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PO BOX 528
Under New Management.
All outside rooms. Good acco
ramodationt, moderate rates.
.. Notary Public
Holbroak, Arliona
Attorney at Law
Practicing in all the Coarta
Holbrook, Arizona
Chas Crumely
Fisher and Harbrecht
Merchant Tailors
Adjoining Millinery Store
Paqiiin Garage
and General
Repair SHop
South Side of River
Tallérlnr Cleanlag Pressing
Opposite Hotel Holbyook
it's toasted, of
course. To seal
in the flavor
In London during the great plague
of 1665,' smoking not only was en
éuraged among the children, but
it was actually enforced, under se
vere penalties.
is only
$3.00 A YEAR
( c
Estate of Tom K. Seegar deceased
Notice is hereby given by the under
signed Wm. H. Dagg, administrator of
the estate of Tom K. Seeger deceased,
to the creditors of and all persons hav-
ingiclaims against the said deceased, to
exhibit them, with the necessary vouch
ers, within four months after the first
publication of this notice to the said
Wm. H. Dagg at Winsiow, , Aria, the
same being the place for the transac
tion of the business of said estate, in
aid County of Navajo, State of Ariz
ona. , wm. H. DAGG
Administrator of the estate of Tom K.
Seeger, deceased. Dated Winslow,
Arizona, this 4th day of Nov. 1921.
lstpub.Nov.il L 25
Notice of Saleof Real Estate on
Special Execution
The First Savings Bank & Trust
Company, a corporation, Plaint Iff.
TS. '
William E. Goodman and HaiiHali
Good man Defendant.
Under and by virtue of a spccia!
Execution and Order of Sale issued
out of the Superior Court of the
State of Arizona, in and for the
County of Navajo on the 8th day of
November 1921, and to me as Sher
iff duly directed and delivered, on
on the judgment rendered in said
Court, in the above entitled action
on the 21st day of September, 1921,
for the sum of Two Thousand,
Ninety-five ($2,095.00) dollars, ' with
interest from Oct. 6, 1920 until paid
at the rate of 10 per cent per annum
together with $209.50 attorney fees,
and $26.00 court costs.
I am commanded to sell all that
certain lot, piece, or parcel of land
aituate, lying and (being ia the
county of Navajo, State of Arizona,
and particularly described as - fol
lws, to- wit: The north half of the
southeast quarter, the " southwest
quarter of the . southeast quarter,
the east half of the northeast' quar
ter of the southwest quarter and
jjhe nort.h half of the southeast
quarter of the southeast quarter of
Section Four in Township Eleven of
North of range Nineteen East of
the Gila and Salt river meridian,
Arizona, containing one hundred
sixty acres.
Public notice is herebygiven that
I will, at the Court House door 'of
said. County of Navajo, at the hour
of 10 o'clock a. m., on. the third
day December ' 1921, sell at public
auction to the highest bidder for
cash, in lawful money of the Un
ited States, all the riglit, title,
claim and interest of the above
named defendant in, of and to the
above described property, or so much
thereof as may be necessary to sat
isfy said judgment and costs of suit,
and all accruing costs.
R. L. NEWMAN, Sheriff.
O. C. WILLIAMS, Dep., Sheriff
Dated, November 9, 1921.
First pub. Nov. 11 last Nov. 25, '21
Wanted to Rent Cabinet
phonograph. . Inquire at
News Office.
Appended hereto is a copy of a
letter received from United States
department of agriculture. Mr. Lore
is getting together 25 samples that
were grown, from the trial seed and
will forwad these early next week.
The government is nearly always
slow, but they never seem to forget!
The letter follows:
September 30, 1921.
Mr. H. D. Lore,
Navajo-Apache Abstract & Title Co.,
Holbrook, Arizona.
Dear Sir:
Last spring we sent you one pound
of sugar beet seed for trial. I should
be glad tcf know what success ybu
have had in growing beets from this
seed and a report from you would
be greatly appreciated. I should al
so be glad t have a sample of the
beets in oder to determine their
sugar content and purity. If you
can send -me four or five . roots,
please let me know and the necess
ary wrapping and shipping material,
with directions for taking and ship
ping the sample, will be sent you
so that the beets may be forwarded
without cpst to you.
The enclosed envelope for your
reply does not wequire postage.
Thanking yu fo any information
you can give me, I am.
Very truly yours
Pathologist in charge
Sugar-plant Investigations.
f) .
