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TflNf from Here
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Had Your Iron Today? .
Work Brains
Not Digestion
HERE'S an ideal hot-weather
Two packages luscious Little Sun
. Maid Raisins one cool glass of
milk. Big men don't need more.
290 calories of energizing nutri
ment in the little raisins. Pure fruit
sugar, practically predigested so it
acts almost immediately, yet doesn't
tax digestion and thus heat the blood. '
There's fatigue-resisting food-iron
also in this lunch.
Vital men eat like this and resist
the weather. Don't work their diges
tion because they want to work their
Try it for a few days and you'll
feel better.
Little Sun-Maids
Between-Meal Raisins
5c Everywhere
in Little Red Packages
Th Sacrifice
Edith I don't see why you like that
(roup picture of our society. It wasn't
particularly good of you.
Isabel I know It. but it had such a
perfectly horrid portrait of that con
ceited Miss Gushing. Boston Eve
ning Transcript.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use for Over 30 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
Flowers for Luck.
In Switzerland when the cows are
driven to the mountain pastures for
the summer, the leader, which wears
a bell, has her neck garlanded with
flowers for luck.
Wbm abo pinch or coma and bnnfosa
cho. ft a packac. of ALLEN'8 FOOT
CASK, tha aatlaeptlo powder to bo ahakaa Into
to shoe. It takea tba attnc out of coma
and bunions, gtvea Instant relief to 8martlnc.
Achlni. Swollen feet. 1.100.40s pounds of
powder for the feet were naed by our Army
and Nary d urine the war. Adrsnisement.
Too Strong for Home Use.
One of the amateur golf champions
is being sued for divorce, his wife
.naming golf as the cause. Perhaps
he fell into the habit of using the golf
vocabulary around home.
Compensation for Divinity.
Little brother was going through the
"bear under the bed" stage and dis
closed so much curiosity concerning
the habits of those interesting animals
that when bedtime came mother was
always careful to guide the talk Into
other channels. Tonight prayers had
been said and the conversation was
all about God.
"Mother," he asked suddenly, "did
God make bears?"
"Why, yes, dear."
"Well, then, would a bear bite God?"
"Oh, no." she answered him hastily.
"Gosh !" said the small boy fer
vently. "I wish I was God!"
To Have a Clear Sweet Skin
Touch pimples, redness, roughness
or Itching, If any, with Cuticura Oint
ment, then bathe with Cuticura Soap
and hot water. Blnse, dry gently and
dust on a little Cuticura Talcum to
leave a fascinating fragrance on skin.
Everywhere 25c each. Advertisement
An Authority.
Willie Papa, teacher asked us to
And some new words that have Just
come into the English language. Can
you tell me some?
Papa Go ask your mother, Willie
She always has the last word. New
York Sun.
It is perhaps better to give yourself
away than to be sold.
Companion to the Goodyear
All-Weather Tread
By long wear, superior traction, freedom from
skidding, and ultimate economy, the Goodyear
All-Weather Tread has won unquestioned
As a companion to this tire there is the Good year
30 x VA Cross-Rib Fabric,
Built of the same high grade Egyptian fabric
and with a long wearing but differently designed
tread, this tire offers unusual value.
Over 5,000,000 of these tires have been sold
in the last five years.
Their quality and serviceability have proven
to thousands of motorists the folly of buying
unknown and unguaranteed tires of lower price.
Ask your Goodyear Service Station Dealer to
explain their advantages.
30x3Vi All-Weather Cord $16.25
30x3V2AU-Weather Fabric 13.50
30x3a Cross-Rib Fabric . 10.95
30x3 Heavy Tourist Tube 2.80
30x3Vi Regular Tube . . . 2.25
Tkti pritu twfsaV wiMnufsctunr't txcilt tma
'Wiitua Made for Wiiliri Trad
Gives New Life to Old Stockings
Putnam Fadeless Dyes dyes or tints as you wish
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder?
Stock, daughter of Frederick A.
