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EVERY Bummer finds. In its bright
cortege, lovely afternoon frocks of
white or of black lace, and they are
always welcome. Good lace cannot go
out of fashion. Women of judgment
' and whose judgment Is Important
never fail to appreciate it. So styles
come and go, all of them interpreted
In laces that make dresses of the most
enduring charm. An occasional season
finds colored laces an Item of impor
tance there is never one that finds
white or black negligible.
In the beautiful afternoon gown pic
tured an all-over white lace, rim with
black, makes a costume that will serve
either for day or evening wear, and
will find few rivals in appropriateness.
By means of the proper accessories it
Is fitted into either background and
this is one of the reasons for the un
failing high esteem In which lace Is
held by women of good Judgment.
In the frock pictured the lace is
ff ST
TUOSE who express their thoughts in
terms of millinery must be at their
happiest when they crete the lovely
hats of midsummer. The gracious days
and nights of summertime, prodigal of
beauty, are written in these lacey and
flowery garnlshings they are truly the
poetry of apparel, and the talent of
the designer blossoms at its best in
While their season lasts, designers
revel in them and the fashion reporter
would willingly cover pages with their
pictures. But four of many gems, as
shown In the picture above, are suffi
cient to reveal the character of this
millinery and the manner in which' It
has been expressed this season.
The wide-brimmed, transparent hat
at the top of the picture might be ap
propriately called a midsummer night's
dream ; It is made- of black matines.
At each side there is a cluster of white
lilies the fragrant, old-fashioned lilies
that bloom in gardens everywhere, re
produced with beautiful fidelity in a
Just below is one of those fine leg
horns that is never out of style. Vel
Spanish Influence.
Swayed by the influence of the
Spanish style evening dresses for
spring and summer wear are of lace.
Not lace of the familiar Ivory or black
necessarily, but laces of bold design
and colors which are equally bold.
Tangerine, scarlet, American beauty,
orange and glowing yellow are not un
usual In the dyed lace gowns. In de
sign the gowns conform more to the
dinner gown than that for formal eve
ning wear. Trains are never seen in
the newest gowns, although skirts may
ft í "rr V
"V"' ,"-V .
draped over a foundation of georgette
crepe and the design simple. The
bodice has elbow sleeves cut in kimo
no style, with front panel of lace and
a noteworthy collar of the georgette,
very full and soft and suggestive of
a fichu. An unpretentious girdle ot
ribbon has ribbon flowers set across
the front and they are made to corre
spond with the colors in the summery
Dresden silk parasoL This parasol Is
Just the right accompaniment for the
wide-brimmed hat of white georgette,
with a long spray of flowers trailing
across Its drooping brim. White silk
hose and kid pumps round out a per
fect afternoon toilette for smart occa-
sions. By means of a more elaborate
sash or girdle, a different headdress, a
suitable fan and perhaps even dressier
slippers, one can imagine this frock
maklntr a triumph In the evening. It
is of the sort that does not grow tire.
vet does not belong to summer, but
the artist, who created this bit ol
headwear, has been audacious enough
to use It for a binding and a soft
crown. One discovers the method in
this madness when the wreath of pond
lilies is considered : against the deep
background their waxen whiteness
stands out most vividly.
A pale and misty blue in crepe de
chine makes the charming small ha!
at the right veiled with fine prettj
white lace, . run with black. This 1
a charming hat for matrons who have
progressed beyond the wide-brimmed
picturesque shapes Just described. The
last hat pictured Is made of black
hair braid and has a drooping double
brim bound with old blue silk. A
wreath of garden roses -vith theli
foliage lies across the brim and a
cluster of roses droops from It at the
right side. The face is framed by
bandeau of little button roses.
be draped and looped In an uneven
hem line.
London Hats Are Red.
Red Is the dominant note in all the
fine summer hats being shown tj
leading milliners in London. Shades
include lacquer, sealing-wax, rose-red
and smoked salmon.
Coffee In Cookies.
