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Official Paper' of Navajo County and the Holbrook Oil Field
C Htnnin
Vol. 13, No. 4
The second game of the season
between Si. Johns ar.d Holbrook
was both fa3t and briuiact be
cause j'i?t one hour was clipped
off the time of the first (fame.
And while Holbrook made more
errors, these were due in a large
measure to our boys going after
almost impossible driyes and
long hits. Witness Engle's trj
for a Texa? leaguer. That boy
is some ball pjayer. Itis certain
the score keeper disliked to give
Eagle an error on his splendid
try. Bi5 thit is baie ball!
. Thejday was ideal, with a fa:r
breez? springing up now and
then. O ily the risrhtand part of
the center field wa-s slow; the
resto f the diamond was fast
and satisfactory.
St. Johns scored their only run
in the first inning: thereafter
they drew blanks with mcnoto
nous regularity. Holbrook start
ed off a little uncertain, but af
ter the firát inning there was no
question as to which team was
master. Every man on the Hol
brook team played well, while
the work of Reu" , Engle and
Lse give them . individual
right to be class, - j starring.
St. Johns' catcher, v Oerson,
is a splendid catcher and a well
diciplined player. The boys were
all gentlemen. A return game
with this team would be interest
ing. The Score: R H E
Holbrook 000 402 22 9 16 5
St. Johns 100 000 000 1 3 3
Struck out by Reuter 8; by
Christenson, Heap 2.
Batteries: Reuter and Swatzel:
Christenson, Heap and V. Over
son. Umpires: Cadvsll and Isaacs.
Time. 1:25.
Lyman.L. Pierce of San
Francisco visited S. Earl
Taylor on Wednesday of this
week. Mr. Pierce will no
doubt be recognized by many
on account of his arduous
and successful work in con
nection with the San Fran
cisco Chapter of the Ameri
canRed Cross.
Mr. Taylor seemingly has
no doubt as to the future of
the oil situation here, as' he
heartily welcomes his friends
Mabel was telling Isabel
of the shy young man that
had for some months been
"gone" on her, but whose
suit had languished because
he simply hadn't the courage
to speak out. Finally Mabel
aaid, she decided that it was
"up to her" to take decisive
measures. Accordingly the
next time he called she
pointed to the carnation in
his buttonhole and said;
"I'll give you a kiss tor that
Whereupon the bashful
suitor's color outdid the car
nation in brilliancy, but the
exchange was effected. Then
the young man grabbed his
hat and started to leave the
"Where are you going?"
demanded Madel, surprised.
"To the florists' for more
carnations," he called as he
shot through the doorway.
Los Angeles Times.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Clossey
w.ú Mr. Jacob Grill, Mr?. CIos
iey's father, left the 5th of May
m No 8 for various points on the
jompass. Mr. Grill goes toTnu'
Jntk Michigan, while Mr. ar.r
Mrs. Ciossev go to Savanfcl
Georgia. Mrs. C.'osfey is tcccm
nr.ing Martin in order to le ture
hat he attends to bis duties ass
ieNgate to the O. I?. T. Conven-
inn it Savsi ah ir.steí'd o
"C ow sir g sr urd at t 1: o s e
"Georgia Camp Mjetirgs" be
fore returr.i.MK to Adamana. The
Olossey'ft will visit thtir Leauti
ui hi me, (w rich at present is
vi. ted) which is located on the
corner of cat fish ar.d sucker
avenues in Trout Creek. Mich.
Mr. M. F. McNamara relieved
Mr. M. J. Clo332v as second trick
operator here, 'while the latter
iois to Savarsh G e rgia as dele
.rate to the O. R. T. convention
n the first díy of M-ty. How
ever, Mrs. McNamara and her
laughter Miss Patricia, did not
irrive" here until the 5lh.
luesoay, the thud, the reye-
end Frank II Speck, the Metho
list minister from Holbrook,
preached at the Adamana school
louse, having for his theme the
'fficacy of prayer; and as the
(erraon progressed, the Pastor
jeemed to train in spritual
itrenth and power, lidding his
audience in rapt attention until
the end of his discourse. The
Pastor will be with us again the
17th of May. Everybody wel
It louks like Mr. John Slaton,
who Í3 building fences for Mr.
Ed Hennessey, should be provid
ed with a compass, or a few
Dump station?, in order to get
his fences straight. Mr. -Hennessey
claims that his fences
locked like the labyrinth con
structed for king Minos to hold
the Mino'.aur until he Slaton
(not the Mintaur) came up oer
the hill got sight of the pump
tation, then Lis fer.ee ran as
straight toward that pump-house
is the democratic vote in a wet
Contrary to all reporte, the
last chapter in (juJIivers travels
has net been written, for as
these Hues are being corraled
(Oh I mean per.ned) our own
"Gulliver" in company with a
direct decendent of Captain Kid.
has left for parts unknown.
They travel incognito in a high
powered Ford and are fully
equipped with a ccrr.rasp, scire
raisins, and a very delicate in
trument believed to be a Ferti
lidetecto, which they can easily
detect and distinguish an aroma
of any kind seven miles away.
