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(Wettern Newspaper Union News Service.)
A St. Louis and San Francisco pas
senger train going from Hugo to Hope,
Ark., collided with a westbound freight
train -at Sawyer, Okla. Three persons
were seriously injured and thirty-six
others cut and bruised.
One soldier is dead and seven otli
ers are in an army hospital at S;in
Antonio, Tex., in a serious condition,
due to a food poisoning believed to foe
botulism resulting from eating un
cooked sausage a few days ag-.
Eddie IUckenbacker, flying ace of
World war fame, will enter the race
for the Pulitzer prize for speed to be
held in Omaha Nov. 3, in connection
with an international aero congress,
it was announced by Earl W. Porter,
president of the Omaha Aero Club.
James II. Mitchell, president of the
City Fuel Company of Lincoln, for
fifteen year prominent in Lincoln bus
iness circles, was killed when a ar'of
coal he was Inspecting in the railroad
yards was struck by a switch engine
and he was thrown under the wheels.
A budget of $G0,000 was voted for
the Indian missions of Arizona by the
Evangelical Lutheran synod in session
at Milwaukee. A day school will be
established at the principal mission
stations. The Rev. F. Solm, Yukiruu,
Wash., was elected a member of the
mission board of the Pacific coast.
Compton R. Hubbard, 27, whosa bur
glary operations in many cities '.f the
West are said by the police r have
netted him upwards of $100,000 In jew
elry during the last five months, was
sentenced by Judge George A. Bart
lett at Reno, Nev., to serve an indeter
minate sentence of from two to four
teen years in the state prison.
Five solid trainloads, aggregating
7,000 tons of raisins, was shipped east
marking the first day of reduction in
dried fruit freight rates, according to
the California Associated Raisin com
pany. The raisins are valued at $2,
500,000, and a saving of $00,000 in
freight and $5,000 in war tax results
from the reduced freight rate
A man who said lie was George Wil
liams of Philadelphia and believed by
officers to be the robber who held up
the Merchants and Farmers' bank at
Rockford, Wash., and escaped with
about $600 in currency, was captured
after a running fight.- Two citizen
members of a posse cowed the sup
posed bandit Into submission by dis
playing an unloaded revolver of small
The battleship "still is the backbone
of the fleet and the bulwark of the na
tion's sea defense," General Pershing,
senior member of the joint army and
naval board, declared, summarizing
ths result of recent bombing tests off
the Virginia capes.
Fire of undetermined origin dam
aged the United States coast guard
budding and contents to the extent of
more than $250,000. Offices and store
rooms on the lower floors were gut
ted, and the loss of stationery belong
ing to the Treasury Department and
stored there was estimated at more
than $200,000.
The resignation of Patrick H. Quinn,
shipping commissioner of the port of
New Tork, has been requested, Secre
tary Hoover announced. Mr. Quina
wag suspended several weeks ago by
the commerce department pending an
investigation Into charged of an al
leged practice by deputy shipping
commissioners in accepting gratuities
from ship owners.
Fred M. Harrison of Alaska was
nominated to be United States attor
ney for the second division of the dis
trict of Alaska, and Ira K. Wells of
Kansas was nominated United States
attorney for the district of Porto Rico.
Other nominations were Mart T. Chris
tensen to be register of the land "of
fice, and Isaiah E. Toder to be receiv
er of public moneys, Cheyenne, Wyo.
Forty-four years ago Moses M. Bane
was receiver, of public moneys for (he
territory of Utah at Salt Lake City.
Me naa to iisn aown into ins own
pocket to pay the rent of the office he
occupied during 1877, 1878 and the first
quarter of 1870. Last week the Sen
ate passed a bill directing the secre
tary of the treasury to pay to the es
tate of Moses M. Bane $1,080 to cover
the rent.