Cold coffee used instead of water In
making molasses or ginger cookiei
gives them a delightful flavor.
if I - ' m
Furnished by
Washington D.C.
(We ura .Nmptpcr UnJoa Nm
Dairy Product.
Butter markets uteadv to firm dur
ing week, with prices ranging; half cent
to one cent higher than a weak ago.
uuanty runnintr Kood for season. Ac
tive movement into storage. Holding's
at four large wholesale markets hav
ins; been increased approximately 6,-
uuu.uuu pounds the past week: most o
this butter stored at Chicago. Closing
prices, S2 score: New York. S4c; Chi
cago, 33c; .Philadelphia, 34c; Jos
ton, 3oc.
Cheese markets for most part active
during the week. Considerable letup
In demand for storage purposes. Qual
ity showing effect of hot weather, pro-
auction continues heavy. iTlces
Wisconsin primary markets average
Twins, 13iic; Daisies. 14c: Double
Daisies, 13c: Longhorns, 14ftc
loung Americas, lac.
Market unsettled during the week
with trade Hunt and mainly loeal
Rains delaying harvest in Kansas and
Oklahoma. In northern sections pre
mature ripening of wheat reported ac
count continued dry and hot weather.
Weakness in stock and cotton markets
was factor influencing declines Id
grain markets. Corn under pressure
at times account slow cash demand
and prospects for continued accumula
tion of stocks. Movement exceeding
expectations and more than ample for
all requirements. In Chicago cash
market No. 2 red winter wheat. 11.40
No. 2 hard, $1.43; No. 3 mixed corn,
61c; No. S yellow corn. íle: No. white
oats, S7c. For the week Chicago Sep
tember wheat up 2c at $1.23 V; Sep
tember corn unchanged at H4c Jhl
cago July wheat up 2c at $1.30
July corn up half cent at 63c. Mlnne
apolla July wheat down lttc at 11.33
Kansas City July uo lc at tl.2H4
Winnipeg July up 3c at $1.7.
Movement of hay continues very
light. Eastern markets dull. Most al
faifa arriving Kansas City hot and out
of condition. Good grades steady but
poor hay hard to sell. Southern
buyers taking some alfalfa from Okla
homa and New Mexico, but waiting for
new crop or timothy. uuoted: no.
1 timothy. New York. $28.60: Philadel
phla, $23; Cincinnati, $19.50; Chicago,
izi.ou; Memphis. JÜB: Atlanta, izo
Minneapolis. $18. No. 1 alfalfa, At
lanta. $28: Memphis. $20. No. 1 prairie,
Kansas City, 13?50; Minneapolis, $1.
Further declines in feed prices in
many markets due largely to rood pas
turage and increased output of mills.
Much storing of feed reported. Bran
quoiea at six umana. in eastern ter
rltory bran freely offered at $2$; mid
dllngs, $23.26. Cottonseed and linseed
meal down about $1. Cornfeed prices
well maintained by manufacturers. De
mand and movement light, uuoted
Bran. $14; middlings, $14.25; linseed
meal, $27. Minneapolis; 38 per cent
cottonseed meal. $29 Memphis; white
nominy reed. 123.50 St. Louis: JZ4.G0
Chicago, no l alfalfa meal, sis JK-an
sas City. Gluten feed, $27.60 Chicago,
' Fruits and Vegetables.
California Salmon Tint cantaloupes
recovered 10c per crate at shipping
oints: standards 45 a closing S1.60U
1.85. f. o. b. cash track. Prices down
76c per crate in most consuming mark
ets, closing S3.00W3.7.
Florida Tom Watson watermelons,
medium sizes steady in New York at
$500 to $700 per car. Demand good
ana nauitngs heavy at ueorgia ship
ping points, prices ranging from $225
to $500 f. o. b. cash track to (rowers.
Spot cotton prices declined 64 points
the past week, closing at 10.03c per
id. iMew iorK juiy lutures down ss
points at iu.bic
Live Stock and Meats.
