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HolbroorNews, Holbrook. Arizona, April 21, 1922
Proceedings of
April 3, 1922.
hiranant tn stAtutnrv reauirements the Board of Supervisors Of
Navajo County met thU 3rd day of April, 1922, in regular session.
A full quorum, including the Clerk and County Attorney, were in
attendance. The minutes of the meeting held Murch Gth were read and
The Board then proceeded to audit the following claims which were
allowed and ordered paid.
865 1245 T. R. Greer, official expense i 66.05
866 1246 W. C. Ferguson, auto hire Beard of Health 12.00
F67 1247 C. E. Owens, official expense 14-ld
86S 124S J. M. Patterson, cash orders 169.00
869 1249 R. B. Walton, official expense - -.- 5.12
870 1250 R. L. Newman, contingent fund 500.00
871 1251 Irene Newman, meals for prisoners - 119i20
R7? is? Helen Hewcrd. clei ical services Recorder 15.60
hm it Fidelity and Gnarantv
874 1254 Bank of Wiuslow. assignment Creswell Transfer Co. 30.50
S75 1255 J. M. Patterson, supplies 3.77
BTfi 1 iTiolil Parker Cn suuulies !
877 1257 Union Oil Co. supplies
S7S 125S Cecil Golden, supplies for
cm tor.Q c.,q niinlrarlinfp n im ra n t i
OIJ A . ' . I i. ... i.inv' .-.-. -1 " . ..
sen i9ii v n Crns official exnen.se
881 1261 R. C. Creswell, R. R. fare advanced indigent 10 3
892 1262 Heinze, Bowen & Harrison, supplies 67.50
8S3 1263 Mountain Strtes Tel. & Tel. Co. it Us and rentals -8 '0
884 1264 H. D. Lore, commission tax collections 3.60
885 12G5 Merchants & S. G. Bank, assignment Mis Lee Houstan 10.00
-S86 1266 Winslow Furniture Co. rent of chairs mnnn
887 1267 W. H. Lewis, quarantine services
coo ig i'. u Cnnmonn nrnf services to Countv Poor loa.46
COO t.ua uv". . . r- -
con lOfftt I I Onh! ennnlioa tn
oca .- s. q r. Rink
OJU 1. 1 1 1TJ V juia Uh "
r a i o- w. it oi,.ii utoiila frtr
l 1-11 . II. "
na iq"q ir Chnmuav nffini:il
S93 1273 Enoch Wilson, official expense
n n-4 r DniAAti aociVnnipnt F R Gardner l;.uu
on- to-- rnnA u nl xiinnlix
896 1276 U. S. F. & Guaranty Co. premium oil bond O. Clarke lO.oO
897 1277 Chas. Osborne. Post Office box rent 7.00
89S 1278 Marie R. Hall, stenographer for County Attorney 105.00
899 1279 J. W. Bazell. care of indigents
900 12S0 A. C. M. I. supplies for indigents
801 1281 Central Drug Store, supplies for indigents n.
k- 1 . .-t.--) ira fi,p thrpp cars 15. uu
SU2 1 ne iiaaiii uamfic
r,r.n .o T-..,. l'ninii Tut On
9Vd liOO nca nu n.w.. ..... - ... o - 1(100
904 1284 Holbrook Drug Co. supplies
905 1285 J. E. Crosby, official expense -
906 12S6 J. M. Patterson, repairs on typewriter -
907 1287 Lucretia W. Flanigan. Deputy Recorder expense .
nca , fii rkncr Cn cimnlipa fur indigents Jl.OO
ua lio nuuuwiv ""i-i " r ...
t o ....11.' infliiventa
910 1290 P. E. Rubi. supplies for indigents
on i?qi v H Daee & Co.. supplies for indigents
ioni rnnntv Firm necnt annronriution S7.00
913 1293 Elli:1 Transfer Co. drayage. express charges and coal 40.97
914 '1294 Holbrook Lt. & Pr. Co.. light for March 34.0U
m nnr T L'miitian rant fnr .1 P office for March m.uu
913 laa i. v. """' .v. .