Four United States vocational uni
versities one In the East, the Middle
West, the South and on the Pacific
coast will be established in aban
doned army cantonments by the vet
erans' bureau under a new policy for
the rehabilitation of former service
men, announced by Director Forbes.
The new policy, Colonel Forbes said,
wm worked out with the approval of
President Harding to correct "the sys
tem of farming out vocational pa
tients" and properly rehabilitate the
approximately 94,000 men now being
The" bill providing for federal regu
lation of the meat packing industry
has been signed by President Harding,
it was announced at the White house.
Under the law the secretary of agri
culture Is given broad powers of con
trol and supervision of the industry.
The Trading Company, capitalized
at 10,000,000 yen (normally about $5,
000,000), and one of the largest firms
in ' Japan, has announced that it Is
closing Its doors at the end of the
month. It has liabilities amounting
to over 100,000,000 yen ($50,000,000
Fifteen persons were drowned when
a ferry bout sunk- in the Cautín river
at Teinuco City, eighty miles n.irlh
east of Valdivia.
China has formally replied with a
cordial acceptance to the Invitation to
tvttend the Washington disarmament
and far eastern conference.
The number of peasants threatened
with starvation in the Volga region, is
now placed at :tO,(HK).H) by a Mos,-o.-wireless
dispatch. Of this inunde:-, :).
500.000 are children.
Thirty-four lives were lost when
the British steamship Perils was sunk
near the coast of Siam. Fourteen per
sons were saved. The vessel w:n a
Fmall passenger currier sailing from
the port of Penaiig. India.
Co-operation in Hie interest of their
"common motherland" was pledged in
an agreement signed at Kattowltz. Up
per Silesia, by representative German
Industrial and political leaders and la
bor representatives from all I'olfsli
parties in Silesia.
Whisky valued at several thousand
dollars was seized at Hie mouth of
the Fraser river, near Vancouver, 15.
C, when provincial police officers
seized a party of men who had deliv
ered two truckloads of liquor to In
loaded on u scow. Officials believe
the whisky was to have been exported
to the United States.
Forecasts of the wheat crop yield i
the northern hemisphere, issued I
the International Instil ute of Ariciil
ture, show that it will he approximate
ly 50,200,000 tons, compared to l.:i()0.
000 tons in 1020. The crop in Europe.
leaving out of consideration Crea
Britain, France and Germany, Is est
mated at 12,umi,uoo tons, compared t
10,500,000 last year. The United Stat
and Canada are expected to produt
28,500,000 tons, against 2SC:0,0O0 ton
in 1020, and India, Japan, Algeria, M
rocco and Tunis will, it is said, yield
9,400,000 tons, against 12,000,000 ton
harvested last year.
Judge James E. Boyd, in federal
court at Greenboro, N. C, held the new
federal child labor law iinconstitution
al. The Owen-Keating child labor law
was also held unconstitutional I
Judge Boyd two years ago and tha
ruling was upheld by the Supreme
Court of the United States.
Julius M. Hansen, wanted In lwis-
town, Mont., for the. alleged embezzle
ment of $70.000 from the Empire Bank
and Trust Company, was arrested a
Shreveport, 1-a. He has been sought
since October, 1917. Preparations are
being made to return him to Lewi
Chief of Police Fitzmorrls has of
ficially barred public exhibition of the
Dempsey-Carpentier fight pictures in
Chicago. Fitzmorris announced that
police would stop any attempt of Tex
RIckard, the New York promoter, or
any other person to exhibit the pic
tures before a paid audience. He said
he would not interfere with exhibí
tious before wounded soldiers.
The first day of the John Bailey
murder trial at Mount Vernon, Ky.,
growing out of the Bailey-White moun
tain feud, was productive of nothing
more thrilling than the searching for
weapons of every person who entered
the courtroom. Soldiers and deputy
sheriffs stopped each clansman as he
entered the doorway. None resisted
the search and no weapons except
few pocket knives were found. Even
the women were not exempt.
