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Iowa Town May Become Another Klondike
To Make the Education of the Public
School Children More Practical
By MARY KING SHERMAN, General Federation of Women's Clubs
jtt.t Contents 15"FluidDfaoln
I - "! ...
A few weeks ago Bernard Smith, a
a guy wire through a layer of from 6
was positive the layer contained gold.
report showed that the gravel will run
of gold hunters to Graettlnger, and
main street of the town and, at the
Austria Specializes
of Begging and
People Have Lost Every Sense of Dignity and Their Whole Charac
ter, French Journalist Says Country Has Come to
Look Upon Help From Abroad as Matter
of Course
New TorU. An Interesting picture
of conditions In Austria is given in the
following article written for the New
York Herald by W. John Lenglet, a
French journalist attached to the
Japanese military mission in Vienna:
After having been a year in Austria
I have come to the conclusion that the
country specializes in the art of beg
ging and insulting. These two faults
combined have been brought to such
a height that the people have lost
every sense of dignity and their whole
This is specially clear to the for
eigner who stays a good deal in Vienna.
The foreigner who merely passes
through brings nothing back but a
remembrance of more or less gay eve
nings and of fantastic figures of worth
less currency; but he who has to live
there and take part in the everyday
life of Vienna, especially if he take
the trouble to look deeply into the
heart of things, is certainly convinced
that side by side with a certain misery
In the lower middle classes and priva
tions among the upper classes, there
exists among the new rich "sehieb
ers" an indifference to all the Inter
ests of Austria which is hardly believ
able. The "schleber" may be the. middle
man of business transactions, or even
the business man quite simply. The
"schleber" is also the "bucket shop
keeper," who speculates illegally In
exchange, who leads the freihandel
(free commerce), and it Is he who
piles up bundles of bank notes, a
single one of which he will not spend
unless it bring him the equivalent in
pleasures or goods. The interest of Itis
country? He laughs at it as at a
splendid joke the starving children
can be looked after by foreigners. He
can eat white bread and he does so
without scruple. He can drink cham
pagne at 3,000 crowns a bottle. He
provides his wife with magnificent furs
and precious Jewels. He knows no
duty but that of spending the money,
which he has gained by exploiting his
countrymen In pleasures and luxuries.
He is the unmoral being who has
sprung from the Austrian soil since
misery spread over the land.
The Valuta All Important
When the little bourgeois or shop
keeper smells the foreigner, he imme
diately sizes up his "Valute. Tou are
treated in accordance with the value
of your national currency and the shop
man tries to convince you that if he
charges you three times as much as
Austrians are charged he is still
rendering you a great service: "Was
ciacht das denn In Ihre Valute?"
What does it matter compared to
the value of your money?) This be
comes as familiar as the greeting you
fet when you go into a shop. If you
tre good nutured you will simply
accept this as part of the business.
Worse things exist, for the Austrian
has brought the art of hedging to such
a pitch that he has made the whole
world believe in him. and the whole
world England and the United States
at the head allows itself to be fooled !
Committees have been, formed Aus
tria has been helped on every side
her children have been sent to every
country to be nourished and cared for;
and when they come hack from these
countries, dressed in new clothes and
Improved morally and physically, their
parents say : After all, it is not much
. . . you see, the clothes are not
chic; the stuff is not of the best quality,
and the food, well, they do not trouble
much about food over there."
However, when one of their chil
dren comes back, they do their best to
Mnd another over to the same condi
tions . . . that means another
less to bother about !
The man who lives in Vienna and
reads advertisements in the English
papers about starving Vienna cannot ,
Expects to Get 30,000 Pribilof Pelts
in Summer Drive This
Seattle, Wash. Sealskin coats as
many as can be made from about 30,
000 skins will be the objective this
summer In the government's drive on
Its seal preserves on the Pribilof
Islands, whlc'i 0 In the Bering sea,
f A''Rl.-fi
farmer living one mile southeast of Graettlnger, la., was digging a hole to set
to 8 inches of dark-colored gravel, lie could see the glistening of mica and
He rushed some of the gravel to Des Moines and Chicago, and the essay
$26.92 per ton, $21.50 being in gold.
