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Wickenburg’s Advantages as a Winter Resort In Points of Health and Climate Are Unexcelled Anywhere
22nd YEAR
Church and School Unite with
People In A Happy Yule
tide Celebration.
Christmas found many joys for
Wickenburg folks, especially the
little ones. There was general |
enthusiasm among the business j
men, church folks and school;
faculty to try to make Christmas |
as merry and happy as possible, j
Festivities began early, be- j
cause everybody wanted to help,
and on Tuesday there was a very
entertaining program at the <
Presbyterian church in which joy
and mirth prevailed. There were
no cold, wintry blasts for hungry
and motherless children to face
in Wickenburg. Instead ther
was a wealth of presents and
good things to eat, and Santa
Claus presided to see that all the
little ones should havt a full
bag of goodies and share in his
love for the whole world.
The program was unique and ,
original and was heartfully en
joyed by a congregation that
was so jammed that they almost
trod on each other’s toes for
standing room. We should like
to make mention of each number
but this is impossible. All hail
to those who assisted in dispens
ing sunlight and joy to our peo
ple at this happy Christmas time.
Following was the program:
Joy to the World .. Congregation
Prayer . Mr. Landis
Greeting ... Bennie Butler
Christmas Weather ... Billy Peck
The Story Carl Bloom
Luther’s Cradle Hymn Piimary Pupils
Christmas Spirit.. Herbert Woodmanse
Recitation Clara May Miller
Christmas Troubles Mary Peck
Christmas Exercise A Class of Girls
Ring, Christmas Bells Ruth Bloom
Slumber Song Clara Patterson
A Xmas Eve Pilgrimage A Play
To My Dolly . . Lucretia Butler
A Splendid Word Garry Peck
Who Can Tell .. . Three Little Girls
Curious Little Ted Francis Howell
Trio. Peace On Earth, Good Will to Men
Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Waits. Mr Foster
Short. Address . .Mr Landis
Trials at Headquarters A Play
Arrival of Santa Claus
On Wednesday, Christmas eve,
scholars and teachers, assisted
by warm hearts who have the
understanding of generous deeds
and the will to do them, took
possession of Baxter’s Theatre.
Here again the Christmas nature
prevailed and with one accord
each seemed to make it their per
sonal concern to make some one
The big hall was crowded to
overflowing by a happy, good
natured throng. There was no
caste, color or creed denied. All
were mingled happily together
on one common mission to be
happy and assist in making oth
ers light hearted and merry.
It was Wickenburg’s school
celebration and after an approp
riate announcement the follow
ing program was heartily en
“Entered as Second Class matter July 11th, 1919, at the Postoffice at Wickenbursr, Arizona, under the Act of March 3, 1879.’’
! Merry Xmas Song . . Primary Pupils
j A Christmas Stocking .Lucretia Butler
| Song of Christmas Harold Genung
Twelve Primary Pupils
A dropped letter Seven Boys
Christmas Drill Primary Pupils
A Star, a song, a Child Pansy Wilson
Declamation Maggie Garcia
A Xmas Carol .. Ethel Barnette
Drill . . Intermediate Pupils
Song—Xmas Carol Grammar Pupils
Declamation . William Peck
Lighting the Christ Child On its Way
. Alma Johnson
Piano Selection ..Miss Bernice Baxter
Star of Bethlehem .. Wil'ow Johnson
Solo Kenneth Watson
A Centipede at Xmas Time
. James Jackson
The Podunk Lyceum. Horace & Higgins
Good Night .. Pearl Miller
Silent Night .... Quartette
After the closing number
“Santa Claus” was there again
with bells. Each child got a
stocking full of goodies, while i
the X’mas tree provided many in
dividual presents to teachers and
Peggy Does Her Darndest At
Baxter’s Theatre.
On Saturday, the 27th May Al
lison as “Peggy” Ensloe, young
society girl who prefers company
of boys, shows how it is possible
for a girl to become a detective,
even tho she has to box with big
boys until a zest for the sport
proves her dexterity to equal to
that of her teacher’s. It is a
peculiar role which provides this
young star with splendid oppor
tunities of her most brilliant ca
In Armenia alone there are 250,-
000 refugees, most of them wo
men and ceildren crying “I am
hungry, I am Hungry.”