Mrs. Rosa Cowan, who was operat
ed on at Hopkinsville, Ky., about a
month ago when five full-sized tea
spoons were removed from her stom
ach, has so far recovered that she has
been returned to her home near Kirk-
mansville In Todd county. She took
the spoons home with her. Her com
plete recovery seems assured and her
mental condition, which caused her to
be sent to the state hospitul for treat
ment, where she Is supposed to have
swallowed the spoons, Is normal again.
Jim Nesbit, nimble negro, turned a
novel trick on tfie bloodhound sent out
to trail him in South Carolina. Serv
ing life sentence for murder on the
chain gang, Nesbit escaped. A blood
hound was sent on his trail. Tin: ne
gro waited until the bloodhound
caught up, tied the animal to a tree
and continued his flight. He was cr.p
tured later, however.
Andrew Little, dishonorably dis
charged soldier, has learned to salute
the American flag. It took a good
flogging to teach him the lesson. Fol
lowing the burial at Benton, III., ol
Stanley McCollum, who wus killed in
the Argonne, Little, according to mem
bers of the American Legion, refused
to salute the flag. The Legion men
flogged hiin. Now he salutes.
Two steam yachts, the Venice and
the Tranquillo, confiscated by local
authorities for alleged whisky run
ning between Canada and Cleveland,
Ohio, will be sold as .soon as legal
formalities can be arranged. Federal
Prohibition Agent Fred Counts an
nounced upon his return from a secret
mission in connection with the ships.
The estimated value of the crafts was
placed at $40,000 each.
Jay S. Gehan, Sioux City air pilot,
was probably fatally Injured and his
brother, John C. Gehan, an occupunt
of the plane, was seriously injured
when the airplane in which they were
doing circus flying failed to come out
of a tail spin and sent them crashing
to the ground, 500 feet below on the
flying field at South Sioux City, Neb.
Bud Bridgens of Chicago was in
stantly killed at Rockford, III., when
his parachute failed to open in a leap
from an airplane. Bridgens was prae
ticing for an aerial circus. He for
merly was a moving picture actor.
Nine men were seriously injured and
about fifty others bruised when James
Urban fell from a motor speeder be
neath the wheels of two trailers and
overturned the three cars, which were
carrying foreign laborers to work on
the J3ig Four tracks west of Green
cistle, Ind. Urban was taken to a
Terre Haute hospital suffering from
probable fatal injuries.
The national assembly at Budapest
ratified organization of the Hungarian
army in conformity with the Trinnon
peace treaty. The strength will be 35,-
000 men, including volunteers.
Southwest News
From All Over
New Mexico
and Arizona
i WeMM-n Newspaper t'nwu News Ser?it-e. )
The southwestern district conven
tion of Klwanis chilis will lie held in
Albuquerque Oct. tí, 7 ami 8 and dele
gates from Arizona, New .Mexico anil
u est Texas will attend.
The Winchester .lun'or Rifle Club
is the newest organization in .Magda
lena. X. Méx. The boys will be under
the supervision of L. II. Cauoll, who
will instruct them in the use of the
Work will begin at Las Cruces. N.
.Méx.. early in October on town pav
ing improvements estimated to cost
S;t7,SS4.2, It was announced today by
J. 11. I'axton, chairman of the board
of trustees of Ijis Cruces.
Authentic informal ion lias been re
ceived at Gallup, X. .Méx.. that a new
cartridge factory is soon to be erect
ed at Fort Wihgnte whVh wili employ
over 200 men and will have a month
ly payroll of about srj.ixiu.
The Automobile Club of Arizona has
shipped to its various offices through
out the s;ate metal sins to lie placed
ill front of such offices on metal stand
ards, already creeled. This will mater
ially aid the traveling public.
The Raton, X. .Méx.. Chamber of
Commerce reports that the Texas
tourist traffic alone has amounted to
over .1.000 a day during the summer.
