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The Holbrook. News, Holbrook Arizona Augus19. 1921
Published Every Friday By
The Holbrook News Company
Sims. Ely, Editor
Entered at th postoffice at Holbrook. May 14. 1909. as second-class matter.
Subscription Bates One year $3.00,
six months $1.50. three months $1.
No subscription less than 3 months.
Advertising Bates 25c column inch
on contract. Readers 10c per
line. Transient adv. 50c per inch.
OUB-STANDARD Right, Truth, Justice in all our dealings with the public;
political, social and industrial; a sence of responsibility to our constituen
cy and our loyalty to the interests of Holbrook and Navajo county.
The Right To Work?
An expert workman goes out to get a job.
After satisfying his prospective employer as to abil
ity, qualifications and trustworthiness, the employer asks,
"Do you belong to the Boilermakers' Union?" "No,"
says, the prospective employee. "I am sorry", says the
employer, If I hire you, all my other men will strike."
And I thought this was a free country with equal op
portunities," said the prospective employee as he turned
Industry The Best Educator
Board and commissions to save our children, child
welfare leagues, child labor bureaus to keep children
from being employed at honest labor, laws to prohibit
children under sixteen from being employed in industries,
are all right in sentiment, but often go too far. Does it
really help children to have them idle? Parents who
teach their children habits of industry and saving instead
of letting them adopt habits of idleness and extravagance
are making the best citizens of them.
Draining The Taxpayer
When specific means of reducing tax burdens on the
public are pointed out, why is it so hard to get action?
Take the feature of the Federal Farm Loan Act
which exempts Government Farm Loan Bonds ' from all
forms of taxation. A means is here furnished for near
ly $500,000,000 of rich investors funds to escape all forms
of taxation which the balance of the community must
make up.
The farmer is not really benefited ts he must help
make up the taxes escaped by the persons who buy these
Taxing the bonds the same as any others which raise
monev for Drivate use would not hurt the act and its
- benefits to the farmer but it would stop one of the leaks
which is draining the taxpayer today.
Silver Stocks Are Small
Total silver purchased by the Government at $1 an
ounce under the provisions of the Pittman act now a
mounts to 57,468,697 ounces.
Total imports of foreign origin silver into this coun
try Jaunary to May 20, are $22,676,662, value, or about
37,880,000 ozs. at the five months' average price of 60
cents an ounce. Exports of foreign silver are $18, 520, 550,
representing excess in imports of $4,156,112. It has been
carefully estimated that consumption of foreign silver in
this country so far this year is more than 10,000,000 ozs.
Used by film companies and silversmiths are exceptionally
on ver shocks at present are iainy sman ana are no
even unusual for Shanghai in viev of the new and larger
banking system of China.
Silver holdings of the leading banks of Europe have
ncreased during the past three months.
The Pittman act has been the one ray of light in the
western mining industry as it kept the silver mines oper
What Mining Means
mi TTT A 1 1 1 1 m
ine west nas Deen experiencing a snut-aown oi one
of its greatest industries, copper mining.
In 1913 the copper output of the country totaled 1,
224,484,089 lbs. If the output for the. balance of 1921
approximates the June rate, 1921 domestic production
will be 440,000,000 lbs., or about 800,000,000 lb3. less
than for 1913.
Many western communities which were inclined to
treat mining with indifference during the war period,
nave at last come to realize what this great employing
industry means in the way of western prosperity. Labor
agitators and tax agitators who have used this industry
as a target for their activity will find that for some time
to come in the future they will not be welcome in mining
communities. Too many citizens and workingmen now
realize that their prosperity is inseparable from that of
the mines in many of our western states.
It will be a welcome day when western copper mines
can again resume their activity.
What will draw beople to
your state more surely than
a record ot industrial activ
ity showing opportunities
for employment and the in
vestment of money.
Phoenix Valley rancher
makes $400 profit on 1-4
acre of grapes.
Douglas-U. S. Govern
ment raises passport regula
tions on border.
Superior New Superior-
Miami highway to be closed
for 2 months.
WelltonLarge deposit of
radio active substance un
Clifton-Phélps Dodge Co
to supply entire district with
electric power and light.
Douglas--iilanknead route
from El Paso to Los Angeles
to be completely signed.
Phoenix-State Automo
bile Club preparing new
road map.
Yuma opens cotton pick
ing season, first bale grades
strict middling.
Miami gets 5. 11 inches of
rainfall during month of
Saff ord and Thatcher plan
consolidation of public utility
interests with construction
of reservoir at Campbel
Yuma- Revetting of re
constructed portion of the
Colorado River levee under
Bisbee C o p p e r Q u een
branch of Phelps Doflge Cor
poration holds first employes
Casa Grande-Oil rigs or
dered for drilling in loca
Glendale-10-acre Wesley
chicken ranch sold for $10,
Chandler-Early construe
tion of Apache Trail route
Phoenix-E ft o r t being
made to iurtner reduce gas
light and water rates.
Globe-Easern capitálists
arrive to inspect local as
bestos deposits.
Nogales5 carloads Ari
zona wheat makes first ship
ment into Mexico in 5 years.
Winslow grants Standard
Oil Company permission to
constructdistributing station
Yuma--Recent radium dis
covery causing activity
throughout district.
Nogales-Nogales Oil and
Gas Company capitalized
$50,000 to drill for oil.
Williams-Flagstaff Mill
ing Co. interesting farmers
in winter wheat planting.-
Tombstone-Bunker Hill
Mines compressor to start
immediate operation.