aifi 1296 Holbrook Tribune, printing
917 1297 Lucretia W. Flanigan. salary for March
. . T 4nilo-niollt fep n't.UU
915 1ZS3 iieunqueui i ax nnuuui,
919 1299 Old Trails Garage, auto
359 359 A. H. Randall, labor Holbrook-Winslow road $ 68.25
360 360 Alfred Peterson, labor dragging road 8.25
361 361 Harvest Ellsworth, labor
362 362 Williard Whipple, labor " 'a
363 363 John L. Fish, labor ".17
ifiA Aiicriietiia T4nKPii labor 1-.34
w- - " '
M e inlin W- Adair, labor
366 366 Frank Gardner, labor
367 367 Arthur Savage, labor
fl . 1C4 wntinrrf Whinnle Jr.. labor
369 " 369 Jasper Rhoton. assignment
370 370 Leo Rich, labor
f7l 9T1 A f f I niatoH:tl
oil oil. v..
17 79 nuirn Wrmlfnrd lnhnr
373 373 C. M. Jackson, labor and material 7-j0
374 374 Bank of Winslow. assignment Creswell Transfer Co 2100
375 375 T. W. Tanner, labor J3a'J5
ti, puri w.q nnWiu) in Issue Cash Orders for the relief of the
following County poor:
Mrs. Martias Marques
Mrs. Helen Thysing
A.rs. Martinez Chavez
Mrs. Marv Norton
Mrs. Pedro Tafolla
P. Gulerriz
Mrs. Ora Mvers
Ausnstine Martini.
R. H. Rosencrans
Pedro Roche
Luis Morales
Chas. Roberts
Carlos Baca
Jose Olguin
Mrs Perfecta Barth
Mrs. B. Cooper
The following salaries were audited, allowed and ordered paid war
rants No.s 2466 and 2467 beine issued in the sum of $3064.01 to cover
same for the month of March:
Name .
J. E. Crosby
W. B. Farr
L. u. Henning
Oliv Clarke 25.00 25.00
C. E. Owens 54.17 54.17
R. C. CresM-ell 45.83 ' 45.83
J. E. Richards 45.83 45.83
M. R. Tanner 75.00 75.00
R. L. Newman 150.00 150.00
O. C. Williams 75.00 75.00
W. G. Kelley 75.00 75.00
C. H. Frort 25.00 25.00
George Woolford 25.00 5.00
J. M. Patterson 93.75 93.75
T. E. Greer 104.17 104.17
W. E. Shumway 93.75 93.75
AV. B. Cross , 62.50 62.50
M. D. Schuster 93.75 93.75
G. P. Sampson C5.00 25.00
AVesley Newman 40.00 40.00
Ti. B. Walton 41.67
J. L. Peterson 4.00 4.00
D. W. Easley 41.67 41.67
R. L. Ison 4.00 4.00
J. O. Freeman , 7.50 7.50
J. H. Allen 5.00 5.00
Fred Loe 5.00 5.00
Lottie M. Webb 4.00 4.00
Wllliard Whipple .'. 2.50 2.50
Ed. Gardner 37.50 37.50
A. B. Porter , 2.00 2.00
L. F. McClanahan 37.50 37.H0
J. E. Howard 2.00 2.00
G. F. Gardner 3.50 3.50
J. T. Cooper 5.00 5.00
A. R. Gardner 1.25 1.25
J. H. Webb 1.25 1.25
The demands of John L. Sweeney for salary as Justice of the Peace
ctt Winslow from and including January. 1921. to and including March,
1922, were deferred until our next regular meeting.
On account of complaints being made to the Board of Supervisors
to the effect that the accounting, in the Winslow School District, for the
school funds is defective, the Board ordered a special examination of
the records. In order to make the examination as thorough as possible
the County School Superintendent was asked for a special report cover
ing her official services from Januarv 1st. 1921, to March 31st. 1922.
The Clerk was ordered to place the name of Mrs. B. Cooper on the
County pension list and send her a monthly allowance of S15.00.
The County Attorney was empowered to employ additional counsel
to assist him in obtaining the extradition of the men indicted in connec
tion with the failure of the Holbrook State Bank, at the last Grand
Jury session.
