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flOLBROOK News. Holbrook Arizona. NOV. 25. 1921
Published Every Friday By
The Holbrook News Company
. Sims Ely, Editor
Entered at the postoffice at Holbrook. May 14. 1909. as second-clam matter.
Subscription Bates One year $3.00;
tlx months $1.50, three months 51.
No subscription less than 3 months.
Advertising Kates 25c column inch
on contract. Readers 10c per
line. Transient adv. 50c per inch.
OUB STANDARD Right, Truth, Justice in all owr dealings with 'the public;
political, social and industrial; a sence of responsibility to our constitucn-
cy and our loyalty to the interests of Holbrook and Navajo county.
The Childrens Corner
The Swineherd Andersen.
Continued from last week.
"How much the bird reminds me of the musical box
that belonged to our blessed Emnress!" remarked an old
Knight. "Ah yes! it is the very same tone, the same ex
ecution." "Yes! Yes!" said the Emperor, and he wept like a
little child.
"I will still hope that it is not a real bird" said the
, "Yet it is a real bird?" said those who had brought it.
"Well, then let the bird fly," returned the Princess;
and she positively refused to see the Prince,
However, he was not to be discouraged; he daubed'
bis face over brown and black; pulled his cap over his
ears, and knocked at the door.
"Good day, Emperor!" said he. "can I have employ
ment athe pálace?"
"0 there are so many that want a place," said the
Emperor; "well, let me see, J want some one to take care
of the pigs, for wa have a great many of them."
!s. ' So the Prince was appointed Imperial Swineherd.
He had a dirty little room close by the pig-sty; and there
he sat the whole day, and worked. By the evening, he
had made a pretty little saucepan. ' Little bells were hung
all around it; and when the pot was boiling, these bells
tinkled in the most charming manner, and played the old
, Ah, thou dearest Augustine
All is gone, gone, gone. '
But what was still more curious, whoever held his
finger in the smoke of this saucepan, immediately smelt
all the dishes that were cooking on every hearth in the
city: this you see; was something quite different from the
Now the Princess happened to walk that way; and
when she heard the tune, she stood quite still and seem
ed pleased; for she could play Dearest Augustine, it was
the only piece she knew, and she could only play it with
one finger.
"Why there is my piece" said the Princess; "That
Swineherd must certainly have been well educated. Here!
go in ask him the price of the instrument."
' And so one of the ladies must run in; however she
drew on wooden slippers first.
"What will you take for the saucepan?" inquired the
"I will have ten kisses from the Princess," said the
" "Mercy on us!" said the lady.
"Yes, I cannot sell it for less," said the Swineherd.
' iz, . hat does he say?" asked the Princess.
"I cannot tell you really," replied the lady "it is too
"Then you can whisper it. So the lady, whispered it.
For the doctor, salesman, inspector, con-
j tractor, executive, the Ford troupe means
more calls per day inJess time,
protection from weather, x
ample roominess and comfort,
a car of modest, businesslike refinement and
elegance. , 1
Above all, it is the car of dependabiliiy--the Ford
engine has the power.
We keep your car on the road. We sell Genuine
Ford Parts.
said he, "or
gain. "One must encourage art" said she; "I am the
Emperors daughter. Tell him, he shall, as on yesterday,
have ten kisses from me, and. may take the rest from the
ladies of the court." -
"Oh, but we should not like that at all" said the court
"What are you muttering?" asked the Princess, "if
I can kiss him surely you can." Remember, I give you
your food and wages." So the court ladies were obliged
to go to him again.
"A hundred kisses from the Princess'
else let everyone keep his own'
"Stand round." said she; and all the ladies stood
round her while the kissing was going on.
. "What can be the reason for such a crowd close by
the pig - sty?" said the Emperor, who happened just then
to step out on the balcony. He rubbed rubbed his eyes
and Dut on his spectacles. "There are the ladies of the
court; there must be some, play going on. I must go
down and see what thev are about." So he pulled up his
slippers at the heel, for he had trodden them down.
Heh there! what a hurry he was in.
