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Boost the Oil Industry in Our Field-JBoost Everyday
Official Paper of Navajo County and the Holbrook Oil Field
Mr. McNaughton of the
Holbrook Oil Co. is in re
ceipt of a letter from friends
at Mojave which says that
there is a sensational mining
boom in that locality. They
claim that it is one of the
biggest gold strikes ever
made in Arizona.
Mr. Burton, manager of
the local branch of the Un
ion Oil Co. has been trans
. f erred to California where
he will take charge of a
station and Mr. Burtis who
has been with him in Hol
brbok has been sent to
Yuma. Mr. W. W. Cadwell
of our city will take over the
local... managership, and
Quince Gardner will fill the
gjsition left vacant by Mr.
urtis' transfer.
Both of the young men
who are leaving have, been
well liked and it is with re
gret that their friends hear
of their departure, but can
not blame them for a step
up in the world. The new
' manager is well known in
Holbrook and there is no
doubt that he will be emin
ently successful in his con
duct of the business.
Miss Florence Fisher has
been extremely ill this past
week from the ravages of
Eieumonia contracted dur
g the recent cold spell.
Her mother fortunately bad
just returned from her trip
and is nursing her daughter.
Mr. Fisher came down from
his station at Pinta for a
few hours to be with the
Mr. Smith, Manager of
the Standard Oil Station in
Holbrook, was a Phoenix
visitor this week. He tells
us that the Fair was a great
success and he enjoyed him
self immensely. He says
that the time of the winner
in the road race averaged
within-a fraction of sixty
miles an hour. The weather
is very pleasant in Phoenix,
and the wild-west sports
were unexcelled, in his re
port. a halloweenTarh
Mrs. Miller was the charm
ing hostess at a delightful
afternoon bridge party last
Tuesday. The unique de
corations were in keeping
with the spirit of the hour
and all present had a most
delightful sense of the spirit
of All Hallows Eve. At
the close of the card playing
the hostess served a most
delicious refection. Every
ose of the guests had a
most delightful time as the
abundant laughter and mer
riment would testify.
were snowed under
The candidates of the two
parties have nearly all re
turned from their hegira to
the southern part of the
county. If a candidate got
nothing else out of the cam
paign he might at least get
a good deal of fresh air,
judging by the distance
most of them travel. We
might further remark that
on this trip most of them
got "snowed under", speak
ing literally and not figuratively.
Taylor Interests Have
Maybelle Cramer was ar
rested yesterday by Deputy
Sheriff J. B. Fox and Fed
eral Agent Ed Rice on re
quest from Phoenix, Ari
zona, where Deputy Fox
says she is wanted on a Fed
eral grand jury indictment
charging her with forgery
of American Kailway Ex
press money orders.
Fox stated thftt in 1919
Mrs. Cramer's husband was
the agent of the American
Railway Express and that
following his departure sev
eral blank traveler's checks
were missing. Later, he
said, several of these checks
were passed at Holbrook,
Arizona, bearing denomina
tions of $50 each and were
signed Eva Jane Lewis.
On January 19, this year,
she was arrested and held
for Arizona. Deputy Fox
said she went to Governor
Stephen's office with her
husband and seven-year-old
baby girl.
Governor Stephens, after
listening to the evidence,
refused to grant extradition.
It was stated that the mat;
ter was then taken to the
Federal eourU and that she
was indicted by the Federal
grand jury.
She was arrested by the
police at Inglewood Acres.
Los Angeles Examiner.
It will be remembered that
this was the case in which
Gov. Stephens refused Atty.
T.R. Greer's request for ex
tradition, lhe hnal result
has most certainly justified
the stand taken by the at
torney, and Gov. Stephens
will have to bow to the au
thority of the Federal Gov
Tony writers say that al
literation is no good. But
just the same it is justified
this time for it expresses in
a few trenchant words just
exactly what we wanted to
say. It points the moral of
the tale that if you want a
thing well done you must do
it yourself. Bill Franklin
has been selling cans so fast
that he had none on hand
most of the time, so he
jumped on the train the
other day and went down to
Phoenix and argued with
the heads of the business
there to the effect that it
was their duty to supply the
cars at least as fast as he
could sell them. They saw
the light and now he has
three carloads of cars to
sell. That is going some,
but we know it wont take
him long. Incidentally he
took in the Fair and when
we asked him what he saw
he said he saw a lady
get hurt. It developed that
.hi lady in question tried to
make a parachute jump.and
was too heavy and came
down too soon, which is a
lesson to us never to try a
parachute until we have re
There are sedans, touring
cars, and roadsters in the
recent shipment, some of
the Willys Knight some of
the Overland and some of
the Durant family.