This is iirobablv about 50 per cent of
what has passed through the city.
The gasoline tax in Arizona will
amount to much more than was su
posed at the time It was imposed. Re
turns received at the office of the sec
retary of state show that there was
collected for the month of July the
sum of $i:,(HMI; the receipts for the
last twenty days of the month were
According to A. L. Hamilton, coun
ty agent, Porter valley and the coun
try in the vicinity of Sau Jon, N. Mex.
is rapidly developing into one of th
hig wheat belts of the state. The
crop this season has been a great sue
cess and It is estimated that during
the next year nt least ;,(MJ0 acres of
wheat will be planted.
James Haverty, cattleman, broke
down and wept in court when Judge
A. C. Lockwood sentenced him to not
less than six nor more than ten years
for slaying his brother. Richard Hav
erty, following a quarrel on April 23.
James Haverty was found guilty of
manslaughter, following trial on a
charge of murder at Tombstone.
The local Game and Fish Protective
Association of Taos, X. Méx., is now
doing good work in the stocking of the
local trout streams and will plant
thousands of trout fry during the fall
In spite of the fact that most of the
streams in that vicinity are fished by
hundreds Of people every year, there
is still splendid fishing.
A woman who says she is Baroness
Victoria Wolff von Totenworth of
Germany, was arrested at Albuquer
que with her son, charged with liav
ing crossed the Mexican border with
out a passport. She says she lost her
fortune in the war and was trying
to make her way to New York where
she hoped to obtain employment as
cook and her son as a waiter.
A big meeting will be held at Lords-
burg, X. Méx., on the second Friday
In September when the Lordsburg
Chamlier of Commerce will be succeed
ed by the Hidalgo County Chamber of
Commerce and a full set of officers
wilt be elected, livery outside pre
cinct will send representatives to the
meeting which will be the largest of
its kind ever held in the county.
The names of the members of the
Arizona National Guard rifle team
that will represent Arizona in the na
tional rifle matches at Camp Perry, O.,
Aug. 27 to Sept. 22, have been an
nounced by Maj. E. S. Linton at Phoenix.
The new high school building at
lllcox, Ariz., will he completed so
that school will commence Monde y
Sept. 12. Uhe work is being rushed to
completion as rapidly as possible. It
will be a beautiful and commodious
The Santa Cruz county tax rate for
Arizona for 1921, as fixed by the board
of supervisors, is $1.(K7. Las year it
was $1.20.- The total rate to lie paid
this year by residents of Nogales, in
folding state, county, city and school
district levies, is $4,389.
The recent order of the Treasury
Department prohibiting transportation
of .liquor in bond through the United
States was rescinded in orders re
ceived by Charles L. Fowler, collector
of customs at Nogales, Ariz. The new
order provides that liquor in bond
may be transported from one point in
Mexico, through the United Slates, to
another point in Mexico.
The Santa Fé, Raton & Des Moines
ailroad is to be sold at auction Oct.
19, lit Raton, N. Méx., as the result
of the foreclosing of a mortgage held
by the United States Mortgage and
Trust Company. The mortgage se
cured a bond Issue of $ ,000,000 and
was made in 1900.
Gallup has raised over $600 for the
repair work on the National Old Trail
route between that city and the Ari
zona line. The Lupton - Adamana
stretch of the route is said to be the
worst in the state and it is planned to
raise $10,000 to put it in good shape.
According to a new law in Arizona
it will hereafter be a violation for
merchants or others to sell youths un
der 21 tobacco of any nature. It will
also be a violation for boys to have
tobacco, especially cigarettes, fn their
possession. The penalty carries both
fine and imprisonments. .
Capt. L. E. Appleby, one of the most
popular members of the army air
service and well known in Phoenix by
reason of his many visits, was killed
when his plane crashed at Chattan
ooga, Tenn., according to advices
reaching Phoenix recently.
