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yon nsrntloa this paper Traca writing
firms below.
Grand DryQeaning
Film and Photo Goods.
IeveIop- Film, 10c a roll.
Mail orders solicited.
Catalogs mailed free.
Eastman Kodak Agents.
FflDTVC 102D 1TH ST.
IUR.U O Drarrr. Colorado
Aadrraoa llraa. Army aad Navy Storo
Kfrryihtnf la tray good and caap miuipacal.
Fits catalog frn nearwi Hon.
lttr Anpahot St. Dram. 413 .Y 1'nioa An.. FlKbla.
117 Capitol Ate.. tBrfrnne. M.
Pre-W ar Prices oa Coffee
Send $1.00 for 3-poand sanpte, pat
CI., !1 and Uarkrt SU.. Demtr. Colo.
lain, riorai to,, i4i liroaqway.
Dcbmt Fists Mattria: Caaaam.
-6 bixtweiah Street, Dt'nver. Colorado.
Wfgr. and Repairing: All orders promptly
attended to. Kst. 1879. liith & Champa.
WKDD1MG and Birthday Cakes. Dinner
Favors, Best Chocolates and Hon Dons,
packed to ship anywhere. Write for
prices and circular of suggestions.
II A I Its. Mtm, of Urat Candira, Denver.
H. J. MEREDITH. D. C, 810 Interstate
Trust Bid;?, Free Consultation.
jToTTak FTriTrTTGniuTcic
Service. Developing, 10c. Prints, 3c up.
Cameras and Supplies at bargain prices.
Sl'.!HIK PHOTO, liox 1205 W. Denver
t lowest prices. Money back guaran
tee. Illustrated Catalog on request.
Colorado Sprlntra, Cola. Ililllncv, .Mont.
11)20 17th St.. Hearer, Colo.
For best plilinc Orsutilciiing. covered buncos and but
ton holes. Write for In catalog. 1523 Stout. Denver.
l.ara;rt Sewiaa; Machine Johhera west
of Chicago. New and 2nd hand Singers
and Whites. S15. $-5. $35. All other
makes: 10-yr. guar. Save agent's profit.
Western Sen Ins Maeh. Co. SI2 l.'.th St.
For Auto-Truck-Tractor & M. C.
Ma a acta Saeeisiltr Works, 204 16th St.
ri-l 17tb St. Dearer
Listen to Wireless Music & Market Re
ports in your home. Complete Receiving
Sets. 25 to $50. Easy to install & operate
Denver Radio Co.. Hoc "32. Denver
Commercial inquiries answered and
information gladly furnished without
cost. Address any firm nbove.
Marbles From Arizona Onyx.
Prescott. Two hundred and forty
thousand marbles, of all the delicate
hues of the finest onyx, soon will be
on the market and Inter on the streets
and in the school yards of this coun
try -as an American product sold for
the first time in competition with German-made
'"taws" so dear to the heart
of the hoy. "ot only Americnn-made,
but quarried and polished in America,
are these "Yavapai agates." Several
small shipments of the product of the
Mayer onyx quarry already have been
shipped to the manufacturer.
Ludendorff to South America.
Berlin. General Ludendorff, chief
of staff to former Marshal von Ilin
denburg and quartermaster of the Ger
man army, is going to South America.
The former army chief plans uu ex
tensive tour, embracing Argentina and
Pre-War Dollar Worth 72 Cents.
Chicago. The pre-war dollar now is
worth 72 cents when spent for meat
. and 3 cents when spent for other
'foodstuffs, according to a statement
made public by J. T. Iiussell, president
of the National Association of Meat
Councils. Eighteen months ago, Mr.
Russell said, the pre-war dollar was
worth 52 cents in the retail meat mar
ket, and a year ago (1 cents.
Pope's Fortune Small.
Rome. Vatican officials got a sur
prise when the strong box containing
the personal fortune of the late Tope
Benedict XV was opened. It was
found to contain only 700,000 lire
(normally $13T,000), whereas it had
been expected that the pontiff pos
sessed at least 2,000,000 or 3,(KH,0iK)
.lire in money.
Bandits Plead Guilty.
Detroit, Mich. Alex McClean, 44
years old, and James Logan, 22,
pleaded guilty in Federnl Court here
to the robbery of a Canadian mail
truck Oct. 7, last, when registered
packages with a reported value of $25,
000 were taken.