Dr. and Mrs. Morton were
up from Needles during the
latter part of last week.
Machinny On Way
When Dr. S. Eirl Taylor
returned to Holbrook this
week he had completed all
arrangements for commenc
ing of the well on the
Higgins. Dome property.
The machinery has been ship
ped, and barring train
wrecks, will be on the ground
at an early date. The drill
ing will commence on or be
fore the fifteenth of Decem
ber. This news is of great in
terest to all of Holbrook.
The location of the well on
the Higgins Dome within
sight of town gives promise
of great benefit to the com
munity itself. Oil developed
in such close proximity to
the city limits would mean
unparalled prosperity for its
As soon as the machinery
arrives it will be placed as
rapidly as possible and the
work of drjlling will be rush
ed. The fact of the successful
drilling of the well at Ship
rock and the high grade of
oil discovered there gives
impetus to the interest in
this field.
From many points of view
this is a much more desir
able location on account of
its nearness to adequate
transportation and will give
wider scope to the investor
because it is not handicap
ped by being on an Indian
Reservation than will the
Shiprock field.
Dr. S. Earl Taylor's confi
dence in the future of thi3
section is evidenced by his
untiring efforts in securing
proper means for develop
ment. The drilling of the
Higgins Dome Well is a con
summation devoutly hoped
for by all the citizens of
Holbrook, and is now to be
come a reality.
The Adamana Oil Co.
which has had a delay of a
week or so on account of a
break down of machinery is
now working full blast.
They have struck very hard
rock, but are pushing on
steadily just the same. The
indications pre very good
and the men are greatlyen
Mr. McCIanahan jammed
into one of those glove fit
ting Ford ' 'go-devils" with
the help of a shoe-horn, sky
hooting up the avenue with
Spunk a close second.
Kenneth Myer3 on the
poop deck of a land going
Mr. Brown of The First
National indulging in a
prolonged sneeze. j
A very much perturbed
gentleman emerging from
the portals of the Holbrook
Drug Store. "... He had just
knocked over a lady. It
did not seem to help his feel
ing that she was picked up
still smiling her wide paste
board smile.
A horse- ten feet high!
No we were not seeing
things,: The night before
had been Haliowe'ne and
the horse was a wooden one
of the carpenter's variety.
M. R. Tanner driving with
his cut-out open to drown
the soul splitting squawks of
a chicken (feathered variety)
n the back seat.
It i3 the desire of the Democratic Party to briefly
introduce its candidates for county offices to the electors
and to assure the people of Navajo County that these
men and women are a guarantee of a good, clean, effici
ent and economical administration of county affairs if
elected. The candidates for Clerk of the Superior Court,
County Attorney and Assessor have no opponent and
need no introduction. ;
Thos.vK. Greer, for Judge of the Superior Couri
Don't overlook the head of the ticket above the party
columns. Judges and Tax C )mmissioners are considered
as nonpartisan officers. Mr. Greer has been County At
torney for four ye irs and his record is a safe guarantee
of his future efficiency.
Win. G. Kelly for Sheriff
Is, has baen, and will, ba an efficient and fearless of
ficer. He gets his man. The protection of our homes,
our personal property and ourselves is of primary import
ance. The tireless energy, unceasing vigilance and
steadfast integrity of Mr. Kelly will bean assurance that
Navajo County will ba the cleanest county in Arizona.
Geo. J. Sc'iaeffer for Treasurer
Mr. Schaefer is particularly qualified for this im
portant position. Years of experience as an accountant
have fitted him for the position and the man that hand
les a quarter of a million or more dollars of the peoples'
money each year should be clean, competent, responsible,
courteous and accommodating, Mr. Schaefer is such a
Hattie Pcnrod FJaharty for County School Sup't.