I IVeslerü Xeuper I'oiuo News Serfice. I
Berlin. The treat..- of pence be
tween Germany ami the United States
has been signed here.
The signing occurred in the office
of Foreign" .Minister Rosen in theWil
lielnisnasse. The function occupied
about ten minutes. Ellis Luring Dres
el, the American commissioner, who
was seated opposite the foreign min
ister ai the hitter's desk, signed both
copies of the treaty first and then
pushed the document across the desk
lo Men- Rosen, who affixed his own
Signa! lire.
The German foreign minister, in
signing, expressed gratification at this
act for the resumption of friendly re
lations between the two nations, Mr.
Diesel replying with reciprocal senti
Pomp ami oratory played no part
in the signing, and simplicity sur
rounded the ceremony. Mr. Diesel
was accompanied by three aides, Coun
selfor Wilson and Secretaries Pen
noyer and Auiory, while Under For
eign Secretary Haniel von Ilaiinliaiis
en and three foreign office depart
ment chiefs made up Herr Rosen's re
tinue. All stood about as the signa
tures anil seals were affixed.
Washington. The treaty with tier
many, which was signed in Berlin, has
been made public by the State Depart
ment. It puts into force the economic.
reparations, military and various other
provisions of the unratified treaty of
Versailles, but provides specifically
that the United States shall not be
bound by the covenant of the league
of nations or by other enumerated
parts of the Versailles settlement.
1 he departments statement re
viewed the treaty In detail, emphasiz
ing that any advantage which might
have been pained by ratification of the
treaty of Versailles is fully preserved
under the present instrument.
Making History.
JNFANT MORTALITY in past ages has been something frightful, something
almost beyond belief, and even today it occupies the time and the mind of
leading physicians in all countries. The death rate among infants is being grad
ually reduced through new methods of hygiene, new preventatives and new reme
dies for infants. This reduction in the death rate has NOT been accomplished by
adapting the precautions taken and remedies used by adults. Rather has it been
to keep clear of the old methods, and choose after long research the precautions
and remedies specifically applicable to infants.
This being so, is it necessary for us to caution mothers against trying to
give her baby relief with a remedy that she would use for herself? Will she
remember that Fletcher's Castoria is strictly a remedy for infants and children?
': yet Contents 15Fluid Prachnl
Children Cry For
' -:.:.:rtth.FooltJvRcéula- A
3'lau" ... f,.S
! Thereby PromotínéDiács1iffl
J . LinAflAf
neither Opium, motuiuu
Mineral. Notakcq i
t.i.,td Remedy for
and fevw-""
nYDj ai
t i ta i i? víí
Of Course You Love Your Baby.
You love it because of its very helplessness, because it can't te3
you what is the matter when it feels bad. It can only cry and looi
to you for help. But the more you love baby, the more you want to
help baby, the more you ought to realize what a wonderful remedy
Fletcher's Castoria is. ,It has been used for babies' ailments for oyer
thirty years.
An experienced doctor discovered Fletcher's Castoria especially
for babies' use. It is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric,
Drops and Soothing Syrups. Doctors who know what is safe and best
for babies have only good to say of it.
Don't neglect your baby. Get a bottle cf Fletcher's Castoria and
give baby a few doses of it. See how the little one smiles at you as
if trying to thank you for helping it. Soon you will learn to depend
on Fletcher's Castoria, made just for Infants and Children, and of
course you would not think of using anything for them that was not
prepared especially for Infants and Children. So keep it in the house.
Bears the Signature of ,
Would Bar President's Absence.
Washington. The vice president
would take over all duties of tlie
President when the latter is away
from Washington for more than twen
ty-four hours under a bill introduced
by Representative Kissel, Republican,
New York. In event both the Presi
dent and vice president were out of
town the speaker of the House would
assume tiowers of the President. The
hill would make it unlawful for the
President at any time to absent him
self from the territorial jurisdiction
of the United States.
