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Volume 1.
Canned and Dried q jj
D Fruits |
IY Special attention 0 a
paid t o miners’ C s
and prospectors E jj
trade R |
Frank (iriebel E |
U Washington St. 1 i UUDftiA §
fit E6e
Mr?. M. Francis, Proprietress,
Breakfast for the Morning train.
BOARD by the SAY or WEEK
Railroad Street, Wickenburg.
f- J. R. Dunn ■ *«
First-Ciass Work
Wickenburg, - * - Arizona
Commercial Hotel
GEO. H. N. LUIIRB, Prop,
Conducted on the European Plan
Cor. Center and Jefferson streets PIIOE
Special attention to commercial men.
Bus to and from gll trains,
WILLIAM SHAW, Proprietor.
o o
Makes Round Trip Daily
Leaves Wickenburg at.. Ba. m.
Returns at 7p. m.
Staple Fancy Groceries
General Merchandise
Whole sa 1 e d Retail
\IITW GOODS Don’t Buy until
CENTER Street, FWicKenbrg, Arizona.
g £RSgta| &GtifiFkA NEW and COMPLETE STOCK of |
BB: 1 mountain rigs|
built fob this coun- I
Uawrcnce & Clark |
Articles of Sracorporatioix
of _th«
WicKenburg Mercantile
and Investment Cp.
j That we, C. F. Chapman, J. E. Boyd, Mary A.
j Boyd, Mary E. Chapman, have this day asso
ciated ourselves together for the purpose of
forming an incorporation under the provis
ions of the laws of the Territory of Arizona,
and especially an Act of the Legislative As
sembly thereof, entitled “An Act Concerning
Corporations,” which took effect September
Ist, 1801, for the purpose of engaging in and
carrying on the lawful business pursuits here
inafter specified. And we do hereby make,
subscribe and acknowledge, according to law,
these Articles of Incorporation and certify and
That the name adopted and assumed by this
corporation, and by which it shall be known,
is Wickenburg Mercantile and Investment Co.,
and shall consist of one President, one Vice
President, one Secretary, one Treasurer, and
until the first general election .the said parties
are hereby declared to be the officers, viz:
C. F. Chapman, President; J. E. Boyd, Vice
President; Mary A. Boyd, Secretary; and Mary
E. Chapman, Treasurer.
That the place where its principal business
is to be transacted in the town of Wickenburg,
County of Maricopa, Territory of Arizona, and
the time of the commencement of this corpora
tion shall he the day of the filing of these ar
ticles in the office of the County Recorder of
the County of Maricopa, in the Territory of
Arizona, and the termination thereof shall be
twenty-five years thereafter.
Jim purpose for which this Corporation is
formed and the business it proposes to do and
engage in, is that of buying and selling goods,
wares and merchandise of any and all descrip
tions, mining and milling, also to own and ac
quire in the course of business real estate and
personal property of any kind whatsoever,
which it may be necessary to acquire for the
profit of this Corporation, to borrow money,
with or without giving security therefor, in
the manner authorized by the by-laws of this
Corporation, to give, receive and take notes
and mortgages, bonds, options and convey
ances to do all things usual and necessary in
the business of a Mercantile, Mining and Mill
ing company, to act as agent for other persons
and corporations; to acquire, hold and dispose
of stock in other corporations and in any and
all things that may be for the profit of this
Corporation lawfully.
That the amount of capital stock authorized
is One Hundred Thousand (if 100,000.00) Dollars,
to be divided into One Thousand (1,000) shares
of a par value of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars
each; and to be paid up as called for from time
to time by the Directors of the Corporation, or
by being issued and delivered from time to time
by the Directors in payment of property, labor
or services rendered to or purchased of this
Corporation, or paid for in cash at par value,
and when so paid shall be non-assessable.
The highest amount of indebtedness which
shall be contracted by this Corporation at any
timg shall be Ten Thousand ($10,000.00) Dollars.