Hot Water Bottles for Liquor.
Harrisburg, Pa. Use of hot-water
bottles for liquor transportation was
discovered, local prohibition enforce
ment agents said, when Frank Locli
haum of Chnmbersburg lost the check
for a suitcase he had left at a rail
road check room in Chnmbersburg and
was forced to describe the contents to
obtain his property. He was arrested
when an officer heard him describing
the contents of the rase. Five hot
water bottles, filled with liquor, were
in the suitcase.
Murderer Gets Respite.
Nashville, Tenn. Ashhury Fields,
sentenced to die In the electric chair
for murder, was given a thirty-day re
spite at the state penitentiary by Gov
ernor Taylor on his plea directing that
he was "not ready to die" and that he
wanted the extra time In which to
"prepare to meet his Maker." Fields
was convicted of knocking a man In
the head with a hammer and killing
him after he had enticed him into a
forest on the pretext of seeing him
some whisky.
Novelties in Undermuslins;
Girdles of Many Sorts
NOW that the season for spring
sewing Is on, when women occu
py themselves with replenishing
their own ami their children's under
muslins, we find that many novelty
garments Invite the attention of the
seamstress. The annuul "white sales"
which supply the material for this sea
sonal sewing, have blossomed out with
new color, new cloths and new modes
of trimming when there Is trimming.
It remnins to be seen whether the ln-
Pajamas of
traduction of color and Ingenious new
decorations will last or not, but manu
facturers have fulth In it and huve
made nainsook, batiste and other cot
tons In almost as many colors as we
find In silk underwenr.
It Is not worth while to put much
work on the short-lived, soon out
grown garments for children. Manu
facturers are showing such sensible
garments as the pajnma pictured here.
This is made of cotton crepe, cut in
one piece, with komono sleeves, and
has long pantalettes ending In a flounce
at the ankles. The required fullness
Is gathered In nt the front nnd back
and the pantalettes attached to the
body across the hack by means of but
tons and buttonholes. Muslins, print
ed cottons, nnd sateen are also used
for these garments,
Jacquard crepe. In white or colored
designs, and sateen are used for pa
Jamas in new types, for grown-ups
I lso nnd they are easier to make than
the regulation model.
It was n happy thought when some
one decided to use the season's ffish-
Fruits for Spring Trimming.
On spring hit being brought over
from Paris em! r.li-Jeries and colorful
fruits are used for trimming!! of large
and small turban models of velvet and
duvetyn that persist In their appeal
to the fashion followers, hut ostrich,
lur handings and other types of
feather plumage are expected to he In
vogue on felts and velours for formal
wear. Another type of trimming for
velours expected to prove popular Is
embroideries nnd ribbons In red and
'due Russian colorings against a back
L hi mi L ' L f " '- ' s
k " : t '"""WiiiiyiiMi MiiiiaMawiiiinwMisMmaiii
I . j 5 1
r M '
h J',
S Hit: LV ii
i If J At . nf-- r
?r, rf
Gird'. . .......
lonably simple dresses as a back'
ground for Interesting girdles. Quite
likely this Idea first saw the light of
day In that thrifty Taris which is al
ways on the alert to take advantage
of opportunities and always enthusias
tic over .the appearance of any new
dress accessory.
Many of the new girdles are made
of metals and set with mock Jewels,
but compositions imitating ivory and
other serai-precious materials, together
Cotton Crepe
with heads, plaques and caboctions of
jet, steel, glass, mother-of-pearl or por
eel n In are also used. Silk cord. It
almost goes without saying. Is found
in the company of all these other
things, at least as often as chains. Some
of the girdles merely encircle the waist
but many of them end in a dangle
Just now, roses made of the same ma
terial as the dress or of ribbon are set
on girdles also made of the same ma
terial, anil are in great favor. But gir
dles that will serve for more than one
frock are mado of velvet or other rib
bons. One of these Is shown below Id
which the girdle supports three loops
and ends at the side fastened, appar
ently, with small steel buckles nnd
having the ends finished with tassels.
Black velvet ribbon nnd rose petals of
metallic ribbon, falling in cascades,
make the other girdle.
comiGHT rr vstun tuxru union.
ground of vivid green surfacing.
