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Only the Children Are Enjoying
Haulini; hay for the stock is no
for miles and miles. So while watering
hesitate they get there, as this chap is
Here is a remarkable action picture taken during the polo games at Hurllngham, England, In which the American
"team recaptured the international trophy. It shows a sharp tussle in front of the American goal.
Decoration Day
JS3 I . . . L
Boy scouts of Tokyo and Yokohama led the parade of several hundred
.Americans from Yokohama general cemetery where graves of Americans were
decorated. The scouts carried flags of the United States and Japan.
Indians for Plymouth Celebration
This group of Passamaquoddy Indians from Uncle Sam's farthest East
reservation, five miles from Eastport, Maine, will conduct their unique Indian
Tillage for ten weeks at the Plymouth tercentenary.
Longest of Suspension Bridges
A suspension bridge' across the Delaware river, linking Philadelphia and
Camden, N. J., has been approved by the joint Pennsylvania-New Jersey com
missioners. The propose-! bridge will surpass by 150 feet the longest sus
pnsion bridge in the world. This is a photograph of the engineers' sketch.
France proposes compulsory physi
cal training for school girls.
Beethoven learned to play the
harpsicord at the age of four.
The surface of the Dead sea is 1,400
feet lower than the surface of the
Medi terra ean.
Strawberry vine production Is one
of the big industries of the Shasta dis
trict in California, one grower shipping
203.000 vines last season.
- l4l
Ml -
easy job now In Cowlitz county, Washington, where floods have Inundated farms
the stock Is easy, feeding it is something of a problem. But farmers don't
doing, half a load ata time.
the International
in Yokohama
Weighing scarcely more than a
pound and easily held In one hand, a
new electrically-driven hair clipper
can be supplied with current from a
light socket.
There have been many women ex
hibitors at the Royal academy, but In
the whole of its history there have
been only two womén royal academi
cians. They were Mary Moser and the
famous Angelica Hauffman.
This Work
HA il-v ;
f a.ü I
Polo Cup
Herbert Young, mascot of the Wash
ington baseball team, is proud of this
baseball. He was photographed leav
ing the White House where President
Harding added his signature to those
of all . the famous players who have
visited the Washington park.
Miss Zonaia Vitkowski, the pretty
Russian girl shown here, has reached
San Francisco on her journey around
the world, begun before the outbreak
of the war. Miss Vitkowski's family,
headed by her father, a wealthy Pet
rograd business man. was in Japan
on the way around the world when
the war broke out. All their posses
sions were seized by the Bolshevists
in the revolution and now the Vitkow
ski's live on an Australian estate,
where for some time past the girl has
been amusing herself by hunting kan
garoos. But even that exciting sport
palled and now she is finishing the
circumnavigation started more than
seven years ago.
Presidents Who Served Two Terms.
The first president to serve eight
years was Jefferson, who was fol
lowed in turn by Madison and Monroe,
eight years each. Then came John
Quincy Adams, who had one term only.
He was followed by Jackson with two
full terms, ending in 1837. Then came
a break of 40 years, until 1877, before
President Grant retired after eight
years' occupancy of the Whit House.
Cleveland served eight yeawi, 1885-89
and 1893-97, but his two terms were
interrupted by that of Benjamin Han
rliion. 1889-93.
"There Is Nothing
Business as Is
By HERBERT C. HOOVER. Secretary of Commerce
The relation
tutes to the anti -
structive contribution to public welfare.
I I i Jiauy vl uiem collect lmonnauon as to proQuc-
r xt
J V 1 tion, stocks of
industry in active
f which when available to the public contribute both to stability and
increasing efficiency of industry and to protection of both the smaller
manufacturer and the consumer.
A smaller number of such associations have been engaged in the coL
lection of data on the prices for the
of these associations have been charged with delimiting areas of com'
modity distribution among their members and other misuse of informa'
tion. Whether these latter practices
trust laws must be determined by the
is proceeding to find out.
All this raises anew the question
commission. The original conception
among other things, advise business
the restraint of trade laws, but these
of actual legislation.