W. B. eWast, state engineer, says
that progress on the - above named
road is very good. Dirt is being
mved fast; the sufacing material is
being taken from the hillsides ad
joining the road, and the engineer
believes that this is the best gravel
that he has had occasion to use
in his work in Arizona. Let the
good work go on
Work on the excavations for
the new Scorse building is pro
gressing rapidly. . Dave Steel
cert&ialy is moving the dirt.
f Wm
Turkey and cranberry sauce, crisp
weather, a general sense of well-being
and football are in the air at the very
mention of Thanksgiving, writes Mar
guerite Samuels in the Xew Orleans
But football and too much dinner
are not, in the final analysis, all of
Thanksgiving. There is a deeper. In
spirational side to the day set aside
through three hundred years of Amer
ican history as the great national
celebration of gratitude.
' Do you remember the simple story
of that first Thanksgiving day as you
read it. in your primary reader? And
the thrill of thankfulness for national
greatness and goodness that came to
you as your chubby fingers drew de
formed turkeys and round.-eyed Pil
grim fathers on the school blackboard?
It was in 1C21, the fall following
the landing at Plymouth, that the Pil
grims celebrated the first Thanksgiv
ing day. The little colony, 'one hun
dred and two souls who had fared
westward from England for their con
science's sake, had weathered the
storms of the Atlantic and the worse
hardships of a New England winter,
and they had won through at last
to a sort of tranquility comparatively
Back from the rocky coastline of
Massachusetts, with Its thunder of
llmijtless waves, a'1 little group of log
houses crowded together behind the
tall stockade,- feeling safe in their
nearness to each other.
Garnered corn filled ie barns and
the storerooms of the houses' were
pungent with ripe apples. The colony
felt firmly established in the Xew
World of its seeking. Even the silent
footed Indians had begun to under
stand that there was room for them
and for the pale faces too. The de-
0h, Boys Stuffing!
5 -f
I V if
To our many friends we extend our whole-hearted friendship, and wish to telj
you that we are using every effort to please vou with the NEWS and to make it a pap
re that you will always welcome in your home.
C AND THOU skalt keep tke feast of weeks unto
VAX the L0"1 God witK a vtribute f 9 TreewiU
Zj offering of thine hand, which thou shalt give
unto the Lord thj God, according as the Lord th God
hath blessed thee.
And thou shalt rejoice before the Lord tlvj God, thou,
and trtf son, and thj daughter, and trtf manservant, and
th maidservant, and the Levite that is within fix gates,
and the stranger, and the fatherless, and the wtdctf that
are among you, in the place which the Lord trr? God has
chosen to place his name there.
AND thou shalt remember thát thou wast a bondman
in Egypt; and thou slialt observe and do these statutes.
THOU shalt observe the feast of tabernacles seven days,
after that thou hast gathered in trr? corn and thy" wine;
AND thou shalt rejoice in thy" feast, thou, and thy" son,
and thy" daughter, and th? manservant, and thy maidserv
ant, and the Levite, the stranger, and the fatherless, and
the widow, that are within th gate.
SEVEN days shalt thou keep a solemn feast unto he
Lord thy" God, in the place which the Lord shall choose;
because the Lord thy" God shall bless thee in all thy in
crease, and in all the works of thine hands, therefore thou
shalt surely rejoice.
vout Puritan spirit of the travelers in
the Mayflower felt that there was
sufficient cause' for thanking God.
The Firt Thanksgiving.
And so it was that the first day of
organized thanksgiving was set. The
whole little colony. In its best buckled
shoes and high hats, with blunder
busses across square shoulders, sallied
forth from the stockaded homes'
through snow to the log church, there
to give community thanks for the free
dom of their stern lives.
Outside, the Indians crouched be
hind the firs and beeches, watching;
and wondering.
From the Pilgrim colony, the custom'
ipread to others in the Xew Englandj
states. In 1630 the Massachusetts Bay
colony set aside a day for thanksgiv
ing, and frequently thereafter, until
16S0, when it became an annual festl-j
ral in the colony.
Connecticut appointed . a day ln
1639, and annually after 1647, except:
in 1C75. The Dutch in Xew Xether
ands set aside a day in 1644 and oc
fasionally thereafter. During the War
f Independence the Continental con
gress appointed one or more thanks
giving days each year, except In U77.:
President Washington set aside Thurs
day. Xov. 20, 1789, as a day-ofna-'
tonal thanks, and again in 1795 he'
called the country together for such,
a celebration. President Madison, at'
the close of the War of 1812, appointed
a day. .
