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i fJ II
pfficial Paper of Navajo County and the Holbrook Oil Field
Vol. 13. No. 18
1 ÉiHwl &
ULMu AtllVllitii
The Winslow Oil company
of this city held its third
annuaf meeting here, Fri
day the fifth.
There is evidently much
interest in oil among1 the
stockholders as more than
nine-elevenths of all stock
issued was represented in
person or by proxy. The
company has only issued 55,
000 shares, or less than one-twenty-fifth
of the original
stock capitalization, and
there were 47, 173 shares re
presented. The following, directors
were elected for the ensuing
year; E. A. Sawyer, W. G
Kelly, C. V. Smith, R. L.
Moore and W. L. Lyons.
This would seem to be a
good capable board for the
management of the company
E. A." Sawyer is president
R. L. Moore vice-president,
and Julian Harbin secretary.
There was much discuss
ion as to the probability of
having the company s leases
"drilled. It seems that the
company has issued certain
operating contracts, and
that the leasee, or the op
erating companies have not
actually begun drilling, and
there was some disatisf ac
tion; the contracts are con
sidered gopd. but no test
wells have commenced.
During the meeting, and
after the meeting had ad
journed, the various stock
holders considered the mat
ter of drilling themselves.
They realized the importance
of having one test well com
pleted. It was suggested
that there were plenty of
drilling contractors with first
class line of tools, that will
risk their time, service, tools
and management for a roy
alty, if the company would
secure funds to pay the lab
or and furnish the casing as
needed. It was estimated
that in this way a well
could be proved from $20,
000 to $25,000. Such an a
mount could no doubt be
raised by the stockholders
of the company.
This would seem to be
a very plausible plan to have
one well sunk and uctuálly
proved. However, on the
other hand, as some of the
stockholders openly express
ed themselves. To begin
now, spot the well site, se
cure your contractors, raise
the money, build a derrick,
and all other preliminaries,
a well could not be com
menced in less than 60 to 90
days, and according to all
definite data at hand, it
could not be finished in less
than four to six months,
even with the best of luck.
So in this manner it would
take likely six to nine mon
ths to prove the, field, while
it would likely seem a better
plan to first have one of the
wells now in the field proven
which would be of untold
value to leaseholders, busi
ness men and citizens of this
town and county, and as we
understand, the Winslow
Oil company is a lease hold
ing company having twenty
odd sections on the field and
of many of same located or
adjoining present drilling
It seems to be the consen
sus of opinion among the
stockholders to see what
could ba done towards aid
ing, or insuring he comple
tion of the Holbrook Oil Co
mpany well which they
seemed to think the best
early or immediate chance
of proving the field. It is
said that it is likely the
deepest hole, the largest be
ing eight inches at the bot
tom, and the only well in
the field that has a first class
standard rig complete. It
ToíLiv this ronntrv is like
a man who has nnaliy re
covered from a long spell of
sickness but who- does not
realize that he has recover
ed. He is pretty nearly all
right in all but thinking so.
We've had all kinds of non
sensical uplift "weeks"
only graft for time-wasters.
What our country needs now
is a Confidence Week! A
real, wholesome, straight-
from-the-shoulder conviction
that everything is O. K.
once more will start a wave
of confidence and carry the
country to success. Confi
dence will cure the . country
as confidence helps the sick
man on his feet. But where
is the big business leader to
personify confidence, to start
the wave of national confi
We note in dispatches from
Washington that as a reward for
pflpjiKir,rr about Twenty Ameri
cans who have been held prison
ers in Russia by the Lenine-Trot-sky
government, America is to
furnish food for about a million
sufferers over there. And at s
distance it looks " as though it
might have been a well thought
out scheme on the part of the
Bolshevist leaders, who are dir
ectly responsible for famine con
ditions, to secure relief from the
outside. Naturally we do not
want to withold a crusi that
would give comfort to ft hungry
man, woman or child. America's
big heart would not be what the
world knows it to be if she re
fused even one in distress.
Bat it does seem to ua, every
thing considered, that at the
same time we are furnishing
this food there should be some
way devised to punish those who
made its giving necessary and
who imprisoned our own people
without reason or excuse. Lemne
and Trotsky are red-handed
criminals of the worst type. We
are certain every citizen of Hol
brook will agree with us there.
