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Boost the Oil Industry in Our Field Boost Everyday
Official Paper of Navajo County and the Holbrook Oil 'Field
Vol 14 No. 24
Congressman Carl Hayden Receives Enthusi
astic Reception
Last Wednesday night the
Democrat State Candidates
spoke to a large and atten
tive gathering of Holbrook
voters. The meeting was
held in the Pastime Theatre
and Atty. VV. E. Ferguson
acted as Chairman.
Mr. Chas. Howe, who is a
candidate for State Tax
Commissioner made a short
pithy speech, quite in keep
ing with his usual modera
tion and good sense. All
who know Mr. Howe re
spect and like him and he is
a man well fitted for the
duties to which he aspires.
Congressman Carl Hayden
was the speaker of the even
ing who held the audiences
attention most closely. Mr.
Hayden isxieservedly' popu
lar and his speech which
centered around the three
topics of the Soldier Bonus,
the Tariff and the Colorado
River Project was not only
to the point, but was highly
instructive as well. He made
his position on the;e points
unmistakeable and .carried
conviction of the rectitude
of his stand-in behalf of the
soldiers and of all reclama
tion projects, but most es
pecially those near at hand.
There is no doubt that Carl
Hayden is a man who is most
valuable to the State, of Ari
zona and whose return to
his .present office at the com
ing election is imperative if
the voters have the real in
terest of this Commonwealth
at heart.
Gov. Hunt, the last speak
er, said that taxation was
his issue. He also related
an amusing incident of
Diplomatic life in Siam.
Would You Like to go to
the Fair Free?
The Arizona State Fair at
Phoenix is making a wond
erful offer to the girls of
Navajo County, They are
offering to pay all the ex
penses of a gorgeous trip to
the Fair to the young Jady
of Navajo Co. who receives
the most votes from readers
of the local' newspapers.)
Nor is this all, when the
young lady reaches Phoenix
she will meet representatives j
of the t)ther counties of thej
state and from their num-'
ber will be chosen the Queen
of Beauty for the State b air.
In addition valuable prizes
will be awarded.
In this paper you will find
a nominating coupon good
for 500 votes. Clip it and
write in the name of the
young lady you wish to have
this trip. The only restric
tions are that the young
lady must be a resident of
Navajo County and that the
votes must be in our hands
not later than Thursday
noon. The five receiving
highest number of votes will
be nominated and then can
make the race.
The next two ;ssu:s of the
paper will contain the vot
ing coupons worth 100 votes.
It is a wonderful chance so
cut out the nominating cou
pon and start some girl in
the race. Mail your nomi
nating coupons or bring
them in person not later
than Thursday noon, Oct.
The Holbrook Hi Plays the
Flagstaff Hi Saturday.
- Harry Jamison, well
known cattle buyer and
stock man of Denver was in
Holbrook late last week. He
always brings his genial
smile with him.
Mr. E. J. McDermott, al
sj of Denver was in .our city
at the same time. Mr. Mc
Dermott has several land
leases north of town and is
interested in the cattle situa
tion in this section.
Yes, they had a most de
lightful trip. Mr. Austin
killed a turkey, too,
a big one. Professor Brani
gan only got what the little
boy shot at, and of course
the women folks, just Mrs.
Branigan and the teachers
didn't count much on a hunt
ing trip except at Bustling
grub. But Mr. Toelie took
unto himself (he star part.
He staged a revival of the
Babes in the Woods with
himself a solus in the princi
pal role. iles;ijs that he
climbed most a million hills
each live thousard feet high
before he finally reached
camp. This may be just a
little exaggerated, but the
fact remains the same, that
he was lost, and good and
lost too, for awhile.
Are you afraid of fire, Mr.
or Mrs. Householder of Hol
brook? Do you wa'nt to help
avoid disastrous fires in the
future? Then come out tc
the meeting held next Tues
day night, Oct. 17 in the
Town riill at eight o'clock.
A volunteer iire depart
ment will be formed. All
the nt cess ary fire fighting
equfpment has arrived. Th s
is of greatest interest to the
people of the town as it will
result in a material lowering
of Insurance rates.
