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The Holbrook News, Holbrook. Arizona Dec. 2. 1921
Proceedings of the Board of j
You saw my ad last week. The Omlaad is growing ia popu
larity with such rapidity that it is taxing the Co. to meet
the demand for cars. Get yours now.
F. O. B. Arizona (
Time payments without interest.
-Franklin Overland Co.
Holbrook Winslow
(Continued from last week.)
Warrant No. 2456 was issued to Olive Clark in the sum
$75.00 for services as acting Court Reporter from Sept. 15th
Oct. 20th.
Cash orders were issued to the following Indigents - by
of tiie Board. ,
Mrs, Helen Taysing $ 10.00
Chas Roberts 8.00
Mrs. M Chavez 8.00
Louis Morales 8.00
Mrs Mary Norton 8.00
Airs Pedro Tafolla 10.00
Pedro Roche
Carlos Baca
P. Guterriz
Jose Olguin
Mrs Ora Meyers
Mrs Perfecta Barth
The following Officer's Reports were audited and approved.
Treasurer's Report
Sheriff's Report.
Clerk of Court.
Recorder. .
R B Walton, J.
Bal on hand Sept. 30th
Receipts for Oct. '
Disbursements for Oct
Cash Bal. Oct. 31st.
Licenses for quarter
Fees fos Oct.
Fees for Oct.
Fees for Oct.
Fees for Sept. ,
Fines for Sept.
$ 154,258.27
- 58.30
' 90.00
Are Your Eyes
A recent examination of
1000 skilled workers (aver
age age 32 years) in a west
ern plant showed that 410
had imperfect vision which
was not corrected by glass
es. Let me examine your
Santa Fe ILosDttal. Winslow, Arizona
Sealed proposals will be received by
the Navajo County Highway Commis
sion until 11 a. m. Dec. 5, 1921 for the
following work on the Winslow-Reser-ation
road at-Fur and Feather.
Th work consists of approximately
th following:
3500 ca. yds. Roadway Borrow.
1100 cu. yds. Gravel Surfacing. -
40 cu. yds. Rubble Masonry.
21 cu.yds. Class"A"concrete in dips.
3000 ft. bridge lumber in place.
Specifications may be obtained from
W J Hookway, secretary. Each bid
mast be acccrapained by a certified
check for 6 per cent of the total amount
bid. '
Proposals shall be addressed to W J
Hookway, secretary, and plainly mark
ed on outside of envelope "Proposals
tec. F-Project 6. Fur and Feather."
The commission reserves the right to
reject any or all bids.
W. J. Hookway,' Secretary,
Highway Commission. ' ' 2t
'' Sealed proposals will be received by
the Navajo County Highway. Commis
sion until 11 a. m. Dec. 5, 1921 for the
following work on the Holbrook-Snow
flake road, beginning at southern limits
of Holbrook, extending approximately
one mile south.
The work consists of approximately
the following:
. 3500 cu. yds. Roadway Borrow.
1760 cu. yds. Gravel Surfacing.
20 cu. yds. Solid Rock Excavation,
specifications may be obtained from
W J Hookway, secretary. Each bid must
be accompained by a certified check for
5 per cent of the total amount bid.
'i Proposals shall be addressed to . W. J
Hookway, secretary, and plainly mark
ed on outside of, envelope "Proposals
sec. K,' project 7.
The Commission reserves-the right to
reject any or all bicU.
w. j.'hookway Secretary,
Highway Commission.
Phoenix. Arizona. Land Office serial lio. 052253.
Notice is hereby iven that the Santa Fe Pacific
Railway Company has filed in this office, its appli
cation to select under the provisions of acta of
June 22nd. 1824 (18 tat. 194), August 29, 180 26
st&t.3t&), the following described lands, vizi
The northeast quarter NE'i J of the south
east quarter (St;1) of section Eight 8. Town
ship Kijrhteen t IS J .North of Rang seventeen
U7J East, G. and S. R B. and M. .
Any and all persons claiming1 adversely the
lands described, or desiring- to object, because of
thn mineral character of the land, or any other
reason, to the disposal to applicant, should file
their affidavit of protest in this office, on or before
th 31st day of December 1921.
1st pub Nov 25
Dec 23,
Office North Holbrook Hotel
Hour 9-12 1-5
Holbhook, .. Arizona
Sealed proposals will be received by
the Navajo Highway Commission until
11 a. m. Dec. 5th, 1921 for the following
work on the Winslow-Reservation road
known as Bush Store project. '
The work consists of approximately
the i olio wing: ... . . ...