In Xew.. York state, from 18X7 on,
the festival was annual.
tin some of the southern states a na
tional Thanksgiving day met with op
position as a relic of Puritanic bigotry,
so utterly at variance with the Cav
alier Ideals of the southern colonists;
but by 18T)8 proclamations were issued
by the governors of 25 states and two
Is New England Festival.
Perhaps it Is natural that the South,
so far in thought and experience from
the colonizers of Xew England, should,
even yet, be less whole-hearted in Irs
celebration of Thanksgiving than is
the eastern section of the United
States. .With Its commemoration of
hardships of 1620, with its ceremonies
of the harvest. Thanksgiving is essen
tially a Xew England festiva?. And to
see It truly carried out, yon must see
it there.
In Massachusetts, it is the sigual
for great family reunions. From Cali
fornia, from the high seas, from the
neighboring town, the sons and daugh
ters and cousins and aunts and uncles
foregather at the old homestead on
Thanksgiving day. With the first
snowfall of the season., generally
scheduled for the last week in Novem
ber, the roomy sleighs and the vast
bearskin rugs are hauled out of their
summer mothballs; and from early
morning until noon, there Is n gay
jingle of sleigh hells going and coming
between the railroad station and the
farmhouse. , -
After the dinner a tremendous af
fair the old people sit half dozing
about the open fires, telling. stories of
the New, England that Is gone.
"Do you remember?" says one; and
they are off In a glorious revel of
recollection of their own youth, when
automobiles were unknown, and Bos
ton might have been 1,500 instead "of
15 miles away.
The young people of the family.
CH. i6.v. lo-ij.
deeply wrapped in fur coats and rugs,
already had dashed off along the
slippery roads' to Cambridge and "The
The Harvard stadium on Thanks
giving day was a view of serried rows
of excitement never to be forgotten
The grey rhythmic curves of the coli
seum all flamingly gay with banners
uml tlowers and girls' holiday hats.
Along the Harvard section, red roses
and crimson sweaters bloomed in the
menagerie of fur coats and rugs.
Where the Yale contingent cheered for
the bulldog, the blue of Parma violets
was like a twilight mist along the rows
of spectators. .
A whistle '-and the game is on.
Tensely leaning forward, the 80,000
watch as if life and death were being
decided In the arena below. At the
first touchdown the winning side goes
mad with Joy. Flags wave, arms and
hats are promiscuously pitched about,
perfect strangers pat other perfect
strangers , on the back; and thrilled
girls shake hands with boys they never
saw before.
Meanwhile the snow comes down
softly, in a powdery rain, and the final
goal sees frozen hands and feet res
tively glad to race off to warm dormi
tory teas, where the victory Is cele
brated In English breakfast, or the
defeat drowned In orange pekoe,
cakes and laughing chatter.
In Boston Thanksgiving morning
great crowds fill Trinity, or whatever
church has been designated for the
union 'service. The pigeons in Copley
square flutter over them tame friend
ly doves of "peace on earth, good will
to men."
-Thanksgiving In New Orleans.
Here in Xew Orleans several of the
churches hold special union services,
und the day Is commemorated in typi
cal Xew Orleans fashion thanking
God by giving others something for
which to be thankful. Magical basket
dinners, containing everything from
turkey to dessert, are given to the
hungry poor of the city by the Elks,
the Shriners. the Salvation Army,
Klngsley house and other benevolent
organizations. School children remem
ber, with fruit and nuts, the sufferers
at the Home for Incurables.'
For the Great Day Coming.
The pumpkin pie ? It may Do seen
in lt3 natural state.
C"' :
Holbrook News
D. L. Higgins spent Tuesday in
The Navajo-Apache Abstact and
Title company have moved the old
William bcorse ranch house to one
of their lots on the corner of Wash
ington and Park avenues. The
building will be completey relod-
eled, the interior redecorated and
will be for ent in the nea futue.
You can now buy your heating
stoves at reduced prices at Wetz
R.-S. Craig left for Albuquerque
Wednesday night for a short stay.
While thee he will assist in the
coaching of the University of New
-, ...
iiiexicus team ior ineir coming
game with the University of Ari
T : " l-; a . m i f
aiuuiiieni oi xanjac just re
ceived. Holbrook Drug company lo-
You can save money by
buying your heating: stoves
now at Wetxlers.
