting
timbered aad rot-over liankl from fire,
refreshing denuded lands, -and catting
and reesoviing timber crops so that
continuoars production "Of timber will
be proiaotieu. To tiring into effect
these requtaaments, aand with rtew3,resslry na jusr as raucn;a matter Ior
to furnishing a ceartinuous supply rf jiaMal action as the encouragement
timber for Uie use sand necessities f
the public, co-opezation ' between the
federal g-eHernnienat and the states is
inspection visits to :the tbig cities
dear to postal employees. "The photo
youngsters in Poland will gather up
their hoes, xakes and spades and ad
vance upon vacant lots, determined to
convert thew into vegetable and
flower gardees, just as will young
Of the many things which the Junior
Ittd Cross introduced to the children of
Poland, community gardens made the
strongest appeal. It not only gave the
children a chance to take up garden
ing, but also provided healthful recre
ation for thousands of stunted, under-
nourished IJttla bodies fighting an un
.-..i-'J V'5" -''jr
Drank 54,150 Glasses of
Root Beer in One Year
Because he scheduled $541.50
in war tax on root beer during
1920, a Lithuanian coal miner
of Springfield, 111, was asked by
John Pickering, collector of in
ternal revenue, to look over his
Income tax again. After de
ducting his union dues, dona
tions to churches and charities
and war tax on theater tickets
this man still had $1,541.50 for
which to account. His root beer
thirst cut his income to $1,000.
he said.
To satisfy his cravings, ac
cording to his figures, the miner
had to drink 14S glasses of root
beer a day, or 54,150 glasses In
u year.
Store of Liquors
authorized, on such conditions as the
secretary of agriculture may deter
mine to be fair and reasonable.,
Expenses Borne Jointly.
Federal expenditures under co-operative
agreements with states would,
idr the bill, have to be at least
equated by state expenditures derived
either from general taxation or from
owners -of forest lands under state re
'Quireiments. The bill also provides
for a survey f the forest resources
and .requirements of the country, for
experiments and investigations in re
forestation and methods of cutting and
utilizing limber, lor enlarged pur
chases t 4ands ior federal adminis
tration as iDational forests, and for
various ether features of a national
program of forestry. i
In urging the necessity for action,
ColotsfJl Greéley pointed out that the
esseocClal iprobiem -of iprovldmg for fu
ture needs is a 'national oue. .
ew .norK," tne -colonel saw, "im
ports nlnetenths 'of the lumber whica
sfce 'requires. Pennsylvania imports
foor.fifths, -while a large group f mid
dle western states -import 97 iper cent
T rtheir wood. The bulk erf -our paper
ames 'from 'half a -dozen -states. The
vowing of timber on -eneomous areas
afiiand adapted 'by nature ito that -purpose
and -scattered throughout 39
tetes ' is just as much a mational ne-
of agriculture or -the -maintenance f
'interstate transportatJein.
""The growing -of timber cannot be
'left to private 'initiative alone. Under
"tibe 'bill .the federal government wiH
assume the technical leadership -of the
'reforestation -movement throughout
'the country. While tn 'the prairie
tates co-operation weuld'ha-ve to deal
chiefly with tree planting. In -othr
-ctates It Should cover 'technical meth
ods of i fire prevention, of disposal -of
debris left in logging, ol cutting -various
types of timber -so as to secure a
new crop -of the 'kind -desired, 'and the
'The largest :and most important
iieid of o-operation, however, in all
states -containing extensive forest
areas is in the prevention of forest
tires. This is 'the first step to a con?
t:nuous supply of timber. -Once the
wast area of -cut-over litmd suitable
fr timber production is really pro
tected from forest fires, three-quarters
of -our forest problem is solved.
"The cost .of forest protection should
be Shared by -the public and tlie pri-
I vae owner. 'But fire prevention ia
not :an .end in itself. The reforesta
tion -of timber-growing land ad the
actoal production of timber Is the real
objective, in no instances should fed
eral (funds -be expended unless the
state arries -out the requirements
found ecessary by the federal forest
service to make timber grow
Uuys Sheepskin Coats.
Washington. The
United &iutes
public health service has Just bought
2,500 sheepskin oonts for the tubercu
lous patients in its hospitals, so that
they may be able to sit out in the air
and the sun this winter. It's the fresh
air that counts.
equal battle with disease in the crowd
ed capital of Poland. Warsaw. In ad
dition it has already helped to keep
the wolf of starvation away from many
a .home.
The children enlisted in the garden
army in Warsaw raise potatoes, beets,
carrots, cabbage, parsnips and beans!
Their fall crop in 1920 comprised 93
The success of the Warsaw gardens
last year was so pronounced that they
will be extended to other centers this
IS as profitable SS train grow I nt. Successes as wonrlerfal
as those from growing wheat, oats, barley, and flax have been made is
raising Horas, Cattle. Sheen and Hog. Bright, sunny climate, nutrtt
xus grasses, good water, enormous fodder crops these spell success to tha
Z aimer and stock raiser. And remember, you can buy easy tarase
Farm Land at
land equal to that which through many ytars has yielded from SO te45 ansa see,
of wheat to the aere grazing land convenient to good
gram farms at proportionately low prices. These lands have -escl v .-OjC7L-w
every rural convenience; good schools,
iiuuucs, cu, uwc so uvc ujwiis siKi gooQ
If yon want to get back to the farm, or to farm on a larger
scale than is possible under your present conditions, Investí
gate what Western Canada has to offer you.