500 cu. yds. Roadway Excavation.
200Ü cil. yds. Roadway borrow.
300 cu. yds. Gravel Surfacing.
20 cu yds Rubble Masonry.
25 cu yds Class "A" concrete.
Specifications may be obtained from
W J Hookway, secretary. Each bid
must be accompained by- a certified
heck for 5 per cent of the total amount
bid. Proposals shall be addressed to
W J Hookway, secretary, and plainly
marked on outside of envelope "Propo
sals sec. E-Project 6. Bush Store."
The commission reserves the right
to reject any or all bids.
W. J. Hookwav, Secretary,
' Highway commission.
Last 2nd
Estate of Tom K. Seugar decease
Notice ia hereby given by the binder-
signed Wm. H. Dagg, administrator of
the estate of Tom K. Seeger deceased,
to the creditors of and all persons hav
ing claims against the said deceased, to
exhibit them, with the necessary vouch
ers, within four months after the first
publication of this notice to the said
Wm. H. Dagg at Winslow, Ari. the
same being the place for the transa
tion of the business of said estate, in
said County of Navajo, State of Ariz
ona, wm. H. DAGG
Administrator of the estate of Tom K.
Seeger, deceased. Dated Winslow,
Arizona, this 4th day of Nov. 1921." "
lstpub.Nov.il L 25
Before you're a day older
you want to let the idea slip
under your hat that this
is the open season to start
something with a joy'us
jimmy pipe and some
'? Prince Albert!
' Because, a pipe packed
with Prince Albert satisfies-
a man as he was never satis
fied before; and keeps him
satisfied! And, you jan
prove it! Why P. As
üavor and fragrance and
.coolness and its freedom
rwi -
how voiill take to
a pipe
from bite and parch (cut
out by our exclusive pat-
ented process) are a reve
lation to the man who never
could get acquainted with a
pipe! P. A. has madé a
pipe a thing of joy to four
men where one was smoked
before! ,
Ever roll up a cigarette
with Prince Albert? Man,
man but you've got a
party coming your way!
Talk about a cigarette
smoke; we tell you it'2 a
" peach!
fc if :
li - Z t'S W ri.ff
Prinea Albert ia
sold in toppy red
boas, tcJy red tins,
hand so mm pound
and half pound tin
humidors and in tha
pound crystal glass
humidor with
pnc moist caer
Copyright 1921
by R. J. Reynolds
Tobacco Co.
Willard Whipple J. P. Fines for Sept.
bhowlow - ' ' i
No Fees or fines were collected for Sent, bv the fallowinc: J.
L. Peterson, St. Joseph, R Ison, Woqdruff. J H Allen Taylor, L
Fish Lakeside, Fred Loe Whiteriver. and Lottie M WebbPinedale.
D W Easley J P Holbrook. Fees for Oct. . 675
O Freeman J P Snowflate, Fines for Oct. 40.00
J L Fish J P Lakeside, Fines for Oct. ; 5.00
Willard Whipple J P Showlow, Fees for Oct. ' .25
L Peterson J P St. Joseph, No collections for Oct ,
Fred Loe J. P. Whiteriyer, No collections for Oct. -
The Treasures was ordered to make the following refunds on
account of error. . , ' .
Ed. Leopold $3.45 on account of property being assessed in
Holbrook town, r
J. E. Kleindienst $16.64 on account of 1920 error. y -
O M Johns 7.04. property outBide city limits. : !
D Karey, 2.50, Poll tax. double. ' "
L M Carpenter, 2.50, poll tax, oyer age. .
W H Day, 2.50 poll tax, over age. j
Morris D. Burner. 2.50, poll tax, double. '
L M Shum way, 4.50, poll and road tax, ; over age,
J C Brown 2.50. poll tax, double. ; ' v .
Chas. P Cooley, 13,63. refund on lot 20 blk. 7 1920, no such lot.
The Treasurer was directed to charge Dist. No....l Bond Int.
7-3-16 $5.55 and Credit Expease Fund.
Charge Road Band Int. 6-1-20 $15.43 and Bridge Bond Int. $3.
65 and credit bouth amounts to the Expense Fund.
The Treasurer was directed to make the following changes in
the 1921 assessment roll on account of error.
