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Boost the Oil Industry in Our Field-Boost Everyday
: . . -, .
Falls From Cliff Into River But Escapes
Little Helen Clare Tram
tyipII narrowlv escac-ed in
stant death last Sunday
when she fell from the
rocky cliffs which overhang
the Little Colorado mver.
Mr. and Mrs. Cadwel',
their son Junior, and daugh
ter Helen Clare, with the
W.E. Fergusons were pic-
. . ... r-CF T I!!
mcing at the unn uweimigs
southeast of town. Mr.
and Mrs. VV. C. Ferguson
and Mr. and Mrs. Axline
were also taking an outing
in the same place.
While the older people
were getting lunch ready,
the three little girls, Helen
Clare Trammell and Doris
and Violet Ferguson, went
exploring. When about 120
yards from the older folks
and out of sight the young
sters started to climb the
rocky ledge3 on the cliff
side. Helen Clare was a
head. In climbing along
she held to a piece of rock
in the cliff side. It gave
beneath her hands and she
. fell, head over heels, a dis
tance of twenty-five feet
into deep water.
She sank twice, but on
coming, up for the third time
managed to paddle to the
bank. The bank itself was
so high she was unable to
get out and the other, little
girls ran screaming for help.
Before he could get her
out it was necessary for Mr.
Cadwell to swim across the
pool and Mrs. Cadwell as
sures us that the only com
edy element in the whole
affair was the number of
things that floated out of
Jjia- pockets and down the
river as he swam across the
pand fully clad.
The young lady and Mr.
Cadwell returned home im
mediately for dry clothing.
Helen Clare has suffered no
more serious results than a
skinned hand and a bruised
leg. Bat it was a lucky es
cape. She wouldn't get off
so easily again under the
same circumstances once
in a thousand years.
The county Democrats
will hold a caucus in Hol
brook on May 2nd in obedi
ance to a call by the State
Democratic Committee. This
meeting is for the purpose
of electing delegates to the
Democratic Conference held
in Tucson on May the 15th.
Say It With Insurance and
Take the Worry Out
of Life.
See our New $10,000 Policy.
If you die, it pays $10,000.
If you are accidently killed,
it pays $20,000. If you be
come totally disabled, it pays
$100.00 Dsr month.
Larger or smaller policies
in proportion.
Better be Safe than Sorry.
For further information
telephone, call or write
Dist. Agent
Holbrook, Ariz.
Phone 5.
Mr. G. C. Hall was in
Holbrook Tuesday and Wed
nesday. He has several
structures under way both
in this place and in Wins
low and it keeps him rather
busy looking after the de
tails in both places.
The Town Council will
meet Monday evening: at
eight o'clock for the trans
action of business. All
members are urgently re
quested to be present.
Mr. David Wood, who will
be remembered as the form
er secretary of Atty. Fergu
son wrote to the Rev. Speck
this week detailing a tragedy
which had occurred in his
family. A portion of his
letter follows:
. "Was called home this
morning by the death of my
oldest brother in Durango,
Colorado. He was shot
down there on Main street
yesterday morning by anoth
er newspaper man. i he al
tercation started over a pro
hibition fight which was be
ing waged by the two papers
and resulted in the death of
another good dry man."
Two young Navajo Ind
ians who live near Indian
Wells were arraigned in the
Superior court Monday.
They plead guilty to the
statutory offence charged
against them, but set up as
defense a plea of "innocence
of the law." The court
will provide them with an
attorney who will see that
they received a fair and im
partial trial.
Relief Needy Women and
Children here this Country
The Volunteers of Amer
ica, an organization found
ed by General Ballington
Booth and Mrs. Maud Booth
twenty five years ago will
put on Sat. May 6th a Tag
Drive for the benefit of
needy women and children.
The fund raised in the cpm
ing Tag Day will be used in
the states in which it is
raised. No money will be
sent out of the country.