The stockholders in this Corporation and
their private property shall be exempt from
the corporate debts of this company.
The affairs of this Corporation are to bp and
shall be conducted by a Board of Directors,
consisting of four (4) persons who shall he
elected annually by the stockholders at such
time and manner as shall he prescribed by the
by-laws of this Corporation,all of whom shall
be actual owners of stcck in this Corporation.
And hereafter no person shall be eligibly tp
the office of Director unless, he is a stockhold
er in this Corporotjpn.
The following persons, who are subscribers
to the Capital Stock of this Corporation, shall
constitute the Board of Directors of this Cor
poration until November 10th 1902, and until
their successors are duly elected and qualified,
towit: 0. F. Chapman, J, E. Boyd, Mary A.
Boyd, Mary E. Chapman, and any Director
ceasing to bp as tppkholder shall cease to be a
Vacancies in the Board of pi rectors shall be
filled by the remaining members of the board.
Immediately, or a3 soon as practicable, after
the filing of these articles in the office of the
County Recorder of the County of Marjpopa,.
Territory of Arizona, the persons named here
in as Directors to serye until the 10th
day of November, 1902, and until their success
ors are duly elected and qualified, shall jneet,
Rubcnstein Convicted of Murder and Gets
a Life Sentence.
John Rubenstein, the irresponsi
ble ynail carrier who killed Amos
Nye and Pedro Johnson near
Scottsdale on May 6, was found
guilty of murder in the first de
gree at Phoenix Thursday and tv as
given a life sentence. The jury
was out about four hours, not be
ing üble to agree at first whether
he should hang or not. Insanity
was the plea of the defendant and
it was the cause of considerable
contention between the lawyers,
those representing the territory
evidently not being pleased with
the retainer received by Thos. E.
Flanmgan, the attorney for the de
This delightful weather is driv
ing the prospectors to the hills and
new and greater strikes will un
doubtedly be recorded before the
winter is over.
organize and adopt by-laws.
A majority of said Board of Directors shall
be a quorum ajid any meeting of said board
at which a quorum is present shall be deemed
a regular meeting and have the same author
ity as a full hoard.
Each share of stock has one vote at the
stockholders meeting.
The Board of Directors of this Corporation
shall have power to establish by-laws and
make any rules and regulations deemed expe
dient for the management of this Corporation
and officers thereof, hot conflicting with the
constitution and by-laws of the United States
and laws of the Territory pf Arizona. This
Corporation shall have the benefit of all the
laws of Arizona Territory upon the subject of
In Witness Whereof, We have hereunto affix
ed our hands and seals and acknowledged this
instrument as the Articles of Incorporation of
the Wickenburg Mercantile and Investment
Co., this First day of October, A. D. J9Ol.
CHAS. F. CHAPMAN, [seal]
J. E. BOYD, [seal]
Territory ok Arizona, /
County of Maricopa, j B
Before me, E. R. Hall, a Notary Public in
and for the County of Maricopa. Territory of
Arizona, on this day personally appeared Chas.
F. Chapman, J. E. Boyd and Mary A. Boyd,
known to me to he the persons whose names
are subscribed to the foregoing instrument,
and acknowledged to me that they executed
the same for the purpose and considerations
therein expressed.
Given under my hand and seal of office this
Ist day of October, A. D. 1901.
[seal] E. R. IIALL, Notary Public.
My commission expires June ISth, 1905.
Territory of Arizona, ) •
County of Maricopa, j
Before me, Lloyd B. Christy, a Notary Public
in and for the County of Maricopa, appeared
Mrs. M. E. Chapman, known to me to be the
person whose name is subscribed to the fore
going instrument and acknowledged to me
that she executed the same for the purpose
and consideration therein expressed.
Given under my hand and seal of office this
third day of October, 1901.
[REAL] ' LLOYD B. CHRISTY, Notary Public.