Chicago hog prices advanced 45c to
55c per 100 lbs the past week. Better
grades or beer steers up 10c to 16c;
other grades weak to 25c lower. Cows
and heifers down 25c to 35c Veal
calves up 50c to 76c. Lamb prices
show net advances at EOc to 75c. Fat
ewes gained 60c to $1. Chicago prices:
nog, top, SB.5; bulk of sales, IS.30(S
8.5a; medium and good beef steers,
$7.25 8.75: butcher cows and heifers.
$4.00 0)8.25; feeder steers, $5.7607.75;
light and medium weight veal calves.
$8.00! 10.25: fat lambs. $9.50012.60:
yearlings. $6.25 4 9.75: fat ewes. 32.74
Beef and pork loins declined in east
ern wholesale fresh meat markets.
Beef down 50c to $1.50: pork loins. $1
to $2 per 100 lbs. Lamb generally
weak to $1 lower; veal and mutton
only slightly changed. Prices good
grade meats: Beef, $14.0045)15.50; veal
Jlb.uuir ix.uu: lamo. SZ0.0US2Z5.0U: mut
ton. $10.00 16.00; light pork loins.
Sis.uuiizi.uu; heavy loins, iio.uuifli
18. uu.
A slow draggy trade reported In the
cattle market. Supplies have been
heavy. Demand has been limited, save
for the better grades of stock, and the
movement has been slow. values on
most grades of heavy cattle reduced
10 to 15 cents. Lightweight cattle and
yearlings not far from steady. Heavy
weight steers being quoted largely
around the $7.25 mark. Strictly choice
from' $7.40 to $7.60, with common
prades on a corresponding basis, rear
lings were quoted up to $8.00. CoWs
and heifers met with a nominal outlet
Good cows were quoted from $6.00 to
36.40. with fair grades at S5.00 to 15.50,
and more common types at $4.75 and
Tradinr- in the hog market has been
slow. Although supplies have been
heavy and included a fair percentage
of good choice stock, trading has been
quiet. Quotations were unevenly, low
er, with the general run of stock reg-
Mterintr a decline or is to 2b cents.
Top was reached at $8.35. Pigs have
been In fair demand at prices rancring
up to $7.35.
Trading has been slow in the sheep
market. Quotations on spring Iambs
ranged up to $7.00. with ewes up to
$4.50 and clipped lambs up to $3.50.
Metal Market.
Colorado settlement prices:
Bar silver (American).... f .9954
Bar silver (foreign) .63
Copper $ .13 .1314
Lead 4.40
Zinc 4.46
Corn. No. 3 yellow, per cwt $1.08
Corn, No. 2 mixed, per cwt 1.02
Wheat, No. 1, per bushel 1.00
Oats, per cwt 1.36
Barley, per cwt 1.05
Timothy. No. 1. ton $19.50
Timothy. No. 3, ton 18.00
South Park. No. 1, ton 18.00
South Park. No. 2. ton 16.60
Second bottom. No. 1, ton 13.00
Second bottom. No. 2, ton 12.00
Alfalfa, ton 15.00
Straw, ton 6.00
An extraordinary county seat con
test Is at its height in western Wyo
ming a contest wherein the chief con
tenders are not the towns desiring to
be designated as county seats, but
towns which are the seats of govern
ment of neighboring counties. Bock
Springs, county seat of Sweetwater
county, is backing Pinedale for selec
tion as county seat of the new county
of Sublette and Is said to be fi
nancing Plnedale's energetic campaign
and Kemmerer, county seat of Lin
coln county, is backing Daniel In the
Sublette county contest.
BILL BY G. 0. P.
$700,000,000 TARIFF EXPECTED
(Western Newspaper Cnion Nen Sertlee.)
Washington, June 30. The adminis
tration's permanent tariff bill has
been Introduced In the House of Rep
resentatives and has been made public.
No explanatory statements accom
panied the introduction of the meas
ure as heretofore has been customary
and no official estimate was made of
the revenue It is expected to return.