- Add the name of W F Eason in the sum of $150.00 for lots 6-7
blk, 32 Clark Addition. . '. . .; .
Add to the assessment of Fred Gaumitz the sum of $150.00
for lots 17-18 blk. 27, Clark Addition.
Reduce the assessment of Mrs, Barnet Stiles $300.00 and
grant her widow's exemption in the sum of $1000,00.
Reduce the assessment of Mrs Georgia Southerland $335.00
and grant her $1000.00 widow's exemption.'
Grant widow's exemption to Merce Garcia in the sum of $400.
Grant widow's exemption to Mrs L Jennings in the sum of
23 4.00.
Reduce the city valuation of L. Cadwell Co. $150.00 for two
lots situated outside the city limits. ;
Strike from the roll the 2nd installment of the city tax of E.
C. Leopold in the sum of $8.45, his property being outside the city
Grant widow's exemption to Mrs, Geo. D Jewett in the sum
of $1000.00. . : . . .. .
Reduce the asiessment of Mrs Lmma U. Thompson $1250.00
on account of error in assessment of car.
Reduce the assessment of Mrs Belle H. Flake, $350.00 on im
provements on possessory right same being assessed to Marshall
H. Make.
Reduce the assessment of V H Driver $1250.00 on account of
error in assessing improvement on lot 6 blk. 2 A P Addition.
Reduce the assessment of Miss Julia Mahoney $350.00 on ac
count of error." '-
Reduce the cssessment of Mrs Henrietta Dye $1000.00 on account
of error. . : . ;
1 n . j it. X ñu f r n.,n &rrr fn .
Xltsauce vile OBseaDuiGut ui tuia xu. uuuu apuui.w va accouut
of error1.
Strike from the assessment of W C Everett the city tax on
property valued at $1130.00, same lies outside the city limits.
Reduce the assessmet 01 - anches $iuuu.uu . on account
double same being assessed to his brother- . .
Reduce the assessment of Mrs F M Pingree 5950.00 on
count of error and grant her $1000.00 widow's exemption.
Exempt the following from the payment of School tax on ac
count of age: G W Mclnturff, G I Baker. J E Stokes, C H Elkms
J LaPrade, P A Chaves, H A Coble, Juan Padilla, E C Cook,
Duncan Forbes, J V Ament. N A Brimhall, Wm. Smith, J E Val-
verde, J J Rubi, Chas Daze, L F McClanahan. . Chas Bryant, An
tonio Duran. Rafael Romero. . . ... , ,,'.r
Exempt on account of double . assessment, parties having paid
the assessor.
Miguel Vargas, T Shigematsu. Ed Morris, j C Johnson, A R
Dewey. E W McClung, E D Moden, J C Mayes, Danaciano Pacb-
- l ...... . r . r j
eco. J V wnneim, ana raui a loaer.
Exempt Vv L Thorton, cripple, J I JLaBecic and r u MCL.aws,
paid in another county, G E Ta'ylor, J E Harper, and a Stumps,
non-residents. T H Dickson, error. T -
Exempt from the payment of road tax J E stocks' C H Elkins
Juan Padilla, E G Cook, N A Brimhall. Wm Smith, and Charles
rvant on account of age.- U ii 1 aylor, non-resident, if U racLaws
paid in Maricopa Co, W L Thornton, cripple.
Raduce the assessment of J E Kleindienst as louows on ac
count of errors, lots 5 and 1-2 of 6 and 7 blk, A. $120.00 and add
same to the assessment of Nazara Garcia.
Lots 15 and 16 blk A $60.00 and add same to the assessment
of A- Sanchez. -
Improvements on lots 13 and 14 DIR. 121. error $4tu.
Improvements on lots 5 and 6 blk. 117, $500. and add same to
the assessment of H H Hopper.
Imp. on lots 15 - 18 blk, 117 error. SlbüU.Uü
Lots 13 - 23 blk 206, double $270.00 and tots 13 to 22 blk. 209
double, $410.00. - . . T.. innn
Str ike from the assessment 01 lvirs. nenrv jenniDgn ww.w
same being amount assessed on 320 acres of land that has been
relinquished to the State . ,T.
Strike from the roll the assessment ox m iveeney on joib xo
and 16 blk. 35 A P in the sura ot $8"o uu on account 01 doUDie,
same being assessed to aad paid by 1 reterson.
