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Arizona state miner. [volume] (Wickenburg, Ariz.) 1919-1927, August 01, 1919, Image 5

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Such tender bits of fine meat —such careful season
ing ! One taste of Libby’s Vienna Sausage, served
piping hot, will tell you it was prepared by master
chefs! Ask your grocer for a package today.
Contents will serve two.
Libby, McNeill & Libby, Chicago
Two Were Mistaken. A Proposal.
Brown—“ Back to town again. I Gerald—Marriage is a failure,
thought you were a farmer?” Green — Geraldine—Let’s fail together. —San
“I made the same mistake.” Francisco Argonaut.
D Delicate Mechanism
Despite its scope Swift &
Company is a business of in-
I finite details, requiring infinite
Experienced men must know
livestock buying with a knowl
edge of weight, price, the amount
and quality of meat the live
animals will yield.
Each manufacturing operation must
be done with expert skill and scientific
precision. A highly perishable product
must be handled with speed and care
to avoid loss.
| Chemists, engineers, accountants,
and other specialists are required to
take care of our intricate problems.
Alert wisdom and judgment must
be used in getting stocks of goods into
the open channels of demand through
our four hundred branch houses.
Branch house organizations must
show activity and energy to sell at the
market in the face of acute competi
tion from other large packers, and
hundreds of small ones.
All these requirements of intelligence,
• II loyalty, devotion to the task, are met
in the personnel of Swift & Company.
Yet the profit is only a fraction of a cent
per pound with costs at minimum.
How can the workings of this deli
cate human mechanism be improved
Do you believe that Government
direction would add to our efficiency
or improve the service rendered the
producer and consumer?
Let us send you a Swift “Dollar”.
It will interest you.
Address Swift & Company,
Union Stock Yards, Chicago, 111.
I Swift & Company, U. S. A
I /C3£Ss>v
I— pWjFTAcompany^^J
|fe.' .1. :'i r; , 5 1~1 /2.Q6% / AGV II if as PA?DFOR S THe f ESSES
\ \ Expenses S OJ/0 Q § \1 LIVF ANIMAL 2
Jit /m \\ 12.06 CENTS FOR LABOR m
\\ lojrvarnanvr/ m \\ expenses and freight 1/
\vwT & y w \ 2,04 cE^ T ,y^ EMA,Ns //
Western Newspaper Union News Service.
Paris, July 2’B. —Commenting on the
allied message to the Hungarian peo
ple, promising a lifting of the block
ade and food relief if a government
with which the peace conference
could deal was substituted for the
the Bela Kun government, the Paris
newspapers make the point that this
action by the Supreme Council is tan
tamount to breaking off all negotia
tions with the Hungarian government
as at present constituted.
Paris. —A strong arraignment of the
present Hungarian government is con
tained in the allied statement just is
sued in which it was made to the Hun
garian people that they could only ob
tain a removal of the blockade and
receive food supplies if they ousted
Bela Kun and set up a truly represen
tative government. The text of the
statement follows:
“The allied and associated govern
ments are most anxious to arrange a
peace with the Hungarian people and
thus bring to an end a condition of
things which makes the economic re
vival of central Europe possible and
defeats any attempt to secure sup
plies for its population.
“These tasks can not even be at
tempted until there is in Hungary a
government which represents its peo
ple and carries out in the letter
and the spirit the engagements into
which it has entered with the asso
ciated governments.
“None of these conditions is ful
filled by the administration of Bela
Kun, which has not only broken the
armistice to which Hungary was
pledged, but is at this moment actu
ally attacking a friendly and allied
“With this particular aspect of the
question it is for the associated gov
ernments to deal on their own respon
sibility. If food and supplies are to
be made available, if the blockade is
to be removed, if economic reconstruc
tion is to be attempted, if peace is to
be settled, it can only be done with a
government which represents the Hun
garian people and not with one that
rests its authority upon terrorism.
