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Boost the Oil Industry in Our Field-Boost Everyday
Official Paper of Navajo County and the Holbrook Oil Field
Falls from Windmill Tower Never
Regains Consciousness
One by one of the Old
Guard of Navajo Count y
are answering to the call of
their Great Commander.
Among the early residents
here Mr. A. E. Henning
will be well remembered.
Despite the advancing years
Mr. Henning was hale and
hearty. It was but a few
days ago that he was in
Holbrook visiting with his
friends. Then came the
"last clear call" for him.
Wednesday evening the
sad intelligence reached
HolbroOk that he met with
a fatal accident. Mr. and
Mrs. Lloyd Henning and
Dr. Bazell drove up to Pinto
immediately upon receipt
of the news but were too
late to see Mr. ienning's
father alive.
Late in the afternoon Mr.
A.E. Henning climbed the
windmill tower at the ranch
house in Pinto and fell re
ceiving injuries from which
he never regained consci
ousness and which caused
his death at seven-twenty
the same evening.
Mr. Henning leaves a wife
and three, children, Mr.
Lloyd Henning, Clerk of
the Superior Court, Mrs.
Loy Turbeville and Miss
Marbry Henning. The
funeral will be held in Hol
brook, but the exact date
will not be decided upon
until word is received from
Miss Marbry Henning who
is at present teaching.
The sympathy of the en
tire community goes out to
the bereaved wife and
Monday just about dusk,
Deputy Sheriff 0. C. Wil
liams picked up a couple of
young fellows in a Stude
baker roadster. He had
been wired from Williams
to intercept them, and
Eromptly got on the job.
teputy Sheriff Campbell of
Williams came up on No. 10
and returned with the
two suspects on No. 21. A
truck tire of dubious owner
ship was the cause of all the
trouble. The young man
Mr. R. Brownelly of Long
Beach, Calif., insists that it
is all a mistake and due to
the actions of another bunch
with whom he and his pard
nerMr. Antoine Bectel camp
ed while in Kingman. He
returned with the sheriff to
straighten things out.
Mr. Williams also has a
suspect in the case of the
murder in the box car near
Seligman, under watch. The
Sheriff from that place came
in Wednesday to look, him
over. It was a most brutal
murder, committed last Sat
urday, by a man about fifty
years old on a young bov
who was riding in the same
box car with him.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. S. Teeple
are spending the week at
Cooleyas the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Don Cooley.
MR. HUGHES wishes to an
nounce to his customers that he is
now settled in his new building on
Porter St.
Your continued patronage appreciated.
Mrs. Virginia Hammond
came in from Keams Canon
Tuesday in company with
her husband who is employ
ed by the government in
that place. Mrs. Hammond
left for Oklahoma where she
will visit with her sister and
daughter. She expects to
be gor.e for about two
We didn't know that any
one who owned a car ever
walked any more except
when the gas gave out, but
Mr. Osborne must be an ex
ception to the rule.
Last week he went out in
to the Navajo Country, driv
ing out by way of Flagstaff
and on to Kayenta, where
he took the first step on his
way to walking, that is hea
bandoned a perfectly good
car and substituted a "buck
board." At this point he
was joined by Mr. Park, Mr.
Thompson, and Mr. Peter
son of Swan ton, Cal. They
had come out earlier straight
from Holbrook.
. The object of the trip was
the inspection of a mine lo
cated some 24 years ago by
Wm. Lee, father of Mrs.
Osborne. It is a copper mine
and the investigators pro
nounced it to be a very good
one, but the difficulties of
transporation make it im
possible to get tangible result
from it at present. On the re
turn trip Mr. Osborne de
scended still lower in the
scale of locomotion. He a
bandoned the buckboard and
to use an elegant phrase,
hoofed it for thirty miles.
At that he beat the buck
board in by about eight
hours, not so bad, eh? We
think he must be intending
to compete with Weston for
the longdistance walkingre
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scorse
returned from their southern
trip early this week. They
report that the weather down
at their ranch near Florence
in delightful, that straw
berries are getting ripe and
other delightful things com
ing on.
They met with no trouble
from their car on the trip,
but did encounter some bad
roads. They spent part of
their time in Phoenix while
on their trip.
I hereby announce that
I am a candidate for the
office of County Recorder,
of Navajo County, subject
to the wishes of the voters
in the Democratic primary
to be held September 12th,
Mrs. James Donohoe.
Last Friday the Baseball
Team from the Emerson
High School in Flagstaff
journeyed down to our city
and tried to play ball with
our local High School Team.
The Score will explain the
matter more fully.
We don't wish to appear
to brag, but we must say
that our husky pitcher
The Pitcher Handed Out a Bunch of
Goose Egg.
Louis Divelbess handed out
a bunch of Goose Eggs to
the Emerson Team. We
bet before they got through
they thought it was Easter.