It is the plan to hold a
Fireman's Ball later on in
order to purchase raincoats
and southwester hats for
the fire fighters. Be sure
and come. The Town Coun
cil is calling this meeting as
it considers this a very im
portant move. Don'c for
get, Tuesday, Oct. 17. at the
Town Hall. '
Mrs. D. J. Thomas and
her daughter Rachel with
their guest, Mr. Chas. Heyn
of Gallup, motored to Spring
erville last Saturday return
ing home Sunday. They
report a very pleasant trip.
Attend the public meeting
intKeTown Hall, Oct. 17
at eight o'clock relative to
forming a Volunteer Fire
Dept. Called by Town
Council. adv.
Mrs. Kate Kinney of Man-,
ila was in Holbrook late last
week. She finds her time
vary full this fall, as in addi
tion to her school duties she
is doing quite a little speak
ing in different parts of the
county. Mrs. Kinney is a
cry well qualified speaker
and this last week was ask
ed to address the Woman's
Club in Winslovv.
Help fight fire by forming
a Volunteer Fire Dept.
Public Meeting in Town
Hall Oct. 17, 8 o'clock, adv
Strengthens Holbrook Oil Men's Belief
in Home Field
Several of those interested
in oil have motored to Ship
rock this last week to get
first hand data on the well
brought in there last week.
Among those to make the
trip was Mr. Chas. Cook of
the Adamana Well and ac
cording to his view of the
case the finding of oil
so near and in strata
resembling ours is vastly en
couraging. Mr. Cook has
been very busy out at the
well since his return, and we
have been unable to learn
many of the details of his
Mr. O'Connel, a well
known oil man of our city,
made the trip with Mr. Dick
Greer and brings back very
convincing and heartening
reports. The oil was reach
ed at the shallow depth of
774 feet and after a pene
tration of only two feet in
to the oil sand. The amount
of the flow cinnot be gaug
ed until the completion of
the storage tanks now being
built, and he well has been
capped. But it is thought
it will be large as the oil
rose to the top of a ten inch
hole and overflowed.
Mr. O'Connel says that it
is a very highgradeoil with
a parraiin base and is re
ported to have a specific
gravity of 62 per cent. If
so, this knocks all previous
records. The statement is
made that it can even be
used in an auto without re
fining. The trip was an extreme
ly interesting one and the
men were joined at Gallup
by Mr. Teas, a geologist
from Minnesota who had
come down to look over the
Mr. Greer says that he is
no oil expert himself but
that the general configura
tion of the r gion is such
that he is convinced that if
oil was found there it surely
will be found here.
Geologists have made the
statement that if oil were
ever found near Shiprock it
would undoubtedly be found
here also.
The well which is being
drilled by the Midwest Co ,
a subsidiary of the Standard
Oil, is located on an Indian
Reservation which makes it
very difficult for the aver
age amall company to handle
a lease in this vicinity as a
large amount of money is
required for guarantees etc.
The Holbrook Field, being
devoid of .this red tape and
also being so much nearer
railroad transportation
would seem to be a much
The Democratic
and speak at the
In this day of peripatetic
auto thieves it seems almost
anachronistic to find horse
thieves still infesting the
country. But they still do
it, and they still get caught
by efficient officers just as in
the days of yore.
Three young men, by
name Chas. Fowler, William
Smith and Hudson departed
from our neighboring state
of Colorado with nine head
of horses that did not be
long to them. .They picked
up said live stock in Dolores
But the way of the trans
gressor is hard when a red
headed son of Ireland gets
on his trail and last Sunday
Deputy Sheriff Kelly and
Night Marshal Bill Seeley
caught Smith in possession
of two of the horses at Big
Tank, eighteen miles south
of Winslow. , On Monday
the officers took to the tall
grass again, and Deputy
Sheriff Kelly in company
with Deputy Sheriff Howard
Marine and Sheriff W. A.
Campbell of Flagstaff put an
end to the horse stealing
careerof the other two young
men. They were caught at
Hay Lke, 35 miles south
west of Winslow on Monday
and at the time had six head
of horses with them.