As soon as ne got in tne courtyard, ne moved very
softly, and the ladies were much engrossed with count
ing kisses, that all might go on fairly, that they did not
percieve the Emperor. He rose on his tiptoes.
TTti . ii .1 n 11 11 t
what is n rmsr n np. wnen rm saw wnar war
ne is an impudent ieuowi said tiie Princess, and going on and he boxed the Princesses ears with his slip-
ine per, just as the Swineherd was taking the eighty-sixth
kiss. ' ,
"Off with you," cried the Emperor, for he was
anerv: and both the Princess and the Swineherd
1 111 1 o '
une win nave tw, of
- - j
The Princess now stood and wept, and the Swine-
I i ill -ill -i'-i
icu hprn sen inert nnn r.Mrain rsnnrpn nnwn.
11 1 1 M 11 TT t m
sne waixea on; duz wnen sne naa gone a little way,
bells tinkled so prettily,-
Ah, thou dearest Augustine! '
All is gone, gone, gone.
"Stay," said the Princess "Ask him
ten kisses from the ladies of my court"
"No, thank you," answered the Swineherd:
i; ii. n t i i . . ..
MBM tvlil w saucepan myseu." "0 how miserable I am." said the Princess. "If I
rnat must not üe, either, said the Princess, "but hri hut rriñ th s handsome vonno- nrirP Ah
.it -i-.J v. iL.i ' r i
uo jou u Htaiiu ueiure me inai no one may see us. unfortunate I am."
Ana me couriiauies placed cnemseives in Iront of And the Swineherd went behind a tree, washed the
her, and spread out their dresses; and so the Swineherd black and brown color from his face, threw off his dirtv
got tne ten Kisses ana sne got tne saucepan. clothes, and stepped forth in his princely robes: he looked
It was delightful. The saucepan was kept boiling so noble that the Princess could not help bowinsr before
an.tne evenmg, and tne whole ot thetollowing day. They him
mew penectiy wen wnat was cooking at every fire thro- "I am come to despise thee" said he "thou wouldst
ughout tiie city, from the chamberlains to the cobblers: not have an honorable prince: thou couldst not prize the
tne court laaies danced and clapped their hands. rose and the nishtineale. but thou wast ready to kiss the
"We know who has soup and who has pancakes for Swineherd for the sake of a trumoerv plavthin. Now
Ginner today, wno nas cutlets and who has eggs. How thou, hast thv deserts !"
interesting. He went back to his own little kingdom, and shut
"Yes, but keep my secret, for I am an Emperors the door of his palace in her face Now she might well
"Mercy on us" said they all.
The Swineherd - that is to say the Prince, for no one
knew that he was other than an illfavoured swineherd -let
not a day pass without working at something; he at
last constructed a rattle, which, when it was swung round,
played all the waltzes and jig tunes which have ever been
heard since the creation of the world.
"Ah, that is 3uperbe! said the Princess when she
passed by; "I have never heard prettier compositions. Go
In and ask him the price of the instrument; but I won't
"He'will have a hundred kisses from the Princess."
said the court lady who had been in .to ask.
"I think he is crazy." said the Princess, and walked
on; but when ihe had gone a little' way, she stopped a-
Ah! thou dearest Augustine!
All is gone, gone, gone!
Live Stock Trade Strong
er, Good Advance in Hogs
Packing house employees
late ist week decided to ac
cept a wage reduction of 5
to 10 par cent without a
strike. Today receipts were
ight for this season of the
year, and with ihursaay,
ThanKsgiving holiday, sup
plies for the week will be be-
ow requirements. These
conditions improved demand
materially andx the 'market
ruled strong to higher. Cat-
tie were strong to 2o cents
higher, hogs up 15 to 25
cents and lambs strong to 15
cents higher.
Today's Receipts
Receipts today were 12,-
000 cattle, 8000 hogs, and
4500 sheep, compared with
23,000 cattle, 8000 hogs, and
6000 sheep a week ago, and
15,300 cattle, 15,750 hogs,
and 16,300 sheep a year ago
Beef Cattle
Cattle receipts today were
about half those a week 'ago,
and 3000 less than a. year
ago. At the same time qua
lity of the fat cattle was the
plainest of the season. Kill
ers were in the pens early
and bought freely as long as
there were1 any steers that
carried fat. Prices ruled
strong to 25 cents higher, ;
exceptions more. Some 13
00 pound, steers, "warmed
up" from grass, brought $7.
