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Official Paper of Navajo County and the Holbrook Oil Field
Vol. 13, No. 3
Holbrock played the , opening
Kame of the season with Fort
Apache, and trimmed the "sol-
data" to the tune of. lb to
Fort Apache played an erratic
game, 6howing Rood only in
spots, while Holbrook played a
good heady name all the way
Little dust storms came with
enough frequency to try the
good humor of the attendance.
But if the players noticed the
dust there was no outward evi
dence of it.
The game opened at 1:30 p. m.
instead of 3:00 p. m. as original
ly planned. The game was not
a fast one from point of. time,
and it is probably best that it
was not to speedy being the
opening game. A large and ap
preciative crowd was in evi
dence. The game was devoid ot
any rough stuff.
Brilliant fielding on the part
of Fred Gaumnitz. coupled with
fine pitching, fielding and hitt
ing on the part of Ted Reuter
characterized Holbrook's effort.
Fort Apache played a much bet
ter game after the manager had
shifted his line-up somewhat and
sapplanted a couple of his play
ers with others.
Holbrook 014 311 15 16
Ft. Apache 001 003 300 7
Batteries: Reuter and
10 4
8 8
Smith, Burkett and Bar-
Garrison and Mc-
Time: 2:25
Mr3. Gradine Gammajie, who
comes to the Methodist Cnurcb.
Sunday. May 8ih, at 8 p.
m., under the auspices of the
Epworth League and the Girls
Friendly, is a very unsual
woman. E'equent of speech,
breadth of learning and much
traveled, she will entertain and
instruct you. Contempory papers
speak very highly of her, a testi
monial worth investigating by
Mrs. Gammage will giyem ad
dition to the regular reseital, a
history and partial rendition oí
the "Passion Piay." This should
interest everyone.
Remember, at 8:00 p. m.. Sun
day May 8th. .
A silver offering will be taken.
John Funk plays the earn
square from every angle; never
is in pnblic notice obtrusively;
is a fair and square man to do
business with,, and always fig
ures that the other fallow has
some rights. The conduct of
his business is above reproach.
. .
The following wire from
E. H. Crabb chairman of
Livestock Board to E. W.
Stephens, Sec, and trans
mitted to Inspector L. D.
Divelbess, interest:
"Get information from
district inspectors as to num
ber of cattle for sale in their
respective districts. Have
them see as many cowmen
as possible to learn who
would be interested in plac
ing their cattle in northwest
on time. This information
urgently needed in connec
tion with Arizona Cattle
Growers Association move
meht to place steers in north
west. Hope this informa
tion will be available upon
my arrival Phoenix about
May 10th. "
Two young men, Henry Com
stock and Raliegh E. Burt, evi
dently imbued with the idea that
the' world owed them a living
sans work, selected Carl Behn's
store in Winslow as a repotsiory
of worldly goods from which to
select needed articles of wearing
apparel. But they failed to
reckon with the resourcefulness
of Sheriff Newman, and are now
"languishing in durance vile."
On last Friday night Carl
Behn's store was entered and
robbed of a quantity of clothing,
shoe. etc. Uponbeing notified.
Sheriff Newman immediately
went to Winslow to investigate
the robbery. Wires were sent
out, and with help of the Santa
Fe officers, these young men
were apprehended at BelenvNew
Not knowing how many or how
desperate the culprits might be.
Sheriff Newman took Deputy
Gardner of Winslow along with
him. Part of the distance wat
traversed by car and part by
train in order to bring the of
fender into Holbrook on train
;To. 9, Tuesday morning.
At their preliminary hearing
in Winslow, these two young
offenders implicated two others,
and Sheriff Newman is now in
New Mexico after them.
Obviously this is not a healthy
county for crooks.
; o-
Testifying to the fact that
the kiddies can entertain and
royally," too, what could have
been nicer and . more comp
lete than the entertainment
afford by the little ones to
their mothers on Wednesday
of this week.
Wednesday, the junior
girls of the Girls' Friendly
entertained their mothers at
the Friendly Hall from 3:00
to 5:00 p. m.
The hall was exquisitely
and beautifully decorated in
blue birds and blue festoons
and streamers. Quiet, sub
dued atmosphere lenta fairy
like air to the room, and the
fairies were . there to grace
the setting. Dainty refresh
ments were . served and a
program rendered. A piano
solo by Wilma Bazell and a
violin solo by Burl Goode
were particularly refreshing
and good.
Try it again, kiddies!
By Nan Terrell Reed.
He longed to live a story
Of the desert-island brand.
Where a man can play the hero
On a stage of burning sand.
He dreamed of writing verses
That the world would label good,
With a meter of perfection
And a theme misunderstood.
H thought with joy of travel
'Neath an unfamiliar sky.