123456789 It II E
Holbrook 4020G010x
Flagstaff 000000000
Summary: Home runs
Lee. Woods. Two Base. Lee
Ortega. Strike outs by Di
velbess 2U. bv Yost a. Base
on balls by Divelbess 3, by
Yost 1. r eatures of cames.
excellent pitching of Louis
Divelbess. heavy hitting by
Arnold Lee who was five
times to bat and made five
hits. Home run by Joe
Mr. Richard Beidel, 'cell
ist with the Biltmore Orch
estra who were members of
the Ellison White Chautau
qua Co. here last week, was
taken very ill during his
stay in town. Dr. Odell of
Flagstaff, a personal friend
of the man was called to at
tend him, and upon the doc
tor's advice he was moved
to California, since pneu
monia was feared and to one
unaccustomed to this high
altitude it might react un
favorably. Mr. Beidel was a 'cellist
of unusual ability and came
from a musical family. His
father is the leading 'cellist
in the Chicago Symphony
Mr. W.B. Woods, our per
suasive and silver-tongued
Insurance Man, met with a
painful accident last Tues
day. While crossing the
office at the local telephone
exchange his sine caught
on a seam in the linoleum
floor covering and he suf
fered a severely wrenched
ankle. He has been com
pelled to keep very closely
indoors since the mishap
and the swelling ha3 been
very painful.
The reporter didn't . learn
whether or not he carried
an accident insurance policy,
but if he doesn't we'll wager
that he'll experience no dif
ficulty in selling himself one
in the future.
1 hereby announce my
candidacy for the office of
County Recorder of Navajo
County, subject to the wish
es of the voters in the Dem
ocratic primary to be held
September 12, 1922.
Mrs. Lucretia W. Flanigan
A Resume Of The Entertainments During
Commencement Week
The Holbrook Hi and Grammer School will hold their
annual commencement week at the school gymnasium
from May 12th to May 17th. The following is a resume
of the entertainments which will be given.
Exercises Of Commencement Week
Second Annual Commencement Prcm High School Gym.
Friday Evening, May I2tb, at 9:00 O'clock
Baccalaureate Sermon High School Gym.
, Sunday Evening. May 14th, at 8:00 O'clock
School Exhibition Day
Monday Morning May 15tb, at. 10;00 Central School
Mjnday Afternoon 15tb, at 2:80 O'clock High School
Stunt Night High School Gym.
Monday Evening, May 15 at 8:00 O'Cloek
Eighth Grade Commencement Exercise High School Gym.
Tuesday Evening. May 16th at 8:00 O'clock
High School Commencement Exercises High School Gym.
Wednesday Evening, May 17th at 8:C0 O'Cloek
Professor Ridgeley of the Flagstaff Normal with
his Glee Club and Concert company will provide one
half of the entertainment on what is known as "Stunt
Night." The whole evening will be a delightful one
made doubly so by the participation of the Flagstaff
All friends and patrons of the school are cordially
invited to attend the School ' Prom on Friday evening,
May the 12th. It will be one of the big dances of the
Professor Brannigan and his efficient corp of teach
ers deserve great credit for the unwearied patience and
work that is necessary to produce such a series of entertainments.
It will be .impossible to
guarantee all items appear
ing under this heading, but
the most nearly authentic news
will be printed. Should a
rumored item appear, it will
be labeled as such. Any an
nouncement from any of the
company managers will be so
designated. We will try to
print all the oil news.
Dr. S. Earl Taylor has no
announcement to make this
week as he has been extreme
iy busy in showing some in
terested parties over the
field. Among those wlu
were here and who spent the
entire week in making a
thorough and exhaustive ex
ploration of the field were
Me. C. V. Vickrey and Mr.
A. E. Cory both of New
York, and Mr. M. H. War
ren and Mr. R. J. "Edwards
of Oklahoma City. The lat
ter gentlemen are oil men
and their interest in the field
i3 extremely encouraging.
In addition to the above
mentioned were Mr. I. J.
Harlan and Mr. Ben O. L.
Wright and wife from Los
Angeles. All of these part
ies spent an extremely busy
week looking over the en
tire field in company with
Dr. S. Earl Tavlor.
The State Highway De
Dartment has issued a call
for bids for the improve
ment of the Old Trails High
way from Winslow to Hol
brook. The bids will be
ODened at Holbrook on Mav
24th. It is expected that a
contract will be let as soon
after that date as possible
and that work will be start
ed promptly and completed
during the present working
season. The project em
braces 33.6 miles of road,
all of which is to be graded
with gravel or other local
material of equal quality.
Mrs. S. D. Greenwade of
Concho was in town Tues
May 5, 1922
The Holbrook Chamber
of Commerce held its reg
ular monthly meeting last
Monday evening at the
Court House.
In the absence of the
President, Mr. Chamberlin,
the chair was occupied by
the Vice-President, C. H.
After the reading of the
minutes by the secretary,
L. Cadwell, the reports of
various committees were
called for.
The Municipal Camp
Ground Committee reported
most favorably on a site
near the cemetery on land
owned by the Santa Fe and
were directed by the meet
ing to continue their work
on the project.