00 and were the best offered.
Most of the other steers sold
at $5. 50 to $6. 75. Cows and
i :j? i 3 i i. 1.1
s neuers snoweu auuut uie
J same advance as steers, and
were m active demand. Cal
ves were 25 to 50 cents high
er, and bulls up 25 cents.
Stockers and Feeders
Today's light receipts of
thin cattle forced country
buyers who have been wait
ing tor lower prices into an
active trade and prices rose
15 to 25 cents. Indications
are that the big runs of stock
ers and teeders are near an
end for this year. On the
other hand a large number
of thin cattle are needed to
take care of feed.
Hog prices today were up
15 to 25 cents, mostly 15 to
20 cents. Early, last week it
looked' as though packers
would succeed in in reduc
ing hog prices to the 6 cent
level, but receipts are not
holding up to expectations
and demand continues large.
Today the top price, $7.00,
was paid for light lights and
the bulk of the offerings sold
at $6.60 to $6.90, packer top
$6. yo. Figs sold up to $7. 50.
Sheep and Lambs A
Ewes sold at 3.35 to $4.-
OOánd native lambs at $8.
50 to 9.00: The market
was quoted strong to 25
cents higher. Trade was
active., Feeding lambs are
scarce and in urgent demand.
. Horses and Mules.
Trade in horses and mules
was practically unchanged
compared with last week
Dealers do not expert much
change in conditions soon.
Charles M. Pipkin,
Market Correspondent,
We are cf&ring-and know ycu will bg pkased-
a füil line of seasünabc fruits and vegetables.
i IT 1 .1 . f
meáis, we oner practically everything ter y
needs beef, pork, boiled ham, lunch
meats, as vell as a nice line of staple groceries.
Prices on our offerings are within easy reach
. of ycur ability to buy
Phone 35
Fruits, Candies, Ice Cream, Soda Water
Periodicals and Stationery Tobaccos. Cigars, Notions, Etc
Full Line of Rexall Remedies
Special Attention Paid to Mail Orders
Holbrook Drug Company Holbrook, Arizona
i Phone 119-Box 76 Holbrooh, Arion
Our stocks are the most complete in Northern
Arizona Everything for the Home Builder.
Write for a sample and
price on ATLAS WALL
BOARD-Best on the
Paints, Oils, Glass
Builders Hardware
American Block Coal
Jackson Garage
C. H. Edmunds, Prop.
Battery Repairing asd Charging
Auto Electrical Work, Generators, Starters
Magmtos and Lights
Commercial Block HoIbiOOk, AlTZOfla
National Six-ylinder Service Car. Phone 187
In a Class by itself. Ihorovghly Modem.
Mrs. D. L. HIGGINS, Prop.
For Dependable Shoes and First Class Repair Work
. ' SEE
The Shoe Man
"The Store that Always Saves You Money"
Genuine Wool Blankets
reasonably priced at Wetz-
Are Ycur Eyes
The Restaurant that deals in good
Food and Courtesy.
A recent examination of
1000 skilled workers (aver
age age 32 years) in a west
ern plant showed that 410
had imperfect vision which
was not corrected by glass
es. Let me examine your
Santa Fe Hospital, WInslon-. Arizona
Office North Holbrook Hotel
Hour 9-121-5
Eolbsook, Arizona
w. e. ferguson Lloyd C. Henning
Attorney and Couiuellor-at-Law
Holbrook. Arizona ACCOUNTANT
Practices in all State and Federal Courts ' ,. . . ,
Holbrook, Amona
Imperial Laundry Agency
Antiseptic Barber Shop
Our different fall lines are arriv
ing daily. Come in and see the
new winter hats, dresses, etc.
We are headquarters for sports
men, with a nice line of big game
.felFra WW T&T SCS.
t?e ooaiei, pagietu and
other Macaroni Product
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