.Metallic lace nnd solid metal cloth
also are being offered in spring de
signs and are having nctive sales.
To Finish Children's Rompers.
An easy way to finish children's
rompers at the lower edge is to put
elastic with the part to be gathered
under the pressor foot, just enough
to hold, then stretch the-elastic and
sew, folding In at the end. Place
button and buttnhole Just outside the
elastic ends.
The Kitchen
Copyright. 192, Western Newspaper unioo
Are these the choice dishes the doctor
lias sent us?
Is this the great poet whose works so
content us?
This Goldsmith's fine feast, who has
written fine books?
Heaven sends us good meat, but the
devil sends cooks. David Garrlck.
A very pretty apple to serve o the
plate with a slice of cold boiled or
roasted ham is
the following:
Rosy Apples.
Core and peel
verv smoothly
enough even-sized
apples to serve ;
cook in a sirup of
equal quantities
of sugar nnd water, or a thinner sirup
may be used if desired, adding two or
more tnblespoonfuls of the tiny red
cinnamon drops nnd basting the apple
while cooking, with the red juice. Do
not cook until the apples lose their
shape or the sirup its beautiful color.
Glazed Onions With Steak. Cook
small, even-sized onions until soft, but
firm enough to hold their shape. Make
a sirup of one cupful of sugar nnd one-
half cupful of stock ; cook to the soft
ball stage; add the onions and con
tinue to cook for two or three minutes,
Lift out when the sirup begins to dis
color and place the onions around the
steak on n hot platter.
Tongue for Luncheon. Boll the
tongue until tender, in meat stock flint
has been seasoned with carrots, on
ions, parsnips, sweet marjoram, cher
vil nnd a very little mint, ndding salt
nnd pepper, celery, salt and cayenne to
taste. When the tongue is well
cooked remove the skin, brush over
with beaten egg and strew with fine
bread crumbs. Bake for hnlf an hour
to brown the crumbs, basting every
eight minutes with vinegar and wnter
in equal parts. Remove from the oven
and let get cold. Place on a long plat
ter nnd slice into thin slices, allowing
It to retain its shape. Spread a thick
mayonnaise over triangles of toast;
decorate these by covering with thinly
sliced pinientoes, nnd arrange them
around the sliced tongue. Garnish
with parsley.
Orange Layer Cake. Cream one
third of a cupful of butter, one cupful
of sugar nnd two egg yolks. To this
add one-fourth of a tablespoonful of
salt nnd the grated rind of an orange.
Sift together one-fourth of a tenspoon-
ful of soda, . one nnd one-hnlf tea
spoonfuls of taking powder and one
and one-half cupfnls of flour. Add
this alternately to the first mixture
with one-hnlf cupful of orange juice;
add the whites of the eggs beaten stiff
nd pour into well-buttered nnd
floured cake pnns. Put together with
the following Icing: Take three tnble
spoonfuls of orange juice, the grated
rind of one-fourth of nn orange nnd
sufficient confectioner's sugar to
Now. blesslnps llsht on him that
first Invented this same sleep! It cov
ers a man all over, thoughts and all,
like a cloak: it is meat for the hungry,
drink for the thirsty, heat for the cold,
and cold for the hot. It is current
coin that purchases all the pleasures
of the world cheap, and the balance
that sets the king and the shepherd, -the
fool and the wise man, even. Cer
For those who are fond of fish the
tuna will be nn especial fnvorlte.
Tuna L o a f.
Take one large
can of tuna Ssh,
flake with a fork
and remove nil
bones and skin.
Add one cupful
of bread crumbs,
one tcaspoonful
of lemon juice,
one tcaspoonful of
pepper, two eggs.
chopped green
paprika and one tenspoonful of salt.
Mix all the ingredients together, roll
in the form of a firm loaf, roll in
flour and place in a greased bread pan.
Dot with bits of butter and bake thir
ty minutes in a moderate oven.
Serve unmolded on a hot platter with :
Sauce for Tuna Loaf. Melt one
tablespoonful of butter In a saucepan,
udd two tahlespixinfuls of flour and
mix well, add slowly one cupful of
milk, stirring constantly, nnd cook two
minutes. Remove from the fire and
add one egg yolk well beaten. Season
witli suit and pour around the fish
Apple Ice. Cut up six large tart
apples and boil with four cupfuls of
water the rind of one lemon until
oft. Drain, add two cui'fuls of sugar
and boil for three minutes. Add the
Juice of two lemons nnd the juice of
nn orange and freeze.
