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17110 WRITES
Vtesa Restored to HeifchbyLydla
E. Pblduun't Vet etaMe Componnd
Hales This Offer
aaaaaasssssi aaawjsanaaaawaaaaaaaaaat
Cumberland, Md. "My mother gave
me Lydia E. Pmkhmm's Vegetable Com-
l pound wnen i was
between thirteen
and fourteen veara
old and was going to
school, because I
offered with pains
and could not rest. I
did not have any
more trouble after
that until I was mar
ried, then I always
was troubled in my
back while carrying
a child and could not
do my work until I took the Vegetable
Compound. Iam strong, do all my wash
in? and ironing and work for seven
children and feel fine. I always have an
easy time at childbirth and what it did
for me it will do for other women. I am
willing to answer any woman if she
will write asking what it did for me."
Mrs. John Heier, 63 Dilley St.,
Cumberland, Md.
During girlhood and later during
motherhood Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound brought relief to Mrs.
Heier. Her case is but one of many we
constantly puDiisn recommending our
Vegetable Compound. She is willing tc
answer four letter, write toner.
Improved Concrete Pipe.
Hydrostatic tests on single length;
of concrete pipes are now being mnde
In California, without the use of false
ends and tie-rods. The apparatus con
sists of two aluminum cylinders fitting
one inside the other and each having
flanged ends with a spare between the
flanges for a tubular gasket. These
flanges fit tightly into the interior oi
the pipe under test, and water pres
sure Is supplied to the gaskets and
the space between the outer aluminum
cylinder and the Interior of the pipe.
Up to now 150 pounds per square
inch is the safe limit for the appnra
tus. Improvements will raise this limit
considerably. fopular Mechanics
Magazine. 1
The Japanese bride calls upon her
neighbors and friends. Instead of the
neighbors and friends calling npon her.
Many of the Eskimo women in the
vicinity of Hudson bay still tattoo
their faces.
Sure Relief
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
25 and 754 Packages, Everywhere
D I - C O L - Q
75c at stores; 85c by mail. Address
New York Drug Concern, New York
Stomach -Kidneys-Heart -Liver
Keep the vital organs healthy by
regularly taking the world's stand
ard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric acid troubles
The National Remtdy of Holland for
centuries and endorsed by Qaecn WilheU
mina. At all druggists, three sizes.
Look for the aaase Cold Medal om mr box
and accept ao imiUitioa
to Every Jar
Freckles PositiveiyRemoved
by Dr. Berrr' Freckle Ointment:, giving beautiful
complexioa. Your drvnrmst or br mail 65c; aend for
free booklet, jr. C I. Kerry Cy 2TS MtcfcifW ACWcag-
Gray Hair I
la oat off Mb Ion;
la no Decenary
for yoo cavn hwe
bonda.Qt hair
"""" M of the original
aade by valag Q-Ben Hair Colo Rstorer. Safe
aa water try.. At all good drnggista.n cent,
r 4lract from BESSJG-U11S, On i . Mianlii. Tarn.
Western Canada
Offers Health and Wealth
and has brought contentment and happiness
to thousands of borne seekers and their fami
lies wbo have started on herFEEE homesteads
or bought land at attractive prices. They have
established their own homes and secured pros
perity and independence. In the great grain
growing sections of the prairie provinces there
i still to be had on eaesy terms
Fertile Land at $15 to S30 an Acre
-Hand similar to that which through many
years has yielded from 20 to 45 bushels
of wheat to the acre oats, barley and flax
also in great abundance, while raising
horses, cattle, sheep and hogs is equally
profitable. Hundreds of farmers in Western
Canada have raised crops in a single season
worth more than the whole cost of their land.
Healthful climate, good neighbors, churches,
schools, rural telephone, excellent markets
and shipping facilities. The climate and soil
offer inducements for almost every branch of
agriculture. The advantages for
Dairying-, Mixed Farming
and Stock Raisins
make a tremendous appeal to industrious
settlers wishing to improve their circuro- '
stances, ror certificate entitling yots
to reduced railway rates, illustrated
literature, maps, description ot tarsi
opportunities in Manitoba. Sas
katchewan. Alberta and Brj.
usa Columbia, etc. write
tOO Peter's Trust Buildlra
0 alalia. Neb.
I ' minimi
i i jiT'T" ;r-ti a i
i QTie Kitchen
I Cabinet
Copyright, 1SZ2, Wasters Newspaper Union,
Choose what you will, within the
limits of reason, and by the exercise
of the average ability you possess,
you will In lime, reach your mark.