the place promises to become another
right, Mr. Smith at the hole where he
help pitying the naivete of the peo
ple in England and other countries
who send money for the children who
are supposed to be dying In the
streets. These advertisements are
only a speculation on the good faith
of the public; and the public who
subscribe are robbed twice over; first
of their confidence ; secondly, of their
I do not suggest that the commit
tees who Insert these advertisements
are not acting in good faith, but that
they are themselves victims to the
exploitations of the Austrians and
journalists in Austrian pay, who are
determined to get as much sympathy
for Austria and as much money as
possible out of the foreigner.
At one time the Austrian was In
need of material help. This help was
given him so generously that he ex
pects it to go on forever.
Mulcted by Drivers.
What do some guilders, francs, dol
lars or pounds matter to the foreign
er? "Na, Ja, aber mit thren Valu
teu!" (Well, with the value of their
money) . . . and as the value of
outside money is better than' Austrian
currency, why should not the for
eigner help Austria? At least that is
how the Austrian reasons. He never
asks himself who created this situ
ation in his land.
In all classes you meet the same
phenomenon. For Instance, If you
take a taxi, when you arrive at your
door the driver asks you smilingly
for twice the amount you ought to
pay. If you protest, he says "But,
sir, what does it matter with the val
ue of your money?" So far he is
very polite; but If you maintain your
refusal, and you only pay the amount
registered on the taximeter, with a
certain tip let us say 10 per cent
showers of abuse follow you into
your house.
At a restaurant the head waiter is
very cringing when you give your
orders. At the end of the meal, how
ever, when you ask for your bill, he
starts by making mistakes to his
own advantage, of course, which by
chance, you may find out and have
the bill changed. Then you give hiui
10 per cent as a tip. The head waiter
goes away and sends you the service
waiter. Another tip required. Think
ing yourself very generous, you with
draw from the table when you sud
denly hear the "buttons" exclaim:
"Damned Frénenle (or any other na
tionality, which this future head
waiter considera you), not a single
heller for" a tip!
I must except the large restaurants,
the staffs of which have been em
ployed before the war in other coun
tries. These are satisfied with 10 per
cent on the bill. However, one can
not go continually to the big restau
rants with the present high prices.
lou are treated in the same way
by the shopkeeper and other people
who have put themselves into public
service. The method Is only varied
according to the education they pos
sess. In short, the foreigner in Aus
tria must allow himself to be bled
from every vein If he wishes to live
in peace.
Since the note of the French gov
ernment, in the name of all the allied
governments, threatening to withdraw
all help from Austria in the event
of her uniting with Germany, the
hatred felt by the rescued for their
rescuers rises to the surface. Every
conversation between an Austrian and
a foreigner Is full of underlying bit
terness. The conversations which
the Austrians hold among themselves
In public places, regardless of the
strangers within their midst, are full
of unimaginable Insults. Their hatred
does not extend only to the allies, but
there even exists resentment against
their beneficiaries, the neutrals. The
Slaughter of the Pribilof seals be
gan this year In June and will con
tinue through the summer months, it
was announced here recently. Last
year 28,000 seals were taken and this
year It is hoped to get 30,000.
Recently the U. S. S. Saturn of the
Navy department's transport service
arrived here to load supplies for the
annual summer campaign on the
islands. The Saturn Is taking to the
Prlbliofs eight expert furriers from
a St. Louis firm which acts as the
fi.el.lins agent for the government.
't -Til '.p
' :': , O Vv M
Since then there has been a great rush
Klondike. The Illustration shows the
found the gold.
in Art
Dutch and Scandinavians have earned
a lot of money. The South Ameri
cans are rich. And all this shows that
they should come to the help of Aus
tria. The Austrians think that only
fair. They do not expect otherwise.
With the allies, especially those of
the entente, it Is quite - another mat
ter. The entente had dared to refuse
the credits requested? What á pity
Its prisoners were not allowed to
starve during the war! The entente
does not want us to join Germany?