The following resolution submitted by the Flagstaff Chamber cf
Commerce was unanimously adopted:
WHEREAS, our State Engineer. Thomas Maddock. states in a letter
of January 30, 1922, that he opposes the road between Holbrook and Lnp
ton on the grounds that no State or County funds are available for th
construction of this road, and advocates a detour about 78 miles longer
by way of Springerville and Magdalena to Albuquerque, and easterly
points, and
WHEREAS, the original route of the Old Trails National Highway
thru Arizona and New Mexico following the stliortest line via Gallup New
Mexico, connecting with the primary road system (f New Mexico, along
the shortest location posnible for this Tranncontiniental road, and
WHEREAS, it is a matter of common knowledge that the routing of
thi.l road via Springerville is subservient to special and private inter
ests, making a long and expensive detour for through travel, and
WHEREAS, we believe that the final cost of completing the road
along the long deviation proposed by our State Engineer, Mr. Maddock,
will greatly exceed the cost of making this hort and much needed con
nection between Holbrook, Arizona, and Gallup, New Mexico, and
WHEREAS, the Counties of Navajo and Apache, Arizona, have made
the Board of
Co. Dreniiuiu on bond 5.00
ne services 20.00
. -
illdieen'it IU.O0
nsitrnme:it W. C. Ferguson 23.00
" n "
W A Combs .
etnensp Oo.-i
11. oi
in 11
elPST Til IllSl
-- - Q1
and supplies i.r
jU..B. -------
hire Board of Health
. n nn
- 4-.UU
- 2-?9
7,- an
- L3.00
Leo Rich 4J-00
- 1" Jn
'. 3.5
$ 10.00
- 10.00
,. 8.00
, 8.00
- S.00
8 00
- ioo
15 00
First Second
Half Half
62.50 62.50
75.00 75.00
93. 7d 93.7a
certain appropriations for the connection of the Holbrook-Lupton road
to Gallup, New Mexico, which appropriations with Federal Aid funds
would materially improve this section of road, and
WHEREAS, it is certain that other appropriations will be made by
the Said Counties and State of Arizona to complete the Old Trails Na
tional Highway along the shortest route possible,
THEREFORE, Be It Resolved that the Board of Supervisors of Nav
ajo County, Arizona, endorse and recommend that this section of road be
retained as a primary road and a part of the seven per cent system, and
further that this Hoard pledges its continued support to iM ultimate
completion. C. E. OWENS, Chairman.
This being the date set for the final hearing for the proposed
changes in the Holbiook-Adamaua to secure a shorter line and higher
ground the Board unanimously adopted the following resolution:
WHEREAS, the petition of ten or more resident taxpayers of Navajo
County. Arizona, praying for the establishment of a public road as pro
vided by the laws of the State of Arizona, and asking that portion of the
road lying between Holbrook and Adamana be altered as follows:
Beginniug at the Northwest corner of section 32, Township IS N. R.
21 E.. thence Northeast across sections 28, 29, 20, 21, 22. 15, 14, 11 in T.
IS N., R. 21 E., thence thru sections 7, 8, 5. 4, 3, 2, in T. 18' N,, R. 22 E.
to a connection with the present Holbrook-Adamana road, and plat and
description of said road being attached to said petition, as well as
proof of posting notices for presentation of petition and hearing and all
requirement! cf law having beeu complied with and no protests or
claims for damages having been filed;
NOW. THEREFORE, Be It Resolved, that the said petition be grant
ed and that the road designated by the plat and description attached to
said petition, be hereby declared a public road and a county highway,
and the right-of-way of said road be hereby declared to be the property
of Navajo County. Arizona.
A petition was presented to the Board asking for the establishment
uf a public road from the highway south of Pinetop to the town of
Coolev. The Board appointed the following viewers to view out the pro
posed road and report to the Board at their next regular meeting: V. D.
Smith. Acting County Engineer. John W. Adair and George Woolford.
The Board proceeded to divide the County into three Supervisoral
Districts as provided for in Chapter 45. of the 1921 Session Laws of Ari
zona. The division was made as nearly equal as possible considering
the population and assessed valuations and was as follows:
All of the County lying outside of the Winslow School District and
north of the southern boundary of Snowfiake School District No. 5, with
a population of 2500 and assessed valuation of $5,702,298.00 to be known
as District number One.
The Winslow School District No. 1 with a population of 3730 and
assessed valuation of $3,842,898.00 to be known as District No. Two.
All of the balance of the County lying south of the southern bound
try of Snowfiake District No. 5 with an estimated population of 2225 and
assessed valuation of $2,601,000.00 to be known as District No. Three.