The Volunteers of Amer
ica, besides being known as
the largest charitable or
ganizations in this country
is the largest prison organ
ization in the world. A
great part of its work being
in reforming men who have
served terms in our state
?.nd Federal prisons. It is
said that Mrs. Booth, known
affectionately as the "little
mother of the prisons" has
done more for the better,
ment of conditions thru her
influence on congress, in the
prisons than any other per
son. In the last twenty
seven years over 100,000
discharged prisoners have
been saved for society by
the timely assistance of the
Volunteers of America.
The organization main
tains children's homes, re
lief stations where food and
lodgings are supplied the
needy, employment bureaus,
Hope halls, and many other
kinds of charity. Besides
these it has direct contact
with needy families, going
into the homes and assist
ing them in various ways.
Mr. Foster and son of
Cooley were in town early
this week.
Official Paper of Navajo County and the
The County Attorney's of
fice of Navajo Co. applied to
the Governor of Arizona
for extradition papers
for J. M. Kaynolds, Guy L,
Rogers, and J.E. Cox, on last
Saturday, April the 22nd
The papers were grant
ed the same day. These
papers are in the already
famous case of the defunct
Holbrook State Bank.
Mr. Greer, the county at
torney, has kept steadily at
the matter of gaining this
point, with unwearied vigor
and pertinacity. He deser
ves great commendation for
his vigilance and skill in
bringing the affair to such a
promising situation. Keep
ing eternally as it finally
brings results. What stand
the New Mexico authorities
will take in the matter re
mains to be seen.
( will be impossible to
guarantee all items appear
ing under this heading, but
the most nearly authentic news
will be printed. Should a
rumored item appear, it will
be labeled as such. Any an
nouncement from any of the
company managers will be so
designated. We will try to
print all the oil news.
Mr. Durfee of the Adama-
na Well has been quite ill
but is at present on the high
road to recovery. He will
commence drilling at once
and push the work as rapid
ly as possiole. lhe delay
has been unavoidable but
now that Mr. Durfee is on
the job it will progress with
"pep, push, and pertinacity.
Geologist Harrison of Den
ver is still in Northeastern
Arizona area, continuing his
geological investigations. On
last Saturday he lelt for the
Navajo country, intending
to make an extensive iour-
ney by way of Indian Wells,
Steamboat, Chin Lee and
Kaventa. Mr. Harrison is
evidently doing a very thor
ough piece of investigation
of the country from Canyon
Creek, seventy-hve miles
south of Holbrook to Kay
enta, more than a hundred
miles north.
Dr. S. Earl Taylor return
ed from his eastern trip
which he states was most
satisfactory and profitable.
Important negotiations are
now pending with reference
to the future development
of the Holbrook area and
following his usual course,
Dr. Taylor prefers not to
make any announcement un
til his negotiations have
reached a more definite
stage. He indicates, how
ever that everywhere he
went in the East he found
an increasing interest in the
Holbrook field and ex
pressed himself as being
more confident than ever
that a period of big develop
ment lies just ahead in this
The very young set of
Holbrook indulged in a wild
west parade on Tuesday
afternoon that would have
done credit to Buffalo Bill.
They were under the di
rection of Miss Ester John
son and were representing
the Junior Chautauqua. The
kiddies have lots of fun and
make lots of fun for others.
Nobody can't "get their
Bob Kelly of Winslow was
an out town visitor this week
Holbrook Hi Boys
a Mean Bat.
Winslow High School base
ball players journeved to
Holbrook Saturday April 22
to repeat their performance
of April 15, but sadly to
their disappointment, our
High bchool boys had their
batting eyes, and the mast
erly pitching of Louis Divel-
bess, with credit of 16 strike
outs, turned his opponents
home with the small count
of 5 scores. The heavy hit
ting of Arnold Lee, with
home run and three base hit,
Lee was there with the
also George Hastings and
Tony Ortega with one two
base hit each, assisted Louis
in bringing home the bacon.
Mr. Camp of Winslow team
pitched a very clean and
clever game, having 13
strikeouts to his credit, but
his team mates were unable
to solve our Lours's delivery.
In fact
Keyes couldn't hit him with
a Baker's Shovel.