Pecan Cookies. Cream one-half
mpfnl of butter nnd one cupful of
rown sugar together; add two eggs.
ne at a time, beat well, add one
mpful of honey and one tenspoonful
nf vanilla extract; then add one cup
lul of chopped pecan meats, one-Tourth
f a cupful of milk nnd one-hnlf tea
spoonful of salt. Add a tenspoonful
rf baking powder to one cupful of
Mour. adding more flour to make a
lough that can be rolled out. Chill,
roll out nnd cut In dinmend shapes.
Rake on greased tins In a brisk oven.
These cookies are better when they
are kept a few days.
Ancient Love of Music.
Excavations in Egypt show a shep
herd of C0O0 years ago playing a
leather-covered lute. On one side Is
his dog, cn the other a lamb. Love
of music was a characteristic of the
earliest civllzations.
Place of Cabbages and Snakes.
Cabbages and snakes are the chief
features of New Year Island, a tiny
speck In the Bass Strait, between Australia-
und Tasmania. The cabbages
ore twelve feet high. In four months
two soldiers killed 1,050 snakes.
Approximately 28,000 Miles' Built Dur
ing Year Just Passed Ma
terials Lower.
(Prepared by the United States Department
or Agriculture.)
Road building has recovered from
the setback received during the war,
and prospects are bright for the future.
Approximately 14,000 miles of road
were constructed during the present
season by the states in conjunction
with federal aid, according to the
bureau of public roads, United States
Department of Agriculture, and prob
ably an equal amount independent of
federal aid. More miles of Improved
road were built than during any other
Costs of road grading and construc
tion with local materials is down prac
tically to the 1914 level. Some reduc
tions, also, have been made in freight
rates on road materials. The im
portance of this Item is shown by the
fact that in some cases It has been es
timated that increased freight rates
have added 10 per cent to the cost of
a road. Prices of manufactured road
materials tend downward ; the present
level Is materially lower than that of
a year ago.
With the new appropriation by con
gress of $75,000,000, addsd impetus will
be given to new road construction,
Many of the states are considering en
Federal-Aid Road in Western State,
Just Completed.
larged amounts of state aid, and the
new law will have a tendency to en
courage this policy. It will also secure
the construction of a system of inter
state and lntercounty highways, rather
than haphazard selection of roads as
in some cases in the past
Discovery Made That Edges Curl Up
and Down in Response to Tem
perature Changes.
That the edges of concrete roads
curl up and down In response to
changes in temperature is the discov
ery recently made by the bureau of
public roads of the United States De
partment of Agriculture in the course
of experiments at the department's
experimental farm at Arlington, Va.
Curling is caused by the unequal ex
pansion and contraction of the upper
and lower sides of the concrete slab
under the Influence of heat. It has
been observed during the middle of
the day when the surface of the road
becomes hot it expands more than the
cooler underside and causes the sides
to move downward. At night when
the surface is cool the contraction
causes the edges to rise slightly. The
extreme movement may be as much as
one-tenth of an inch.
While the warping of the concrete
is not in Itself detrimental to the road,
it may lead to failure of the surface
under the wheels of vehicles which
travel over it when parts of it are
not resting on the ground.
Enormous Amount Carried Over Coun
try Roads Shows Necessity of
Better Condition.
The necessity of keeping country
roads In good condition is shown by a
report recently compiled by the bureau
of markets and crop estimates, United
States Department of Agriculture,
showing the extent to which they are
used in hauling farm products to mar
ket. According to the report, which
shows the tonnage of 11 products
hauled on country roads, giving the
yearly average for the period from
1915 to 1919, there were 27 tons of
these 11 crops hauled for every 100
acres of land. The average tonnage
of the 11 crops hauled on country
roads each year for the period men
tioned amounted to 86,500,000 tons.
The 11 crops referred to In the report
are corn, wheat, oats, barley, rye, rice,
flaxseed, cotton (Including seed), to
bacco, potatoes and cultivated hay.
Bonds for Good Roads.