Then why should they , not be
called to account for bringing a-
bout conditions which make it
necessary for this or any other
nation to feed a million starving
We are not making a bid for
another war nor for even a skir
mish. For it would require
neither a war or a skirmish to
straighten up that Russian out
fit as it should be straightened
up. Lock Lenine and Trotsky in
the same prison m which they
locked Americana, and Russia
would not only return thanks to
her rescuers but she would start
at once on the road "that leads to
happiness and prosperity.
The News invites you to use
its columns in presenting your
views ott the Water and Sewer
Contract. Argumenta will print
ed impartially. We shall be glad
to present your views.
Last Sunday at Winslow. the
Holbrook Browns lost to t h e
Winslow South Siders by a score
of 15 to 12. We were unable fo
gat full particulars regarding the
game, but understand that it
was a well played and hard
fought game.
is strongly intimated that
this well has had some most
encouraging oil showings,
although the comyany has
not advertised this fact.
As the Winslow Oil com
pany has leases near this
well, it would of course be
of vital interest to that com
pany and the stockholders
to have it proved up as an
early winner and this seems
probable. Winslow Mail.
Subscribe for the News.
II ' " in
1 1 loandXro
M I P. ... Yfn . ffH'n' !liMMIM'HíMF 1 7W tik'TJ tiW,'x i sérJMJbv'.V, 1 I 1
The Veteran "Cleanup" Cam
paign, California, Arizona nd
Nevada, begins today (August
15.-,) as previously announced in
these columns. Two squads
with a full complement of medi
cal examiners and representa'
tives of the Bureau of War Risk
Insurance. Public Health Ser
vice and Federal Board for Vo
cational Education will begin
their tours from opposite ends of
the state. The northern unit be
gins today in Eureka and will
work through the northern and
central parts of the state, clos
ing its tour in Nevada.
The southern unit begins at
Visalia, going through Southern
California and finishes its work
in Arizona.
The success of this effort to
reach the disabled men and wo
men of the late wsr, in the main,
depends upon the cooperation of
local agencies as it is impossible
for the cleanup squad to remain
long in one place. , Now is the
time to bring to the attention of
government representatives in
person, worthy cases of disabled i
service people who have either
been neglected or who have fail
ed to apply for the provisions
already made for their relief.
In the larger centers, it has
been comparatively easy to
reach the majority of the dis
abled. In the larger towns and
cities, relief agencies have both
ample facilities and extensive
experience in preparing t h e
necessary "paper work" for
The real problem lies in gett
ing in touch with the large num
ber of ex-service men who haye
returned to the ranches, mines
and remote sections. Many of
these men constitute the most
deserving cases, who, being out
of touch, are either unaware of
the provisions made for their
benefit or who do not feel equal
to the task of unwinding the
mass of red tape which, they
learned from their military ex
perience, surrounds everything
connected with Washington.
It is particularly for the bene
fit of thÍ3 portion of our deserv
ing veterans that the present
drive ha3 been organized and for
that reason the larger centers
will receive less attention than
the more remote sections.
In thsse regions, where many
a game veteran has returned to
his home or the scenes of his for
mer employment, grimly deter
mined to "make the best of it,"
news travels slowly. Too much
stress cannot be laid upon the
patriotic duty which devolves
upon all of us to carry "the gl2d
tidings" to every disabled "vet"
within possible reach, Instead
of condemmg the government
for being remiss in its duty to
ward these men. let U3 as good
citizens, embrace the opportu-:
1 - I. , , I
The Limelight
Question. "What is your name?"
Answer. "W. W. Franklin."
"Where were you bora?"
"Des Moines, Iowa."
"What is your age?"
"What is your business?"
"Overland Dealer."
"What ii the extent oí your educa
tion?" "High SchooL"
"Married or s'ngle)"
"Didn't know any better."
"What was your boyhood ambi"
"Join the army and see the world."
"What do you think of life?"
"Very Good."
"How is business?"
"Things are looking better."
Monday Sept. 19th. Winslow
10:00; a. m; St. Joseph, 2:00 p.
m; Tuesday Sept. 20th. Eagar
9:00 a. m. St. Johns 2:00 p. m.
