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Boost Home Trade Skies Are Clearing
22nd YEAR
Former Newspaper Man, Revenue Officer and All Round
Good Fellow, Hands New Mayor of the City
of Angels a Real Tart Lemon.
By John C. Wray
Randsburg Oct. 20 —Special to
the State Miner.
Despite the fact that I have
lived the life of a Bohemian for
above forty years, three weeks
in the metropolis of the South
land, to wit.: Los Angeles, has
convinced me that the desert is
good enough for me, as a per
manent residence.
Forty years residence in Los
Angeles as newspaper man, peace
officer, International Revenue
Collector and Bohemian, qualifies
me to speak of the old town, and
four years residence on the des
ert warrants me in drawing a
word picture of the new Los
Angeles as I found it during
three weeks of wandering, in
search of old land-marks and fa
miliar faces. Few and far be
tween are the land-marks, but
alas the familiar faces, were with
few exceptions, missing.
In the old days, a man was
judged by his true value, and his
worth was not figured in dollars
and cents. His word was his
bond and so long as he lived up
to it, he stood ace high. Today
every man is figured on a cent
per cent basis, and the credit of
the man who endorses his note
of hand, be it for $5.00 or SI,OOO.
Commercialism rules the whole
works, from the banker down
the line to the Senegasbian who
blacks your boots in the wash
room in the hotel and care takes
the toilets, which now cost 5c
per, under patented lock and
Prohibition which is presumed
to regulate thirst and banish
crime is working in the opposite
direction, if the police court rec
ords as made since July Ist are
to be depended upon.
Whiskey at from $7.00 to SIO.OO
per quart, can be had for the
asking and essence of Jamaica
Ginger is bringing in a harvest
of dollars to the druggists.
In one thirst parlor on Spring
Street the back bar is decorated
with a double festoon of empty
Jamaica ginger bottles hung on
strings the full length of the bar.
These empties are picked up un
der the tables aud in the toilets
after the contents have been
added to the 2.75 beer to give it
a kick. A druggist friend east
of Main st. assured me that on
Saturdays he sells from 3 to 5
gallons of essence of ginger, and !
most of the stuff in 4 ounce bot
tles, at ten cents per ounce. The
family liquor stores which under
the old order, closed at nine
o’clock week days, and all day
Sunday, now keep open until 11
p. m. and are open all day Sun-.
day, 2.75 beer and a full line of
bladder and kidney destroyers
being the stock in trade. Cheap
restaurants and high and low
degree soda and ice cream par
“Entered as Second Class matter July 11th, 1919, at the Postoffice at Wickenburg, Arizona, under the Act of March 3, 1879.”
lors advertise near and 2.75 beer
and the patrons add the kick if
they desire —from the hip pocket.
No longer is the plate, automo
bile, or bank account a sure sign
of prosperity. The private cel
lar, in the 400 districts of Los
Angeles, Pasadena, and Long
Beach, is now the true evidence,
and the key to those cellars is the
one beyond price possession of
the lucky owner. This picture
of actual conditions in the new
down to date Los Angeles is not
over drawn, but is actual fact
briefly told.
An intimate friend in the Se
cret-Service, told me. that never
in his twenty odd years service
in Los Angeles, was the city so
overrun with grafters of high
and low degree, and high fliers
of the Wallingford and Blackie
Daw variety.
Despite these openly flagrant
conditions, the outside world, is
told, via Chief of Police, and the
Ministerial Unions, that Los An
geles is the only truly, and only
clean, moral, not to say Holy City
in this land of sunshine and cli
mate. There is no disputing the
fact that it is a great and grow
ing metropolis, but like all big
cities, it has its shady, not to say
vicious side. While I was in Los
Angeles, three gambling (?)
joints were raided, bond money
paid in as fines, and police given
newspapaper credit for making a
cleanup. The initiated under
stood the “setup” game, and the
reform (?) mayor is hailed as a
wonder; and he is in the gen
tle art of side-stepping, and keep
ing his word to the “workers”
on the inside and quieting the
suspicions of the “goody-goods, ”
who are on the outside. Mayor
Snyder is even wiser with a clean
shave, than he was when known
from Shasta to San Diego, and
the Sierras to the sea, as “Pink
Whiskers. If you do not believe
this statement, ask “Champ”
Vance. More anon.
Evasion of Revenue Liability
A special drive to locate mer
chants and manufacturers who
have followed erroneous methods
in making their inventories for
the taxable years 1917 and 1918—
such methods tending to reduce
tax liability—is about to be made
by the Bureau of International
Voluntary disclosures before
investigations of failure to make
proper return and payment, the
policy of the Bureau will be to
forego penalties except where
there is intentional evasion of the
tax. Where discovery is made
by Government officers heavy
penalties will apply.
In some cases inventories have
been found to have been taken
on the basis of average costs, tho
it was possible to indentify the
articles remaining on hand at the
inventory period, and so deter
mine their exact cost. In others,
because of conservative account
ing methods, flat percentages
have been deducted after deter
mining inventory values. Others
use a fixed average, based upon
costs of prior years, or fail to in
clude all merchandise to which
they have title in their inventory.
All of these methods, which have
the effect of reducing tax liabil
ity, are contrary to the regula
tions of the Bureau and are illus
trative of numerous irregularities
which have been found.
A warning issued by the Bu
reau advises taxpayers who have
tried such methods to file correct
returns without notice and with
out investigation.
Let’s Stop Quibbling.
From present indication Wick
enburg’s recent efforts to provide
a new school for this district are
liable to be hindered and work
of construction, which would be
a source of activity and profit to
the community, may be indefi
nitely postponed. It is barely
possible that the report that ap
peared in a previous issue to the
effect that a protest was to be
filed against the erection on the
old school site may be a mistake.