Make the following changes in the assessment
Apache Telephone Co. on aecount of error.
Reduce Dist. No. 3 valuation 1326. and taxes
Add Dist. No. 9 $364 00 and taxes
Add to Diat. No. 10 $90.00 and taxes
Add to Snowflake town $966.00 and taxes
Add to Holbrook town $1432.00 and taxes
R.-inrA th 9ismsnt of L' Cadwell and Co. on the north half
f lots 1 to 4 blk. 7 $138.00 being 20 per cent reduction allowed by
the Board during the Equalization meeting. ,
The following resolution which was brought to our attention
by the Board of Supervisors of Coconino Co. was unanimously ad
ontco '
Whereas the development of the Southwestern portion of the
Unit"! States, particularily the States of Utah, Nevada. Califor
nia. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming, has reached
that point where an ample supply of Hydro-electric power is ne
cessary, both for their present welfare and future progress, and;
Whereas, such a supply of power exists in the Colorado River
Babbitt's Growth ;
There is always a reason for
every result. The : reason: for
t h e phemoninal g row t h
of Babbitt Bros, is beqause of the
company's policy of fair dealing,
excellent goods and low prices.
This combination caused the re-
sult-a large and prosperous busi
ness. I Y-
We handle nothing but the best!
Phone 75 ' ' . . '.
Babbitt Bros: Trading Co;
Holbrook, Ark
the Gift that Lasts
H. W. HIÍGHES, -jeweler;
' TI
wish to announce that I shall make .a .subj..
stantial reduction in the price. of everything
in my store. Call jand fet me prove my
statement. v ' " i
1; ti
i 'THE U N I VeS A CW1 ,
The Ford Sedan is the favorite family car, " i
seats five comfortably. While an enclosed car '
vith permanent top, i t has large, windows, anct ; 5
.' may in a minute be changed to a most delight-
' ful open car with always .a"top protecting
: ' hgainst thé sün. In inclement weather it is a.
, closed car, dust-proof, water-proof, cold-proof.
; Finely upholstered. Equipped with electric.; i
: starting and lighting system and demountable-. ,
rims with 3-inch tires front and rear. A real
family car. Won't yóu come in and look at it? " . .
: lhe delights ot the electric
car widi the economy of the
. Ford. 7 -, -
JeBiiings Auto Co: : '
Holbrook . Winslow
of the Navajo
' .53
a iii 1 d ii
añdcan be made available bv proper 'development, í without the
infnngment of any rights now existing; and which deyelcpmtnt
would, in addition to other benefits of a usual . nature, save lor
future consumption great quantities of crude petroleum and other
fuels now used to supply this power; and would further make the
development, by irrigation, of immense areas f -desert lands of
the greatest fertility, which are now lying barren, and; '
Wnereas, The Southern California Edison Company indicates
their willingness to undertake- the immediate developmeit of the
project, giving due consideration to storage , for. irrigation pur
poses, flood control and other issues, as well as efficient power de
velopment and it being a demonstrated fact that said company
has achived remarkable success with such problems 1 and are at
present, expending considerable sums in . the. preliminary . engi
neering work on this project,' thereby..showing their. earneit . in
tent: therefore. ' - , .( .
Be It Resolved, That the ; Board of Supervisors of Navajo
County indorse the eiforts of the Southern CaliforniaEdison Com
pany and approve their plan of development cf the-- resources ! of .
the Colorado River, including as it doe the development of the
river in its entirety for all Durposes: and,
Be It Further Resolved; That a copy of this resolution! be
spread upon the minutes of the Board of 5upervisor8;:m.
This being the day set for final hearing on the establishment
of a certain Public Road in the town of Holbrook, the Board, ad
opted the following resolution. v , --"
Whereas,. The petition of ten or more tax payers of Navajo
County Arizona, praying for the establishment of a pablic road as
provided by the laws of the State of Arizona, beginning' at : the
northern extremity of Porter Street of the town of Holbrook, ex
tendine north to the Holbrook Cemetary thence east to a junction
of the Holbrook-Gallup road; plat and description being attached
to said petition as well as proof of posting notices for presenta
tion of said petition and hearing and requirements of law haying
been comolied with and no protests or claims for damages hiring
been filed; ....;. : -,: '. ''. . '
,.; . . . . . Continued on page' 4. - - : - -
the national joy Smoke

1' f-t..'.r'.r-

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