Hastings .lb. 4 3 3 0 0 0
Lee ss. 4 3 3 0 0 0
Koury c. 4 1 0 16 1 1
Ortega 2b. 4 0 1 0 2 3
Divelbeta p. S 0 O O 3 0
Seina If. 3 0 110 0
Woods cf. 4 1110 0
RigRS lb. 4 0 1 9 0 1
Cross rf. 1 0 0 0 0 0
Thomas f. 2 0 0 0 0 0
Jarvis rf. 1 0 0 0 0 0
34 8 10 27 6 5
Tburton 3b.
Caldwell rf.
10 10
0 0 0 1
0 0 0 0
Janeway rf.
Hitchcock es.
0 0.0
1 1 0
2 0 0
Creswell 2b.
1 0 15 0
12 0 0
0 10 0 0
4 0.0 8 0 0
1 00 0 0 0
S6 6 7 24 1 2
Summary: Home Run, Lee; Three
base hit, Lee; Two base, Hastings,
Ortega, Cres well; Sacrifice, Rushing;
Stolen base Lte; Struck out by Divel-
bess, 10, Cnnp 13, Long 1. Innings
pitched, Divelbess 9, Camp 7, Long 1.
Holbrook 2 1 1 0 2 0 2 0 x
Winslow 020000018
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stiles
and children together with
Mrs. Stiles mother, will leave
for California Saturday. Mr.
Stiles will only be absent for
about two weeks, but the
rest of the family will spend
the summer on the coast.
Holbr&ok Oil Fie'd
April 2871v
On last F'-'iday evening
the Santa F - staged a few
fire works their own ac
count when the large red
water tank beside the tracks
west of town and near the
old stock yards was destroy
ed by fire.
The fire originated among
the heavy piling supporting
the tank and in all probabi
lity was caused by some
hobo's campfire. The tank
presented a very spectacular
sieht with the flames swirl.
ing and pouring in concen
tric circles around the iron
girt tank.
The flames were partially
extinguished when thewate
with which it had been filled
the previous day. escaped.
But this only retarded the
fire and did not extinguish
it. The tank will be a total
While there have been one
or two things done during
Governor Campbell's admin
istration with which we can
not wholly concur, still his
whole record while in office
has been a good one.
lhe Governor has shown
himself to be a gentleman
and what is more a man.
His courtesy while in a posi
tion of public trust, to one
and all of his constituents
has gone as far as anything
else to prove the metal of
the man. It is not always
thus with state officials
and we could cite instances.
It would be a great mis
take for the voters of Ari
zona to permit the - Gover
nor s retirement from public
life, whether to succeed him
self or in some ether post
important to tne weuare 01
the state.
There seems to be a rumor
current that the abandon
ment of Ft. Apache may
not be absolutely certain.
The date for the removal
has been set several times
but has each time been
countermanded and depart
ure delayed.
We were given to under
stand that there have been
several consultations be
tween nesters, cattle and
sheep ranchers etc., who
would be seriously affected
by the removal of the troops,
on the one hand and the
military on the other, re
garding the advisability of
this move.
The last date set for the
abandonmeet of the fort
was on May, 5. We can
only hope that the War De
pt. has seen fit to reconsid
er its decision. Perhaps
the memorials and peti
tions sent from this part of
the state are at last bearing
Mr. Jennings thought he
was busy enough settling
up the Chautauqua affairs
this week and getting them
in apple pie order, but he
knew that he was busier
than a one armed man in
fly time when on top of it
all a car load of Ford cars
arrived for him to chaperone
on their first debut into the
world. There are four
trucks in the shipment that
arrived from the Ford fac
tory on Wednesday. The
others are different models.
Deputy Sheriff Kelley was
in town Thursday.
Dynamite Ends Life of Young Woodruff Man
Mn Geo. E. Lawson, City
Detective of Kansas City,
Mo. was in Holbrook Thurs
day. He came for the man
whom Deputy Sheriff Kelly
picked up in Winslow this
last week and who is wanted
in Missouri on a burglary
charge.. Mr. Lawson says
the man is a drug addict,
and a bad hombre generally
and he will be much better
satisfied when he gets him
safely back in the K. C.