Here Is a dish to be used where
fresh fish are to he obtained:
Fish, Pudding. Cook
I""""""!! one cupful of rice In
LfsVv II boiling water until ten-
J ytasl I der, drain and pour
fTe'&feSiil throueh it enouch cold
water to separate the
grains. Cook two pounds
of pickerel, bass or other
fresh white fish until
well done, steam in
steamer or tie In a cloth and cook In
water. Flake the fish, removing all
skin and bones. Combine the rice
and fish, add two well beaten eggs,
one cupful of fish stock and the same
of milk, season with two teaspoonfuls
of salt or more to taste, one-half tea
spoonful of pepper, two tablespoonfuls
of butter, using the seasoning between
the layers of fish and rice. Bake one-
half hour and serve hot with drawn
butter or sauce.
Dakota Potatoes. Peel eight me
dium-sized potatoes. Into a saucepan
place a teaspoonful of sugar, and when
melted add two tablespoonfuls of hot
water. Put the potatoes into the pan
cut In quarters lengthwise, one large
onion chopped fine and one tablespoon-
ful of parsley, one teaspoonful of salt,
two bouillon cubes, one-half teaspoon
ful of paprika and Just enough boiling
water to cover and simmer until the
potatoes are tender, but unbroken. Re
move the potatoes with a skimmer to
a hot dish. Thicken the liquor with
two tablespoonfuls of flour mixed with
a little cold water. Pour over the po
tatoes and sprinkle with another ta-
blespoonful of minced parsley on top.
Cherry Cake. Cream three table-
spoonfuls of shortening with one-half
cupful of sugar ; add an egg well beat
en and two-thirds of a cupful of milk
alternately with two cupfuls of pastry
flour which has been sifted, with one
half teaspoonful of salt and two tea-
spoonfuls of baking powder. Mix well
and spread evenly In a long sheet in
a baking pan. Over tne top place a
quart of pitted cherries, sprinkled light
ly with a teaspoonful of cinnamon and
one-half cupful of sugar. Bake In a
moderate oven. Dried or canned cher
ries may be used, if the first are well
soaked and the latter drained from
some of the Juice.
Fattigman Bakelse. Beat two eggs
until very light, add one tablespoonful
of sugar and three tablespoonfuls of
cream, then add gradually one and
three-fourths cupfuls of pastry flour
and roll very thin. Cut in diamond
shaped pieces and cut two slashes In
each. Fry In deep fat, drain and
sprinkle with powdered sugar. These
are very dainty and delicious served
with tea or a glass of ginger ale.
Let this be your teaching;: Anticipate
nothing but good In the future. Burn
all doleful prophecies. They are lies.
Some evil must befall you but those
about which you are certain will never
come true. The devil Is no prophet.
Frank C. Haddock.
With quick transportation and re
frigeration, there is hardly an inland
city of any size
in which sea food
or fresh water
fish may not be
had once or twice
a week. This ap
plies not only to
the finny tribe,
but also to shell
fish. With fish, as with many other
foods, certain ideas, many of them
false, have gained circulation. One
Is that fish and milk or any milk or
cream dishes, such as Ice cream, or
milk as drink, should never be taken
with crabs, oysters or lobster. When
these combinations have been found
to disagree with a person, such food
mixtures should be avoided, but there
is no reason why the average person
may not combine the two, provided
the fish or lobster Is not served with
an acid sauce.
In buying salmon the steaks are al
ways the most expensive, though there
is utmost no waste. The red or
Chinook salmon Is considered best ;
then the pink and chub salmon, all
good, but varies as to flavor' as well
as price. The practical housewife will
use the cheaper grades for all made
dishes, as the nutriment is the same.
The more of this grade demanded will
tend to lower the price of the red.
which Is now selling at a high figure.
There should be no reason for the
absence of fish on our tables, even If
far Inland, as canned fish are always
Next to salmon and tuna comes the
sardine In .popularity. The sardine
Is not found in American waters that
Is the true sardine. Millions of cans
are imported from Spain, Portugal and
Scandinavian countries. There are.
however, certain small fish caught In
large quantities off the coast of Maine,
known as Americnn sardines; they are
good, and relatively cheap. Pound for
pound, fish is not considered by most
dietitians as nourishing as meat, as
fish has a larger percentile of water,
but It is much more easily digested,
and In most places more economical.