Exact Copy of Wrappes,
Checker Player's Opponent Was
One to Get tne Benefit (?) of
Those Cigars.
Revolt in British India.
P.oniliay. A jrruve situation has
arisen in the .Malabar district, on the
west coast of British India, where se
ditious agitators have been working
on the religious fanaticism of ignor
ant natives. Their activities have re
sulted in serious rioting, blood shed
and destruction of property. Militarv
forces have fired upon rioters, caus
ing many casualties. Railway lines
have been cut, postoffices have been
minion and moh law is almost su
premo In several small towns.
Tourist Rescues Girl.
Yellowstone Pnrk, Wyo. Miss
Beatrice Lucille Devine of Chicago
slipped while picking flowers on the
rlnt of Yellowstone cañón, plunged
over the edge and for more than an
hour clung to a ledge, with her body
and feet hanging in space, before she
was rescued by James E. Johnson of
West Lebanon, Ind., member of a tour
ist party. The party reached the
scene just as exhaustion was about to
compel Miss Devine to relinquish lier
grip and fall to death on jugged rocks
hundreds of feet below.
A general storekeeper In an Indiana
town, whose name was synonymous
with all that is popular In the game
of checkers, received a box of cigars
from an enthusiastic drummer from
Chicago during the course of the íner
linnt's last battle with an ex-champion
from Missouri.
"With those cigars," said the donor,
"you can beat the world."
"Well," said the storekeeper, quiet
ly and significantly, "I have to play
Jones this afternoon."
"Never mind, old man ; with those
cigars you will play all right."
Later In the day they met again.
and the storekeeper Informed I he
drummer that he had won a game
from Jones- that afternoon.
"Fine! Those cigars were a help?"
"I hardly think so," said the store
"Didn't you smoke them?"
"Me smoke them?" cried the store
keeper. "No ! I don't smoke. But
I gave one to Jones." Philadelphia
Three Dead in Oil Fire.
i uisa, mía. mree men were
burned to death and the south part
of the oil town of Yule, Okla.. fifty
miles south of here, almost totally de
stroyed as the result of a tank car
explosion, which occurred at the load
ing tracks of the Sun Refining Com
pany. The burning oil spread to ad
joining buildings and was extinguished
only after great property damage had
been done. The cause of the explo
sion is unknown.
An Ominous Possibility.
"Pretty bad fire you had here last
night," commented the recently arrived
"Eh-yah!" replied the landlord of
the Petunia tavern. "The fire com
pany had it- pretty nearly put out,
and then the mayor came and took
personal charge of the conflagration,
and yelled orders till he got the fire
men so mixed up that they couldn t
do anything. And.1 reckon If It hadn't
begun to rain directly the whole dod
molested town would have been holo-
causted. But I s'pose it might have
been worse "
"How could It have been worse?"
"Why, the governor or a congress
man might have come and took charge
Instead of the mayor, and It might
not have rained." Kansas City Star.
Cook Certainly Would Not Have
Overlooked the Use of That
Insulting Pronoun.
The ritual of society, as women
make It, Is very exacting the world
over, even In almshouses. In this re
lation there Is told a story showing the
serious difficulty that arose among a
set of workhouse officials in a Western
The Infirmary nurses, three in num
ber, had demanded a separate sitting
room and the dfellght of Sunday din
ner therein, and the matron had sought
to humble them by sending the cook
to enjoy hor Sunday dinner In their
company. The brawny cook described
what occurred as follows :
"Well, Nurse Jones, she comes down
and gets Inside the door. Fonr
plates? she says. 'Four? Who's the
fourth? ' 'Me,' says I. 'Your she
says, and with that she tosses her
head and walks away."
Here the cook drew a long breath,
and then continued : "If It hadn't
been Sunday, gentlemen, I should have
let her have it for calling me 'you!
A Cousinly Manner.
"Have you any talented peopla
among your summer boarders?"