They are in search of a cave far
f ar away on the upper, reaches
of fh9 "Milky" where ence lived
n large numbers the now ex tinct
bird called the Giant Auk. The
present-er-contents of this cave
are Slid to po3-3e3i wonderful
properties of fertilization, cm
application being sufficient to
make the cacti of southern Ari
zona bear bananas, and our own
skunk weed bear luscious straw
bsrries. The lillies of the valley
(Rio Puerco valley,) violets,
roses and hops would vie with
each other for standing room in
death valley as the result of jus.t
a slight application of thi3 wond
erful "Fert." The result of this
impsnding discovery can only be
imagined. The Fertilizer tv.zt
ket would be glutted. Guaní
shipments from South Amenca
would cjasa in a short time. LJut
for the unceasing vigilance of
our citg doctective (name delet
ed by censor) this important
(Copyright! - - " " '
p,e :oi ne-3 .would reach lh,,
wunu uniy wueii 100 iaie.
Sir Albert Oiiphant, who
Driviledged to write after his
oame the following abbrieyations
Lit, D. L. L. B. and K. C. B.
(Knight Commander of the Eath,
not the Examiner Columnist
Mm) with an American gentle
man companion, has been stopp
ing at the Aiamana hotel for
several days. These gentlemen
have been trying some wonder
ful experiments along geological
'anes at our artesian salt we!!
near the de pot here. These gen.
t'c-raen also are very much in
terested in oil (I mean the liquid
gold kind) and having heard
here was gas in that well con-
luded to try an experiment. So
t hey first of all bought a perfect
ly new dish pan from Mr. Alton,
iur merchant here, and made a
round nole in tne center alter
vhich a small tube was soldered
o the hcie, then the dish pan
ves inverted and pieced in the
veil, the bottm side up. and
rjppcrting the tube which stuck
ut of the well. To this tube
hey attached a small gas jet.
tr d i.T a few minutes lighted it
u;d it burned (I mean the gas
let not the match.) It was then
ietached and a very delictte in
strument put in its place called
i sound amplifier, no sooner was
ibis instrument attached than it
omnienced to play "I'm Forever
3'owing Bubbles. Pretty Bubbles
n the Air. Then they both walk
id away in disgust, and the sec-
f.ionnen had to fish the appara
rusoutof the well to throw it
Often because a girl does
n't say "no" she says
A clock never strikes for
less hours.
It's a smart medical stud
ent who can distinguish St.
Vitus's dance from the shim
my. With present feminine sty
les a fellow can't even hide
behind a woman's skirts.
In putting your foot for
ward, don't forget to have
your shoe polished.
Maay a sheepish fellow is
lionized at a women's club.
Everything for
: Wttzler'a .
Circus Season Opens
To ba given by the Litter Day
Sa'nt Sunday School on May
15th, at 10:30 a. m. Everybody
is invited to be present.
Preliminary music, by Organ
ist. Song, by the Sunday school.
Prayer, by Bishop Ó. C. Wil
liams. Song, "O my father" by the
Sunday schoo',
Sicrament gem, by Zelia Farr.
Sacrament administered, un
der direction of Bishopr'c.
Concert Recitation, "Honor
Thv Father nnd thy Mother
Etc." Ünícrii-ecLiüü VV.. B.
Presentation of carnations to
mothers by little girls, under
direction Mrs, Louie B. Farr.
R?citation W School school
dirfction Virgil Denham.
Sng, by kingergarden and
primary classes, direction Paul
ine McCleve.
Tribute to mothers, by W. B.
Lidies Quartet, direction Paul
ine McCleve.
Reading, "For mother's sake,"
by Menlo Greer.
Junior Chorus, "OI had such
a pretty dream mamma, direct
ion Bessie R. Stap'.ey.
Talks, by three mothers.
Toasts to' mother?, direction
M. R. Tanner.
Male quartet, direction Thos.
R. Greer.
Benediction, Wallace Shum
way. Committee:
Bsssie R, Stapely, Chairman.
Pauüre G. McCleve.
Virgil Dehmam,
Thos R. Greer,
M. R Tann-r.
We'll admit that Friday
last was chillsome, and one
of the customers of the Hol
brook. Drug proved it. He
blandly walked into t'he
itore, turned around, folded
lis hands at his back and
nonchalantly proceeded
ibsorb heat from the cp0ttive of a good joke a good
the stoe lormeriy
- '
Oh well, many do believe
n mental suggestion.
The Limelight
Question. "What is your name?"
Answer. "O. C. Williams."
''Where were you born?"
' Dublan, Old Mexio."
"What is your age?"
"What is your husiness?"
"Deputy Assessor."
"What ii the extent of your educa
tion?" "Grade School."
"Married or single?"
"Why?" . ;
"Ask My Wife." '
"What was your boyhood ambi
tion?" " To be a Detective."
"What do you think of life?"
"Best one I know cf."
"How is bu:iess?"