My commission expires May 81,1903.
Territory or Arizona, )
County of Maricopa, j Bh
I, B. F. McFall, County Recorder in and for
the County of Maricopa, do hereby certify that
the within instrument was filed for record at
10 o’clock a. m. on the 7th day of October, 1901,
and duly recorded in Book No. “8” of Articles
of Incorporations,” Records of Maricopa Coun
ty, Arizona, at pages (IS to 72.
Witnesss my hand and official seal the day
and year above written. B. F. McFALL,
[seal] County Recorder.
By A. S. ARTHUR, Deputy.
First pub. Oct. 2(1,1901.
Quong Lee, Propr.
First Class Work Guaranteed
Washing sent for and delivered.
| anything you invent or improve; also get |
S PROTECTION. Send model, sketch, or photo. S
# for free examination and advice, F
BOOK ON PATENTS fee before patent, f j
1 w , VC.A.SNOW& €Oa |
| Patent Lawyers. WASHINGTON, D.C. |
Expert Making a Thorough Examination
of This Section.
The smelter situation remains
practically the same as last week,
James Edgar Black, president and
manager of the Southern Smelting
company, still being in the field
examining the different mines and
prospects near here, but having lit
tle to say, evidently preferring to
keep his own counsel until a de
cision is reached. Mr. Black, in
company with George B. Upton
and George E. Sanders, has been
in the field for the past ten days
and has visited the Vulture, Black
Rock, Blue Tank, Slim Jim, Wick
enbnrg, Rich Hill, Weaver and
Octave districts. In a few days
they will depart for the Colorado
river and Bill Williams districts,
making extended examination of
the mineral deposits in that section,
with a view of constructing a rail
road tapping that rich section if
conditions warrant it at the pres
ent time.
If Wickenburg secures this
smelter, the ensuing activity will
soon make this one of the leading
districts of the territory. A 250-
ton smelter will employ a great
many men, and this, in connection
with the number of mines it will
take to furnish the ore necessary
to run the smelter, wil 1 soon cause
Wickenburg to become a city of
several thousand.
Happenings in and Around Hot Springs
We have been having rain down
our way and since the clearing up
of the skies Jack Frost has been
getting in his work, The boys
around the Junction are going
about with their hands jammed in
to their pockets up to the elbows
and their backs humped like a
double-decked camel.
William Richardson is employed
at Hot Springs for a few days put
ting in the machinery at that place.
Mr. Richardson is a good machin
ist as wed as a first class pipe fit
ter, _ *
It is astonishing what an effect a
little cold spell has on Morristown.
Nearly everyone in town and vi
cinity are receiving supplies of a
warming nature.
Mr. Anewalt and familv of Pres
cott are guests at the springs.
It is reported that Johnnie Wil
liams and Mr. Burke have made a
rich strike, the ledge being of a
good size and running the entire
length of the claim, The ore horns
from S2O to SIOO a ton all along
the ledge. The property is in the
Red Pieacho district.
The freight for Morristown has
been so large the past week that
Mr. Menum, the agent, has been
forced to sleep in a battery jar. It
is rather shaky sleeping, but nec
essity knows no law.
It is getting the time of the year
to put a lock on your chicken coop
door. The cold weather is driving
the migratory population down the
line and they always manage to go
through a town slow enough to
allow their fingers to freeze on to
something that doesn’t belong to
Mr. Caton, the section foreman,
had his men filling in around the
depot during spells between show
ers Tuesday It was quite badly
washed out by the heavy rains that
visited this section in August.
Messrs. Bruce Cummings and
Franklin have just finished sink
ing a well at the junction of the
Hot Springs and Red Pieacho
roads. They contemplate building
a station there in the near future.
W. A. Ensign and family of
Phoenix have moved their house
hold goods to Morristown and will
reside here in the future.