Pennsylvania has just sold $11,200,-
000 bonds bearing 4 per cent Inter
est the last of a $50,000,000 Issue for
road work for $104.31, which shows
that, however the market for other
bonds may be, there's a mighty brisk
demand for nontaxables.
Want to Spend $15,000,000.
The Massachusetts department of
public works wants to spend $15,000,
000 a year on roads and bridges of the
state duriug the next 20 years.
Alfalfa Fed to Horses.
Alfalfa has been fed to horses with
good success and with excellent suc
cess when the amount is limited. Like
other livestock, horses are very fond
of alfalfa and inclined to eat too much
if they are given all they want.
Cows Freshening in Spring.
While It is natural for cows to
freshen in the spring it cannot be said
be most profitable, for in the flush
time we always find a lower nrice.
while farm work is then most pressing.
Breeding Ewes Should Be Kpt
Thrifty and Not Allowed to
Lose in Weight.
(Prepared by the United States Department
of Agriculture.)
At this season the flock owner is
principally interested in fall and win
ter feeding and maintenance. The
shepherd should train himself to read
the condition of his sheep by feeling
the bone of the loin or back. At no
time while they are in lamb should
ewes be allowed to lose weight. In
open, wet, fall seasons there is danger
of waiting too long to start feeding.
Winter management is very Impor
tant in its effect upon the returns
trom the flock. Leguminous hays,
straws and cornstalks usually form
the main part of economical winter
rations. Clover, alfaJfa or cowpea hay
if of good quality, may be used as the
sole feed until near lambing time, from
3 to 3 pounds daily being sufficient
for ewes weighing less than 150
pounds. Oat and wheat straw are
better than rye or barley straw. Corn
stalks placed where the ewes can eat
off the leaves may be used as a part
of the roughage ration. If this ration
is made up largely of cornstalks or
straw, a nitrogenous concentrate
should also be used. Timothy hay is
not good sheep feed.
Silage will reduce the cost of the
ration, but it is best to use it with hay.
Feed only silage made from well-ma
tured corn, and be sure that it is not
spoiled, frozen or moldy. Three
pounds per head a day is the limit for
this feed. For breed ewes, roots, par
ticularly turnips, should be used spar
ingly until after lambing. The two
rations here given will be found satis
factory for ewes from 120 to 145
pounds in weight:
Ration No. 1.
2 pounds alfalfa or cowpea hay.
2 pounds corn silage.
pound shelled corn.
Ration No. 2.
2',4 pounds alfalfa hay
2 pounds corn silage.
If the ewes run on fall wheat or rye
during the winter the pasture must
be supplemented by some dry or con
centrated feed. SUage and roots are
not desirable when the pasture Is
green. One-half pound of cottonseed
meal contains the daily protein re-
A Good Pasture to Range Over Pro
vides the Best Exercise for the
Breeding Flock.
quirement for pregnant ewes and It
should be used when the price is right.
However, a quarter-pound along with
other feeds containing protein may be
better than one containing a larger
amount of cottonseed meal.
Exercise for the ewe in winter is
necessary if strong lambs are to be
produced. They can be induced to
take exercise by scattering their feed
over the ground which will induce
them to do a great deal of walking.
Another way is to do the feeding some
distance from the shelter. WTInter
pasture will, of course, solve the prob
lem of exercise. But the flock ought
not to be out in rain or wet snow, as a
wet fleece is a frequent cause of colds
and pneumonia. A sheep will shake
off dry snow and be none the worse
for having been out in a storm.
Present conditions should be no dis
couragement to a person who thinks
of starting a flock, for the man who
succeeds with live stock Is the one
who goes in and stays in through fat
years and lean. Perhaps It is better
to go in when prices are low, for then
It costs less for foundation stock.
It is doubtful whether a man should
start keeping sheep unless his farm
will allow the keeping of at least 30
ewes, and in most cases 60 or more
will be handled better and more eco
nomically than a very small flock. Old
ewes should be discarded at five years
of age. When this is done and the
poorest of the ewe lambs are sold a
flock will ordinarily double In Size in
three years.
Simple, Harmless and Generally Effec
tive Remedy for Animals When
Off Feed.