“The associated powers think it op
portune to add that all foreign occupa
tion of Hungarian territory, as de
fined by the peace conference, will
cease as soon as the terms of the ar
mistice have, in the opinion of the
allied commander-in-chief, been satis
factorily complied with.”
Confesses Killing Child.
Chicago.—Thomas Fitzgerald, watch
man at the Virginia hotel, aged 39 and
married, has confessed to the police he
killed little Janet Wilkinson, 6 years
old, a neighbor’s child, by strangling
her. He accompanied the police to his
home and showed them where he had
concealed the body beneath some coal
under the basement steps and it was
recovered. The solution of the mys
tery, which has stirred Chicago as few
police cases have aroused the populace,
came when Fitzgerald, after five sleep
less days and nights called for an of
ficer and made his confession.
Big Welcome for Pershing.
Washington. —Preparations for the
welcome of General Pershing on his re
turn home are being made by both
Congress and the War Department,
but the plans of neither are yet com
plete. The congressional program,
however, as already drafted, calls for
the gift of a sword, a vote of thanks
and the permanent rank of general on
the commander of the American ex
peditionary forces. War Department
plans have not yet been completed and
are awaiting receipt of information as
to the time of General Pershing’s re
Czecho-Slovaks Protest.
Prague.—ln the name of the Czecho
slovak government Premier Tusar sent
a strong note of protest to Bela Kun,
Hungarian Communist foreign minis
ter, concerning the aerial bombard
ment of a Czecho-Slovak town by the
Hungarians as well as other violations
of the armistice. The premier also de
mands from Hungary a definite and
formal understanding that there shall
be no recurrence of such hostile acts.
In the good old summer time when
fruits of all kinds are getting ripe
and tempting, when cucumbers, rad
ishes and vegetables fresh from the
garden are too good to resist, when the
festive picnic prevails and everybody
overeats and your stomach goes back
on you, then is the time for “August
Flower,” the sovereign remedy for
tired, overworked and disordered stom
achs, a panacea for indigestion, fer
mentation of food, sour stomach, sick
headache and constipation. It gently
stimulates the liver, cleanses the in
testines and alimentary canal, making
life worth living. Sold everywhere.
Two’s company and three is grist for
the divorce mill.
v §5 I
“Bayer Tablets of Aspirin” to be
genuine must be marked with the
safety “Bayer Cross.” Always buy an
unbroken Bayer package which con
tains proper directions to safely re
lieve Headache, Toothache, Earache,
Neuralgia, Colds and pain. Handy tin
boxes of 12 tablets cost but a few
cents at drug stores —larger packages
also. Aspirin is the trade mark of
Bayer Manufacture of Monoacetic
acidester of Salicylicacid.—Adv.
In life’s great structure don’t pull
the props till the concrete’s dry.
To Have a Clear Sweet Bk!n.
Touch pimples, redness, roughness
or Itching, if any, with Cuticura Oint
ment, then bathe with Cuticura Soap
and hot water. Rinse, dry gently and
dust on a little Cuticura Talcum to
leave a fascinating fragrance on akin.
Everywhere 25c each. —Adv.
Pessimists are people who go around
looking for thorns to sit on.
The excruciating agonies of rheuma
tism are usually the result of failure of
the kidneys to expel poisons from the
system. If the irritation of these uric
acid crystals is allowed to continue, in
curable bladder or kidney disease may
result. Attend to it at once. Don’t
resort to temporary relief. The sick
kidneys must be restored to health by
the use of some sterling remedy which
will prevent a return of the disease.
Get some GOLD MEDAL Haarlem
Oil Capsules immediately. They have
brought back the joys of life to count
' less thousands of sufferers from rheu
matism, lame back, lumbago, sciatica,
gall stones, gravel and other affections
of the kidneys, liver, stomach, bladder
and allied organs.
They will attack the poisons at once,
clear out the kidneys and urinary tract
and the soothing healing oils and herbs
will restore the inflamed tissues and
organs to normal health.
All others are imitations. Ask for
GOLD MEDAL and be sure the name
GOLD MEDAL is on the box. Three
Sizes, at all good druggists.—Adv.