There is a growing sentiment, in
view of this matter, which has
now cropped out, to cease all op
position and let the school trus
tees go ahead with the work so
vital to the futnre welfare of
this community. The only real
profit to be derived from hind
rance and further delay will ac
crue to the bankers in the shape
of interest, by giving them, like
it is with the road bonds—a lon
ger use of that money.
Wickenburg School Principal
Machan, is the right man in the
right place. Scholars all love and
respect him and he is as deeply
interested in the school and its
pupils as though it were his own
private enterprise.
Congress is framing a high old
jinks in shape of a masquerade
ball in that camp on Saturday,
Nov. Ist. There will be Aguila
girls, Congress cowboys and Sal
ome school marms along with
Wickenburg wraiths that ought
to set the country wigwagging
from Skull Valley to Peoria.
Organized capital is gradually
becoming more and more shackled
to rightfully keep it under proper
restraint. It has been compelled
to make itself responsible. Under
a law of collective bargaining or
ganized labor should be forced
to do the same.
State Engineer Maddock, it is
claimed, is discriminating against
Cochise county in the matter of
road work and truck equipment.
Looks like a public official, even
tho influenced by republican pre
ferences, would realize that dis
criminations such as charged will
surely, sooner or later react and
probably inure a federal revoka
tion of highway improvement in
districts where the engineer has
clashed with local authorities.
Personal and Social Chatter About Things That Interests
the People Around Wickenburg and
the Immediate Vicinity.
There were but one or two of
our Wickenburg residents who
visited the Prescott Fair this
year, which is no surprise, see
ing it was so poorly advertised.
The heavy overhead expense of
importing a Los Angeles machine
made cowboy outfit ate up all
the advertising fund possibly and
failed to draw. A 5 and 10 cent
show in all the theatres was a
poor innovation to say the least,
for drawing gate receipts in this
state which has always boasted
of the real, genuine range made,
Indian fighting, soldier cowboys.
How About It, Mr. Corpora
tion Commissioner?
H. B. Watson, Editor State
As a stockholder in the Blue
Monster Copper Company of Ari
zona I wish to ask your opinion
of said company; what you think
of it; if its any good or ever will
be; said stock ain’t listed yet. I
paid 50c a share for mine. I re
ceive your paper pretty regularly
I enjoy reading same. Hoping
to hear from you, please give me
your candid opinion and oblige.
Yours Respectfully,
J. T. S., North Billerica, Mass.
How To Attract and Inspire
Mining Investors.
The State Miner’s mission in
this field is to give publicity to
efforts of local endeavor in min
ing and industrial enterprises. It
makes nor exacts any fixed price
for this work, but stipulates that
“stories” of mining discoveries
and development must be truth
ful and not misleading. All stock
ventures are encouraged so long
as we know the funds therefrom
are spent in honest development
of this state’s resources and the
corporation laws of Arizona are
complied with. Our endeavors
at all times will be to encourage
the investors whose money is be
ing used to develop the resources
of this section and to inspire oth
ers to come in and help. Every
week brings inquiries about cer
tain properties, which are truth
fully answered and if the man
agement is carrying out a fixed
policy of development, even tho
it be but a prospect, our assist
ance is on tap in any capacity
that long experience has fitted
us for, for the asking. We don’t
believe in indiscriminate boosting
of ventures that have no merit to
the ultimate discomffiture of the
investors who get no returns on
their money and whose repetition
of disaster only serves to give
the country “a black eye.” All
operators are invited to send in
copies of their reports which will
gladly be given prominence and
reaches the stockholders by sim
ply mailing them a marked copy
of the paper containing it.
Every time you stick a Thrift
or War Savings Stamp on your
card, you are mailing money to
Indulgence for a few sins of
omission and commission are at
tributed this week to the fact
that the inky-pressman-type-set
ting-editor was busy moving in
an effort to save rent.
Somebody is gettisg the use of
four millions in money derived
from road bonds, that is costing
the taxpayers $185,000 a year.
Cowboys and sheepmen with
their families are coming in to
make this their usual habitat.
Our little story on road matters
has found response, and all good
citizens are requested by the sec
retary of the Phoenix chamber
of commerce, to send in every
thing relating to road matters
their condition and improvement,
that you know anc’ can suggest.
Have you paid up your sub
scription. A red or blue pencil
mark encircling your name is a
warning to pay up.
The Arizona Highway Dept, is
open for suggestions and advice
on roadways, travel and practical
methods for improving it from
time to time. Garages along the
Wickenburg-Prescott and Wick
enburg-Parker routes can “pull
trade” this way by dropping a
postal card once a week to the
department which will publicise
and post the same for benefit of
the traveling public.
Tomorrow (Saturday) evening
there will be a Roosevelt Memor
ial dance at Baxter’s hall, the
proceeds of which are to swell
the memorial fund to erect a big
park and mausoleum at Oyster
Bay in honor of the dead soldier
and ex-president.
Are you a subscriber to the
State Miner? If not. Why not£
A petition should be circulated
at once for signers to pledge fi
nancial assistance in the drilling
of a hole in search of oil. The
Home Oil company has a dozen
or more sections of oil land that
could be hypothecated to the
signers as security for their fin
ancial pledges. If only artesian
water were encountered it would
justify the expense, from a stand
point of remuneration.
Therfe is to be a Roosevelt Me
morial dance at Baxter’s hall on
tomorrow night, to which are to
be added features of intrinsic
value designed to make the oc
casion enjoyable and memorable.
“Bucky” Lambert and the Prin
cipal, are lining up some original
ideas that are real live ones, tho
they be in honor of the dead. It
is a worthy cause in honor of a
progressive American even tho
you may be of a different politi
cal faith.

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