(B. B. Crosby.) Wednesday
Sept. 21th. Snowflake 9:00 a. m.
(O. D. Flake, J. H. Frost.)
Holbrook 2:00 p. m. (Jame 8
Reeder.) Representative, R. B.
Thompson. Title: Poultry Hus
bandman, Subject: Poultry Cull
ing, Interested communities desir
ing demonstrations or meetings
in Agriculture or Home Econo
mics are requested to write the
Agricultural Extension Service,
Tucson, and when possible sche
dules of state-wide workers will
be lengthened to include later re
quests. First Consult your Coun
ty Agent, our local representa
Air. L. E. Holcomb, formerly
with the Salt River Bank, Mesa,
Ariz., has assumed the duties of
cashier of the Merchants and
Stockgrcwers Bank.
Mr. Holcomb will add very
materially to the official strength
of our most substantial banking
institution. Judge Thomas will
no doubt, be relieved of a great
deal of his arduous duties by
this addition.
nity at this time to cooperate
with the government in discharg
ing its obligations to its preserv
ers and our defenders.
This squadron will be in Wins
low, Saturday, Sept. 24th.
The date for opening the
Holbrook Schools is Monday
September 5th. All high
scnooi students will register
Saturday, Sept. 3rd, be
tween the hours of 9:00 a.m
and 12:00 N. All students
avail themselves of this op
portunity. The line up of instructors
bids fair to giving Holbrook
its best school year. Prin
cipal John Brannigan has a
iacuity upon wnicn ne can
easily depend.
Teachers and their work. 1
John Brannigan, principal
and science.
R. C. Skaggs, manual
Anne Cristy, domestic sci
ence and Spanish.
Eleanor Anderman, com
merce and mathematics.
Isla Guard, music and en-
Bertha Rees, 7th and 8th
grades. '
Ruth Oneal, 5th and 6th
Elizabeth Arnot, 3rd and
4th grades.
Helen Hopkins, primary,
Mabel Carter, 2nd and 3rd
grades, central school.
Florence Snodgrass, pri
mary, central school.
It is expected that prompt
work will be begun on the
gymnasium at the commen
cement of school.
During the summer schools
have been thoroughly reno
vated and are now about
ready for students to enter.
This should be a wonder
ful, education year.
A Viavi Health Talk at
the Central School will be
given Free to ladies and
girls over twelve year3 of
aire. Monday evening at
eight oclock.
The subject:
"Three most Vital Periods
in A Womans Life and How
to Meet Them"- v . .
Mrs. A. Genevieve Oakes.
The speaker comes to us from
Phoenix; cordially . invites
you all to be present. -adv.
Look What He Got
A miser was scoring a hir
ed man for his extravagance
in wanting to carry a lantern
when calling on his girl.
"The idea," he scoffed.
"When I was courtin' I never
carried no lantern. I went
in the dark."
The hired man proceeded
to fill the lantern. "Yes,"
he said sadly, "and look
what you got." New York
Daily News.
! Peíriñcado s Nofe Book
This seems to be a sma
1 1 . II T
wona aicer an. Last even
mg at the Middle River pos
ornee we listened to a sed
ate old gentleman relate his
experience while visiting the
petrified forest over in Ariz
ona, just 904 miles from the
point of the pencil where
this is being written. He
was very lavish in his praise
of the Cuisine--and the cuss
ing at the Adamana Hotel
I ass him if the bill of fare
was not very similar t o
other first class hotels. He
said no, at no other hotel do
they serve cottaare cheese
for desert. Then I asked
this old patriarch his name,
He replied. Von Hi deeaard
Then I understood whv he
liked the cheese.
The patrons of the Santa
Fe at Middle River are be
mg stung these days. Not
on their freight rates, but
on most every other part of
their anatomy by a swarm
of bees that found a lovely
knot hole m the depot plat
orm near tne mam entrance
The bees evidently think
they have solved the prob-
em oí high hive rent, as
well as having some fun
with the patrons as they pass
to and fro over their new
On learning of the terri
ble automobile accident that
befell Mr. Price Evans, for
mer Navajo county boy and
brother or conductor Ben
vans o f Winslow, w e
ourneyed to Stockton for a
hort visit with Mr. Evans
and found him convalescing
nicely under the kindly and
efficient care of the sisters
of St. Joseph's Hospital at
that place. We found at his
bedside his mother, a sister
and her two children of Oro
ville, California. Mr Evans
informed us that several
weary weeks must elapse be
fore he could again resume
his duties as a truck driver.