Unofficial estimates by members of
the ways and means committee, how
ever, placed the expected return as
high as $700,000,000 a year. The
Payne-Aldrlch law in the normal pre
war years produced a little more than
An estimate of how the whole bill
compares with the Payne-Aldrich law
would be possible only through a de
tailed study by tariff experts, because
the schedules of the new bill are in
many cases not framed In parallel
with the schedules of the Payne law.
In comparison with the Underwood
tariff law of the Wilson administra
tion the new bill removes many ar
ticles from the free list, although it
leaves a large list free of duty. Includ
ing print paper, wood pulp, leather
and harness and agricultural imple
ments. It raises the duties on the
great bulk of Imports already being
taxed. It has made no notable ad
ditions to the free list.
Comparison of the wool schedule
with schedule K of the Payne-Aldrich
bill, over which a bitter fight was
waged In Congress, showed material
reductions In a number of Instances.
In the items of hose and gloves the
duty fixed by the committee was 30
cents a pound and 25 per cent ad val
orem duty in addition, while in the
Payne bill the rate was 44 cents a
pound and 60 per cent ad valorem.
Clothing, as fixed In the bill, carries
20 cents a pound and 25 per cent, as
against 44 cents a pound and 60 per
cent in the Payne measure.
, The same degree of shading was
made by the committee in knit fao-
rics, at 25 cents a pound and 20 per
cent ad valorem, against the former
Republican rate of 33 to 44 cents a
pound and 50 to 55 per cent ad valor
Republican members of the commit
tee declared that the rates on wool
were much below the Payne-Aldrich
The committee put a tax of 35 cents
a barrel on crude and 25 cents a bar
rel on fuel oil.
Finished lumber was kept on the
free list. Shingles, however, were
taxed in the lumber schedule, but
many other items were not.
New and Old Tariff Compared.
Tungsten ore, per lb., new bill, 45c,
Underwood law, 15 per cent ; cattle,
per lb., new bill, .01c, Underwood law,
free; beef, per lb., new bill, .02c; Un
derwood law, free; hogs, per lb., new
bill, .01 c, Underwood law, free; but
ter, per lb., new bill, ,08c, Underwood
law, .02 c; apples, per bushel, new
bill, 25c, Underwood law, 10c ; hay, per
ton, new bill, $4, Underwood law, $2;
sugar, per lb., new bill, .0116c, Under
wood law, ,0071c.
Discover Plot Against British Minister
London. Special precautions are
being taken to protect all the British
cabinet ministers in consequence of
the discovery of a plot to murder.
them, according to the Sketch. The
paper says the police are seeking
three men sent to London by certain
organizations abroad for the purpose
of assassinating the ministers. One
of these men it describes as a French
medical student, a member of a Paris
secret society ; another an Irishman
from western United States, and the
third a Spaniard of Irish extraction.
Disabled Youth Saves Sister's Life.
Topeka, Kan. Frank Herceldshei-
mer, Jr., 15, who has been confined to
bed for two months with rheumatism,
Is the hero of his part. of town. When
his sister, 6 years old, fell in the cis
tern Frank jumped out of bed and
dived in after her. He succeeded In
holding her above water until aidar
rived. The girl was unconscious when
pulled from the cistern, but was re
Arrested for Inciting Negroes.
New York. Morris Sorner, a cloth
ing cutter, has been arrested on
charges of distributing circulars ex
horting negroes to mob violence. The
circulars, which were signed "Execu
tive Committee . of the Communist
Party of America," charged that bus
iness men of Tulsa provoked and par
ticipated in the recent race riots there.
Sorner told the police he had been em
ployed by persons unknown to him to
distribute the pamphlets.
Paper Mill Workers to Arbitrate.
New York. An arbitration agree
ment has been signed by union work
ers at all the paper mills in this coun
try and Canada, with the exception of
the International Paper Company. The
workers had been on strike since
May 1. The workers will return at
the wage scale In effect when they
walked out, and will abide by th
decision of an arbitration board of
. ,i,..kAt , - , I
are entitled to introduce a wage cut
Are You Human?
