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Postscript of the Apache sentinel. [volume] (Fort Huachuca, Ariz.) 1945-1946, November 16, 1945, Image 6

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1-fJOL c
It happened in Tucscn on
Armistice Day. The MP Pet
and the Military Band
were the hit #f the holi
day parade.... Lionel Jones
Willie Flowers and Benny
Pairs mane an unholy trio
that was hard to beat
Daddy-C's augmented band
and floor—show played as
never before—but g00d....
To o bad the MP ' s had to
rush back to duty, "C'est
la guerre".
Eunrr has it that Lt. Bland
CC of the WAG Bet is cont
emplating a merger. It's a
great life. Best wishes...
Lots of familiar faces a
•round WAC area ever since
that bunch of ladies came
in from Fort Lewis. Wel
come home girls. Betcha
most of them wont stay a
round long enough to renew
old friendships "Jody"
Bradshaw is back on the
Post after a brief stay in
L. A. Ditto, Lorenzo "Thin
man" Hill,
At The NCC Club
Sgt. and wrs. Tomlin,John
ie S rvin, Jo s ephin e K elly
brew, Charles Jones, Sgt.
Heloise West and party,
Pauline (pEQ.) Harris, Bella
Haney, Sgt, Marcus Willi
ams, Clarene Smith, Sgt.
Butler, Ruth Pierre and
Cabarius. the"CAT"saw
Haney. Understand she met
Williams in Connecticut
back in 1938. Things got
close enough for then to
beccome engaged but she ran
away. How he's found her.
Wonder what 1 11 happen?? ? ?? ?
Who said Butch isn't happy
t now that a certain WaC is
Be at ease Pierre and El
liot, we haven't got space
this week.
Li (M ?.r\W ?
/ I I
"But, Doc," argued the
soldier, " I # m only here
for an eye examination. I
don't ha,ve to take all my
cloths off for that."
"Strip down and get in
line," shouted the Medic.
The soldier obeyed but
kept grumbling. The chap
in front of him finally
turned around and said:
"What are you kicking a
bout? I came here only to
deliver a telegram."
* # # * #
Pvt; "is that ice cream
Si Ler^: " , “ ,B T> u re as the
girl of your dreams."
Pvt: "Give me a ham sand
wich. "
# # # #
A business man who was a
great belibver in effici
ency was commissioned a
captain. One of his first
acts on assuming command
of a company was to call
all the officers and en
listed men together and
lecture them for an hour
on the topic: "Do it Now'.'
Within 24 hourß a corpo
ral went ">ver the hill, the
company clerk punched the
fii*st sergeant in the nose,
a 2nd Lt. told the battal
ion commander to *go to
he*l, a 8/Sgt deserted his
wife and the mail clerk
threw an inkwell into the
electric fan.
# # # # 4
T. at an accounting
class: "If i i a y fi Ve e ggs
here and three eggs over
there, how many will I
GI: "I don't think you
can do it, air."
### # A
Juvenile delinquency is
when kids start acting
like their parents.
V v
y i
’** ! t<l
i! \y.
sri'iac ■A.aw'tiH
‘ Them notches is for years,
not japs!”
Four things in any life
must dwell
If it endures and prospers
One is manhood, true and
o ne is womanhood:
®ne is childlife, clean
And bright:
And one— an alter kept
Which tells us that wed
ding bells will soon be
ringing, and someone will
s''on be singing " I Love
You Truly" aYid "®h Promise
Me*" Guess who??
Last week 1 s column was
written thru tear-dimmed
eyes because so many of
;our WAC sisters were leav—
ing us.. ‘ Thi s' .week--11 1 wri t e
with a smile of hapniness
and a warm welcome for the
foliowing WACS who were
transferred from here to
Fort Lewis a year ago and
now have returned to us.
Returnees are: Mable tyl.
Br-'vn, Grace (TT JO )Koagland,
Mary Butts,Willie Jacks^n,
Boris Simms, The Campbell
twins, Carrie and Josie,(
Rachel Clark, Shirley Ty
ler, Marguerite West,Alice
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