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The Holbrook News. Holbrook. Arizona June 3. 1921
Petrificado, Jr.
We may be able to keep our
handa oif of Euroue, but for a
Ion time some of our soldiers
will have to keet Uieir feet oyer
There's a warmer place than
this for the Holbrook man who
kicks because his wife sets out a
cold supper ci, a hot evening
If whisk?r3 come back in stf!e,
as threateiK.c;, v.r '1 have gnoin
er way of telling what men had
for dinner.
The war taught u3 to stand
and salute. And now the tax
collector has taught us to is.nó
and deliver.
The Holbrook voune man who
wants to be certain of tftítnt.g a
Rood wife will pick one who pays
more attention to stove lids than
she does to eye lids.
' Henry Furd's plan to get mi.U
without cows isn't new. The
Swiss have been depend; nj.r on
goats for years.
Afaybe the tvason Adam blam
ed Eye for his meanness is be
cause he didn't have a moving
picture actress around to blame
it on.
No Holbrook man would ob
ject to moving: day if his wife
would consent to leaving behind
all the junk they won't need.
One th bout jjoinjr on ü
yacation now, you have that
much longer unt'l full to wish
you'd saved the money for coa!.
From the divorce suit testi
mony we occasionally read in
daily papera it must be stylish
in New York to grab the first
thing that come3 a.'org-. marry it
and then settle for it afterward.
The trouble with most Holbrook
fishermen who come in to tell us
about the big one that cot away
is they don't leave any of the
Htttle ones to prove they've real
ly been fishing1.
Maybe the reason the snail is
so Blow is he doen't have to hus
tle around for a place to live in.
Our idea of a forward-looking
man is one who can see beyond
the part of the mail-order ad
which reads: "Don't Send a
Ask any one in this section
what was the Lest thinj,' he
saw whiie away from home snd
he'll quickly tell yea it was a
ticket back to IloibrccI;.
One nice thinsr about having
only one necktie you oi'i
have to fiht with your wife over
which one you're jioinr to wear
to a funeral. '
The danger in cailinpr some
Ealbrook men live wires is they
apt to take it too seriously and
ro out and shock the community.
The month of May this year
will go down in history as the
one in which we mixed mowing
the lawn with buiidinjr a fire.
The medium which we use
in placing the news before
the public not being asbes
tos, we will omit quoting
any of the overheard re
marks on Monday's wind
storm. Only to the dust can
we attribute the exhibition
of "jay" driving given by a
St. Joe Ford speed artist.
Driving on the wrong side of
the road, making no attempt
to apply brakes to prevent a
"collision, this dust madden
ed De Palma drove slap bang
into a car coming toward
him. One of his regrets
must be that he did not keep
moving, for the occupant of
the car which was cn the
right side of the road pro
ceeded to trace his ancestry
from the day that his fore
bears hung from trees by the
tail. In conclusion, a few
remarks as tO the proper j
Uw, t,vV,,V1-, Un t-lnbl V.
iivLiic in vYi.uv.il lie cuuuiu l;c :
confined were passed.
" Badness Carries 'Disqualification. !
I never knew a man that was bad.
fit for any service that was good. I
There was always soni" discnilifving
Ingredient mixing with the compound, !
and spoiling it. The accomplishment !
of anything good is a physical nipos-
nihility in such a man. He could not
If he would, and it is not more certain
that lie would not if he could, do a
good and virtuous action. Burke.
for This Department Supplier
American LerJon News Service.)
Chicano Organization Acquires Use cf
Famous World's Fair Field
Museum Building.
The American Legion will soon havo
the use of a building known to mil
lions in America is the embodiment
of beauty in art and architecture, the
old Fine Arts building of the 3S!):
World's Fair. The crack of nrtny
rifles will he heard in the famous
structure, for it has been turned ovet
to the Hyde Park post, Xo. 34, of the
Legion in Chicago, as an indoor title
ra ni;e.
