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Boost the Oil Industry in Our FieldBoost Everyday
Official Paper of Navajo County and the Holbrook Oil Field
Will Be No Delay in the Putting Down
of the Newly Started Well
We have been informed
that Dr. Taylor, who is at
present in Los Angeles, has
completed his negotiations
for the purchase of the
necessary casing for the
Taylor-Fuller Well No. 1 on
the Higgins Dome. The
casing was purchased from
the Oil Well Snpply Co. in
Los Angeles, but is being
shipped from Fort Worth
Texas, where . the proper
size was stored.
The casing required for
the hole is the 15 1-2 inch
size, and it has already been
loaded together with the
necessary tools for putting
it in place. This large size
was extremely hard- to ob
tain, and Dr. Taylor has
been keeping the telegraph
wires hot since Thanksgiving
in his search for the proper
kind. It is his desire that
nothing shall intervene,
Most people have. The
Red Cross knows this and
also knows how to make
good use of the old clothes.
JSo at this time they are
sending out an appeal to the
citizens of Holbrook, and as
the housewife is usually the
custodian of the clothes
closet this request is urgent
ly addressed to her, to hunt
out all tne old things they
can spare and - turn them
over to the Red Cross.
The weather is cold, and
there are many in our midst
who are insufficiently cloth
ed. If you have anything in
the way of clothing that you
are willing to contribute
please send it to the Manual
Training room of the High
School. It will be taken
care of there and will be
distributed to those whose
need is great. Do not say
that vour old clothincr is not
eood enough. It will all
help. The only, thing the
Red Cross asks is that the
clothing be clean.
Mrs. Housewife, look on
the back hooks of your
closets and the bottom draw
ers of your chiffoniers, are
there no suits of clothing,
old underwear, out of date
cloaks, or partly worn shoes
that you could spare? If you
do not have the time to take
them yourself, get them
ready in a bundle and call
Mrs. Hulet on the telephone
and she will see that some
one comes after them.
If anyone is anxious to
hear of a destitute family
with whom they can share
the Christmas cheer if they
will communicate with Mr.
Tom Ortega or Mr. Ambro
sio Armijo these two gentle
men can furnish them with
names of deserving families.
Mr. Arthur G. Brown of
The First Nat'l spent Sun
day in Winslow.
The pupils of the Central
School will have their Christ
mas Tree on December 21st,
V which is mursaay oi next
J week. There will be a short
program before the tree,
and all friends and relatives
of the pupils are most cord
ially invited to be present.
The members of the grade
school and the Hi School will
hold their Christmas exer
cises on Friday morning,
which forethought can avoid
to prevent the rapid comple
tion of this well.
The drilling out at the
well is going on as rapidly
as possible. At first it was
necessarily slow as it took
care while the drill stem
was still uncovered to pre
vent the starting of a crook
ed hole, which otherwise
would be a source of con
stant trouble. But now that
they have gone deep
enough to cover the entire
stem they can work with
more rapidity. The drilling
is continuous, the men work
ing in two shifts, and there
is no doubt that they are do
iDg all in their power to com
plete the well in record time.
The new walking beam will
soon be installed and this
will also mean faster time,
since the strokes of the drill
can be made with more rapidity.
That's an awful thing for
any woman to do, and its
worse than ever when she s
an editor. You see it hap
pened this way. We heard
that a Peterson had just
been married and of course
as we knew George Peterson
well and knew that he should
have gotten married long
ago, vyhy we just up and
married him off without
either his consent or that of
the young lady.
The young man who really
can pose as the happy bride
groom is Mr. Frank Peter
son. Here are our apologies,
George, but we are of the
same opinion stiil, so look
out, we may marry you off
yet if you don't watch out.
December 22. They will
have a Christmas tree at
this time. Their many friends
and relatives are assured
that they will be heartily
welcome if they can find
time to come.
Christmas vacation begins
Friday afternoon, December
22 and will close luesday,
January 2.
lhe school orchestra is
very busy at present. They
are practising several selec
tions which they have been
asked to render at the ex
ercises which will be held at
the Community Christmas
Tree. This will be a great
treat to all music lovers and
will contribute greatly to
the pleasure of the day.
The members of the school
are also practising on sev
eral choral selections so that
they will be able to lead the
carol singing at the tree.
This years Christmas Tree
will be a great success if the
Clerk of the Weather only
makes up his mind to give
us some good weather for
the occasion.
The basket ball schedule
for the season of 1923 is now
being made up. It is thought
that it will be complete by
next week and will be an
nounced in the paper. The
team ispractisingvigorously
and will be in good trim. It
is expected that the first
game will be held shortly
after the New Year.
IIrs. Paul Roberts left last
week for a stay with rela
tives in the East. She will
be joined by Mr. Roberts
during the holiday season,
and will return soon thereafter.