Tucson-Giant r effector
telescope arrives for install
ation at observatory.
Casa Grande-A e o 1 i a n
Mining Co. installing ma
chinery for extensive development.
Tombstone-Solstice Min
ing Co. reports good silver-
gold ore strike.
Don Luis-Shaft in Boras
mine to be enlarged and
sunk an additional 500 f eets
Chloride-D a r d e n e 1 1 e .
Mining Co. increasing equip
ment for development at
Oatman-United American
reports $600,000 worth of
ore in sight at mine,
Patagonia-Eastern capit
alists to spend $250,000 de
veloping Mowry mine.
St. Johns--S000 more acres
o be put under irrigation on
Lyman Dam project.
Nogaies thousands oi a-
cres of county oil lands leas
ed during past few Gays. I
Phoenix-Many new mm
g companies organizing
for state development.
Verde-Verde Central
Mining Co. has development
fund of $450,000 work to be
Patagonia-Resumption of
work at Mansfield mine on
large scale rumored.
nassapampa-iiuby bnver
Mining Co. takes over three
claims and millsite.
Superior to have new mo
dern moving picture house.
Yuma-Keports show oil
found here at depth of 716
The present price reduc
tions in crude oil are acting
t i t " 1 1 A A " - -
as a deterrent to wnacatting
yet considerable investiga
tion is being carried on in
both the Cat Creek and the
Devil's Basin fields, and it is
certain that it is only a mat
ter of time before the Mon
tana oil fields will come into
national importance.
The country is begining
to realize that a ' return to
normalcy means, not the ar
tificial readjustment of busi
ness conditions through leg
islation, but rather a read-
lustment that will come
only through the application
of the sound principles of in
dustry, thrift and economy
-Samuel R. McKelvie, Gov.
of Neb. .
Government has failed to
a large extent in regulating
and controlling the business
undertakings in which it has
embarked, then why should
its regulations and control
over other private business
be enlarged and extended?
Unless we are ready to
curb our demands for public
expenditures it is useless to
complain about the burden
of taxation." We must set
the example which we ex
pect our . public officials to
g .
é i
S r nr.rpzi gzs crp f n?) "pra f3
I mlJ&n is & - B 1 ÍRÍ 3 geD
Thst Busy Stork.
Ellznbeih is a clover, observing lit
tle g!rl. A few months npro a hnby
brother came into the fninily, and it
was duly explained to her that the
stork brought it. On her birthday,
when she wis admitted to the room
where her gifts were displayed, she
pied a large doll sitting on a little
chair. She regarded it attentively for
a moment, then remarked as if to her
self: "If that stork hasn't been here
ugaln 1"
tor Ml
EES? teaUsa
Bum AM
tobacco makes SQ
gpod cigarettes fcr
received by
the Navaio
the un-
Bids will be
dersigned for
Board of Supervisors, for the sale of
the Essex county car. Bids will be
received until Saturday, Sept. 3 at
nine o'clock. The Board reserves
the right to reject any or all bids.
Clerk Board of Supervisors
Made in the West by American Workmen
Have You Noticed This?
News travels fast these days.
When a good show comes to town,
only a day or two and everybody
seems to know about it.
Exactly the same with tires. The
reputation of á good tire spreads
mighty fast.
' The sale of Gates Super-Tread
Tires here in the west has increas
ed over 500 per cent since January
A Western Tire for Western roads.
, iBiiH ii ii miii iiiiinMiiiii miwiiiii ir--"-"n!Mww ww
Bveiythrad for QlJALiTJ v
nothinp ir siiow
THAT'S OUR IDEA in making
CAMEL'S the Quality Cigarette.
Why, just buy Cisaels and look at the package!
It's the best pac&his cciGS.ce lias devised to keep
cigarettes fresh and full Savored fcr your taste.
Heavy paper outside secure foil -wrapping inside
and the revenue stamp over the .end. to seal the pack
age and keep it air-tight.
And note this! There's nothing flashy about the
Camel package. Ho extra wrappings that do not
improve the smoke; Hot a cent of needless expense
titat must come out of the quality of the tobacco.
Camels wonderful and exclusive Quality wins on
merit alone.
Because, men smoke Camels who want the
taste and fragrance of the finest tobaccos, expertly
blended; Men smoke Camels for Camels smooth,
refreshing mildness and their freedom from ciga
retty aftertaste.
Camels are made for. men who think for themselves.
oía-: '-Vs.
m m mi
Saving is the basis of affluence and independence.
Be free from worry; have a tidy sum laid aside for the
rainy day they always come, and with them regrets
and difficulties because of lack of forethought, if you
have not saved. '
Our Certificate of Time Deposit offers a splendid
method of saving with a nice interest added.
Come in and let us talk it over.
Merchants & Stock Growers Back
"One Way to Dicperise."
A pharmacist nas dissatisfied wltS
a youthful assistnntiand requested hiia
to look for another ;jol), rom:ir't:ns to
a customer as the boy was leaving:
"I can dispense1 vi2iout'lliu." Boys'
Kodak Finishing every day.
You put it on the Film
We will gut it on the Print
Fruits, Candies, Ice Cream, Soda Water
Periodicals and Stationery Tobaccos, Cigars, Notions, Etc
Full Line of Rexall" Remedies
Special Attention Paid to Mail Orders
Holbrook Drug Company Holbrook, Arizona
Faquín Garage
and General
Repair Shcp
South Side of River .


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