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Boost the Oil Industry in Our Field Boost Everyday
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Official Paper of Navajo County and the Holbrook Oil Field
holbrook, Navajo county. Arizona dec. 2. 1921
Vol. 13. No.2
i i i
The derrick which Mr.
Matteson is erecting on Sec.
21-17-20 is now nearly com
pleted. To even the most
inexperienced eye it is ap
parent that the Taylor inter
ests have spared no expense
in making this the most com
plete and substantial struc
ture that can be built
The pit, 10x10x10 feet,
is unusually large but is only
an ifistance of the foresight
that has been used through
out the work. The legs of
the derrick are built of three
ply lumber, amply braced,
and the foundation on which
they rest is made up of 2 ft.
by 2 ft. Oregon pine timbers,
bolted and cross bolted. The
bull wheel is more than cap
able of sustaining any and
every strain that may be
thrown upon it. The spokes
of the windlass are 1 in. x
1 ft. kiln dried oak. To
guard against any possibil
ity of fire, the engine house
has been placed about twen
ty feet from the rig, and the
boiler will be thirty feet
. from the engine, a total dis
tance of fifty feet from the
Thorough to the smallest
detail, the commencement
of work on this well will
mean an early answer to the
question "oil or not in the
river bottom?"
W. E. Ferguson returned
from Kansas City Thursday.
Mr. Ferguson says that he
had a most successful . trip,
having won the two cases on
which he was engaged . Busi
ness conditions generally are
much improved he says, the
whole middle west is show
ing a marked reaction to the
increasing prices on live
Chet. Houck, who accom
panied him, also returned.
Kansas City is fighting an
epidemic of small-pox of a
particularly virulent kind.
There are about three hund
red cases in the city, and
deaths to date have been
sne-third of those infected.
Frank R. Speck, Pastor
Telephone 115
Sunday School at 10 a. m. !
The school is nearing the
hundred mark goal set for)
Christmas. There were
seventy-nine present on last
Preaching. Service 11:10.
Subject of sermon, The Ste
wardship of Time. Special,
Music: Anthem by the choir;
Vocal Solo, Mrs. Frank R.
, Speck; Violin Solo, Mrs. J.
W. Bazell.
Evening Service of song
and praise at 7:30, They Wilf
be Done With My Plans is
the subject for discussion.
"It will cost something to
be religious ; it will cost more
to be not so." J. Mason.
Did you leave your religion
with your church letter east
of the Mississippi River?
God visits our little church
very regularly. Perhaps you
can forget the church and
not forget God, but its dan
gerous. .... A 1 i. - .
Dr. S Earl Taylor yester
dav informed the News thut
there is no foundation for
the rumor that - the Brund
age estate lands have been
'. taken over by the Royal
Dutch Shell. -
The average whale yields
2000 gallons of oil.
Subscribe for the News.
Of the receipts from vari
ous uses and privileges on
the Sitgreaves Forest for
the fiscal year 1921, $282.94
was returned to Apache
County, $1,438.85 to Coco
nino and -2,548.77 to Nava
jo. This does not include
$2,422.73 that goes into the
state treasury from Sitgrea
ves Forest receipts for dis
tribu tion to the counties, nor
the more than $32,000.00 the
Forest Service contributed
that year toward4 the Snow-
flake-rmetop road.
. For wages to local people,
not including $15,083.47 sal
aries to local Forest officers,
the Sitgreaves paid $2424.51
and purchased $'668.12 worth
of local products. In the
past few years the Forest
Service has constructed and
maintains 165 miles of tele
phone line on the Forest of
which the public has free
usé. Several thousand dol
lars have been put into the
development of water to im
prove the range and the
material and some labor
furnished for over 80 miles
of four strand barbed-wire
fence to facilitate' handling
of stock on the range ana
better conserve the feed.
Mr. J. A. Morrow is in
town for the purpose of sup
ervising the test of the city
water well. The materials
for making the test are on
the ground, and work will
be carried out immediately
which will reliably tell us
whether or not the well can
hejissd. The test will be
started from the bottom and
as soon- as water free from
salt is found, the well below
will be cemented, lhis will
probably take; about three
weeks. There is nothing
wrong with our water system
except that we have no wat
More than fortv-three ner
cent of the world's sailing
tonnage is owned by the
United States.