The large edifice, known as the old
Field museum alter the World's fair,
was evacuated with the completion oí
thQ new Field museum. Various or
ganizations of Ciiicugo immediate!)'
besieged the park commissioners for
permission to use tne building, but
the Legion post's request alone was
Legionnaires now have a riile range
de luxe, one that will tend to erase
(he veteran's memories of sweltering
days, shiverir' days and cold, ndtist
days spent in trying to locate the
bnllseye -tin the army's outdoor fhv
ing points. The building is so largo
that a L'OO-yard range was established
without difficulty, along with the
shorter distances.
Hungry Rooster Proves Cold Mine for
Woman's Organization in
How many grains of corn will a ter
ribly hungry rooster eat after lie has
missed his meals for five hours? The
Plymouth Iiock in the photograph
tucked away 2S3 grains in record time
and made $:'2S for the Women's Aux
iliary of the American Legion in Citn
marroii, Kan.
j lie inra was placed in a show win
dow on the main street in the Kan
sas town. For five hours he scratched
and crowed for provender, which was
not forthcoming. Then 1.000 grains of
tempting yellow corn were spread be
fore him. Guesses as to how many
grains of corn it would take to assuage
his hunger were sold at ten cents each.
In three hours Mr. Itock had gulped
-K', kernels of Kansas corn and re
tired for the night. Then he was soli
Lelaii L. Klein, Cimmarron, Kag.,
and the Lucrative Rooster.
twice, given back to the women, and
was finally auctioned off. In all. he
rutted $"'JS, a fraction more than
"$1.1" for every grain of corn he ate.
Mrs. I.ehth L. Klein, national execu
tive conuiiitteewoiiian from the Kan-
as department of the Auxiliary, han
dled the contest. One óf the most
active workers for the Auxiliary in
her state. Mrs. Klein was educated iu
Wellesley college and in the New
England Conservatory of Music. Her
husband, who was a captain in tin'
medical corps, was gassed in the A"
goiine-Meuse offensive.
Miss Margaret Sousa, Daughter of Fa
mous Bandmaster, - Acquires
New Title.
MNs M'argarrt Sousa, daughter of
John Philip Sousa, famous band direc
tor, has ncfi'l't'ed
a new title, be
is known as tbe
"American Legion
Girl" because of
her st;rripg in
a Iegion ii!or)Oii
picture. "Lest We
Forget," a film
depicting ti e
struggles of dis
abled veterans to
obtain justice and
unerjp i o y m e n t
conditions among those who escaped
injury in the World war.
Reporting to Davy Jor.es.
Sam, on board the transport, had
just been Issued his first pair of hob
nails. One thing, suah, he ruminated, "if
Ah falls overboard, ah certainly will
VO down at 'tenshmn." American
gioti Weekly.
.. ,,. ...
Animals as Weather Prcpiicts.
Few beliefs are older or more wide
spread than that animals, and especial
ly wild animals, have foreknowledge
of what the weather is to be, and
something that amounts to such fore
knowledge many of them doubtless do
possess, but there is no reason, and
only poor excuses, for resuming that
there is a source of Information :iceu
rate enough and of application reinóte
enough to give any appreciable, exten
sion to the weather bureau's prognos
tications. Exchange.
jr-' 'v
V: HI '.
,'' . v.-
"i ? " '
i ;
i .
Members of the Pittsburgh
National League baseball club
who wish to play golf hereafter
must gain the consent of the
manager before taking to the
links, according to Manager
George Gibson.
Gibson intimated that certain
players Mere paying more atten
tion to golf than to baseball,
and he attributed the loss of a
game to this cause. "No more
golf lifter today without my per
mission," lie told the Pirates.
Bob Hasty, Big Right-Hander, Ex
pected to Do Much in Rejuve
nation of Club.
Connie Mack's much-abused Athlet
ics are due for a right-smart turn
about this season, and judging by re
ports the former champions will te
íy .- ::J
Bob Hasty.
in the fight for the American league
pennant this season. Hole is shown
Hob Hiwty, big right-hander of the
Athletjcs, whose work on the mound
is expected to aid much in the re
juvenation of the club. The picture
was taken at Mobile. Ala.
When Fighter Breaks With Lifelong
Director He Is Usually Headed
for Scrap Heap.