While in Stockton visiting
brother Evans, we were in
vited to view, the beautiful
county court house, of San
Walk-in county. We found
it permanently located one
block west and one-half block
south of the county jail.
This imposing structure is
artistically adorned on its
gilded and glittering dome
with the regulation emblem
to wit: A statue represent
ing a young lady of about 18
mild summers, holding in
her right hand, which in this
case is located at the outer
end of her right arm, a pair
of scales or balances slightly j
tipped. W e noticed the
words Native Sons Of the
Golden West painted , on the
one that was lowest. I rath
er suspect that the extra
paint is what tipped those
scales of justice in favor of
the N.'S. of the G. W. On
the; greensward, below is a
historic cannon, which at
present is trained on the
building housing the Demo
cratic Central Committee
for San Joaquin county. I
do not suppose this building
is in much danger, however,
as the cannon balls piled at
the foot of the cannon are
two inches greater in diame
ter than the mouth of the
We have, experienced the
sensation of being a leading
citizen of Middle River the
rest of the citizens were fol
lowing (pretty tolerable close
the last we seen of them)
We landed two or three
more stations east of Middle
River at a village named
Holt, where we have taken
. i i
a new noit on everything.
So the readers of thé NEWS
may know, this burg is locat
ed mid-way between Whis
key Gulch and , Trapper s
This should be one of the
best games of the season.
These teams have met but
once, and victory went to
Holbrook. Winslow has a
top notch team, and certain
ly is a worthy opponent for
our team.
Let's see a big crowd a
crowd full of pep.
Remember, Sunday Ausr.
'Twas a real ball game!
No tears and no laughter.
The winner's escutcheon may
well bear a full length port
rait of Justitia. Earned
runs, two. Une each. Er
rors? alas! Holbrook four,
Leupp two.
There s your old amuse
Both teams worked un
usually well, but for the
apse into errordom. Leupp s
work could hardly be im
proved upon. With excep
tion of their two errors, thév
played air tight ball of a
high class brand.
Holbrook s four errors lost
them whatever chance they
had of winning. Taken all.
in all the game wasabeauti.
ul exhibition of pastiming.
The score:
eupp 000 012 000 3 9 2
Holbrook 100 001 000.2 6 4
Batteries: Spencer and
Greeley; Reuter and Buck
les. Summary: Two base hits.
Silas and Buckles; struckout
by Reuter 5, by Spencer 3;
double plays, Leupp 2, Hol
brook, 1; left on bases,
Leupp 6; Holbrook, 4; earn
ed runs, Leupp, 1; Holbrook
Time: 1:30.
Umpires: Freeman and
Nation's Gas Tank
808,552,000 Gallons
Our gasoline stocks are
still on the increase. We
had about 808,552,000 gal-.
Ions on hand on June 1st . at
the refineries, which is ap
proximately 61,321,000 gal
lons over the May 1st fig
ures, also a record holding.
It is evident that the Stand
ard Oil Company of New
Jersey is now operating at
75 per cent capacity, and
thus reducing its output of
refined oil products to meet
the competition of increased
gasoline supply.
Slough. The population is
equally divided between
Chinamen and section fore
men. Just at present there Í3 a
tong war going on m and a
round Holt among the Chin
ese. This "Tong" war is
very new and interesting to
us, we having heard of roll
ing pin wars, flat iron wars
and rumors of wars, but no
"Tong" wars. It all started
over some "chink" stealing
Mr.Durn Yew Chuey's wife,
which according t o their
queer oriental custom seems
to be very offensive to a
wife's husband to have her
stolen, as the husband as
soon as he finds out his wife
has been stolen, invariably
gets a pair of nice heavy
Tongs and goes "Tonging"
for his "benefactor," (or
what ever it is you call it in
Chinese) and when found he
belts him over the head with
his tongs, which has the ef
fect of straightening his
eyes, after which he soon ex
pires. The Santa Fe here
has issued orders to keep all
tie tongs, rail tongs and
house tonge under lock whea
not in use.
W. O. Morgan

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