Everv State in Brazil pro-
duces sugar cane, Pernara
buco and Sao Paulo leading
the others.
Nearly 40,000 patents
have been granted in the
United States for carriages
and wagons.
The city of St. Paul re
cently planted 4280 trees in
a new residence district,
through its forestry division.
A Mediterranean mollusk
is,, locally called the silk
worm of the sea, as it spins
a fiber from which clothing
and hosiery can be made.
If the Farmer ever Tucked his Pant
In his Boots, said "Gosh all Hemlock !"
and Worried about the Mortgage, that
was when Hector was a Pnp. Now be
Is a Live Business Man who drives to
Town in his Sports Model Speedboy,
amputates a few Liberty Bond coupons
aad Pays for this Paper Two Tears
In Advance.
C.W. Harp of Flagstaff
was a local visitor Monday,
B. W. McCloskey return
ed from the Coast Thprsday
Loy Turbeville, the Pinto
oil man, was in tows Mon
day evening.
Tom Pickett, who is now
working for Marley at 1 ay
lor, was in town Tuesday
Do your Christmas shopp
ing, early. ... Do this to help
both our merchants and our
postal system.
Any one who has ever at
tended an Old Time Dance
at Adamana will be there
Saturday night if they know
about this one.
Tanlac has the largest sale
of any medicine in the world.
Over Twenty Million bottles
have been sold in six years.
No other medicine has ever
approached it as a seller.
Holbrook Drug Co. Adv.
Judge Easely spent four
days of the holiday season in
or near Shumway, hunting
ducks. He brought back the
legal limit of feathered fish,
and a whole flock of fur sur
rounding rabbits.
T. C. Mills will leave to
morrow for Puducah, Mexia
and El Paso, Texas, to gat
her' together and expedite
the forwarding of the drill
ing outfit for the Taylor
well. Mr. Mills will be ab
sent about two weeks.
An enthusiastic crowd
gathered to meet 22 on Tues
day, word having been re
ceivee that Gen. Diaz was
traveling on that train. The
message was undoubtly cor
rect, anyhow you can't prove
it by us; th'old bird was ex
tremely exclusive and failed
to show himself.
Tonight at the L. .D., S.
Church one of their famous
parties will be given. Candy
booths, fish-pond, pop-corn,
and lunch will help to enliv
en the -dancing which will
begin at 8:30. The proceeds
will be devoted to the pur
chase of new hymnals for
the church and Sunday
school. Walter McLaws reports
that he has finished the wat
er well for the Taylor drill.
The hole is 135 feet deep
with 90 feet of water stand
ing. At time of writing it
is not known whether ór not
the well will be acceptable to
the Taylor interests, but it
seems probable that the a
mount of water now showing
will be amply sufficient.
Buckwheat Cakes
Mr. Baker, who has been
operating in the Kentucky
shallow fields, has . been in
Holbrook for some days. As
is usual with the experienc
ed oil man, Mr Baker is
thoroughly convinced that
the Holbrook field will turn
up trumps. Constant boost
ing by the home folk in con
junction with the favorable
impression received by the
visitor will soon lead to an
early realisation of our
dream. , -...-.., ;, .
Josephine Mon toya is a
gain an operator ot the local
-Manager T. H. Jordan of
the Zuni spent Sunday and
Monday in Holbrook.
Tanlac, the celebrated
medicine, is now sold by
Holbrook Drug Co. Adv.
All restaurants and eating
houses reported a heavy run
of business on Thanksgiving
Jack Morrow, former
County Engineer, is with us
again. This time in connec
tion with " the City water
Many former residents of
Holbrook returned for
Thanksgiving. They all
know where to get a good
G. C. Hall. President of
the Hall Lumber Company,
left Monday for the coast.
He will be gone for a few
Lorenzo Rubi and wife
inee Virginia Lonez) SDent
several days last week visit
ing, relatives and friends.