Mrs. Flaharty has served as Schooi Superintendent
for about two years. Her administration has been flaw
less and the voter is referred to any School Trustee, any
school teacher or any person
" A ? Ct
lairs, fvn experience or zi
our own children in various
years as Principal of the Winslow Grammar School, as
well as the experience already gained as School Superint
endent must not be lightly passed over by the thought
ful and intelligent voter. The proper education of our
children is making Arizona
we must not trade horses in the middle of the creek.
Lucretia W. Flanigan for Recorder. I
Mrs. Flanigan has had charge of the Recorder's office
for nearly a year and has given universal satisfaction. !
The endorsement of the patrons of a county office is the
best eadorsement possible and Mrs. Flanigan has this.
The Recorder handles a tremendous amount of county
business, the office is self supporting and every record is
up to date. Navajo County has the most efficiently
handled Recorder's offiia in the State of Arizona and
should be proud of it. The proper keeping of records is
of the greatest importance, it really means the safety
Of our homes and our property. Unswerving integrity
must be the rule and the high character of Mrs. Flanigan
assures this and is an asset to the county.
Robert L. Moore for Stale Senator.
Mr. Moore ha3 been a resident of Winslow for years
and every banker, merchant and resident in that city
will unqualifiedly recommend him as a clean, intelligent,
upright and useful citizen. Arizona has some good laws
some bad laws and perhaps too many laws and it is such
men as Mr. Moore whowill insure Arizona clean, decent
legislation, and the repeal of vicious laws. Mr. Moore
knows Navajo County from end to end, knows our needs
and his untiring vigilance and determination will be an
honor to this county.
Frank Ellsworth for State Representative.
Mr. Ellsworth has already served in Arizona's legis
lature and his experience will be invaluable. He is a
nother old timer and Navajo may safely leave her af
fairs at Phoenix in his hands. He is a successful mer
chant, farmer and stockraiser and is eminently qualified
to handle any piece of legislation that may arise. Nava
jo County is indeed fortunate
high quality, intelligence an1 integrity as Mr. Moore ana
Mr. Ellsworth to take care of the important matters that
will come up in the next legislature.
Respectfully submitted for your consideration
Dr. Jo'in A. Widtsoe of
the University of Utah pass
ed through Holbrook this
week enroute to Snowflake
where he spent a short time.
He wiil return to Holbrook
on Sunday and speak in the
L. D. S. Church on Sunday
evening. Everyone i3 cord
ially invited to be present.
Dr. Widtsoe is a member
of the committee which will
convene in Santa Fe next
week for the final decision
on the location of the dam
in the Colorado River Pro
ject. He has been in con
ference with the Governor
of Arizona and several other
delegates, preliminary to
their attending this meeting.
Dr. Widtsoe his bean ident
acquainted with school af-
years in successmny leacning
schools of this county, 7
the great state that it is and
in possessing such men of
ified for years with all the
movements for agricultural
advancement which have
been launched in the state
of Utah, and is especially
well fitted for his present
Millie Lee - - - 180,000
Gladys Manley - 10,000
MaryZuck - - - 6,500
The contest was awarded
to Miss Alice Smith of Snow
flake with something like
600,000 votes'.
Mrs. Jaques of Lakeside
was in town this last week
visiting with her friend,
Mrs. Zuck Sr.
As a general rule six sloot
ers are merely used as a
means of offense or defense,
and are usually regarded in
the light of a lethal weapon,
and not as an auxiliary to
the shot gun. But just last
week W. C. Ferguson found
out to his satisfaction that
you can kill a turkey just as
dead, and perhaps deader
with one of them than you
can with a shotgun. The
turkey was good too.
Mrs. E. C. Pulsifer of
Provo, Utah has been visit
ing here and at Vernon for
the past few weeks. She is
a sister of Mrs. Chas Tho
mas and a daughter of Mrs.
Ellen C. Greer. She intends
to return next week to Utah.
Four of her children have
been visiting here with her.
I announce my candidacy (or tke of
fice of Justice of the Peace in the Hol
brook precinct subject to trie wishes of
the voters in the general election Nov.