His Growl.
WImmen flatter themselves, de
clared Mr. Flubdub, who Is somewhat
"Well, old topperT
"My wife Is always telling me that
If she was to die Td marry a flapper.
"She doesn't stop to consider that I
might not want to marry anybody."
Definition of Age.
Growing old is merely a nroress of
becoming too sophisticated to enlov
anything. From the Baltimore Sun,
SHEER materials hold the center of
the stage for midsummer and there
la no end to the pretty ways in which
they are made up. And making dresses
of them has been simplified for the
borne dressmaker, since so many ready
made trimmings have been manufac
tured for her benefit. She may buy
ready-made flounclngs decorated with
tucks and ruffles, or narrow trimmings
made of the fabrics, or fancy braids
and edgings suited to them, and these.
! I fell l7Mn
t-A I ' r D '10'
with machine hemstitching and pleot
edges make the way of the seamstress
Two pretty dresses designed for the
young girl, are shown here and even
the amateur dressmaker will under
take them with confidence. That per
ennial favorite, blue and white dotted
swIss, Is cut on the simplest lines for
one of them, with a straight skirt and
plain bodice. But there Is nothing
commonplace about it. A square neck,
large patch pockets, elbow sleeves and
scalloped edges, with white organdie
trimming, give it a flavor of originality
and the design turns out to be very
pretty. The collar and tiny chemisette
are of eyelet-embroidered organdie.
The white net dress at .the right was
among those presented for the approval
of graduates and the design is suited
to any sheer material. It is much like
Its companion in composition with
straight skirt, scalloped at the bottom.
Panels made of embroidered net inser-
tlon are set In the blouse and In the
skirt and they are outlined with little
ruffles of the net having picot edges.
The round neck Is finished with a bind
ing and the sleeves with the em
broidered insertion. A sash of moire
ribbon, and a little cluster of flowers
mounted at (he shoulder, add to the
dressy character of this dainty frock.
It Is shown In white net, but would be
Just as pretty In light colors or made
of other materials.
The Nightcap Is Smart?
Back to the old-fashioned nightcap
that ties beneath the chin. No matter
what hairdressers say about ventilat
ing the hair at night, the newer night
cap which Is the older nightcap In
glorified form is winning favor. To
be sure. It covers the hair closely.
But, argues Its wearers. It is made of
muslins and crepe de chine and geor
gette so that it cannot possibly shut
out the air. . Moreover, It keeps curled
locks In order; It conceals kid or pa
per curlers; aad well, It looks pretty.
J h 4 pi L
11' J 1
I I l f , :f i $
if si jL W
l . , , ..... j"y. : , , Jp ,,,,.lfcri
The first suits for fall are making
their debut, In variations of sev
eral promising styles that forecast the
modes for fail. Anyone who must buy
a suit In advance of the season, may
look them over and select whatever
appeals to her good Judgment, pro
vided her choice is becoming, for It Is
the buyers who set the fashions.
One may safely jreneralize a little
as to the styles, after a survey of the
first arrivals. Skirts remain plain (the
very short skirt Is 'dead and buried),
and they reveal only the ankles of
their wearers. Coats are at least
fingertip length and many of them are
longer. They are so generally fur
bearing that one begins to feel un
easy for fear that It will take all the
little animals In the world to provide
skins for them. But reassuring news
comes from Paris: that fashion center
approves fabric-furs for trimming
suits. They are beautiful, and .some
of them amazingly accurate imitations
of natural furs. As a rule suit coats
are considerably decorated; fur band
ings, braids and embroideries contrib
uting to their adornment.
The conservative and handsome suit
pictured has a plain skirt reaching
within eight Inches of the floor and
an extremely long coat with high col
lar and cuffs of fur. Its long, close
fitting sleeves Indicate a return to the
regulation coat sleeve In the severely
tsllored styles but there are plenty
of exceptions to this idea. The char
acter of this suit Is carried out by slit
pockets at each side, and its plainness
serves to emphasize the Importance of
three huge and handsome buttons that
look so capable as a front fastening,
corvuoMT st vbtun Ntvywtt UMOK
This last Is the unanswerable argu
ment. Now It's Felt Hats for Summer.
It is no use to hotly deny the ac
cusations of the .humorous man who
loves to say : "Ah-a I Winter has come,
I see a straw hat." Not this season at
any rate. For the smartest summet
hats are of felt. Going Into a shop
to purchase a midsummer hat, the
chances are one will not be able to
resist the lovely soft felts In all-white,
white and black, or bright oolora, .