They returned to Winslo w
Frank Rees. , our univer
sally liked retaurent man,
spent Saturday in Uallup.
Prank has some time on his
hands awaiting the erection
of his new building.
Editor Montross of the St.
Johns Observer is a friend of
tht editor of this sheet;
hence we have been paling
aroiind during his stav in the
county seat town this week.
Editor Breen take notice.
The Rev. H. H, Gillies of
Flagstaff called on the mem
bers of the Episcopalian
Church on Monday. He al
en VipIH a service of admit
tance to the Girls Friendly
Society in uitur nan.
C. H. Jordan, acting on
behalf of C. B. Wilson of
Flagstaff, stated to the court
that L. M. Raynolds would
produce sufficient affidavits
to support a request for a
change of venue. -
The first meeting Í of the
Holbrook Woman's Club will
be held on next Wednesday,
Decemher the sixth, j in. the
Girls'- Friendly building.
Those who are, already mem
bers and all who are willing
to join in this work ae cord
ially invited to attend this
meeting which willl open
promptly at two-thirty in the
afternoon. Come yourself
and bring your friend.
Henry Scorse went to Phoe
nix on business Wednesday.
Mr. Á. L. Harmdn. will
also be one of Dr. Taylor's
guests the end of this week.
Mrs. Thornton, a long time
resident of Linden, succum
bed to a severe attack of
typhoid, and was buried, at
Sno wflake on Tuesday.
Robert Harned of , New
York City and Pasadena will
visit Dr. Taylor tomorrow.
Mr. Harned's interest in this
field is quite a surprise to
Dr. Taylor, as no attempt
has been made to influence
him in any way.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Os
borne were hosts to Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Cooper of .Phoe
nix on Wednesday evening.
Mr. Cooper has finished his
inspection work in the north
ern part of the State and
will probably not . return
here until next spring.
Tuesday .morning, Judge
Crosby, together with Mes
srs. Jordan, Sapp, Larson,
Faust and County attorney
Greer, was busy setting
down the cases for trial at
the coming term of Court
which will open at ten a. m.
Dec. 6th.
Six suggestions for suit
able Christmas presents for
a gentleman, as quoted by a
Northern Arizona publica
tion. 1 A bottle of Hootch.
2 A bottle of Hootch.
3 A bottle of Hootch.
4 A bottle of Hootch.
5 A bottle of Hootch.
6 A bottle of Hootch.
That's the old spirit of '76!
Three musketeers of Win
slow made an abortive at
tempt to oust Old Taylor
from the heights last week.
They were caught with the
first batch, the still siezed,
and on facing the Judge
listened to the swan song
"$50.00 or 17. days." With
the means of earning a livli
hood in the hands of the
sheriff, they figured that
times did not warrant an at
tempt to earn $3.00 per day,
so they are now resting in
the Hotel de County.
The president and council
lors 'of the relief society of
the L. D. S. Church, feeling
that they had occupied the
onerous position longer than
usuai,. nanaea m their re
signations. To the retiring
board, the ladies of the
church gave a reception, and
at the meeting elected new
officers for the year. At the
reception games wre play
ed, $ongs sung, and a pro
gram that was thorniicrhlv
enjoyed by all was given.
j. ue election resulted in the
nlacinc in rffira vf 1a
Událl, President, and Mrs.
Williams and Mrs. "Flair n
councillors. The unostent
atious way in which the Work
of Vis society has been car
ril! put, has perhaps, not
impressed those not in the
Know, Dut everyone who
realises what has been done
is enthusiastic about it.
The ladies of the Clnh en
joyed the hospitality of Mrs.
james bcorse on last Friday
afternoon. A large number
of ladies took part in the
iestivities which were un
usually livelv. Owintr to a
sudden attack . of asnhasia
the "Thimbte Club" was not
present. We hoüe the ' dis
ease will not prove chronic.
In a short business session
the ladies decided to change
the time of the monthly
evening party from Satur
day to Thursday, the week
remaining the same. The
Ace and T,himble Club meet
with Mrs. Henry Scorse this
week. - " --
It is given out that Gov.