For muali steal nteistuis with aupa snd particulars regsrdis
nülwkrstea, jocsOon ot land, ate, spplj to bspsitDsaat of
t W. Y. BENNETT, Room 4, Bee Building,
Canadian Government Agent.
Couldn't Reach It.
Three-year-old Robert of Franklin
has a fondness for playing with his
mother's jewelry case, much to her an
noyance, and after dropping a ring in
the register he was warned not to
touch the jewelry case again. One day
his mother, while out of the room,
thought, in order not to tempt him,
she would place the Jewelry out of his
reach on a mantel. When she re
turned, the youngster met her and
shouted, triumphantly:
"I didn't touch the jewelry, mother.
I I couldn't reach it." Indianapolis
News. 1
It's as Fickle as a Woman.
How can we expect the forecast of
ficials to tell what the weather will
do when the weather itself does not
know?-"-Boston Herald.
Is a throbbing backache keeping you
miserable? Are you tortured with stab
bing pains? Is the trouble making yonr
work a burden and rest impossible?
Springtime, for many folks, is back
ache time a sign that the kidneys need
help. ' Colds, chills, and the changing
weather of early spring, strain the
kidneys and slow them up. Poisons
accumulate and then comes backaches,
headaches, dizziness and bladder irreg
ularities. Use Doan'i Kidney Pill:
They have helped thousands. Ask
your neighbor I
A Colorado Case
" I - (sv Mrs. Margaret
lSsÍSPfS3 Smart, Denver
9j A 1 a'm osa, Colo.',
Áfassf L i a- ," lt- Bays; nay aiuucjo
SkTj fLK f J 5i acted Irregularly
Awr" Qfrir afrS and my back
Uca-ryr..i pained me. I had
irequent speus or
nervousness and
my head ached
badly. I used
Doan's Kidnev
Pills and found them excellent They
regulated my kidneys and cured me
of the backache, nervousness, head
aches and other symptoms of kidney
Gat Doan'a at Any Stors, 60c a Box
Youth's Last Question Certainly Might
Have Been Called Pointed and
A most promising youth recently
sought Information from his father
touching family affairs:
"Dad," said he, "do you like
"Why, what a question! Of course,
t dor
"And she likes you?"
"I am certain she does."
"Did she ever say so?"
Thousands of times, my son."
"Did she' marry you because she
oved you?"
Whereupon dnd became angry, and
"See here, young man, you're getting
entirely too personal. But I don't
mind telling you that she did."
The boy scrutinized his parent close
dy, and after a pause added:
Tell me this, dad ; Was ma as near--sighted
then as she is now?"
Proper Thing.
Tm nearly broke and want some
collars. , "Ah ! Then you want the
kind with Just a slight roll."
Real success depends upon doing
be right thing in the right place at
the right time.
Jfc Turned the Coiner-
Ohe man in the fbg thougxit
he was lost, hut he turned
the corner there was
his own home!
Uo many, troubled with dis
turbed nerves and digestion
due to coffee drinking, help
has seemed along way off;
but they found in
Postüm Cereal
at the corner grocery
a delicious, satisfying table
J 'T- a.1 1 o o
UJ lilis. LilcLL HldlCS IUI
health and comfort
Hieres a Reason
Made "by
Poscum Cereal Company, Lac
Battle Creek, Mich.
'15 to 30 An Acre
churches, roads, tele- ' j.
maricets. fr
Life is a burden when the body
is racked with pain. Everything
worries and the victim becomes
despondent and downhearted. To
bring back the sunshine take
The National Remedy of Holland for over
200 years; it is an enemy of all pains re
sulting from kidney, liver and ori acid
troubles. All druggists, three sizes.
Look for tbe nans Cold Medm sea every fcas
sad accapt no fcmit&tiosa
on Strike
20 Years
Eaton fc Settled It Í
"Eatonic is wonderful," says C. W.
Burton. "I had been a sufferer from
stomach trouble for 20 years and now
I am well."
Eatonic gets right after the cause of
stomach troubles by taking up and
carrying out the acidity and gases and
of course, when the cause is removed,
the sufferer gets welt If yom have
sourness, belching, indigestion, food
repeating or any other stomach
trouble, take Eatonic tablets after
each meal and find relief. Big: box
costs only a trifle with your druggist
.T IWWOVCff fry Dr. -ir
sull IA rrH Iksea. Or. c. K.
rreaUle Olal
Sender of . Wedding Prttent Knew
Quite Well What Her Sister
Would Need in Time.
"What a peculiar choice for a wed
ding present," remarked an English
woman, trying not to laugh, as sha
Inspected a huge flatiron which her
charwoman had Just purchased.
"Aint it, ma'am?' said the char
woman. "It's my sister that's getting
married, and I'm repaying her for tk
gift she sent on for me on my w di
din' day."
"Did she send you something very,
ugly, then?" i
"Deed, no, ma'am. Ber's was tu
beautiful present. But, you see, ma'am,
a little bird whispered to me that her
future husband's a man of violent tem
per, and I thought I'd send her some
thing that would be useful in case or
family disputes. She has the stralght
est aim with a flatiron I ever seed V
Houston Post.
What Did She Mean?
Edith Jack says he simply won- -ships
the ground I walk on.
Miss Ryval Well, dear, he isn't
crowded for space. Boston Tran-i-script.
.irv -
Question Incomplete.
Mrs. A Have you still got
cook you had last week?
Mrs. B Which day last week?
ww l--anA. ,-J
Tcassiara- k . wrn-l..' AÍ 1

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