Castor oil for hogs that are off feed
is a simple, harmless and generally ef
fective remedy. Put salt on the hog's
tongue, and when she starts to lick put
the castor oil In her mouth with a
spoon. Two tnblespoonfuls Is the right
dose. Give it immediately you notice
a hog is off feed.
Moldy or Rotten Corn.
Moldy or rotten corn Is less dan
gerous to stock when left in the field
where it will partially dry or cure be
fore being eaten by cattle or hogs.
Pasture for Spring Pigs.
rienty of exercise on good pasture is
fundamental to the development of
the best type of pure-bred spring pigs.
Sunlight in Hoghouse.
There should be provision made for
plenty of light in every hoghouse. Sun
light Is a germ and bacteria destroyer.
How a Baltimore Girl Recov
ered Her Health
Baltimore, Maryland. 'Tor several
months I suffered with severe backacha
and general weak
ness.! could not sleep
comfortably at night
for pains in my back.
1 1 found your book at
home one day and
alter reading it Be
gan at once to take)
Lvdia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Com
pound. I have bad
very good results and
some of my girl
friends are taking it
now. You may use this letter to heltr
other girls, as the letters in your book
helped me." Rose Waidneh, 3018
Roseland Place, Baltimore, Md.
That is the thought so often expressed
in letters recommending Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound. These wo
men know what they have suffered, they
describe their symptoms and state how
they were finally made well. Just plain
statements, but they want other women
to be helped.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound is a medicine made from medi
cinal roots and herbs.and without drugs,
to relieve the sickness women so often
have, which is indicated by backache,
weak feelings, nervousness, and no am
bition to get anything done or to go
anywhere. It has helped many women.
Why not try it?
Surest evidence of Americanization
is a taste for pie.
Even a sick child loves the "fruity"'
taste of "California Fig Syrup." If the.
little tongue is coated, or if your child
Is listless, cross, feverish, full of cold,
or has colic, give a teaspoonful to
cleanse the liver and bowels. In a few
hours you can see for yourself how
thoroughly it works all the constipa
tion poison, sour bile and waste out of'
the bowels, and you have a well, play
ful child again.
Millions of mothers keep "California..
Fig Syrup" handy. They know a tea
spoonful today saves a sick child to
morrow. Ask your druggist for genu
ine "California Fig Syrup" which has
directions for babies and children of
all ages printed on bottle. Mother I
You must say "California" or you may
get an imitation fig syrup. Advertise
Itegard righteousness as gain.
Help Your Kidneys
Is a cold or grip keeping you miser
able? Are you tortured with dull, per
sistent backache and 'sharp, cutting
pains? Likely your kidneys need help.
Colds and grip fill the blood with poi
sons. Your overworked kidneys have
become weakend filtering these poisons
off. That's why you feel weak and de
pressed and' suffer from headaches,
dizzy spells and urinary . disorders.
Don't wait for serious kidney disease.
Help ronr kidneys with Doan't Kid
ney Pills. Down's have helped thou
sands and should help you. Ask your
A Wyoming Case
Mrs. B. E. O'Nell.
156 Hodgeman
Ave., Laramie,
Wyo says: "I
had weak kidneys
and dull backaches
'and pains through
my kidneys. Head
: aches were fre
quent and I felt
dull and languid.
The action of my
trMnova roan Irrp?-
ular. I used Doan's Kidney P'lls and
they soon rid me oi Kianey compjaini
Get Doan's at Any Store, 60c a Ba
A man is as old as his organs; he
can be as vigorous and healthy at
70 as at 35 if he aids his organs in
performing their functions. Keep .
your vital organs healthy with
The world's standard remedy for kidney,
liver, bladder and uric acid troubles sine
1696; corrects disorders; stimulates vital
organs. All druggists, three sizes.
Look for tho name Gold Medal on orcry bora
and accept no imitation
and MICE
Always use the genuine
It forces those pests to run from tbe building for
water and fresh air.
Ready for Use Better Than Traps
Directions in 16 languages In every box,
' 86c and'11.50. "Money bacfclTit fails.1
(J S. Government buys lt-
turiosity leads usr into temmation
as often as eovetousTiess.- .
i Night
eoVbur EVes
Clean - Cleat- Healthy
mCUres CbZds in Zf oursyi
a La Grippe in 3 DcaS H
toil for Frao f)m Cora Book Murin Co.Oioto.IUA

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