Campbell, who is preident of
the League of the Southwest,
will not be present at the
meeting in-Riverside in De
cember, when the question
as to the development of the
Colorado river will be put
before Secretary Fall and
others of equal importance
in the government service,
for their decision. Just what
Gov. Campbell's attitude is
on this, the biggest question
in the history of Arizona and
which will mean most to its
future development, is not
known, but there is a feeling
among all who believe in the
development of the best
there is for Arizona, he
should be there and declare
himself in favor of Arizona.
It is rather discouraging to
think that Gov. Campbell
would prefer the petty lime
light of a party in . the east
as against the best interests
of the whole state of Ari
zona, but if his influence is
of any value under existing
circumstances to his native
state, and his attitude would
make many doubt it, he
should forget the pleasures
of the eastern trip to help
when Arizona men think
help is needed. I
If Gov. Campbell thinks
his influence as president of
the league is worthless, why
of course the trip east would
best please the people of Arizona.-
Coconino Sun.
(Exclusive to the News.)
The management of the
Holbrook Oil Co.r after some
hesitation, consented to our
publishing exclusively that
there is no truth in the rum
or that the oil is shooting
over the top of the derrick.
God could not be every
where, therefore he made
mothers. .
, " Jewish saying.
Manager Cook of the Ad
amana is making a detailed1
inspection of the field in
company with Mrs. C. R.
Furr. Mrs. Furr is the Fin
ancial Secretary of the Ari
zona Consolidated Oil Com
pany, of Jerome. This com
pany has been connected
with the development of the
Adamana for more than a
year and Mrs. Furr's visit is
for the purpose of getting
first hand information. She
understands the game and
her final opinion after a
thorough examination will
have great weight with 'a
number of eastern cabit&í
ists, with whom she is inter
ested. She has just return
ed from an extended trip
through the tíentral states
and says capital is closely
watching development here.
Ez i was settin' at ease
durin' th'noon hour, i hear
two uv our citizens havin a
argument. Sez one of em
"Old thing, what- are we
goin to charge for whisky
wen they hit oil?" LTo i'ni
all intrust right now, t-iink:-in'
mebbe i can spear a hot
one on the fly. Sez the other
oneuv em "Darlkt, i guesi
about $40.00 would be all
fight." "pint or gallon??
sez, i, "Gallon" sezze, and j
was able to get two breths
down at once and started the
old blood box workin ajen.
Well, after this they argied
about where they would
make the cursed stuff, doub
ble the present still or put a
new one out by the blsck
Cannon, bein as thet was
pretty far away frurn the
one they was workin now.
i set there like the sapp i
am, lickin my chops f er a
bout a hour and a half, wenn
finally a great lite broke over
me. they was only f oolin,
cause no human bein with a
once 'of intelleck wood, talk
about such matters in front
uv a noospaperman; they'd
wánt some for theirselfs.
By Arnold Lee
Rehearsals for the Oper
etta are being enthusiastic
ally attended. Those who
know, say that theatre lovr
ers are going to get a plea
sant surprise when the show
is presented. '
Saturday night there will
be a basketball game be
tween the girls of this High
School and the-girls from
Emerson High of Flagstaff.
To add to the comfort of the
spectators, two large stoves
have been installed in the
Gym. so there can now be
no excuse for your rot at
tending the game.
The two rooms which have
been remodeled for the ex
clusive use of the high school
students add materially to
the comfort of the various
classes, which, heretofore
have been extremely cramp
The boys basketball team
started practice on Monday
night. A squad of twelve
. 1 , . T-l 1 ' 1
turned out. rractice is De
ing held every night, though
as yet, no schedule has been
arranged. -
The grammer school foot
ball team was beaten by the
much heavier Winslow gram
mar school team 46 - 0. Lack
of weight in great measure
accounts for the defeat.
Ed. Cole returned from
Copley Wednesday.
C. W. Cook, Managing
Director of the Adamana
was laid up for a few days
this week with a bad cold.

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