Chairman Owens was granted permission to leave the State for n
period of thirty days.
The Treasurer was ordered to refund W. E. Shumway $2.50 on ac
count of a refund he made to J. J. Marshall from whom he collected poll
tax in error, Marshall being under age.
The Treasurer was ordered to give receipts' in full for the 1914.
1915. 1916 and 1917 taxes of J. S. Crystal, for the sum of $20.00 as it
wa. impossible to collect in full as three years were already outlawed.
Tha fniiil nmniint due less nenaltv and interest was $28.41.
The Treasurer was ordered to
190 assessment of Thomas Ramage on account or error.
The Treasurer was ordered to refund Louis Kleindienst $41.30 on ac
count of error in assessing $1000.00 personal property to the Frank Jed
lika assessment, 1921.
The Treasurer wa? ordered to pay Merchants and Stock Growers Bank
$2.55 as commission for canceling Bond coupons and charge same to
H. S. Disttict No. 1 Bond interest; also pay to Bankers Trust Company
$23.48 for cancelling Road bond coupons and charge same to Road Bond
Interest 6-1-20.
On account of the Treasurer objecting to collecting taxes by partial
payment, as he could not issue a receipt until they were palid in full,
the Partial Payment Account amounting to several thousand dollars was
turned over to the County Attorney, with instructions that he furnish
au additional bond in the sum of two thousand dollars.
The following resolution calling a School Bond Election in the town
of Taylor, known as School District Number Six, was unanimously
WHEREAS, the Board of Trustees
of District No. 6 of Navajo County,
Arizona, otherwise known as the
"Taylor District" has, pursuant to
the provisions of Paragraph 5627 of
the Revised Statutes of Arizona, re
quested the Board of Supervisors of
Navajo County to Issue a call for
a School Bond Election within said
School District No. 6 of Navajo
County for the purprfse of submit
ting to the property taxpayers who
are in all respects qualified electors
of said School District No. 6 the
question whether said school dis
trict shall be authorized to borrow
the sum of Eleven Thousand Seven
Hundred Fifty ' Dollars ($11,750.00)
for the purpose of purchasing a
proper school site, erecting a school
house and furnishing and equipping
the same, and whether the boflds of
said school district shall be issued
and sold in the sum of $11,750.0,
said bonds to consist of twelve bonds
numbered from One to Twelve, in
clusive, numbers One to Eleven to
be in the denomination of One
Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) each
and number Twelve to be in the de- j
nomination of Seven Hundred Fifty ,
Dollars ($750.00) said bonds to be
redeemable 20 years from their date
and to bear interest
at the rate of 6 per cent, per an
num, payable semi-annually, but re-'
serving to said school district the'
right to redeem said bonds at any
time after five years from the date
of issue: and.
The Board verified the Cash in
cordance with the following:
We. the members of the Board of Supervisors of Navajo Countv. Ari
zena, and the County Attorney of said
have examined the books and accounts of J. M. Patterson, Treasurer of
said County, and we find there should be in the County Treasury the
sum of $123,703.82.
We find there is now in said trasurv the followini? amounts:
Merchants and Stock Growers Bank
HomreoK state tank
Arizcna State Bank
Bank of Winslow
Bank of Northern Arizona
Union Bank and Trust Co
Bond Banks New ork
Cash and Cash Item.
Less Partial Payments
Cash Balance as per Cash Journal
Balance in Banks as per
Merchants and Stock Growers Bank
Holbrook State Bank
Arizona State Bank
Bank of Winslow
Bank of Northern Arizona
Union Bank and Trust Co
Bond Banks New York
Cash and Cash Items
Outstanding Checks:
Merchants & Stock Growers Bank
Arizona State Bank
Bank of Winslow ,
Less outstanding checks
Less Partial Payments
Cash Balance as per Cash Journal,
C. E. OWENS. Chairman,
R. C. CRESWELL, Member,
J. E. RICHARDS, Member,
T. R. GREER, County Attorney.
The following Official Reports were audited, approved and ordered
J. M. PATTERSON, Treasurer:
Cash Balance Feb. 28, 1922
Cash Receipts for March
Disbursements for March
Balance March 31, 1922
V. E. SHUMWAY, Assessor:
Personal Property collections,
Poll tax collections
Road Tax collections
W. B. CROSS, Deputy Assessor:
Poll Tax collections
waive penalty and inferett on the
WHEREAS, It appears that the
incurring of said indebtedness for
the issuance of said bonds will not
cause the indebtedness of said
School District No. 6 to exceed the
constitutional and statuatory limits.