Just received a large shipment of
that wonderful remedy, Tanlac. This
is. the great medicine you have been
hearing so much about. The ren
sdy that's made such a wonderful
reputation and which has accomplish
id such remarkable results, all over
he United States and Canada. Get
wur bottle now at , Holbrook Drug
Dr. S. Earl Taylor return
ed Wednesday from a busi
ness trip to Los Angeles.
Interest in the Holbrook
field is appreciably, increas
ing, and the Angelenos are
showing their faith by mak
ing large cash investments
for the exploration work.
Genuine Wool Blankets
reasonably priced at Wetz
ler's v
On finding that he would
be compelled torémain here
at least a month longer,
Dorsey . Hager, owing to
press of work has been com
pelled to send for his pri
vate secretary who arrived
last Thursday.
Judge D. J. Thomas re
turned from Albuquerque on
Wednesday. The trip was
in the interest of the Live
Stock Loan Co., completing
various matters in connec
tion with the loan from the
War Finanance Corporation.
Tanlac, that wonderful medicine,
sold in Holbrook by Holbrook Drug
G. C. Hall is temporarily
indisposed at his home. One
of the prevalent, though not
popular, severe colds laid
him up in Winslow.
Be sure and visit Wetzler's on
Dollar Day. v
Adamana Oil & Land Go.
Holbrook, Ariz.
The necessary delay in operations caused by
the collapsing of the casing in th Adamana tokü,
gives us time in which to prepare for, a rapid com-
. pletion of the well upoA the arrival of new casing.
At present we are overhauling everything in and
about the derrick from machinery to tools that there
may be nothing to hinder us in reaching the send
with all possible speed as soon as the casing can be
set. We want a mighty quick drilling campaign, to
finish this well and everything points to this, as we
are not sparing ourselves in any way to accomplish
this end.
We propose to bring this well in not later than
January 1st., and in order to assure this we are tak
ing every possible precaution against accident and
general conditions.
It is stated that when we reach oil it will be of a
high gravity, let us suppose it will be not better than
35 gravity. This would be a far superior oil to the
California product, and as far as value is concerned
a 500 barrel well today is worth more than a thou
sand barrel well three months ago.
"Any oil here should be of high gravity, from 35
to 40 degrees Baume, and should command a good
price. A steady demand for this type of oil is found
on the Pacific Coast"
DORSEY HACER. Geologist.
Saturday evening the 19th
will be a feature night at
the Pastime Theatre; and in
addition to a splendid pro
gram, the Water's Orches
tra will play for the dance.
Don t miss either.
Why not get a comfort
able rocker for mother at
"Bill" Franklin received
received another car of Over-
Among the purchasers re
cently are, The Hall Lumber
Co., Putney Merc. Co., Geo.
Angestein, Jack Kaufman of
Winslow, and Mr. Kerr of
the government service..
Everyone 'is glad to see
Dr. Bazell back again, and
to learn that his brother
Ross has recovered from ill
ness sufficiently to return to
You can save Real Money Dol
lar Day at Wetzler'$.
The Winslow Elks put on
a party for the local boys
last night at Winslow. The
Antlers club in Holbrook was
Why not get a comfort
able rocker for mother at
Mrs. Taylor Grisby has
been doing a lot of enter
taining of late.
The enterprising ladies of
the Methodist Church held a
pie social on Thursday after
noon. Inclement weather
somewhat spoiled the atten
dance, but a substantial sum
was realised for clearing the
piano debt. More power to
Dr. Sampson was down
from Winslow during the
You can save Real Money Dol
lar Day at Wetzler'.
Dorsey Hager is visiting
the San Juanfield this week
in company with Ben Mc
Cioskey. ' -
Be sure and visit Wetzler's on
Dollar Day.
Certain property haying been
stored in my warehouse fr more
than six months, without stor
age charges being paid, notice is
hereby eiven that two o'clock
p. m. on November 30th. 1921.
at my back warehouse near the
Little Colorado River, the- lol
iowinR property will be sold to-
7 íf
' One stove, one trunk and
contents, household jroods.
furniture, and other articles.
This said sale is made to settle
charges ajrainBt said property f
One Hundred and no ! ICO
($100.00) dollars, and this sale
will be made at public auction,
one article at a time to tha hih
est bidder for cash.
Dated this 15th day of Nov
ember A. D. 1921.
C. H. Jordan.
1st. Pub. 18th. Last 25th.

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