"One," said Mr. Cobbles.
"What's his specialty?"
"Standln oft bis board bill. He
hasn't paid us a nickel since he's bee
here, but lis manners are bo free nn
easy I sometimes wonder if he ain't a
distant relation." Birmingham Aye-Herald.
Optimism is also trying to persuade
others to geel the happiness that yoa
don't feel yourself.
Beware of the man who is only as
honest as he has to be ; he'll be as dis
honest as he can be.
Posse Pursuing Bandits.
uenison, - j exus. Sheriff s- posses
are scouring the surrounding country
a search for two masked bandits
who held up and robbed the mail
oafh in a Missouri, Kansas & Texas
limited train as it was entering this
city. Although n complete check has
been made, postal authorities intimat
ed that the robbers' loot may reach
$?00,0K). One suspect, who was driv
ing an automobile believed to have
been used by the bandits, has been ar
Hens are exclusive.
stick to their own sets.
They like to
Equal to the Occasion.
"Before we were married," said the
young wife, "you used to bring me
flowers every day. Now you never
even think of buying me a bunch of
There were tears in her eyes. But
he was equal to the occasion.
"My darling," he said, with great
tenderness, "the pretty flower-girls
don't attract me now as tbey used
to do."
After which, of course, he told her
that she didn't really care much for
Airplanes to Aid Surveyors.
Railroad engineers in the future
when making reconnaissance surveys
in unknown countries will find the air.
plane a great saving in time and mon
ey. An aerial survey of a proposed
Philippine railway showed the possi
bilities of the method.
Well, Well.
"That Boston girl seems agitated.'
"Yes. a fresh drummer called her
'Cntle.' " Courier-Journal.
Sea Gulls Eat Grasshoppers.
Aianuan, .. u. Thousands of sea
gulls suddenly have appeared in the
district east of Washburn, in McLean
county, and, swooping down on grain
fields, are cleaning out the grasshop
pers wnicu, in that area, nave, more
than dry weather, damaged crops. The
fields, hundreds of miles from the
great lakes, are literally white with
the birds, which do not touch the grain
but are devouring the grasshoppers and
cut worms, according to W. A. I-anter-man
of Mandan.
c JUis food builds strength
Maximum nourishment
with no burden to the di
gestion is secured front that
famous food GrapeNuts.
The nutriment of wheat
and malted barley; from
which. Grape Nuts is made,
builds strength and vigor
and delights the taste.
"There's a Reason
Sold by
all grocers
A Km,,
To seal In the
delicious Burley
tobacco flavor.
It's Toasted
Western Ganada
Offers Hesíih 2nd Xhú
aad has brought contentment and hupplniw
to thouunda oi home seeker end their faai
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or boucht land at attractiTe prices. Ther bot
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peritr and independence. In the (Teat rnua
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Ferlllt Ltnd t SIS ta $33 an len
land similar to that which throe gh a
years has yielded tro ZO ta 45 We
ol wheat to the acre oats, barley and flea
aleo in great abundance, while raiaánal
horeee, cattle, sheep mná boga is equaúy
profitable. Hundreda of I armera io Weetera
Canada have ralaed crops in a single season
worth more than the whole cost oi their land.
Healthful climate, good neighbors, church,
schools, rural telephone, excellent aurkets
and ahlDDina facilities. The climate and aotl
oder inducements for almost every branca oi
agriculture. The advantages for
Dalrylngf MIxsxJ Farming . ,b
and Stock Raialnti & ?
make I tremendous appeal to industrióos n f
settlers wtahing to improve their
stances. For ccrrtlf icate entitling vess
to reduced railway rate), illustrated
literature, mane, deecriptkio of tana
opportunities in Manitoba, as
katchewan, Alberta and Bls
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:RIBUT1NQ CO.. 60 Hegney FL, N. Y. C.
W. N. U., DENVER, NO. M-1921.

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