But he simply couldn't do it.
So he simply didn't try.
For his days were full of farming
And h3 middle name was Toil,
And he had to spend the hours
On unrornantie soil;
And there wasn't any prospect -
Of his reaching foreign lands.
For the anchor to his acre
Was a pair of loving hands.
So he didn't live the story
Of the de3ert-island brand.
Bat he made a decent garden
From a strip of stony land.
He was anchored, to an acre
But he man8ged, on tne whole,
To'keep a perfect meter
In the poem of his soul.
Designating Sunday May 8th as
A f erquent recurrence
has been set forth in the Constitution of . the State of
Arizona, is essential to the security of individual rights
and the perpetuity oí free government. It is, ateoriost
desirable in order that there may be preserw n- Jari-
fied that true perception of
distractions of modern life,
med or to disappear from our
It is most aüüropriate,
cognition be given to the great debt of gratitude owing
to the mothers of America. That such a debt exists, and
that it can never be paid, are axiomatic truths, admitted
hv,iU. hut toa infreauentlv ci ven expression. Even casual
reflection convinces us of the
have P-iven to us. and to America, in devotion, in loving
self-sacrifice, in unselfish service can never be measured,
much less repaid.
As a riublic acknowledgement therefore, of thefact
that there is owing to motherhood a measure of loyalty,
devotion, and honor which can never be paid, as an out
ward and visible svmbol of all that our mothers have so
freely given us, and as a token of our renewed resolve to
strive to measure up to their ideals for us, unattainable
as those ideals mav be. it is
sion be given this great obligation, through the celebra
tion of Mothers Day, observance ot which has become a
beautiful and nation-wide custom.
Governor of Arizona, do, by virtue of the authority vest
ed in me bv House Concurrent Resolution Number 3. ad
opted by the Fifth State Legislature, hereby designate
. .1 1.1 T-V Jl 11
Sunday, May tne eigntn, as moiners uay, ana can upon
all state official to disülav the flasr on all state and school
buildings, and the people of the state of Arizona to dis
play the flag at their homes, lodges, churches and places
of business, and at other suitable places, as a public ex
. i j j" 4-u u c im
pression OI love anu reverence j.ui ujc uiuwicio ux uur ue
Inved state, and other women serving it, and as an in
spiration for better homes
home and the Commonwealth. it is turther requested,
as is the annual custom, that the services in the various
churches of the State, on this particular day, be appro
priate to the celebration of "Mothers Day."
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my
hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of Arizona
to be affixed this 19th day of April, 1921.
Thomas E.
Ernest R. Hall
Secretary of State.
"One Way to Dispense."
A pharmacist was dissatisfied with
youthful assistant and requested him
to look for another job, remarking to
a customer as the boy was leaving:
"I can dispense without him." Boys'
And Still Soaring
to fundamental principles, as
values yh?;h. j. !22any
often tends tu-i)ecome dim
therefore, that public re
fact that what our mothers
. ; '
meet and fitting that expres
and closer ties between the
A Failure in Life.
A Bad story reaches us from South
west London. It appear that a girl
of twenty attempted suicide because
she realized she "vas too old to write
either a popular novel or a book of
Doems. From Punch, Locdon.
The Limelight
Question. "What is your name?"
Answer. "J. E. Crosby." -
"Where were you born?"
' Leeds, Utah."
"What is your age?"
"What is your business?"
"Judge, Superior Court, Navajo
"What is the extent of your educa
tion?" "University of Michigan."
"Marred or single?" . t- .
"Fooled my wife."
"What was your boyhood ambi
tion?" "To run a locomotive engine."
"What do you think of life?"
"How is business?"
"Rushing on account of hard
Sunday Services
Sunday School at 10:00 a. m.
Our numbers are still climb
ing'. Come and bring the child
ren. Public Worship at 11:00 a. m.
This is the day we honor our
mother. A special invitation is
given to all mothers, young and
old.' Of course all the rest of us
will want to be'present. '
Anthem; "Peace I Leave With
You" Violin Solo by Mrs W. J.
Epworth League at 7:15. Sub
ject: "What We Owe To Our
At eight o'clock we will be
given a special treat. Mrs Gam
mage of Winslow, well known to
many Holbrook people, will, re
cite the "Passion Play." Mrs.
Gammage excels in this parti
cular number. All who have had
the opportunity of hearing her
will be presdnt. Come early.
Sunday School at 10:30 a. m.
Preaching services at 2:00 p.
m. Bishop Williams will pre
side. M. I. A. meeting at 7:00.
All are cordially invited.
r i . Ml r
uwmg to. limess, Mrs.
Gammage will not appear at
recital as planned.
The American Legion ever on
the ejert to produce high c?ass
entertainment, is again to the
fore with a five day carnival be
ginning May 10th and closing
May 15th.