It seems to me that seven years' experience with the commission
should now enable a reconsideration of its powers with a view to giving it
a more constructive function, subject,
eral, by which it could remove the uncertainties from the minds of business
men as to the line between the field
duction and trade and the field of practices against public interest. There
is nothing so destructive of business
Value of Public Playgrounds to Young Can
Hardly Be Overestimated
The value of public playgrounds
movement to increase the number of
spreading throughout the country.
grounds and recreational centers in the country, and they are helping
boys and girls to become athletic The effect they have in keeping boys
out of trouble with the police is one of the most important features of
the established .playgrounds.
The chief of police of San Francisco believes that the establishment
of neighborhood recreation centers is a constructive measure toward sup
pressing the crime wave, for it has
involved in many crimes recently.
tem be extended on the ground that without a proper place to play boys
with leisure time on their hands are likely to get into trouble.
There are likewise fewer street accidents during the season when the
playgrounds are used. The playground directors have discovered that
summer activities on the playgrounds have practically eliminated all
swearing, cheating and stealing among the children. They note with sat
isfaction that the spirit of fair play has put the playground bully where
he belongs and teach the more timid self-reliance. It is invariably the
case with children who use the playgrounds that they gain in weight and
in appetite.
An Aroused Public
Preventive of
The campaign against forest fires is essentially one of publicity and
education. When all of the people recognize the needless destruction of
our natural resources by preventable forest fires, every individual will ex
ercise the care necessary to prevent such fires.
To check and extinguish a forest fire, once it has a head start, is a
difficult matter, but to prevent the start of such a fire is extremely simple.
During the past five years, the campers in the United States have been
responsible for more than 20,000 forest fires. Greater care in completely
extinguishing camp fires and less carelessness with cigars, cigarettes and
matches, will prevent the tremendous loss due to these causes.
An aroused public opinion is a most efficient remedy and will greatly
decrease the necessity for the detection and punishment of the individuals
who may continue to endanger the safety of our public" welfare and our
valuable heritage of timber resources.
A Question That's Intrigued Savants
of All Times and All Places
By MRS. F. X. PHLNNELL, Cambridge, Mass.
A question that has intrigued savants of all times and places is "Do
fat women make the best wives, and if so, why ?"
A true answer to that would be of inestimable importance. It would
rob matrimony of its gamble, guarantee happiness to prospective benedicts,
and shatter the silly modern prejudice against obesity. Undoubtedly the
answer is affirmative.
Since the dawn of history, as shown by the clay tablets lately ex
cavated at Nippur, the well rounded woman has been noteworthy for affec
tion, good nature, disinclination to worry, and taste and ability in prepar
ing food. She is easy-going, restful.
thin sisters. In a word, she is comfortable. ,
Therefore my advice to young men is: Fall in love with a stout
woman. The false vivacity, the hectic excitement of the slim girl won't
last. Fat and good cooking will. The fleshy girl will cheer your home,
smooth your path, and lengthen your life.
H. G. Wells, in "The Outline of History" Some writers, even
American writers, display a snobbish shame of something homespun
about these makers of America. m They feel that Benjamin Franklin,
at the court of Louis XVI, with his long hair, his plain clothes and his
gawky manner, was sadly lacking in aristocratic distinction. But stripped
to their personalities, Louis XVI
minded enough to be Franklin's valet.
P. Whitehall Wilson As a result
the other self-governing British dominions are being drawn closer to the
United States.
So Destructive of
of trade associations and trade insti
trust laws has been discussed at great
length in the administration. Of the many thousands
of such organizations there is a small minority who
have degenerated into ways that make for restraint
of trade. All are agreed that the purposes and actions
of the vast majority of national associations are a con
n j. i- i t
raw and other material, percentage of
operation, total orders in hand all
exclusive use of their members. Some
constitute a violation of the anti
courts, and this the attorney general
of the authority of the federal trade
of the commission was that it should,
men what constituted a violation of
powers were struck out in the course
say, to review by the attorney gen
of co-operation and promotion of pro
as is uncertainty.