Some Sections of Bates Experimental
Road Break Under Traffic of
Light Trucks.
(Prepared by trA Uplted States Department
of Agriculture.)
Some of the lighter sections of the
Bates experimental road failed undei
the traffic of light trucks driven along
the edge of the, surfaces on the first
day of the test. The road, which was
especially constructed for the experi
ments now being conducted by the
state highway department of Illinois
In co-operation with the bureau of
public roads. United States Depart
ment of Agriculture, Is two miles long
and consists of numerous sections ot
different types of construction.
On March 30, the day the road was
opened for the tests, 12 trucks with
bodies removed to make a load of
2,500 pounds on each rear wheel were
started on trips, which will continue
with increasing loads until the suit
ability of each type Is determined. The
trucks were driven so that the outside
wheels were on the edge of the pav
ing, and almost immediately some of
the sections began to fall. This was
expected, as the sections were of light
design and intended to demonstrate
the futility of such construction.
The road will be subjected to a num
ber of tests under the destructive
pounding of the trucks, and it is ex
pected that much valuable Informa-
Method of Obtaining Deflection and
Deformation of Pavement Under
Load When Sub-grade Has Been Re
moved. tlon will be gained for use in future
road construction. In addition to spe
cialists assigned to investigate soil
conditions, temperature effects, and
other factors, five engineers are con
stantly observing the effect as the
trucks continue their daily grind. The
experiments will continue until all the
sections have been thoroughly tested.
Increase in Facilities Has Grown Rap
" idly In Past Few Years in
Different States.
The great boom In highway build
ing which has come since the federal
aid act of 1916 has led to an Increase
in the facilities for testing highway
materials. The bureau of public roads
of the United States Department of
Agriculture keeps In touch with all
laboratories which test material for
federal-aid roads -and reports that the
number has grown from a scattered
few in 1916 to at least one In every
state with two exceptions. They are
distributed as follows: State highway
department laboratories 20, university
laboratories 27, and commercial labor
atories 21, a total of 68.
Conditions have become such that It
is practically a necessity for each
state to have means of quick testing
In order not to delay work. In pass
ing on materials the laboratories are
governed by the Idea that roads must
be constructed with materials close at
hand wherever possible and give as
surance for the use of such material
where it is suitable.
New Method Officially Adopted by
New England States to Replace
Color System.
The new method of designating
highways by numbers, officially adopt
ed bv the New England states to re
place the color band system, is re
markable for its simplicity. When
fullv carried out it will provide a com
plete' and comprehensive plan possible
of extension throughout the country.
The numbers have already been as
signed to most of the main trunk
routes by the highway commissioners.
Road Mileage of Country.
Road mileage, in the United States
per square mile area is .739. England
has 2.57 miles of road per square mile
area, and France 1.75.
Winnipeg Has Widest Streets.
Winnipeg, Canada, claims to have
the widest streets of any city In Amer
ica. Hitting Rock in Road.
The first time we hit a rock in the
road It is an accident, the second time
It Is our own fault
Little Capital Required.
Duck raising requires small capi
tal. Thirty ducks and six drakes will
start a breeder on a large scale be
cause they multiply rapidly, and their
care will amount to almost nothing.
Vermin Don't Help Hog.
The lousy hog may get a lot of fun
out of scratching, but he won't meas
ure up well in the pork barrel.
Manure Spreader Helps.
It Is hard to get full benefit from
livestock without a manure spreadet.
cuse, N. Y., formerly matron
at the State Reformatory at In
dustry, N. Y., who says she is de
lighted with Tanlac since it re
stored her health after she suf
fered eight years.
"This Is the first time In eight years
that I have been free from stonfich
trouble and it is all because of the
wonderful good Tanlac has done me,"
said Mrs. Frank Wilk'e, 229 Cedar St,
Syracuse. Mrs. Wilkle formerly re
sided in Buffalo and for two years was
matron of the State Reformatory at
Industry, N. Y.
"I was eatipg scarcely enough to
keep alive," she declared, "for I would
rather not touch a bite than suffer the
misery I knew would follow. Even
sweet milk disagreed with me. I was
sick in, bed for two and three days at
a time, and gaa on my stomach made
such awful pressure on my heart it
almost cut off my breath. I had hor
rible dreams at night and In the morn
ing was all tired out.