The Bea3ely-Boucher United
Shows will co-operate with local
Navajo Post No. 37 of the Ameri
can Legion in a five day jollifica
tion. Fun and amusement for
everyone, old and young. The
American region wants every
body to join in the spirit of the
affair and make it one long to be
Remember five days of rea!
snort, with nothing to offend.
This program will take the place
of the one planned for the 30th
of this month.
bqueeze the juice of two
lemons into a bottle contain
ing three ounces of Orchard
White, which any drug store
will supply for a few cents,
shake well, and you have a
quarter pint of harmless and
delightf ul lemon bleach.
Massage this sweetly fra
grant lotion into the face,
neck, arms and hands- each
day, then shortly note the
beauty and whiteness of
your skin.
Famous stage beauties use
this lemon lotion to bleach
and bring that soft, clear,
rosy-white complexion, also
as a freckle, sunburn, and
tan bleach because it doesn't
Nope, this Isn't the Undertaker, but
old Whatsa Use promoting business
for him by Hanging Crepe. He feels
Bad and wants Company, but all he
Gets is Mean Looks, which Confirm
his Opinion that this is a Tuff Old
World. He hasn't Smiled since the
Pigs Ate Willie and aow he Can't be
cause his Face has Set.
Vaccination's Power.
Affording to a recent report vae
Inntiun is rapidly dying out. Yet
'hero is nothing like vaccination to
hr'n-i :i follow up to the scratch.
Mr.Edward Hennessey return
ed from Holbrook Tuesday whfra
he had been for several days
allowing hit Holbrook family to
visit him. .;
Joe Thomas says the water it
as. low now in the Rio Puerca at
he has ever seen it. It is semc
dry here.
Mr. Ward (we did not learn
whether his Riven name was
Montgomery or not) wbo is a
missionary from Indian Walls,
is visiting our merchant, Mr. R.
R. Alton, here. Mr. Ward knew
Mr. Alton years ago out on the
reservation. Even at that tima
Mr. Ward says Bob wore trous
ers and had quit living in Hogans
and all that Bort of thing. Ha
says in. fact be acted very rauck
as he does now.
The constituents of Seaatar
Saunders should petition the sen
ator to introduce and work ftr
a measure in the Senate . to aid
by proper legislation our much
neglected water ways in Apacha
County. We have right at our
very door an example of this
neglect. Look at the Rio Puerco.
Of what benefit is that stream
at present to the public? Now
if.it were properly dredscd
from Gallup to Holbrook and a
tug boat and a line of barges
with Mr. Edward Bargeman of
Houck as captain was put ia
operation, from Gallup to Hol
brook and intermediate points.
and loaded with coal from "Gal-
up, the cost of our coal would
be very much reduced. And the
barges need not be returned
empty either. They could bs
loaded with old ties from Hol
brook and crude oil and petrified
wood from Adamana. Landing
docks could be made at Hennin's
grist mill at Pinto, and at Jo
Thomas' lauding at Adamana.
We understand Holbrook has
splendid docking facilities. Mow
wont somebody develope a little
Pep" and start something?
Mrs. A. J. Kosta, who foriev-
eral jears six months and six
teen days was our a?ent and
first trick operator here, was in
Adamana again Tuesday super
intending the packing and mark
ing of her household goods for
shipment to some point in Cal
ifornia, where we understand
she intends to remain forever
and ever and aye. Her many
friends here in Adamana wish
her success in her new venture
of trying to handle the English
alphabet (one letter at a time)
and also admire her good judge
ment in commencing with the
letter Aye first.
Mrs. O. R. Reed, wife of op
erator Reed of Chamberí was
shopping in Adamana Thursday.
The fact that Mrs. Reed left her
home town and passed throngs
Navajo, Pinto and Bibo to trad
in Adamana, cerainly shows en
terprise on the part of our mer
chants here in attracting ilm
trade from those other four
towns. -
Quite a number ' of tourists
have been complaining recently
about the unkempt condition of
our lawns here in Adamana; es
pecially those at the Santa Ft
depot and section house (occu
pied by W. O. Morgan.) Ys
overheard one lady remarking
that the lawns could at least be
kept mowed and the dandylions
and other weeds kept cut out.
There is a disease among the
"Chickens" here called 'Lim
berneck" 'Major Jensen says,
"Gee, I hope it wont spread as
far East as Chambers." It looks
like the Major was widening bis
range a little, does it cot?
The Litery Digest of April 30
quotes the Norfolk Virginian
Pilot a3 saying that America
needed more little red school
houses but not any more RED
school teachers." I wonder
whom the Little Old Virnnisn
Paper is alludin' to anyway? He
better not come to Adsmana and
go to kicking on the color of our
school teachers. :


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