Mr. C. H. Jennings with
his wife and three little child
ren motored out to the vici
nity of the Black Canyon Oil
Well where he is interested
in some valuable oil leases.
The trip was delightful, we
understand, but he made
the fatal mistake of think
ing that because his car
could run on so little gas
that it could do with none
at all. Consequently he. had
to take a little pedestrian
W 1 1 1J
exercise, lie will know oet-
ter next time.
Our well known towns
man, Julius Wetzler, who
has just returned from a so
journ in Los Angeles, has
testified to his interest in
the oil came in Holbrook by
signing up on the "Bonus"
circulated locally for the
sum of 1000 big round cart
wheels. This is surely a
most concrete evidence of
his good wishes for the suc
cess of the wells now drill
ing in the field. This Bonus
would surely make a nice
Christmas present for some
The Holbrook Masonic
Lodge held its annual ele
ction of officers on last Sat
urday night. Those who
were chosen as officers of
the ledge for the ensuing
year were: H. w. Hughes,
Master; V. V. Franklin, Sr.
Warden; jDhn Branigan, Jr.
Warden; J. C. Paulsell,
Treasurer; Lloyd Chamber
lain Henning, Secy; Geo.
Hennessey, 'trustee.
A jointinstallation of of
ficsrs will be held by the
members of the Eastern
Star and the Chalcedony
Lodge on Tuesday, Dec. 26.
After the ceremonies of the
evening they will enjoy a
social hour.
X)r. Wilson, who for some
time past has been practis
ing medecine in Cooley has
moved to Holbrook and will
ooen an office in the near
future. He has rented the
Wallace Newman residence
on Oakland Ave., but as yet
he has not decided upon an
office location.
sa - .i'.i.v'
VVtff At L
We arise to remark that
we noticed that the rough
streets were duly dragged
and scraped last week. We
often find fault when they
are not, so in pure justice
we must remark that we
noticed it when they were
duly manicured and shaved,
and think that it is a great
Says Arizona Roads Good
Mr. F. R. Goodman, the
next State Engineer, has
just returned from his, trip
to Kansas City where he at
tended a National Road Con
vention. An extract from a
letter received' from him by
L. F. McClanahan of our
city carries a word of en
couragement concerning our
roads It reads as follows:
"The convention in K. C.
was a big success. We learn,
ed a lot, and part of it was
that Arizona, even though
she is a young state is far
ahead of some of the others
in road building and road
I will be in Phoenix about
the 17th or 18th, as I am
booked to make "an ad
dress" before the Arizona
Industrial Congress."
We have a large road sys
tem to keep up in relation to
our taxable property and af
ter all the "cussing" that we
as a state have received
from the peripatetic tourist
because of our roads, it is
indeed a relief to know that
after all we are not too far
behind the band wagon.
When they come next year
we will do a little talking on
our own account.
Last Friday evening the
members of the A. and T.
Club were delightfully
entertained by Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Scorse at their home
on Porter St. Nine tables
were filled with the players
and at the close of the even
ing the hortess served a
substantial and epicurean
lunch, to which all the
guests all the guests gave
their whole hearted, and un
divided attention for some
little time.
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This is a Wonderful
0. E. S. HOLDS
On last Tuesday evening
the Liberty Chapter 0. E.
S. held its annual election of
officers. Those who were
chosen, and the offices they
will fill for the ensuing year
are as follows:
Anne Hookway, Worthy
Matron; W. J. Hookway,
Worthy Patron; Mary Woods
Ass. Matron; Alma Sapp,
TreasjE. S. Toelle, Sec'y;
Nora Rice, Conductress;
Helen Fitzpatrick, Ass.
Last Saturday Mrs. Kin
ney, recently elected County
School Supt. motored up to
Holbrook from her tempor
ary residence at Manila. She
was accompanied on her
drive by Misses May Rich
ards and Ina Peterson of St.
Joe. The two girls remained
in Holbrook and attended
the big dance at the new
Schuster Warehouse. "
If the ceiling of the new
A. & B. Schuster Warehoue
was ten feet from the floor
at the beginning of the
evening last Saturday, we
are willing to hazard a guess
that it is at least fourteen
feet from the same floor at
present, for if any crows
ever had such a good time
that they "fairly raisedthey
roof" it was the bunch pres
ent at this aforesaid dance.