They were on a honeymoon
trip. The bridegroom felt
indisposed and the bride slip
ped out to do a little shopp
ing. In due time she re
turned and tripped blithely
up1 to her room, a little a Wed
by the number of doors that
all looked alike. But she
was sure of her own and tap
ped gently on the panel.
"I'm back, honey, letame
No answer.
"Honey, honey, let me
in!" she called again, rapp
ing louder, still no answer.
"Honey, honey, its' me.
Let me in."
There was silence for sev
eral seconds; then a man's
voice, cold and full of dig-
nitv. came from the other
side of the door.
"Madame, this is not a
beehive; its a bathroom."
This week we elect Dr. A.
F. Switzer to the brother
hood. Quiet and unassum
ing, strictly attentive to his
own business, and no time
for other peoples. Apprecia-
,gant tMngs Hfe may happen
!to brins? aloncr: but at the
; same time able to bear his
adversities with good grace.
Washington, May, 5. "On
May 5th occured the centen
nary of the death of Napo
leon, the idol of France,"
"The occasion is one for the
review of the life and ac
complishments of the great
man to see if we cannot draw
from his career lessons for
present day application. The
world is prone to think of
Napoleon solely as a mighty
military man, paying little
attention to his civil record
as Emperor of France. It is
true that he was one of the
greatest generals who ever
lived. As Marbot tells us,
the soldier who understands
Napoleon's strategy has
nothing more to learn. But
there is another side to the
character of the French lead
er that is worthy of study in
these abnormal times.
"To begin with, Napoleon
was not a native Frenchman.
He was born in the island of
Corsica, a French possession,
it is true, but the life and
thought of whose people had
little in common with the
French. When the young
man landed in France and
entered a military school at
the age of ten he was, to all
intents and purposes, an im
migrant. His ultimate rise
from that humble station to
the dictatorship of France
should be an inspiration to
every emigrant to a foreign
land . The Presidency of the
United States is limited by
the Constitution to native-
born Americans, but there
is no other office or social
station in the whole land
that is not available to every
new- comer to our -shores.
The immigrant is limited
only by his own will, ability,
and good behavior.
"At the age 23 Napoleon
was brought face to face
with mob rule. He was in
Paris on that fateful 20th of
June, 1792, when the rabble
invaded the Tuileries, and
was a close observer of the
events that followed, ending
in the guillotining of the
royal family and many of the
French aristocracy. For ten
years thereat ter he was oc
cupied with military duties,
but when he was proclaimed
Consul in leuz the impres
sions that had been made
upon his mind by the hor
rors of the Revolution found
expression, and he devoted
himself to setting up a gov
ernment based on law and
order. He established an
education system, the Bank
of France, the Legion of
Honor, and the Nopoleonic
Code of laws which is the
guide of French law today
and has had a profound in
fluence on justice through
out the world. 'It would be
very difficult to disprove the
statement,' declares one
writer, 'that the superb in
heritance of order, progress,
and prosperty which Napo
More road tourists are coming
this way!
The first "croD" of aute
travelers been forwarded i. to
secretary óf the (local commtr
cial organization) by the Nation
al Park-to-Park Highway As
sociation. The list received con
tains the names of fifty persona
who have written to the execu
tive office in Denver for a guide
and other road informática.
There is the assurance that
many other lists will follow this
one, as an evidence of the as
sociation's policy actually to di
rect a greater volume of tourist
business thru this community.
One thousand inquires have
been received within sixty days
by the association, which has
sent each inquirvs a road guide
leaflet mentioning this and other
to wn8 on the highway. Mileage
between places is given in a
simple and unusual manner.
Whether the tourist will
"liager a little longer" than be
anticipated depends on hew ef
fectively the side trips and points
of ganeral interest are brought
to his attention beforehand.
Gus Holm's, secretary-manager
of the association, in prepar
ing the inquiry lists also urges
each town to mail its own litera
ture, thereby interesting the
prospective road traveler and his
family to stay awhile in ccn
m unities that make the most sin
cere appeal for their temporary
The inquiries come frcm virt
ually all parts of the East. South
and Middle West, and the Iccsl
commercial organization is asked
to send its available literature,
or otherwise communicate witk
the prospective travelers.
May field, Ky., A local
paper this account of a wed
ding: "The groom wore con
ventional clothes of dark
blue. The organist render
ed Mendelssohn's march very
beautifully. As the bride
and groom entered . the
church she sang 'O Lord, I
Am Not Worthywith much
feeling." .
leon bequeathed made the
France of 1914.'
"In the knapsack of each
of my privates is a marshal's
baton, is a familiar quota
tion from the great Corsi
can. He meant that the op
portunity was there, and it
remained only for the. indi
vidual to grasp and develop
it to become a leader among
men. Success and wealth
are within thé grasp of every
individual among us today,
be he native or. imigrant,
and so long as they will b
placed in the way of highest
attainment. 'If Napeleon
could do it, I can do it,' is
the proud boast of every
Frenchman, and with him
as their ideal they strive for
success. Let every immi
grant to our shores be ani
mated by a similar resolve-
Lto iorge to the front by
every lawful means that pre
sents itself and radicalism
free of idleness will disap
pear and contentment reign
once more."

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