Mr. Annatage of the Hercules
Copper company has returned from
the Val Verde smelter, where he
has been having copper ore treated,
Charles Cathedric is stopping at
Morristown for a few days. Ho
has some good claims in the Red
Pieacho district.
Shovels and Picks.
New Strike at Ardath.
The Ardath Mining company is
working several men on its prop
erty south of town. Some very
rich gold ore was encountered the
first of the w T eek at a depth of fif
teen feet in a new shaft being sunk.
At one time a great deal of rich ore
was taken from this mine and aras
traed, giving good results. A five
stamp mill is located on the prop
erty but has never been used as
i A Tale of the Lord’s Prayer and How Pete
Kitchen Won the Money.
Many years ago a party of five
gentlemen were playing a social
game of poker in Charley Brown’s
saloon in Tucson, Pete Kitchen
of Sonora fame, ex-Mayor Maish
of Tucson, George Stevens, then
sheriff of Graham county, Captain
Jeffords, agent of the Chiricahau
Indians, and R, N. Leatherwood,
the ‘‘Little Giant,” composed the
party. They played along with
varying success until the sweet
music of the church bells, calling
the faithful to early mass, diverted
thej.r thoughts to religious matters.
Pete said that when he was a boy
and attended Sunday school “hack
in the states” he could recite every
verse in the New Testament.
Maish said that he always did his
business according to the Golden
Rule. Stevens volunteered the in
formation that he knew but little
about the Bible, but had always
heard it highly spoken of. Jef
fords, wishing to show' that he had
some knowledge of the subject un
der discussion, made some remark
about Jonah swallowing the whale.
The Little Giant, who bad been
educated for a preacher, seemed
amused, but said nothing. Maish
remarked that he did not believe
there was a man in the party, ex
cept himself, who could repeat the
Lord’s Prayer, and he looked Pete
Kitchen squarely in the eye when
he said it. Pete ciacked down five
twenty dollar gold pieces with the
remark that he would wager that
amount that he could say it “the
first dash out of the box.” The
money was promptly covered, and
Pete was told to “proceed with the
deal.” Pete seemed puzzled for a
moment, hut soon regained confi- 1
deuce, and started off very bravely
as follows:
“Now I lay me down to sleep;
If I should die before I ’’
“Hold on, Pete,” said Maish, ;
“the money is yours. I always
thought your religious education ;
had been neglected. This round i
is on me, hoys.” The Little Giant
said nothing, but there was a faint
smile around the corners of his
mouth as lie bit off the end of a
fresh cigar.—-Copper Era.
Will Be Tried On Two Charges Before i
U. 5. Trial Jury.
The United States grand jury at
Tucson last Wednesday indicted 1
ex-Collector of Customs Wm. Hoey
on the charges of taking bribes and
aiding the entrance of Chinese into
the United States unlawfully. The :
trial was started but has been post- 1
poned until Monday. .
Cyaniding at the Vulture.
Supt. Geo. W. Sanders of the '
New Vulture Mining Company was 1
in from the mine Thursday pur- 1
chasing supplies. About a dozen
men are employed, working now
on the extensions of the old mine
yet retained by the company. '
The cyanide plant will be put in ;
operation in a few days and will
be run at full capacity for several '
months or as long as'the water sup- :
ply lasts. The fabled pipe line
and the cars of machinery which
have been shipped so many times,
according to various territorial and
eastern papers, have never reached
Wickenburg and we are beginning ,
to lose faith in the good intentions
of the Vulture Gold Company. ,
They have shown great activity in
disposing of the stock but have
done nothing at the mine. We un
derstand that their bond expired
yesterday, but whether it was taken
up or not, we do not know. We
are glad that the bond has expired
as the Vulture Gold Company will
either have to do something or let
As I Was Saying.