Well, we shall do so without its per
mission. The time will come when we
will ally with Germany to fight the
That is the reasoning of the German-Austrian,
who the pre-war Ger
man declared was Just good enough
to black the boots of the German
I have experienced moments during
which the Austrian absence of char
acter has been made clearly obvious.
I returned in the company of my,
wife and one of her friends one eve
ning from Baden, a little mountain
ous place, where one goes for week;
ends. As my companions were Eng
llsh we talked English. The tramcar,
capable of carrying about forty pas
sengers, presently filled up. Once on
the way a man standing up, a typical
German, started a propaganda against
foreigners, and pointing to us desig
nated us as English or Americans.
He mixed himself up in our conver
sation. He insulted us offensively in
The whole compartment, consisting
of all sorts and conditions of trav
elers, supported this man. Vulgar
coarseness succeeded to the Insults
and jokes. Everything and all were
passed in review, the allied govern
ments and their chiefs, even Presi
dent Wilson was not forgotten. In
fact, he was spoken of most of all
because these people took me for an
American. Then they went on to
more personal matters ourselves, our
clothes, everything was analyzed and
ridiculed. The most revolting things
were said by the best-dressed men,
and women Joined in with-degraded
delight. The tram conductor laughed.
I pretended not to understand. The
only thing to do with these brutes.
I even heard somebody make a sug
gestion to throw ns out of the tram
at the next stopping place.
The starving children of Austria ex
ist mostly in the imagination of those
who earn an easy living by begging.
As a matter of fact, one does not see
more sickly-looking children in Vienna
than in any other large town. If
help were given to the children of the
poor, of the unemployed, of the de
mobilized soldiers without means of
subsistence in England, America and
France such charity would be put to
a far better use.
Waste of Coal and Light.
In order to save coal, France and
England ordered the dancing saloons
and theaters to be closed earlier in the
evening. Austria did nothing of the
kind. Everything was illuminated a
I.'i piorno till midnight. It did not
matter if her subjects paid 8 kronen
a kilogram for coal and her factories
were obliged to stop work for lack of
1) lute lit lllliAL lilliua nutra yiiirz a
best to produce, the slightest Incident
here creates a strike. People take
the l.'ost futile pretext to have an ex
tra day of rest and all the same they
have the courage to complain I
Nobody deprives himself of pleas
ure. "One is prepared to do without
anything except enjoyment. It is not
true that the people who go out in
the evenings are all foreigners. List
en to the languages spoken In the
dancing saloons and cafes. Viennese
German and pure German predomi
nate. .Look at the lines outside the
theaters where German plays are be
ing produced. Austrians certainly
form the majority of the frequenters.
Look also at the rows of taxis around
the football field on Sundays, when
two local clubs meet. I have seen
more than 500 of them. It is not the
foreigner who pays 2,000 kronen or
more to drive to the place where the
gme goes on. -
Steals Baby's Bathtub.
Chicago. The "meanest thief" is
being sought by the Marquette police.
He invaded the rear porch of the home
of Henry Rumph, 2049 Fluornoy
street, and stole a small metal bath
tub used by Mrs. Rumph In bathing
her daughter Florence, two years old.
More than 25 per cent of the tex
tile factories In Spain have closed
down for an Indefinite period. The
balance are working on a three-day-a-weelc
partment title,
com prehensively
cation" includes
education, of
demic teaching by schedule. It
; )
that will be alwaj'S useful. It must deal with the realities of the environ
ment of the individual. It must make clear the homely truths of every
day life. It must concern itself with
ical world around us. It must give
and spiritual worth of nature's methods and processes. And it must be
education that results in a tangible, vital force in the consciousness of the
The department is working for open county conferences in every county
of every state. The purpose is to bring together the women of each county,
to 6how them their community needs and how they may co-operate through
community groups and to point,out
eration of Women's Clubs may be
voted to the consideration of the work of the three divisions of the applied
education department education, home economics and conservation of
natural resources.
The beneficial "effects of these open county conferences, followed by
community group co-operation, cannot be overestimated. This program
makes the women Bee for themselves their own home and community needs
and shows them how these may be met. It is based upon action instead
of theory and actually functions in the lives of women. It stimulates
initiative, inspires and develops leadership and increases the sense of indi
vidual responsibility to the community. It results in the development of
better American citizens.