It was suggested that the
same plan might be pursued
in fixing it up that has been
made use of in other towns
and that was turned to good
account in cleaning up the
cemetery that of united
town effort---fixing on a day
and everyone turning out to
help in the work. One day
of thfe sort of work; if well
planned in advance, can see
the completion of a great
many improvements.
The telegrams were read, to
and from Sen. James Scott in
relation to the quashing of
an anti Insurance bill which
the Chamber had protested
and which had "died the
death." Also a letter was
considered from Capt. Geo.
J. Henry of Ft. Apache con
cerning the arrival of Sec'y.
of the Interior fall. Trus
was referred to a committee.
After the transaction of
the regular business, Mr.
Ratcliffe, a most artistic
photographer, displayed his
wonderfully beautiful hand
tinted Arizona scenes. It
is his plan, with the cooper
ation of various C. of Cs,
to put Arizona on the map
visually, photographically,
so to speak. The scheme
of course requires some
money, but the benefits
Workman at Adamana Well is
Seriously Hurt
Mr. J. M. Lee, agent for
the Santa Fe in Holbrook,
left for Denver on Tuesday.
He will attend the O.S. and
D. Meeting held in that city.
Mrs Lee accompanied him
and they intend to return on
the 10th. We feel much
better about the trip since
we know that Mrs. Lee is
along ai she will keep him
in good order.
Judge Geo. H. Crosby of
Flagstaff stopped for a few
hours in Holbrook on his
way home from St. Johns
where he had been helping
with the re-organization of
the L.D.S. Stake govern
ment. Levi S. Udall was chosen
as the new Stake President
with Jacob Hamblin as 1st
GounseHor and L.R. Gibbons
2nd Counsellor. The re
tiring president is David K.
Udall, who has presided
over the destinies of the
St. Johns Stake for 35' yrs.
He is next to the- oldest in
point of tenure in office of
all the president of the 85
different stakes in the L. D.
S. Church.
The St. Johns ward was
also re-organized with E I.
Whiting as Bishop.
At Vernon Frank M.
Whiting succeeded Chas
Whiting as Bishop.
Bishop Joseph. Udall of
the Eager Ward was re
leased after 23 years of
Rodger Clawson, who is
President of the Apostles
Quorum and Rey L. Pratt,
President of the Mexican
Mission were in St. Johns
assisting with the re-organization
of the Stake. Judge
Crosby informs us that these
gentlemen will be in Snow
flake on Saturday and Sun
day in attendance on the
conference there.
that would accrue to the
community are undoubted.
No tourist could look un
moved at such baauty spots.
They would simply have to
come out here and explore
them. The limits of this
article are too circumscribed
to do jnstice to the merit of
Mr. Ratcliffe's beautiful
pictures of this part of the
country. A director s meet
ing was set for next Mon
day evening at which time
a further consideration of
this matter will be made.
At the close of the meet
ing the resolution was made
asking all business houses
to ciose for half a day on
May 30th, Decoration Day.
The last topic taken up by
the meeting was that of the
monthly luncheon. It will
wishes to announce to his clientele that he is
now occupying his new suite of office rooms in
the Scorse building on Porter St. which are fully
equipped with modern surgical appliances.
Vol. 14 No. 1
Martin Mederis, who was
employed at the Adamana
Oil well received extremely
painful injuries last Satur
day when in some manner
while working around the
engine his arm became
caught in the machinery.
It was impossible to with
draw the arm even after the
engine was finally stopped.
It was necessary for the men
with him to take the engine
partially to pieces before the
injured arm could be remov
ed. It was twenty minutes
before his comrades were
able to release the injured
man. He was rushed to
town at once where he re
ceived medical attention im
mediately. Tfce same even
ing he went to Gallup to the
hospital. Mr. Beldingof the
Commercial Hotel who is
well known in the Carbon
City accompanied the suf
fering man.
The bones of the arm were
broken in three places and
were wrenched out of the
elbow joinjt, the flesh was
horribly mangled and many
small splinters of bone were
protruding. It is not as yet
known whether it will be
possible to save the arm,
but hope is retained as he is
having the very best medi
cal care and nursing.
The News is fortunate
in its location.: It is right
next door to a dandy new
office where it can go if it
gets any of its miscellan
eous fingers mashed and
get the doctor to patch them
The new offices are well
furnished and are up to
date in every particular.
They give promise of being
extremely comfortable as
well as convenient. Dr.
Bazell is indeed fortunate
to have such a nice suite of
rooms at his command.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Grigsby
entertained a small party at
dinner last luesday evening.
All had a most delightful
time and enjoyed all the
good things with which the
table was so bountifully
spread. Among those en
joying the hospitality were
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Osborne
and family, and Mrs. Chub
buck and children. They all
motored out in the Osborne
B.F. Stewart of Heber
was in town Tuesday.
be held at the Commercial
Cafe and the Committee in
charge of arrangements
will be as the last time, Mr.
Fred Wetzler and Mr. Delos
Bundy. The luncheon will
take place at one o'clock on
Saturday afternoon.
The meeting was then

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