Stock, conductor of the Chicago Sym
phony orchestra, has been whisked
away to Europe by her parents In the
hope that, amid the influences of the
musical circles of Germany and Aus
tria, she may be led to forget a school
day romance at Ann Arbor.
After persistently refuging to an
nounce their daughter's engagement to
Ralph L. Hoy, a youthful lumberman
of Bralnardsvllle, N. Y Mr. and Mrs.
Stock have suddenly taken her upon
an extended European tour.
Society and Miss Stock's sorority sis
ters are mystified over the objections
of her parents to the match. These
objections, it is said, developed sud
denly following the May festival at
Ann Arbor, during which Mr. Stock di
rected the orchestra.
The romance Is said to have begun
over a year ago. Mr. Hoy was gradu
ated from the University of Michigan
in 1921. At that time Miss Stock was
a freshman.
It was not known that Mr. and Mrs.
Stock refused to announce the engage
ment until Miss Vera herself an
nounced it at an Alpha Phi sorority
house party In Ann Arbor. It was
published in the newspapers there the
following day. According to Miss
Stock's friends, they voiced no disap
proval at that time, and it was ex
pected that upon their return to Chi
cago they would make announcement
of the engagement. But no such an
nouncement was made and no reason
given why they refused to make It.
Miss Stock then confided to her
school chums at Ann Arbor that her
parents disapproved.
Larimer Fighting
CHICAGO. William Lorlmer, half-
blind and sixty-one years old, Is
fighting the perils of jungle wilderness
In Colombia, South America, to recoup
his losses in the crash of the La Salle
Street Trust & Savings bank and to
make the restitution to depositors he
solemnly promised.
He was encountered in wilds where
human progress Is carved with
machetes and where privation, dan
ger and hard work make up the
everyday routine. He is representing
a syndicate of Americans, and with a
stall of engineers Is surveying the pos
sibilities of establishing railroads
through- the jungles, said to be the
greatest need of the republic.
A correspondent who came upon
the former senator from Illinois and
national political figure, told of the
dangers of blazing trails through the
forests, climbing mountains, crossing
torrential rapids and fighting malaria
and man-eating animals. He described
Lorlmer as thin, and hard, wearing a
scraggly beard. He recently recovered
from an attack of malaria, which af
fected his eves.
Colombian Jungles
"I don't have some of the things to
which I -became accustomed in the
United States," he said. "I have, how
ever, other things that are worth
"This country needs American cap
ital to build railroads and other im
provements. Those Americans who
lend a hand In this great work of de
velopment will not only be the bene
factors of this people but will also
find financial returns of which they
have no Idea at this time. I am here
to carry on until the task is finished."
Among the Chtcagoans in the syn
dicate are William H. Flnley, Samuel
Insull and Boetlus H. Sullivan.
"Noosie" Goes Back to Constantinople
NEW YORK. Little Slranoosche
Gulumian Is on her way to Con
stantinople, a puzzled and frightened
victim of the vagaries of the immigra
tion laws. The girl's parents, Mannlk
Gulumian and his wife, Marucek, are
In Dorchester, Mass., in the care of a
son who fought under the Stars and
Stripes In the World war. The same
law which admitted them excluded
"As to the third relator, Slranoosche
Gulumian," said Judge Mack of the
United States District court, who up
held the writ of habeas corpus on
which Mannlk and Marucek Gulumian
were released from Ellis Island. "Inas
much as the evidence was conflicting
as to her place of birth, I cannot hold
that the board was without legal justi
fication to find the place of birth to
have been Constantinople. Under this
finding and in view of the fact that
the quota allowed under the Immigra
tion laws to Turkey had already been
exceeded, her admission was properly
By due process of law, therefore.
little Slranoosche, the third relator, a
Turk by birth and by law, was carried
weeping, screaming and kicking.
aboard the Megali Hellas, a steamship
bound for Constantinople, while her
equally tearful parents, the first and
second relators, who were born In Ar
menia, prepared for the Journey to
Since February 8, Slranoosche and
her parents have been detained at
Ellis island. The little girl became a
favorite there and for her It was the
happiest period of her brief exist
ence. Everyone at Ellis Island knew
"Noosie," the smiling, black-eyed little
girl who had been born while her
parents were refugees In Constantino
ple awaiting an opportunity to sail for
America, where a warm welcome
awaited them at the home of their
And Mackinac Again Is Automobileless
Horses still are supreme on this
wooded Isle, but it was a bitter fight
before the gasoline rebellion, which
raged for several days, was crushed.