NOW, THEREFORE, in compliance
with the request of the said trustees
of said School District No. 6, it is
hereby ORDERED that a school
bond election be held in the public
school house at Taylor, Navajo
County, Arizona, on the 20th day of
May, A. D. 1922, between the hours
of 6. a. in. and 6 p. in. of said day
and the following persons are here
by appointed as officers of election
to conduct said school bond election
Mr. Arthur Palmer, Inspector.
Mr. James J. Shumway and Mr
Joseph Nelson, Judges.
Miss Mary Shumway and Mrs
Elizabeth Smith, Clerks.
Mr. Joseph T. Cooper, Marshal,
It is further ordered that
notice of said school bond election
be published in the Holbrook News
for at least thirty days prior to
said date of election, commencing
with the Wsue of April 14th, A. D
1922 and ending with the issue of
May 19th, 1922 (making six success
ive issues of said newspaper), and
that notice be also given by posting
notices of said bond election at five
of the most public places in said
School District No. 6 and at the poll
ing place above named for at least
twelve days next prior to the said
school bond election.
the hands of the Treasurer in ac
County, de hereby certify that we
$ 24,337.3
; 10,720.81
Bank Statements, 3-31-22
$ 97119
3-31-22 $123,703.82
March 1,006.25
Mtw.nirJa-u. VygAH j "PT " '
We were somewhat sur
prised to learn certain facts
about Miss Olive Clarke but
will pass them on to our
readers and let them form
their own opinion as to
whether or not our Deputy
Co. Clerk is leading a double
life. The following is an
article appearing in The
Albuquerque Morning Jour
nal. We quote.
"Miss Olive Clarke of Little
Rock, Ark., has the distinct
ion of being the first woman
sheriff of her state. She
is considered indispensible
in handling woman prison
ers. She carries a gun,
wears sheriff's badge and
makes arrests just like the
rest of the force.
We are sorry that we can
not reproduce the picture
which accompanies the art
icle, but wish to assure our
reader that in looks as
well as other qualities the
home grown product is by
tar the best.
A banquet given in com
memoration of Maundy
Thursday by -the Scottish
Rite Degree of the Masonic
Lodge was held m Wins
low late last week.
Elaborate preprations had
been made for the occasion
and the whole dining room
at the Harvey House was
reserved for the affair.
Covers were laid for ninety
one guests.
After the feast of good
things the evening vas de
voted to toasts and senti
ments. The toast master
of the evening was Mr. Chas
McCauley whose felicitous
introductions of the speak
ers of the evening added
greatly to the plea3ure of
the affair. Holbrook mem
bers who responded to the
call for speeches were Judge
Sapp and Mr. Lloyd Henn
ing. Those attending the ban
quet were Mr. and Mrs. Sapp
Divlebess, Hancock Henn
ing and Mr. W.W. Franklin.
W. L. Kemp who some
time ago was employed in
our city by the Wetzler Sup
ply Co. was in town Mon
day. He travels for the P.
H. Davis Tailoring Co. and
has a territory from Gallup
to Kingman.
Frank Donley, on behalf
of the Ly tona Pure Food Co.,
purchased a Ford touring
car to be used in traveling
over this district, from the
Jennings Auto Co. early this
Thomas Ortega starts his
men at work this week shear
ing his flock of 16,000 sheep.
Some "Baa-baas" we'd sav.
No wonder the wool-buyers
are coming in every day.
Personal Property collections
HENNING, Clerk Superior Court:
Fees for March
j. C.
M. D. SCHUSTER, Recorder, by L.
Fees for March
T. R. GREEK, County Attorney:
Back Tax collections for quarter
R. II. WALTON, J. P.. Winslow:
Fee? for February
I). W.
EASLEY, J. P. Holbrook:
Fees for March
Fines for March
The Justices of the Peace from
ported no collections for March, and
There appearing to be no runner
ried the Board adjourned.