The poetry of earth is never dead.
ti Canada
s Grain Growinq
profit maker. Raising Cattle,
s easy to prosper where you
re and buy on easy terms*
10 Per Acre
it Much Less.
ial inducements to home*
f her prosperity. Loans made
nts can be had at low interest,
of Manitoba, Saskatche
he farmer and ranchman.
y terms, and get high prices H
Manitoba, f
First Tramp—What kind of dogs do | psvery Woman Wants^
you like best? BCSiTfIUBBHW'VKIHenBHH
Second Tramp—Toothless. ,
The grain in Germany Is re-
Res,s » Re,rcsll c9, Soothes, djmSSS 5 E ,2fL o l , £*: svgiene5 vgiene
*///UKI?£ Deals —Keep your Eyes fo f. louche, stops
I Strong and Healthy-If P* l ™ s ca^ rrh » ulceration and mflam
yfJlP they Tire, Smart, Itch,or £“£?“* h J Lydl * E *
Bum, if Sore* Irritated, Med \ Co >* for 1“ ye *?*
YOURLYu Inflamed or Granulated, for n ** al cat V**
use Murine often. Safe for Infant or Adult h E<^° micaL
At all Druggists. Write for Free Eye Book. 5*15.1?*^
HurloeEye ßemedy Company.Chicago.U.S.A. VjJLTV Pam* Toa«OnSw.BoaoT.L.7
SAVES wife
From Suffering by Getting
Her Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound.
Pittsburgh, Pa.—“For many months
I was not able to do my work owing to
a weakness which
■ caused backache
and headaches. A
friend called m y
attention to one of
your newspaper
advertisements and
immediately my
husband* bought
three bottles of
Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Com
pound for me.
After taking two
bottles I felt fine
and my troubles caused by that weak
ness are a thing of the past. All women
who suffer as I did should try Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound.”—
Mrs. Jas. Rohrberg, 620 Knapp St..
N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Women who suffer from any form of
weakness, as indicated by displacements,
inflammation, ulceration, irregularities,
backache, headaches, nervousness or
“the blues,” should accept Mrs. Rohr
berg’s suggestion and give Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound a
thorough trial.
For over forty years it has been
correcting such ailments. If you have
mysterious complications write for
advice to Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine
Co., Lynn, Mass.
Caused by
Millions of people who worry, are despon
dent, have spells of mental depression, feel
blue and are often melancholy, believe that
these conditions are due to outside influences
over which they have little or no controL
Nearly always, however, they can be traced
to an Internal source—acid-stomach. Nor Is
it to be wondered at. Acid-stomach, begin
ning with such well defined symptoms as In
digestion, belching, heartburn, bloat, etc.,
will. If not checked, in time affect to some
degree or other all the vital organs. The
nervous system becomes deranged. Digestion
suffers. The blood Is impoverished. Health
and strength are undermined. The victim of
acid-stomach, although he may not know
the cause of his ailments, feels his hope,
courage, ambition and energy slipping. And
truly life is dark—not worth much to the
man or woman who has acid-stomach!
Get rid of It! Don’t let acid-stomach hold
you back, wreck your health, make your
days miserable, make you a victim of the
**blues” and gloomy thoughts! There Is a
marvelous modern remedy called EATONIC
that brings, oh! such quick relief from your
stomach miseries—sets your stomach to rights
—makes It strong, cool, sweet and comfort
able. Helps you get back your strength, vigor,
vitality, enthusiasm and good cheer. So
many thousands upon thousands of sufferers
have used EATONIC with such marvelously
helpful results that we are sure you will
feel the same way If you will just give It a
trial. Get a big 50 cent box of EATONIC—
the good tasting tablets that you eat like a
bit of candy—from your druggist today. Ho
will return your money If results are not
even more than you expect.
n/uev □ V fll I CD placed anywhere
UHIoi rLlß.lLi.Cirattracts and kills
HAROLD SOMERS, 160 De Kalb H.¥ a

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