From the days when old Pontiac sat on
the Fort hill and planned a coup for
his redskin followers which would
wrest the Great Lakes region from
the encroaching white man no automo
bile has been allowed to run.
From the stand of the "safety first"
exponents there was logic in the cus
tom. The island is a scant ten miles
In circumference, and many of the
roads zigzag up steep cliffs.
Also, the villagers hold the Island
government firmly In their grasp, de
spite all assaults by the summer cot
tagers, and one of their chief forms of
revenue is driving the summer visitors
around the island In surreys and
buckboards at $5 an hour. So when
ever a steamship came In at the wharf
with an automobile aboard a commit
tee of volunteers assembled at the
dock. And, due to their untiring vigi
lance, no automobile ever was landed.
But a contractor started paving
some of the Island roads, including
Main street. One morning Main street
woke up to find two enormous motor
trucks snorting through town. Most
of the Mackinac horses had never seen
an automobile before, and there were
a dozen runaways before noon.
The "villagers assembled on the
square in the shadow of old Pere Mar
quette's statue. The town constable
was summoned and was told to get the
trucks off Mackinac. Both machines
were shoved aboard a ferry and start
ed across the straits to a chorus of
Here's Where the Police Are Thorough
M EW HAVEN, CONN. Dr. William
x ' A. Shattuc, a physician of Louis
ville, Ky., spent a ' whole day being
arrested, instead of enjoying the re
union of his class of 1918, at Yale,
he made known in the Town Court at
Mllford. He was fined $23 for reck
lessly driving his automobile.
The doctor was on his way here
when he passed an automobile of Sid
ney Coombs, New York City, , on the
Mllford Turnpike. Coombs charged
In court that the Yale man cut In
ahead of him so sharply that he ran
his machine Into a telephone pole.
Dr. Shattuc denied responsibility
for the accident. He said he had
passed the Coombs car fifty feet when
he heard a crash behind and stopped.
Coombs told the Milford police his
story and they telephoned to the New
Haven police to arrest Dr. Shattuc.
The doctor had just entered his hotel
when he was called out by a police
man and escorted to headquarters
here, thence to Milford, where he gave
bonds for appearance in court. Then
he came back to New Haven and went
to his class headquarters. A second
policeman took him to headquarters.
He was released by the desk ser
geant. Then Dr. Shattuc drove to the
Yale Graduates' club for luncheon. A
third policeman appeared and Insisted
that he go to headquarters. He did
so and explained again, was released
and motored to the Yale Law school.
When he emerged soon afterward a
fourth policeman insisted that he go
to headquarters.
The doctor appealed his case and
will have to come to headquarters still
J irilnaimExG9 n Mosctt DHave
Never fails to produce pure
and wholesome bakings.
You save when you buy it
You save when you use it
If you buy big can or cheap
baking powder you don't get
the Calumet quality.
The World's Greatest Baking Powder
Court Robbed of Imposing Timepiece
Under Its Very Eyes and With
' It Permission.
Thousands of law-breakers have
been given "time" at Berlin's central
criminal court in Moablt, but recently
an ingenious crook posing as a repair
man actually was given the court's
official clock and that while a case
was being tried.
The sitting was well' under way
when a man In working. clothes entered
the courtroom with a long ladder
which he calmly placed under the
huge, imposing timepiece on the wall.
The Judge, counsel, accused and spec
tators were astonished as su,ch an un
precedented Interruption. The presi
dent stopped the workman's ascent of
his ladder long enough to Inquire the
meaning of his conduct. The visitor
explained that he merely wanted to get
the clock. for repair and that It would
take only a moment. The president
objected, but consented when the man
said he already had called six times
and always found the court in session.