So the old tim desperad
oes and horse thieves have
not yet departed, but we
will not worry as long as we
have official timber such as
W. G. Kelly to match a
gainst them.
It never rains but it pours
they say, and Geo. Schaef
fer, Dem. candidate for
Trearurer is willing to agree
to this. Mrs. Scheaffer has
unfortunately had to go to
a sanitarium in Texas on ac
count of the inroads of tub
erculosis, and as if this were
not enough to worry any
one this one of his little
children has developed a
severe case of typhoid. We
all sympathize very heartily
with Mr. Schaeffer, who is
an extremely deligent and
capable young man and who
seems to be having more
than his share of troubles
these days.
better bet for the aver
age investor.
Do You Read "The News"
will tour Navajo County
towns on the dates given
Oct. 23rd White River
,, . 24th Pinetop
,, 25th Lakeside
,. 26th Showlow
,, 27th Linden
28th Pinedale
,, 29th Heber, Joppa and
Clay Springs
30th Shumway & Taylor
,, 31st Snowflake
Nov. 1st Woodruff
2nd Candidates will separ
ate and proceed
to place desired
,, 3rd St. Joseph
,, 4th Holbrcok
6th Winslow
The sheep men of the
county held a council with
executive of the Forestry
Dept. last week in the Court
House at Holbrook. The
principal matters under dis
cussion were the arranging
of boundaries for future
leases on the Forest Reserve
and the cross country trail
for moving sheep. The
Dept. announced its decision
to fence the northern bound
ary of the Sitgreaves For
est, the Dept. furnishing the
wire and the permittees do
ing the work.
In the afternoon a similiar
meeting was held in con
nection with the cattlemen.
I announce my Candidacy or the of
fice of Justice of the Peace in the Hol
brook precinct subject to the wishes of
the voters in the general election Nov.
7. 1922. .
I wish to announce my candidacy
for the office of County Treasurer
subject to the wishes of the voters in
the general election Nov. 7, 1922
I announce my candidacy for the
office of Judge oj the Superior Court of
Navajo County, subject to the wishes
of the voters in the general election
Nov. 7, 11322.
I am a candidate for the office of
Sheriff in Navajo County, subject to
the wishes of the voters in the gsneral
election Nov. 7, 192a.
General Election Nov. 7, 1 922
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of County Recorder of Nava
jo County, subject to the wishes of the
voters in the ' general election Nov. 7,
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of Constable in the Holbrook
precinct subject to the wishes of the
voters in the general election Nov. 7,
I wish to announce my candidacy for
the office of County School Superinten
dent of Navajo County, subject to the
wishes of the voters in the general elec
tion Nov. 7, IO22.
Republican Nominee for County
Recorder at the General Election Nov.
7, 10,22.
Republican Nominee for State Sen
ator of Navajo County at the General
Election Nov. 7, 1922.
Republican Nominee for C ounty
School Superintendent of Navajo Co.
subject to the wishes of the voters in
the General Election, Nov. 7, 1922.
Clerk of the Superior Court
Incumbent for Re-election on basis of
past record of efficiency.
Democratic candidate for State Senator
General Elccdon, Nov. 7, 1922.
j Mr. and Mrs. Perfecto
iNuanez are proud parents
of a bouncing baby girl born
last Sunday. On her first
appearance in society the
I young lady tipped the scales
!at9 1-2 lbs, and if Perfecto
thinks that he is boss in his
family we wquld advise that
he look to his laurels with
I such a husky young lady pre
isent. Stibseribefor "The Nears"
Republican Rally Monday Night Well
Judge Easley is living up
to his usual record. We
think that he should . really
be called "Dead Eye Dick"
or something of the sort.
He went out last week, re
turning last Friday night
and brought with him his
allotment of two turkies.
The Judge never fails. Mr.
Donner accompanied him on
the trip and was also suc
The A. and B. Schuster
Co. is this week starting the
excavation for, their new
freight warehouse on the R.
R. siding at the east end of
Railroad Ave.
When completed it will be
a large red stone structure
with spacious cellar room
bsneath it. The Cooley Lbr.