No trouble or expense had
been spared by the firm to
make this dance a pleasant
for their many guests who
attended from various parts
of Navajo and Apache
Candy and cigarettees
were distributed several
times during the evening
and the ladies had a delight
ful time investigating the
contents of the "favor bags"
which contained all sorts of
good things done up in small
packages. The carnival horns
were the hit of the evening
and served to increase the
merriment to a New Years
Eve. pitch
Good music and a good
floor made the dancing de
lightful and while one of the
largest crowds ever present
at a dance here thronged
the building, still the ware
house was so large that at
no time was it crowded. A
satisfying lunch was served
Oil Crews are Putting in Good Licks
As They Race for Reward
Considerable interest is
being shown by the crews
of the Taylor-Fuller Well
and the Adamana in their
relative chances for copping
off the nice fat bonus plum
hung up on the Christmas
tree by the citizens of Hol
brook for which ever drill
ing crew is fortunate enough
to first bring in a commercial
oil well. '
Work is going on steadily
at both locations and we are
told that it is the intention
of the Adamana to put on
additional men in the near
The news that it will be
possible to gain an exten
sion of time on oil le?ses is
very welcome to many in
this vicinity. The letter
which follows is self-explanatory.
Mr. Chas. Osborne,
Holbrook, Arizona.
My dear Osborne:
I am enclosing herewith
a letter I have received from
the General Land Office in
which I am pleased to note
that the representations set
forth in the petition you re
cently forwarded to the De
partment asking for an ex
tension of time respecting
certain oil and gas leases in
the Holbrook oil field, have
been favorably considered.
You will note however that
before formal action can be
taken in the matter it will
be necessary for each per
mittee to file evidence in
support of his application
for extension as indicated in
the Department's Circular
No. 801, a copy of which is
Assuring you of my plea
sure in being able to transi
mit this favorable report, I
am, with best wishes,
Yours very sincerely,
The. above letter was re
ceived by Mr. Osborne early
this week, and it is a wel
come one to many people.
It is advisable for those who
would profit by this exten
sion of time to make their
formal application for same
as soon as possible. Mr.
Hayden is always alert to be
of service to his constituents
and they should and most of
them do appreciate it.
at midnight and the dance
continued until two o'clock.
Early in the evening Mr.
Plant favored the guests
with a charming solo and
the members of the firm
personally welcomed their
guests. Mr. Adolph Schuster
was absent, being detained
in Los Angeles, and it is
greately to be regretted
that he was not present to
share in the good time.
The warehouse is a build
ing which reflects great
credit on the firm as well as
the men engaged in its cons
truction. Messrs, Hummel
of Gallup and Cousins of
our city.
A. & B. Schuster Co. has
certainly shown by the open
handed hospitality displayed
on this occasion that they
are not only thoroughly
identified with the business
interests of this section but
also are keenly alive to its
human possibilities.
Mr. Chas. Heyn of Gallup
was a Holbrook visitor last
week, being entertained at
the Thomas home.
Vol 15 No. 32
future. Of course six or
seven thousand dollars won't
spell all they make if they
do strike oil, but just the
same it would make spend
ing money or small change
to Jingle in your pocket.
Of one fact we are abso
lutely sure. No person
whose name is on the bonus
list will bs sorry to be called
upon to pungle up when oil
is struck. Indeed not. It
will be the best news that
Holbrook has heard for a
long time, and it can't come
any too soon to suit us.
The basket ball season
will open in Holbrook, on
Saturday of this week when
the Town Team clashes with
the Babbitt Team of Wins
low in the local gym. Those
who attend can expect to
see plenty of pep displayed
for the Town Team has al
ways been a splashing good
team, and they bid fair to
out do themselves this year.
In the Babbitt Team of
Winslow, however they will
meet with snappy competi
tors and wiil need to be up
on their toes in order to
wear the winning laurels at
the end of the game.
Following is a roster of
the players and the positions
they hold in the game:
Isaacson Forward
Hathorn - Forward
De Witt Center
Austin Guard
Gardner Guard
The game will be called at
seven thirty sharp. Those
who attend are sure of an
evening of healthy excite
ment and we are sure that
our boys will give a mighty
ood account of themselves.
Its our team. Lets be there
to see them win!
The Holbrock Woman's
Club has one task ahead of
them which they will take
pleasure in accomplishing.
It is nothing more nor less
than the pleasant duty! of
filling three hundred and
fifty baskets for the Com
munity Christmas Tree. ,
The Elks who have charge
of the Tree have delegated
this, pleasant task to the
ladies. The material will
be furnished them for the
work but they will have to
see that it is properly dis
tributed in the baskets. It
looks to us as if Santa Claus
intended to be pretty gene
rous this year.
At the suggestion of the
womans committee it was
decided to use the red gar
lands for the tree trimming,
as it could be saved and re
used. Popcorn stringing is
extremely slow work, and in
addition has the happy
faculty of dropping off the
string after it is hung on
the tree.
The Elks are going ahead
rapidly with their plans and
seem determined that this
shall be an even better tree
than the one last year. But
they will have to go some to
accomplish that for last
years tree was a joy to many
people, and is still a happy
C. H. Jennings this week
received another carload of
the popular Dodge cars. In
this shipment are' several
touring cars, a business car
and a roadster. Three cars
are all ready sold.

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