Boxers get nowhere without mana
gers. When a fighter splits with his
lifelong manager he usually is headed
for tile scrap heap. Young Corbett
puUed away from Johnny Corbett aft
er being made a champion. That ended
his lighting triumphs.
Johnny Kilbane parted ways with
Jimmy iMnui. Kilbane has made little
money since. On the other hand,
Bunny Leonard and his manager, Billy
Gibson, have been pals since Benny
was a kid. They're on top.
Lew Temiler and his boss, Phil
Classman, sold newspapers on the
same corner before they became suc
cessful as tighter and manager. Dan
Morgan took Jack Britton after lie had
wasted seven years of his ring career
and rejuvenated him. Jack Kearns
has done much for Pempsey.
A. manager is not a . necessary evil
but a much-needed asset to any fight
er. The manager is the man behind
the k.'ivo.
Are You on Oar Mailing List?
1 . t
Ralph (Cy)
A Chicago baseball critic has paid Catcher lialph Perkins of the Phila
delphia Athletics a great compliment. He says Perkins is the smartest catcher
in the game, "barring Itay Schalk." Heineiuber the critic who admits so much
comes from Chicago, which is Sciialk's habitat. Otherwise he might not insert
that "barring" stuff. Taking critics generally it probably will be found that
quite a number of them would vote Perkins as the best catcher in the Ameri
:?m league when it comes to handling pitchers, youngster though lie is. He
has done wonders with Connie Mack's assortment of twirlers and Mack and
his lieutenants give the catcher his full due of credit for it. Sporting News.
Koike to
Notice is hereby given that the County Assessor of Navajo County has this
2(:th day of My, 1920, delivered to me at my office in Holbrook, Arizona, the
assessment of roll for the year 1921, and the same will be open for examination
by taxpayers during the office hours of each business day.
The County Koard of Equalization will meet at the office of the Board of
Supervisors on the 1st tlav of June, for the purpose of considering said assess
ment roil and to make such raises or adjustments as may to them seem proper.
June 17. Clerk Board of Supervisors.
The wise golfer cultivates
good nature on the links Instead
of harrowing the feelings of his
fellow golfers.
A ball on the green is worth
two iu the bush.
The grouch is as out of place
on the links as is the proverbial
bull in a china shop.
When you make a good drive
never boast make another.
Colfers love a good loser'
some are even willing to con
tribute to his enjoyment by play
ing a game with him.
If a golfer will persist In
growling, ask him what he paid
for his license.
Some golfers should order a
double portion of atmosphere in
order to use both club and
tongue in safety.
When Dame Nature and Hu
man Nature hobnob together
Good Nature says "Me, too."
Excuse Given by Hooper for Drop
ping Fly Ball Must Be Done
Some Time, Says Bodie.
Some years ago Harry Hooper, right
fielder of the Hostoti lied Sox. pur
chased a new glove and used it dur
ing a part of the world's series with
the Giants. In one of the games he
happened to drop a 1'.)' ball of the
kind he usually ate alive.
On his return to the bench Manager
Jake Stab I asked him how he came to
make the error, and Hooper's excuse
was that he had been wearing his new
glove. This was related later at a hotel,
one of the players laughingly saying:
'X. - -í
Harry Hooper.
"Just think of Hooper breaking in a
new mitt in a world's series game."
"Well," remarked Ping Bodie, who
happened to be one of the group, "he
had to break it in some time, didn't
American Bankers' Association Do
nates $200,000 for Suitable Struc
ture for Athletes.
United States Naval academy crews
will be housed in new quarters, which
will be provided from a fund of $2(tt,-
IKM, the gift of the American P.ankers
association. Members of the associa
tion visited Annapolis on the occasion
of their convention at Washington last
year and were astonished at the lack
of suitable bousing for the Olympic
and American championship crews,
and the gift was the result.
TV ' .
... : (
Tax Payers
SflT ..
'j v..'
, ? ,
Sunday Services
FRANK 11. SPECK, Pastor.
Sunday School at 10:00
o'clock, the usual time. "No
man can consider himself
educated, who has not a
knowledge of the Bible."