A little baby. A little cbild. Don't they appeal to you? Doesn't your
heart yearn to pick them up, to cuddle them close to you, to shield them
from all harm? sure it does else you're not human. Being human you love
them. Their very helplessness makes you reach out in all your strength to aid
them. In health there's no flower so beautiful. . In illness there's no night sa
Save them then. Use every precaution. Take no chance.'
When sickness comes, as sickness will, remember it's just a baby, just a
child and if the Physician isn't at hand don't try some remedy that you may
have around the house for your own use.
Fletcher's Castoria was made especially for babies' ills and you can usa
it with perfect safety as any doctor will tell you. Keep it in the house.
1 tinglheStomacnS andBggSrf
neither CDiamMorphui"";
HincraL NotNAhcox
I to
Snn .
r SJ
t-.-efchness and
Exact Gopy of Wrapper.
None to Spare.
Government Index figures of health
fulness are above ninety, but they re
late to horses, cattle and swine. What
Index figure would fit the children?
Boston Transcript
There ia only one medicine that really
stands out pre-eminent as a medicine for
curable ailments of the kidneys, liver and
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root stands the
highest for the reason that it has proven
to be just the remedy needed in thousands
upon thousands of distressing! cases.
Swamp-Root makes friends quickly be
cause its mild and immediate effect is soon
realized in most cases. It is a gentle,
healing vegetable compound.
Start treatment at once. Sold at all
drug stores in bottles of two sizes, Be-li-um
and large.
However, if yon wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y for a
sample bottle. When writing be sure and
mention tais paper.
"She ought to be happy." "Why?"
"Her husband seems as fond of her as
he is of his golf."
Oh How Glorious to Be Free
From Rheumatism's Tortures !
Jnst suppose yon could be free
from your deepseated, agonizing
rheumatic aches and pains, your
stiff joint3 and unsightly swellings!
Wouldn't you give anything to get
rid of them?
You have doubtless
rubbed on outside treat
ments; most rheumatism
sufferers have. Some of
these take the edge off
the terrible pains for a
few hours, but they do
not strike at the cause,
'Which nearly always lies
K'l i n "M 'y, " 'h
His Busy Day.
A solemn-faced individual wan
dered into the office of Mr. Dubwaite,
who was up to his eyes in work.
"My brother," said the solemn vis
itor, "I come to you with a message."
"Hand It to one of my clerks," an
swered Mr. Dubwaite, as his pen con
tinued to trace his signature at the
bottom of business letters. "He'll
sign for it and bring It to my atten
tion If It contains anything that
ahem requires my attention." Paul
Cook, In the Birmingham Age-Herald.
If a lonesome man has no family
circle to "Jaw" In, he will do It In a
street car.
w I
7 v
Do the People Know?
Do you know why you are asked to call for Fletcher's Castoria
when you want a child's remedy: why yon must insist on Fletcher's?
For years wo have been explaining how the popularity cf
Fletcher's Castoria has brought out innumerable imitations, sub
stitutes and counterfeits.
To protect the babies: to shield the homes and in defense of
generations to come we appeal to the better judgment of parents to
insist on having Fletcher's Castoria when in need of a child's med
icine. And remember above all things that a child's medicine is
made for children a medicine prepared for grown-ups is not inter
changeable. A baby's food for a baby. And a baby's medicine is
just as essential for the baby.
The Castoria Recipe (it's on every wrapper) has been prepared by
the same hands in the same manner for so many years that the signa
ture of Chas. Tí. Fletcher and perfection in the product are synonymous.
Bears the
Didn't Count Much.
First Critic You don't attach much
Importance to the applause the actors
are getting.
Second Critic Not much. There Is
bound to be applause. You can't ex
pect an audience to sit still the. whole
evening and do nothing. London An
swers. Sure
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
Girls! Girls!!
Clear Your Skin
With Cuticura
Soap 25c, OmtsMBt 25 tai 50c, Tslcia 25c
in the poisoned, impoverished blood.
When this is so, you need an in
ternal remedy, one that will take
out the impurities that are tortur
ing you, one like famous S.S.S.,
which has relieved thousands of
cases of rheumatism all over the
country just this way.