Mr. Stout who has been
living near Pinedale for
some time, passed through
Holbrook this last week.
He was headed for south
western Colorado, and was
going by way of Durango.
He was traveling with his
sons and they were doing it
in "the good old fashioned
way", viz. by wagon and
team. It will prove to be a
rather long trip in this style
of peregrinating.
The population in our city
is rapidly increasing and we
are always glad to welcome
newcomers.' Even more than
usually so, indeed, when they
are introduced and vouched
for by members of our own
communitv. ,
The very latest arrival was
a husky young chap who put
in his appearance, and ask
ed for room and board at the
Schuster residence. "
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Schuster are both so good
natured that they could not
bear to turn such a hand
some young stranger away
from their door, so he was
accommodated in a fashion
that met with his entire ap
proval. Arthur was so flattered by
the advent of the young man
that he passed the cigars to
all and sundry whom he
chanced to meet on Sunday.
Somebody had good natured-
ly told him that the handsome
young chap looked like
him! We were out of town
so didn't get our share, but
anyway we like chocolates
better than smokes!
To boil it all down Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Schuster
are the proud parents of an
nine pound boy, born Sat
urday night. "Mother and
son doing well."
Sunday School at-10:00.
On account of the two Chau
tauqua programs on Sunday
this will be the only church
service of the day. After
the Sunday School lesson the
Pastor will give a talk to the
pupils on the subject, TRUE
The first meetings of the
Chautauqua have been a
great success. The gym
has been crowded to its
fullest capacity. The diff
erent numbers given so far
on the program have met
with great approval from
the audiences.
Vol. 1 3 No. 52
Tragedy again invaded the
quiet confines of Woodruff
when word was received
there, late last week, of the
death of Venue Turley, a son
of Mr. and Mrs. Hyrum Tur
ley of that place. This is
the second Woodruff boy to
meet with a violent death in
the space of a few short
Mr. Turley was about 24
years of age and unmarried.
The details of the accident
are few. It is known that
in company with Roland
Tanner of St. Jo, he stayed
behind to set off some
charges of dynamite while
the rest of the crew work
ing on the Camp Verde High
way, went to camp for din
ner. Part of the charges of
dynamite exploded, but one
fuse evidently burned very
slowly. When the young
man went back to see about
it came within the radius of
a delayed but terrific ex
plosion. This is a sad hap-
pening to his parents and
many friends in Woodruff,
and he will be greatly miss
ed and long remembered in
the home circle.
The following clipping
taken from the Verde Cop
per News is self-explanatory. -
Venus Turley, the young
highway employe who was
iqjured last Friday after
noon on the Camp Verde
highway by a dynamite ex
plosion, died at the United
Verde hospital shortly after
the Verde News of that day
had gone to press. The body
was shipped on Saturday to
Woodruff, Arizona, where
his parents reside. The un
foitunate young man was
almost literally blown to
bits and there was never
any real chance of saving
his life owing especially to
the amount of blood lost
during the long trip from
where the accident occured,
near Black Canyon, to the
Dan Kile, erstwhile of
Kansas City, travelled a long
way to escape the clutches
of the law. But he must
have been reading Diamond
Dick literature where there
is no law west of the Rio
Grande. "Themwuz good
old days." But its not so
anv more.
Deputy Sheriff W. G. Kelly
formed a reception commit
tee to welcome the stranger
in our midst. Few can get
by a fellow with the name
of Kelly. So to make the
long trail of Dan Kyle into
a short tale, the gentleman
in question, accused of hav
ing appropriated $2200 from
a collector for a chain of
grocery stores in K. C. was
brought to Jolbrook, waiv
ed extradition and will be
sent back to Missouri. It
may be the "Show-me" state,
but we have the officers who
can do it.
Constable Ed. Gardner and
W. G. Kelly also convoyed
an Indian to the Holbrook
jail this week. The Navajo
was arraigned in Judge
Sweeney's court on a statu
tory charge and bound over
to the Superior court.
Mr. Clossey of Adamana
came down about the middle
of the week and paid a short
call at The News.

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