A newspaper, whose columns
overflow with advertisements of
business men, has more influence in
attracting attention to building up ;
a town, than any other agency that
can he employed. People go where
there is business. Capital and la
bor go where there is an enterpris
ing community. No power on
earth is so strong to build up a
town so v'oll as a newspaper well
patronized, and its power should
be appreciated. The man who
overlooks his town paper injures <
himself by injuring his town and
town sm enJ oh n Wanamaker.
That is just what we have been
trying to impresss upon the mer
chants of this section, John.
1700 Volts of Electricity Percolates Through
the System of Czoigosz.
Auburn, Oct. 29. —At 7:12:30
this morning Czoigosz, the mur
derer of President McKinley, paid
the life penalty of his crime, in the
electric chair at Auburn prison.
While in the chair Czoigosz made
a short speech in which he declared
lie was not sorry. He showed the
nerve of a dazed beast, and did not
at any time break down. Three
shocks with the current of 1700
volts were given the prisoner before
he was pronounced dead.
The murderer was brought into
the execution chamber at 7:10. He
was immediately seated in the fatal
chair. He had previously been
prepared for his execution, being
dressed in a loose shirt, a pair of
trousers and socks. The straps
were adjusted and as Warden
Mead raised his hands the current
was turned on. At 7:17 the war
den announced, “Gentlemen, the
prisoner is dead.”
The body of the assassin will be
buried in quick lime and guarded
until consumed.
And thus the curtain falls on a
tragedy that made a nation weep.
A Summary of the Local Happenings in
that Thriving Neighborhood.
Mr. Hinkley, the San Francisco
expert who bonded Jack Gunnell’s
mines, arrived in camp Monday.
C. J. Carmicheal, the traveling
man for the Martinez Mercantile
company, was here Tuesday and
sold Gilbert & Rowe a nice bill of
goods. He also sold Mr. Bone
cutter a small bill of clothing.
One of the best rains of the sea
son fell here this week.
The Denver Mining and Devel
opment company has no black
smith shop nor water, but the Crea
tor has provided the country with
miners and prospectors who have
saved up enough money to dig
wells and buy the necessaries with
■which* to Jo their development
work without imposing on the good
nature of their neighbors.
Chas. Dorr was in town this week
purchasing supplies.
Johnnie Devine passed through
here Monday from the Crown Point
mine on his way to Skull Valley,
where he is interested in some very
promising prospects, from which
he contemplates taking some mon
ey very soon,
Gilbert & Rowe have, struck a
very nice body of rich gold ore in
their National Bank group of
mines near Octave. The ore as
says up into the hundreds.
F. X. O’Brien was in town for a
short time this week.
A good opening for some promis
ing young man: —Gilbert & Rowe’s
cook is going to Phoenix in a few
days to get a divorce. According
to the laws of Arizona the ’property
will be open for re-location.
James Dunn came in on today’s
stage. He has organized a com
pany known as the Buckhorn Min
ing company with headquarters
at Phoenix. 4 He expects to put
men to work opening lip the mines
by the middle of this month.
The Sahauro Group.
Richard Lloyd, holding the bond
on the Sahauro mine, has returned
from Colorado Springs, and in
company with George C. Hewitt
is making a close examination of
the property with a view of deter
mining their future plans. Asked
concerning their plan of develop
ment, Mr. Lloyd replied that he
had nothing to say for publication
at present. Mr. Hewitt is an ex
perienced mining engineer and a
capitalist, and the probabilities are
that extensive work will be done
on the claims within the next few
months. Messrs. Lloyd and Hew
itt went out Friday to examine the
claims Mr. DeWitt bonded from the
Mohnike brothers last spring for
$25,000. Mr, Lloyd stated that if
Wickenburg was in Colorado and
had the showings that are here it
would have a population of 5000--
within sixty days.
Sunday Services.
Rev. C. W, Tarr will hold ser
vices in the school house Sunday *
evening at 7:30, to which everyone
is cordially invited. Rev. Tarr is '
intending to make Wickenburg his I
home and will move his family L
here from Los Angeles in the near
future, m
Number 17.

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