The vacant space on the wall sur
prised the janitor later In, the day, and
his Investigations revealed that the
court had been robbed under its very
eyes, in fact, with its permission.
Export of Chinese Hair Menaced.
China's export pigtail industry Is
threatened by the preference of Ameri
can women for double hair nets, ac
cording to a report to the Commerce
department from Consul Gauss at
Manufacture of double hair nets,
the report said, threatens to reduce
the human hair net business very
much, as the double hair- net long
outwears the single net, and advices
in China indicate that an association
of hair net importers have been formed
in the United States, one of Its objects
being to discourage the making of
double nets. It is estimated, the re
port added, that unless the double net
is driven off the market the hair ri
business in China will decline by 75
to 80 per cent.
The right kind of a man seldom has
to spend half of his time looking for
a job.
"Oh, you can never fool my Ma,
1 know just what theH say,
That tbftfa m much 10m Faultiest SUrd
Al night-time it likt day."
Law Is No Longer Popular With Work
men in Hamburg, Germany,
Says Writer.
Keener competition is causing a de
cided swing away from many post
war- pet ideas in Germany. Even the
eight-hour law Is no longer popular.
Frederick Simpich writes in Our
World. The labor Inspection bureau
in a recent report pictures the trouble
its enforcement is bringing as Ham
burg's economic condition Improved.
Employers complain that laborers of
both sexes, after an elghthour day.
undertake to do outside work for other
people which cuts down their effi
ciency on their regular job. Workers,
on the other hand, consider it an in
terference with their personal liberty
If their employers try to hold them
to the eight-hour plan. Although the
law was passed to safeguard the health
of the workers, they appear to have
lost sight of Its real intention, and the
authorities show reluctance to prose
cute cases of its violation. In the ho
tels and cafes, especially, it has been
difficult to enforce the eight-hour day ;
waiters are loath to give up their
chances for more tips during overtime.
The Limit
"Bump is awfully henpecked."
"Yes; his wife lets him eat only
tiv things which agree with her."
"Riches have wings."
"Yes, but bad judgment brings on
many a nose dive."
Were More Humane Than Popularly
Fabled, Says Professor Who Has
Studied Their Laws.
The Assyrian Is popularly recalled
as coming down "like a wolf on the
fold." But one provision of the As
syrian code of laws indicates that the
Assyrians are more humane than they
are popularly fabled. This requires
that the destitute widow be supported
by her sons "as the bride whom one
Instead of the Assyrians being whol
17 abject, their letters, says Prof. A.
F. Olmstead, of the University of Illi
nois, show high officials speaking their
minds with the greatest plainness, the
kings making pathetic appeals to those
whose support they would win. Their
Imperial free cities were as free as
those in western Europe in the Middle
ages, with charters of freedom from
corners of the earth and to . all
Boosting Pickwick.
Train Boy Where on the map is
Pickwick. Bill?
Brakeman Sounds as if it might be
somewhere in the hinterland, kid.
Train Boy Some, people are always
trying to boost their native town. An
old-fashioned hick asked me if I had
the Pickwick papers. Judge.
Some kinds of mistortune make for
mer bad luck look good.
The largest hot sprmgs in the world
are at Thermopolls, Wyo.
SOT T 1 a
Grain Fields
for Health
GRAPE-NUTS is a regular "three
bags full" of the best food quali
ties of whole wheat flour and malted
barley, carefully mixed and slowly
To develop all their appetizing flavor, v
To preserve all their wholesomeness,
And to provide nature's "broom" that keeps the diges
tive system spick and span.
There's not a bit of artificial sweetening in Grape-Nuts
it just becomes sweet of its own accord in the long baking.
And that enticing flavor how good it is with good milk
or cream! Fruits, too, fresh or cooked, add to the delight of
a dish of Grape-Nuts, morning, noon or sundown.
It is a compact, ready-to-eat food no cooking needed.
Why not try it for tomorrow's breakfast?
"There's a Reason
Postum Cereal Co., Inc., Battle Creek, Mich.

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