I wish to announce my candidacy
for the office of , County Treasurer
subject to the wishes of the voters in
the general election Nov. J, 1922
I announce my candidacy for the
office of Judge oj the Superior Court of
Navajo County, subject to the wishes
r I . .1 If.-
or the voters in tne general election
Nov. 7, 1922.
' 1 am a nmdtdatw for rn office-, " of
Sheriff in Navajo County, subject to
the wishes of the voters in the general
election Nov. 7, 1922.
General Election Nov. 7, 1922
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of County Recorder of Nava
jo County, subject to the wishes of the
voters in the general election Nov. 7,
J hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of Constable in the Holbrook
precinct"subject to the wishes of the
voters in the general election Nov. 7,
I wish to announce my candidacy for
the office of C ounty School Superinten
dent of Navajo County, subject to the
wishes of the voters in the general elec
tion Nov. 7, 1922.
Republican Nominee for County
Recorder at the General Election Nov.
7. '922.
Republican Nominee for State Sen
ator of Navajo County at the ' General
Election No. 7. 1922.
Republican Nominee for C ounty
School Superintendent of Nayajo Co.
subject to the wishes of the voters in
the Gsneral Election, Nov. 7, 1922.
Clerk of the Superior Court
Incumbent for Re-election on basis of
past record of efficiency.
Democratic candidate for State Senator
General Election No 7, 1922. -
The A. and T. Club met
at the home of Mrs, Jay Pat
terson last Friday. Three
tables were filled with auc
tion, players and all had a
most de Hghtful time.
VoL 14 No. 26
The new warehouse of the
A. and B. Schuster Co. now
under construction by the
Cooley Lbr. Co. is going up
rapidly. Manager Cousins
always makes things hum
wnen he is on a building.
The warehouse is built of
exceedinerlv erood stone." and
will make a fine appearance
when completed. It will be
a credit both to the firm and
to the town. i
Daniel A. Bolm? of New
York accompanied bv his
family arrived in Holbrook
early this week. It is his
intention to make this town
his place of residence for
the ensuing year. He .had
visited Dr. S. Earl Taylor
here during the past season
and found the climate so be
neficial that he decided upon
a longer visit. .-.
The family, which includ
es seven children, will oc
cupy the Chamberlin rhouse,
in the. west part of town.
Dr. Boling was one . of the
best known Chaplains dur
ing the Great War. and is
also distinguished as a writ
er. H13 keen appreciation
of the unusual in scenery
may be the cause of his uti
lizing some of his skill in
depicting: the stranere
sights of this little known
...The '.football game shere
last Saturday was a very ex
citing contest. vThe score
was 10 to 7 in favor of-Win-slow,
but up to the end it
was anybody's game. . The
boys did splendid work and
we are proud of them. This
contest puts Holbrook's team
up among the best in North
ern Arizona. .
Next Saturday, Nov. 4
the Eager Hi School Team
from Round-Valley will meet
with the Holbrook Team on
the local basebalFgrounds.
It promises to be a good
game and no one should miss
it who can possibly get there.
The attendance in the
Holbrook Schools this year
is very gratifying. There
are 25S pupils in attendance
which is a 30 per cent great
er attendance than at the
same time last year". .In
order to show the growth of
the school and the greater
interest taken in education it
might be well t note in this
connection that this attend
ance is 47 per cent greater
than that at any time dur
ing the school term two
years ago.
Mr. Hookway was elected
a member of the Holbrook
School Board at the election
held last Saturday.
The officials of the North
ern Arizona State Fair at
Prescott have just forward
ed to Holbrook Hi two sec
ond prizes of five dollars
each on an Art Exhibit sent
in by the pupils of the local
Football Games Scheduled
Sat. Nov. 4, Holbrook vs.
Eager Hi here. - -
Sat. Nov. 11, Holbrook vs.
Prescott at Prescott b
Sat. Nov. 18., Holbrook vs
St. Johns here. .
r. Sat. Nov. 25 Gallup Hi ys
Holbrook at Gallup.
, . Thurs. Nov. 30 Thanks
giving, Holbrook ;vs Jerome
here. High School dance in
the evening.

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