United States' Foreign Trade Policy
Should Be Live and Let Live
By FRANK A. VANDERLIP, New York Financier
The very necessity of her situation will compel Germany to organize
her industries on the most efficient
duction costs. It is up to us to
greater efficiency, not for the purpose
but simply to maintain our position.
Our foreign trade policy should
in the case of both England and Germdty, their existence as great nations
depends upon their ability to export great quantities of goods. Their ex
port trade is vital to them. "With us foreign trade is important but not
- There had been developed over
the greatest intricacy and delicacy for the exchange of goods among na
tions. The war smashed this machine into bits. It will require time,
great intelligence and much patience to put it together again.
With No Revolvers, the Holdup Man's
Victims Would Have a Chance
Citizen disarmament ! Aside from world disarmament there is noth
ing so important to civilization.
This is my opinion and incidentally explains why I have "inserted in
(several newspapers an advertisement
"I will pay $1,000 to anyone who
revolver manufacturing industry should be allowed to exist in America
and enjoy the facilities of the mails."
The revolver always has been and
It is merely a weapon for the thug, the holdup man and the murderer.
It is impossible to turn to any useful purpose, as one uses the rifle or
shotgun. Where would our holdup man, doing such a thriving business
in Chicago today, be, if he could not get hold of a revolver? He couldn't
very well go round packing a shotgun or rifle, and if he carried only a
piece of lead pipe or club the victim would at least have a fighting chance.
I have long been convinced the revolver should go and the advertise
ment is the first of a series to arouse public sentiment against it as the
initial step toward a bill in congress banning, the making of small firearms.
Matrimonial Happiness Wrecked by
Helpmeets Who Wouldn't Talk
Novelists have devoted carlods of paper and barrels of ink in making
people believe the most unfortunate of husbands is the one who has a talka
tive wife. But they're all wrong. Fifty per cent of the men who come
to my court seeking a divorce have had their chances for matrimonial hap
piness wrecked by wives who wouldn't talk. The most dangerous sort of a
helpmate is the woman who sulks. I believe the majority of unhappy
husbands are tired of their wives because the latter sulk and refuse to talk
when they are displeased with something the husband has or has not done.
When a man says, "Dear, did you have a good time at the movie, this
afternoon ?" and the wife answers by tilting her chin in the air and calmly
ignoring the fact that her husband has addressed her, there's going to be
You see, a man is vain. He thinks every statement he makes should
be csref ally heeded. When his wife
to talk, his pride is hurt. Frequently he tries the same plan. Then it is
not very long until the home is as quiet as a tomb and the air is charged
with divorce electricity.
Saburo Shimada, Japanese orator
gering under the pressure of the evergrowing burdens of naval and mili
tary expenditures, so that the limitation
enthusiastic reception from all peoples. A restriction of armaments can
be realized if an understanding is arrived at between the United States,
Great Britain and Japan.
Senator James E. Watson of Indiana We should make definite ar
rangements with our debtors to pay a fixed amount each year, whatever
the sum, so that we may nave definite assurances of just how much we may
exoect from that quarter.
Applied Education, as a General Federation de
is so new that a definition from our
viewpoint is justified and is found in one of the pur
poses of the department. This purpose is, in brief,
to make the education of public school children more
In this 1921 civilization "practical" cannot be
defined. Nevertheless, "Applied Edu
certain essentials. It must be real
practical value as contrasted with aca
must give the pupil facts and training
the nature and working of the phys
full value to the educational, economic
the ways in which the General Fed
of service. These conferences are de
possible basis, which means low pro
meet German efficiency with equal or
of killing off German foreign trade,
be live and let live, recognizing that
a period of many years a machine of
Chicago Restaurant Man
reading thus:
will give one good reason why the
still is a menace to any community.
SABATH, Chicago
attempts to chastise him by refusing
The nations of the world are stag
of armaments will meet with an
I A&0tAfcfcIefláraúoDlbr3
2 :-,;t;thíFood bvBeéula.-
I tinétheStomuisawlBwclsrf
neither Optam,Morpnifleu'
Mineral. NotNahcot
iSnm -
a clrvfMlDomedvfcC
facsimile Sántof
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
No Backbone.