ATTEST: M. R. TANNER, Clerk Board Supervisors.
Mr. and Afrs. Geo. Hen
nessey left early this week
for a trip to the southern
part of the state. They took
their light car, as it would
be easier to manage if the
roads were bad, and started
south by way of Ft. Apache.
From there they will motor
to Globe, and probably will
take in the Roosevelt Dam
before returning. Mrs.
Montz is taking care of
Evelyn and Betty while their
parents are away.
The ladies of the Ace and
Thimble Club met at the
home of Mrs. D. J. Thomas
on Friday of last week. All
of them did full justice to
the delicious candy that Miss
Rae had made, but still there
was plenty when the editor
arrived, although that w:
verv late.
The next meeting will be
at the Henry fccorse resi
dence, with Mrs. Margaret
bmith as hostess,
llourny! Hooruy! Here comes the
Printer's I'al ! When we're Busier
than a One-Armed Snare Drummer,
lie never Adds to our Woes and lie
Always, Always liriiiKS his Ad in
Early. And lie ever boilers that his
Home Town Paper is the best in the
Lund mid Pays Up without being
On last Sunday, Miss Loa
Cross entertained with a
party to the Petrified Forest.
Her guest of honor was Miss
Schaffer of Indiana who was
returning to that state after
an extended tour through
out California. On her way
here iliss Schaffer stopped
oil at the Grand Canyon. In
the party that motored out
to the Forest were, in ad
dition to the ones already
mentioned, Miss Gladys Man
ley, and Roy Cress. On their
return they stopped for a
short visit at the Cliff Dwell
ings along the Little Colo
rado. M iss Schaffer express
er herself as delighted by the
many strange sights she saw
Mr. Candelaria of Concho
was in town Sunday.
W. Flanigan, Deputy:
Snowfiake, Showlow, Lakeside re
Whiteriver none lor February.
Dusiness upon motion auiy car
C. E. OWENS, Chairman.
A Full
Line for
You to
Ihe Munsicgwear Stere
Holbrook, Ariz.
Body and Mechanical Im
provements Meet Public
Ford cars are better today
than they ever have been be
fore, since fuel consumption
is lower; the engine is even
more efficient than formerly;
improvements in the springs
and steering apparatus in
sure easier riding and driv
ing qualities; a new head
lamp lens, which complies
with all state laws, improves
the road light; and that
many other minor better
ments have been made.
Ford pistons and connect
ing rods have been re-designed
and are matched for
weight before assemblingin
to motors. This reduces
vibration and gives the motor
a quicker pick-up. The new
pistons weigh three-quarters
of a pound less than those
formerly used. A highly
polished crank shaft bearing
surface also reduces wear
and, added to the piston and
connecting rod improve
ments, insures a smoother
running and balanced motor.
The material used in the
Ford crankshaft and the care
and precision in its manu
facture make it second to
The new Ford carburetor
gives increased acceleration.
Though not radically differ
ent from the" carburetor pre
viously used, the new con
struction improves the all
around performance cf the
motor, giving it a quicker
pick-up and a greater flexi
bility of action.
The wiring system has
been completely re-designed
and while its costs more to
install than the old system,
is most efficient, proof of
which is evidenced by the
fact that it affords a fire in
surance rate as low as the
higher prices cars on the
Many other changes have
been made: A 16 inch steer
ing wheel is now standard
equipment; Timken roller
bearings are used in the
front wheels; one-piece pres
sed steel running-board
brackets insure body rigidity
and eliminate vibration and.
body noises; a dash weather
trough prevents rain from
reaching coil terminals or
dash wiring; the steering
mechanism has also been
improved; and the tools sup
plied to purchasers of Ford
cars have also been improv
ed in quality. Another im
portant improvement in the
truck chassis is the adoption
of cord tires as standard
equipment on the rear wheels
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scorse
left last week for a trip to
their ranch properties at
Magma, near Florence. They
went overland, and will be
gone for a week or ten days.
All our people seem to be
stricken with what we might
call "southern fever", and
are trekking down for a short
J -
Mr. and Mrs. King of Gal
lup were guests at the Hook-
way residence during the
latter part of last week.
Mrs. King is a sister of Mrs.
If you have something to sell, let tl-.e
public know it hy ADVERTISING.

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