Co. has the contract for all
wood work and finishing in
the building and Jack Hum
mel of Gallup will have
charge of the stone work
and plastering.
The stone which is of a
very fine quality is being
procured at the quarry north
of town.
Mr. W. R. Scorse of the
First National , returned
empty handed from a trip to
the mountains last Sunday.
He was accompanied on his
hunt by Mr. Candelaria and
tells us that he intended to
bring back a turkey. He
tried his best. He went1 to
a rancher up there and tried
to buy one but the man told
him that there had been too
many hunters before him
and that he was all out of
turkies for this year!
Mr. Scorse said that , he
did see a bear track and the
more he looked at it the big
ger it got, but as he hadn't
lost ny bear he contented
himself with merely " sizing
up the tracks.
They made their camp
right on the slopes of Baldy
and if he came back with
nothing else to boast of he
says that he ventures to
state without fear of con
tradiction that he has the
biggest appetite in captivity.
sknramoad AVE
Geo. Hennessey mounted
on a prancing grey steed
and carrying a saw over his
shoulder. Query: Was he
going out to cut down some
political timber?
Art Schuster de tailing
the best way to catch carp
at Woodruff Dam, Ask Art
he knows.
Governor Hunt, Sunday
morning, standing on the
station platform looking a
round in a puzzled manner.
Evidently wondering where
all the citizens of Holbrook
Teelle explaining how it
feels to be lost in the en
virons of Pinedale.
Ernest Hulet displaying
skinned knuckles and telling
how to fix up a car and have
enough parts left over to
make another., This is worth
Major Shipley and J. M.
Lee in their thrilling seen-
On Monday night the Pas
time Theatre was packed to
the doors by a crowd eager
to hear what the Republican
candidates for State Office
had to offer.
The opening addresses
were good althn it was evi
dent that all, especially the
wumen, naa naa a tiring
day. This was not surpris
ing when the fact was re
vealed that they had motor
ed from Cooley to Holbrook
and had spoken six times
Miss Elsie Toles, State
Supt. of Public Instr. made
a very telling appeal for the
passage of the school amend
ment which will come up at
the November Election and
which it is hoped if passed,
will take the nffirp nf Stnt
Superintendent permanent
ly out of politics.
But the. last speaker was
preeminently the center of
interest to the audience
and he was introduced by
the Chairman of the even
ing, Mr. W. B. Woods, as
"A Tail Typical Son of the
Southwest." He fully looked
the part as he faced his
hearers and assured them
that he was much : more ac
customed to hearing himself
addressed as "Travelling
Tom." .
After a fpw rpmnijppncaa
which Showed that he has a
good memory he further
drove ' this -fact home by
scotching the snake-like ru
mor of extragavance by the
simple method producing a
few certified statements of
figures and comparing them
with those of the proceed
ing administration.
Governor Campbell's great
charm as speaker lies in the
fact that he presents his.
points in a clear cut, con
cise manner and does not
rely on the usual ranting,
emotional style of political
bombast so often peddled by
aspirants to State office.
While not a Republican our
selves we cannot but pay
our respects to the man who
at present so ably fills the
hijrhest office within theinft
of the people of Arizona.
Mr. and Mrs. John Funk
drove their new Dodge Car
to Cooley last Sunday. They
were accompanied by Mrs.
Chas. Osborne and children.
All say that they had a most
delightful trip, and that the
motor worked like a charm.
Mrs. Funk is a little worried
by the dust that will accumu
late over the shine on . the
car's varnish, but we assure
her that after she has dri
ven said car. a few thousand
miles she will be like all the
rest of us and cease to worrv
about the thing's complex
ion. ario produced under the
direction of the well known
"Moo and Baa Co. Ltd."
and entitled "From Station
Agent to Cowpuncher,"
Joe Elledge, Tuesday,
WITHOUT his smile.
Lord High Commissioner
of "The Sanity Commission"
at $1.00 per throw. One
every minute.
Elmer Carrol and Frank
Johnson as exponents of
very latest styles in mascu
line apparel all dolled up in
"peon pants and sideburns."

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