"Golf spine'" is the latest occupa
tional complaint announced by the
medlcnl profession. We'll never have
It. Our golf has always been of the
spineless variety.-HDetroit Free Press.
About the best way to Induce a wo
man to keep a secret Is to keep it to
Got Skin Disease?
A great part of the maddening
and mortifying skin troubles that
plague humanity are due solely to
disorders of the blood. Belief from
these can be had only by removing
from your blood stream
the impurities that cause
the itching.
For this you must take
an internal blood remedy.
Outside applications have
no effect on the cause of
the torture. Their relief
is shortlived. You must
Possibility That That State May Be
come Center of Culture of Fruit
in the World.
Within a few years the Saltón sea
basin, near Indio, Cal., may become
the center of the world's date culture,
thanks to the efforts of the Depart
ment of Agriculture. For nearly twenty
years the bureau of plant Industry hns
been endeavoring to procure shoots of
the date palms which bear the fruit.
known commercially as the Saldy, or
Wahl, and Sewl varieties. So difficult
was the source of the splendid fruit
to trace that, up to 1913, only a few
shoots had been procurable. At that
time an Immense grove of 200,000 of
the palms In the oasis of Dakhla, Tunis,
was discovered.
Negotiations for the purchase of
specimens having been satisfactorily
concluded, the collection of the shoots
was begun. That It was slow Is ac
counted for by the fact that a tree puts
forth only twenty to thirty shoots dur
ing Its lifetime. However, the collec
tion was Anally completed and the
work of setting out 2,800 of the young
trees will be started within the near
future. Popular Mechanics Magazine.
It is a great feat to build a house
of a sort that all the neighbors admire
The rosy colors of hope run at the
least dampening.
Will bu Have A Lift"
If you have reason to Delieve. as
many have, that a change from
coffee or tea would be wise, try
Postum Cereal
lbu'11 find what thousands of
others have found complete sat
isfaction to taste, and freedom
from harm to nerves or digestion
When coffee or tea disturbs, it's
easy to get up where you
wixn rostum
There's a Reason
Sold by grocers
Made by
Postum Cereal Co.bc
Battle Creek.Mich.
For Infants and Children.
Mothers Know That
Genuine Castoria
Bears the
Jr For Over
Thirty Years
By All Means.
Fond Mother We are undecided
now. whether to let Doris take lessons
in painting or in singing. Which
would you advise?
The Man Next Door ralnting, by
all means.
Man's best friend Is woman so wo
men say.
Purify Your Blood
get right after the blood itself.
SJS.S., the famous old herb rem
edy, has helped enrich the blood of
thousands, and relieved their itch
ing skin torture, during the last
fifty years.
Get S.S.S. from your
druggist today, and after
starting with it write us
a history of your case,
addressing Chief Medical
Advisor, 837 Swift Lab
oratory, Atlanta, Geor
gia. ,
Even One Unfamiliar With Music Could
Tell the Difference by Listen
ing Close.
Two gentlemen from away back la
the big sticks sat one night In a St.
Louis cabaret and listened to the
chortling of a first-ciass, A No. 1 jaza
orchestra. One of the gentlemen dis
played a lively Interest In the music
being produced; from time to time be
even beat a lively accompaniment wlUt
his feet.
His companion displayed no such)
Interest; he actually appeared bored
by the proceedings. He apparently
could not understand the city's peculiar
music At last he suld to his friend r
"Bill, whut tune is It them birds her
been playln' all evening?"
"Tune!" snorted Bill. "You pore
prune ; they've played a millyun tunes.
Can't you tell one tune frum another?''
"Gosh, no. They all sound alike to
me. How do you tell 'em apart?
You're so blame smart.
"Huh! Why don't you listen close?
Some of 'em are a heap longer tlmn the
others." St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
Buying what you do not need is an
easy road to needing what you cannot
i. i
man renounces single
because he needs the
Mnny a
FIÉ i- I .1

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