Get S.S.S. from your
druggist today, and after
starting with it write us
a history of your case,
addressing Chief Medical
Advisor, 877 Swift Lab
oratory, Atlanta, Geor
"You will never get anywhere un
less you have higher Ideals than this,"
preached the woman to whose door
the tramp had applied for assistance.
"Are you really content to spend your
life walking around the country beg
ging?" "No, lady," answered Weary Willie.
"Many's the time Tve wished I had an
auto." American Legion Weekly.
The pessimist derives his pleasure
from trying to spoil the pleasure of
"Getting busy" often takes a hard
fall out of a fit of the blues.
n.4 I i I
J VJ vsu u
Cry For
n Vf
Signature of
Too Much Welfaring.
People for countless generation
have survived and thriven without aid:
of legislation for their welfare. The
world Is being welfared too much.
Much of the object Is to create Job
for welfarers. Portland Oregonlan,
If you feel pride In the Ann's suc
cess and anxiety over Its troubles,
you'll do.
If It Is really what you want, yon
hardly ever can get It at a cheese
paring price.
Western Ganada
Offsrs Healfh 2nd Weslih
and has brought contentment and hippiu
to thousands of home seekers and theu ts
lies who have started on her FREE homesteads
or bought land at attractive prices. They bsv
established their own homes and secured pros,
perirv and independence. In the great grai
growing sections of the prairie provinces there
is still to be had on easy terms)
Fertile Land at SI5 to $33 an Aert
land similar to that which through many
years has yielded from 20 to 45 traabela
of wheat to the acre oata, barley and la
also in great abundance, while ra
horses, cattle, sheep and hoga is equally
profitable. Hundreds of farmers in Western
Canada have raised crops in a single season
worth more than the whole cost of tbeir Und.
Healthful climate, good neighbors, churches,
schools, rural telephone, excellent markets
and shipping facilities. The climate and sod
offer inducements for almost every branch cs
agriculture. The advantages for
Dalrylnar, Mixed Farming . ,p,
and Stock Raisins
make a tremendous appeal to industrióos Mr fi
settlers wishing to improve their circum- t5,
stances. For certificate entitling yoa
ii rcuuuvu railway mn, 11111911 OIQU is
literature, maps, description of tana "
uiiijuriuuiucv 111 mmiiLuua, nr
katchewan. Alberta and bn
ti&h Columbia, etc write
Bseni 4, Bs Building
Omaha, Nab.
mmm baiaaixatioA,
Every Girl Nine to Ninety
Must Have Some
Add that latest touch to any coartara toy
warlnff dainty, aJl-aeaaon Orvandy Flovertm.
Best Broomed lad lea ail wearing them. Ex
quisito bouquet petite rosea, assorted eolorst
regularly selling about two do 11 ara. pomt peX
for only one dollar with names and ad
dresses of five of your friends. Guarantee.
to please you. Ask for plan to furnlob, ma
terial ana teacn you- luis DitiAAi, w
126 niAmxoiu JACKS
I bava a bargain for yoa. coma onicft.
Cadar Baplda, Iowa
MtrnniT imflm w n i
rnctu Ota ta t Xmm 4rnrit ot te.
MU. U. Ffm IhMk. Dr. C. K Sot-v
California Fetroleuni Co., Ill City Hall. Baat
Francisco, Calif., has sais and highly rms
neratlve Investment. Dividends arterly.
rio Lloro Hisory
After Eating
Just Takom An Eatonla
"The first dose of Eatonlc did zn
wonders. I take it at meals and ana
no longer bothered with Indigestion."
writes Mrs. Ellen Harris.
Thousands of people, like this dear
lady, gratefully testify about Eatonlc.
which does Its wonders by taking tip
and carrying out the excess acidity and
gases which bring on indigestion,
heartburn, bloating, belching and food
repeating. Acid stomach also causes
about seventy other non-organic ail
ments. Protect yourself. A big box
of Eatonlc costs but a trifle with yoor
drugglst's guarantee.

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