"Well, the longest day I live I will
praise Tanlac, for my Improvement
has been simply remarkable. I have
no more heartburn, my appetite Is
wonderful, I can eat most anything I
want, and my sleep is sound and rest
ful. I am thoroughly delighted with
Tanlac. It is wonderful."
Tanlac Is sold by all good druggists.
Lady I want to see some grand
pianos. Do you carry them?
Clerk Madam, you flatter me.
. No man can feed his soul who is
starving his servants.
Few of us have the courage to point
ut our own mistakes.
for Economical
.The World's
New Superior Model Breaking All Sales
Records of Standard Fully' Equipped Cars
This leadership has come only from sheer superiority-in value
per dollar of price. Price, operation and maintenance considered,
your dollar buys the most transportation in a Chevrolet.
Equipment and accessories considered, Chevrolet is the lowest
priced car made.
Chevrolet is ALL, THERE as sold nothing more to buy but
the license, gasoline and oil.
Comparisons Sell Chevrolet
Stmndard Rear Axle Construction.
Strong, Quiet Spiral Bevel Gears.
Standard Transmission thrao
apeads forward and ons rsvsrse.
Standard Braking System toot
service brake, hand emergency brake.
Standard Electrical System Start
er, storage battery, electric lights.
Standard Cooling System pump cir
culation, Luge, honey-comb radiator
and fan.
Standard Doors two on roadster
coupe, and light delivery, four on
touring and sedan.
Demountable Rima with extra rim.
Chevrolet Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan
Division of General Motor Corporation
World's Largest Mann There are 5,000 Chevrolet Applications will be Considered
facturer of Low Priced Dealers and Service Stations from High Grade Dealers in Ter
QUAL1TY Automobiles Throughout the World ritories not Adequately Covered
Dealer Inquiries Should Be Addressed to
Chevrolet Motor Company
1833 Wazec Street, Denver, Colorado
Does every day mean just another
day of suffering! Are you lame, stiff
and achy tortured with a nerve-racking
backache? Surely there's a reason
why you feel ao badly and likely it's
weakened kidneys. W Tien the kidneys
fail, poisons accumulate and upset the
whole system. That's why you have con
stant backache and sharp, stabbing
twinges. You may have headaches,
nervous and dizzy spells with annoying
bladder irregularities. Don't risk seri
ous kidney disease. Use Doan't Kid
ney Pills. Doan't have helped thou
sands and should help you. A.tk your
neighbor t
' A Colorado Case
Mrs. J. B. Mc
Elhlney. 423 Walnut
St. Fort Mown,
Colo., says: "For
a lone; time I suf
fered with cams in
my back and sides.
1 nardiy aareu to
stoop over, because
of the sharp pains
which always hurt
me when I straight
ened a sr a 1 n. If v
head ached and I felt drowsy and run
down. Doan's Kidney Fills gave me
fine relief, and I soon felt well again."
Cat Dean's at Any Store, 60e Bos
Skin Troubles
With Cuticura
Seap 25c, Oinbamt 25 ass 50c, Talcssi25c.
Apparatus will be sold to
millions of people, this
fall and winter. Have
you considered the ad
vantages to your general
business of installing
a Radio department?
Just how to establish such a
department and maintain it at a
high level of efficiency is told by
Radio Merchandising
The Semi-Monthly Magazine
of the adio Industry
One dollar will bring it to you
for four months Three dollars
a year.
Radio Publishing Corporation
Dept.26, 342 Madison Avt,NewYork Gty
West Texas Military Academy
B.O.T.G. San Antonio, Texas ntnTear
Affiliated with the University of Texas.
i West Point, Annapolis and leading Institu
tions of the United 8tates. Army officers
' detailed by War Department. Uniform
i eqnipsentissned by Government. Separata
Junior School. Swimming PooL Athletla
Field. Champions ot football and Baseball.
Opens SEPT. 8. Write for new Illustrated
catalogue. J. TOM W1T.M A MB, Snpb
MENT; fits all sewing machines. Price 11;
checks 10c extra. LIGHT'S MAIL. ORDER
Lowest Priced
. o. b.
Standard Instrument Board speed
ometer, ammeter, oil pressure gauge,
lighting and starting switch, and
choke pull.
Standard Type of Carburetor, with
exhaust heater.
Powerful, Valve-In-Head Motor
the same type as used in successful
cars selling at much higher prices.
Many Other Advantages which will
be noticed on inspection, comparison
and demonstration.
Investigate the Difference
Before You Buy

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