Public worship at 10:oO
o'clock. The subject of the
sermon will be "Peace."
The Choir will sing "Peace, ,
1 Leave With Thee." j
At 8:00 o'clock in the;
evening, Rev. York of the
Winslow Methodist Episco-
pal Church will deliver the
. An interesting conversa
tionalist in the person of Mr.
Morton of the Mutual Life
of New York paid us a visit
on Memorial day. Among
other out of the ordinary
places that he has visited,
Mr. Morton described the
graves of the grandfather
and grandmother of George
Washington. These graves
are marked by two enormous
cedars, and are kept and re
vered by the county in which
they are situated, i. e. Rich
mond County, Virginia.
California Sprint King Tells How Ha
Happened to Become "Speediest
Man on Earth."
Citarles W. Paddock, University of
Southern California sprint king, who
just broke the world's record for the
20-yard dash, explains how he man
aged to become the "speediest man
on the face of the earth."
"There is no secret to it," he says.
"My success is attributed to good con
dition and a powerful leg drive.
"I 'run with my legs ahead of me,
not behind, as most men do. To de
velop a strong drive and a perfect
stride I always try to keep my feet
and legs in front of me. Too many
Charles W. Paddock.
runners make the mistake of throwing
their bodies forward. The faster they
try to go, the more they tilt them
selves, and consequently they lose
their driving power."
The annual "charity" game at
Dallas, played this spring by
Cleveland Indi;s and Xew
York Giants on March L'O, drew
an overflow crowd of 1!2.!HH to
the Pallas ball park. The re
ceipts go to Dallas charities and
amounted to around .fó.fKM.
The game was worth the money.
Tris Speaker tied the score in
the ninth with a homer at 2 and -and
before the Giants could settle
themselves from the shock the
Indians put over another marker.
Charter Oak Event Replaced by Great
er Charter Oak Stake Divided
Into Three Events.
The Charter Oak stake for S10.000,
feature of the grand circuit races at
Hartford, Conn., will be replaced this
year by he Greater Charter Oak
stakes, purse ?2(l.(HKt. It will be di
vided into three events 2:12 trot,
2:(JS trot and 2:04 trot.
Indian Silk.
There aro 1.H0.()()0 persons In India
ngaged in the production of silk,
"atcii' llirs and ninths of the mul-MTi-v
silk Industry of India are entire
v iloi:ií-t: ateii cr'-.i tures.
"Rush" Work Seldom Good.
It Is all right to be busy, provided
It Is the right kind of busy. Some
people are in a constant state of hurry
which borders on confusion, because
they never begin in time, never make
the right sort of preparation, and never
stop long enough to calm their minds
In order to get their bearings.
I x
l n ir i
We Carry a
and our prices are always in line.
Ask Us For
Babbit Bros. Trading Co.
- p
j ú
j H
Watches : Diamonds : Jewelry
Jewelry Maanfactunng
In Prices of Alarm Clocks for Short Tira
H. W.
Have Ford Mechanics Repair Your Car
The mechanics in our shop who will adjust or re
pair your f ord car, or Ford truck, are men who un
derstand the Ford mechanism and who know th
Ford way of making repairs and replacements,
'ihey are experienced Ford mechanics . and because
al their familiarity with Fcrd cars can do your
work more intelligently and more (uickly than can
other skilled mechanics who lack Ford experience-
The work on your car will be done in a complete
ly equipped shop with timesaving Ford tools and
equipment. Whether your car needs an adjustment
or a thorough overhauling, we are prepared to give
you careful and prompt service. And nothing but
the Genuine Ford-made parts and replacements will
be used. When the work is finished, the charge
will be the reasonable, standard Ford prices.
Our stock of Ford parts is always complete. And
our Ford garage and Ford mechanics are at your
service at any time. We are Authorized Ford Deal
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Drive in or 'phone. Be fair to your car and your
Insist a Genuine Ford Parts
F5a3SEW jas
General Merchandise
The quality
The price
Prompt Delivery
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Full Line of
is highest;
Phone 16.

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