LEE, San Francisco
can hardly be overestimated and the
recreational centers for children is
There are now more than 4,000 play
been found that schoolboys have been
He has asked that the playground sys
Opinion the Best
Colorado Mountain Cluft
She doesn't nag and fret like her
was hardly gifted enough or noble-
of common problems, Canada and
ilii? Daddy's
Fdiiy Tale
"Hello, Porkyr sald-Brotber Bacon.
"You know, Brother Bacon, you are
getting to be very rude. Tou should
call me grand-
lather, in a re
spectful tonei"
"Oh all right,"
said Brother Ba
con, "I'll call you
grandfather when
ever you wish me
t o . Sometimes
you aren't so
fussy about being
called it, are
"It depends on
what else I have
to think of," said
Grandf at her
Porky Pig.
"What else do
you ever have to
think of besides
food?" asked
"Call Me Grand
father." Brother Bacon In surprise.
Ah, what Indeed?" asked Miss Hain.
"What Indeed?" asked Mrs. Pink
"Squeal, squeal, what indeed?"
asked Pinky Pig's mother.
Grunt, grunt, whatever else do
you have to think of besides food?"
asked Master Pink Pig.
Tes, pray tell us that, squeal.
squeal," said Pinky Pig.
You'd better tell us, we'd like to
know," said Sammy Sausage.
You're all getting much excited,"
said Grandfather Porky Pig.
Well," he added, "I have other
things to think about besides food.
At least one other tiling to think about
besides food.
And now that I say that, I re
mind myself of the fact that I have
other things to think about besides
He has two other things to think
about besides food," said Brother
Bacon. "What In the world can they
be? How astonishing a piece of news
Is that."
"How very astonishing and surpris
ing," said Miss Ham, "squeal, squeal,
It is hard to understand what they
might be.?
It Is almost Impossible to believe
that Grandfather Porky Pig, has two
other things to think about besides
food," said Mrs. Pink Pig. "Grunt,
grunt, I can scarcely believe it"
Squeal, squeal, I can scarcely be
lieve It either," said Pinky Pig's
mother. .
'I can scarcely believe It to be pos
sible, grunt, grunt," said Master Pink
T can scarcely believe it myself,
grunt, grunt," said Pinky Pig.
'I would like to hear what two
other things you have to think of be
sides food," said Sammy Sausage. "Yes,
Grandfather Porky, I would be very
glad to hear what they are."
'Oh very well," said Grandfather
Porky, "I will tell you."
"He Is going to tell ns, grunt, grunt,"
said Brother Bacon.
He is going to tell us, ' squeal,
squeal," said Miss Ham.
He Is going to tell us, grunt,
grunt," said Mrs. Pink Pig.
He is going to tell us, squeal,
squeal," said Porky Pig's mother.
"He Is going to tell us, grunt, grunt,"
said Master Pink Pig.
"He Is going to tell us, squeal.
squeal," said Pinky Pig.
'We are to hear," said Sammy
Sausage, 'grunt, we are to hear."
"Well, give me
a chance to teu
you then. You
pigs all grunt and
squeal so much I
can't tell you any
thing. You take
up all the time in
grunting and
squealing when I
might be explain
ing myself.
"Yes, I have
two other things
to think about be
sides food,"
Grandf a t ta e r
Porky Pig con
One of them Is
the beautiful
"Impossible to Be
lieve.". thought of back
scratching and the
other Is the beautiful thought of de
licious mud.
So- you see I have two other
thoughts. Yes, flnd fine thoughts
they are. But still the thing I think
of mostly, I will admit, is food,
beautiful, beautiful food!"
"The other thoughts are good ones
and we're glad to hear them," said
Brother Bacon, "but we're very glad
that you think mostly of food, for If
you didn't you'd be a very queer pig,
a queer pig Indeed!"
In a country school the children
ere In the habit of using "putten"
for nut. The teacher tried to teach
them better, and one day after a Iit-
lov had written a sentence on a
hlnrkhoard she asked the children if
they could find a mistake In it. "Yes,"
answered a pupil. "Where Is Itr the
teacher asked. "Why," he answered,
"he went and putten putten where he
ought to putten put."
Wanted Realized Doll.
"Mamma," exclaimed four-year-old
Elizabeth, "Iwish my doll was real
ized." "Why, dear, what do you mean?"
asked her mother.
"Well, you see she has only glass
eyes," replied Elizabeth, "and I want
her to have real eyes."
Father Take After Him.
Visitor Well, my little man, I sup
pose you take after your fathei:
Little Man (aged five) No, sir, but
he takes after me sometimes.
l-og- erad
Mrs. Peterson Says She Was
Afraid to Eat on Account of
Trouble That Followed.
"I weighed Just a hundred and three
pounds when I begin taking Taalac,
but now I weigh a hundred and twenty-two
pounds," declared Mrs. Amy
Peterson, the wife of a prosperou
farmer of Lakevllle, .Masa, a suburb
of New Bedford.
"I had acute indigestion," she said,
"and no one knows how I suffered.
I had cramping pains in my stomach
that were almost unbearable, and I
suffered no end of distress from ga
and bloating. Why, I was actually
starving to keep from being in such
awful misery, and I lost thirteen
pounds in weight. Sometimes I won
der how I lived through it all, and I
Just thought there was no hope for
me. I was restless night and day and
was easily irritated, and some nights
I slept so little it didn't seem that I
had been to bed at alL
"But now I feel as strong and well
as if I had never been sick a day la
my JIfe, and I Just know Taniac is
the best medicine in the world. I
haven't a touch of Indigestion now,
and every time I sit down to the table
I can't help but feel thankful to
Taniac. I have a wonderful appetite
and have gained back all my lost
weight and six pounds besides. I ate
simply overjoyed to be feeling so well,
and I Just praise Taniac everywhere
I go."
Taniac Is sold by leading druggists
everywhere. Advertisement.
The Advantage Was Hit.
"Janette, I'm afraid you are a vain
little wife. You gaze Into your mirror
so much."
"You oughn't to blame me for that. I
haven't your advantage."
"What's that?"
"You can see my face without look
ing Into a mirror."
Cuticura Soothes Itching Scalp
On" retiring gently rub spots of dan
druff and itching with Cuticura Oint
ment. Next morning shampoo with
Cuticura Soap and hot water. Make
them your everyday toilet preparations
and have a clear skin and soft, white
Sweet Revenge.
Mother-In-Law I wish I'd won a
fortune in the lottery.
Son-ln-Law What would you
with it?
''Disinherit you." From KurCciro
ren (Christianla).
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that It
Bears the r .
Signature UUOAS-
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castori
Money may make the mare go or
come, or stay according to the way
it tnlks to the Jockey.
. SSSt BamoTtaCtanaraf-SuvaBairraUlai
ViC? V RmIotm Color aad
Í L BntT to Giy asd Fdod Hafa
ninni Chan. Wti. Pmtcfcognf.lTT
looses. te stops all pain, ensures cosnforft so turn
fett, makes wslklne eay. Itah br Basil or St Prmp
Cists. Blsoo Cosmlos I Warts. feXciioc. M. T.
niicv n v irn I cd p"ced
umio i I Li imlluii
Sil I
tip over ; shll pot eos!
or injure siirthnisv
Gamrmoteed efrectivm.
Said br dtilrn.
6 by rxt-KKiS.
HAjHOLD bUsLuui. 160 ha sUIb As Broofcira, M. X.
Awful Siclx
With Gas
Enionic Brings Relief
"I have been awful sick with gas."
writes Mrs. W. H. Person, "and
Eatonlc is all I can get to give me
Acidity and gas on the stomach
quickly taken up and carried out by
Eatonlc, then appetite and strength
come back. And many other bodily
miseries disonnpnr when tho cfnmH
Is right. Don't let sourness, belching,
bloatiner. indleestinn nnñ nthor ctnm.
ach ills go on. Take Eatonlc tablets
after you eat see how much better
you feel. Big box osts only a trifle,
with your druggist's guarantee.
Wl toon B, foltnil
Patent Lawyer. Wasnlcswa
B. C. Adviee and book freej
Bate reasonable. Hlcheat references. Besiserrtoasi
RHtPiiULA RvMJKz &rv inn
srasAl a WONOrjmjt. FACS StJtACM
W. N. U, DENVER, NO. 30-1921.

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