Reports from Kansas City show
that Arizona top steers are bring
ing sl6 to $18; short bed steers
$13.50 to $17.25. Colorado steers
brought only $9.50 to sl3 50.
The top price for hogs was $14.15
to $14.35. Sheep and lambs
fetched $14.75 to $16.50.
Crop Progress In Arizona
Friday the shipment of the last
car of oranges will mark the close
of the picking season in the Salt
River Valley. The season has
been successful from nearly every
point of view. One hundred and
twenty five cars of exceptionally
fine fruit have been well distrib
uted over the country, reaching
points as remote as Montreal and
Toronto, Canada. Other points
to which shipment was made in
clude Boston, New York, Cleve
land, Indianapolis, Minneapolis,
St. Paul, Denver, Salt Lake City,
El Paso, and many interior points.
Grape fruit was shipped to many
Pacific coast cities. Even prices
were maintained thruout the sea
son. Cotton picking has made
good progress during the week.
Mr. Harry Ellsinger from Ash
Fork was in Wickenburg last
I week consulting Dr. Campbell.
Municipal Ownership A Good
Investment With Economic
Saving Features.
‘‘The Manufacturer,” San
Francisco’s official organ of the
Merchants and Manufacturers
Ass’n of the Pacific Coast, pub
lished by Hofer & Sons, never
loses an opportunity to denounce
muncipal ownership of public
utilities as “a fraud, a delusion
and a snare, ” whereas it is a sig
nificant fact that not one mun
cipally-owned plant in the State
of California during 1918 was
compelled to put on a surcharge.
Whenever it has been tried, the
almost universal success of mun
cipal ownership shows conclusive
evidence of possibilities towards
effecting a reduction in the cost
of muncipal government. The
Tucson Post in voicing these
sentiments, points to the fact
that last year the city of Alameda
not only maintained the lowest
lighting rates around the bay,
but also turned over $50,000 pro
fit into the general fund, beside
lighting all the streets of the city
with its electrolier system. Is
there any reason why the other
cities and towns of this state may
not do likewise?
This brings to view the fact
that Wickenburg’s muncipal light
and water plant is gradually pro
gressing. The report by the
town mayor at last meeting was
to the effect that the November
income from consumers was
nearly double that of the corres
ponding month in 1918.
While we have not yet reached
the profitable stage of older and
better equipped muncipal plants,
it is confidently asserted that,
with the correction and improve
ment of a few minor details in
mechanical equipment, Wicken
burg may also expect soon to
show a profitable record.
Only twice in the fiscal year
has the local lighting plant been
closed down even for a few min
utes. The electrically operated
water plant, owing to a defec
tive mishap, was only once in
1919 out of commission for a per
iod of three or four days.
Finding A Circulation Else
Saint Paul, Minnesota. Dec. 20
Mr. H. B. Watson, Ed. State
Dear Sir: —I have been receiv
ing the State Miner quite regu
larly and like it quite well. En
closed please find check for one
years subscription.
I think you will do much good
for the town and vicinity of Wick
enburg with your paper. If
there are things worth knowing,
why advertise, of course. Here
is hoping you will win. Very
truly yours, T. B. Jennings,
For The General Good.
The practice to-day tends to
avert ills and minimize obsta
cles, thus giving* nature, includ
ing climate, a fairer chance.
Not so much to “keep the doctor
(but sickness) away.” What
cannot be cured may be pre
vented. Sound foresight, re
sponsibility and skill, are great
est advantage, on emergensy in
every day life, or in travel. Dir
ectories now show light on all
points and places. Possibly the
doctor may know or find out
ask him anyway. For example;
samples and patterns on dressings
with tapes, not pins and all mod
ern ideas, are now in up-to-date
doctor’s offices: may be had or or
dered in local stores, when
known. About half the people
seem to think the doctor “has to”
come, with no say so about pre
arranged best conditions. This
is a mistaken idea. The respon
sibility is on all, each to his tal
ents. Tender of pay not always
priveleges “command.” It is
deplorable to have emergency
and not preparedness—the rule
which is best for all. Nothing
in backbiting. There is some
thing in cosistency with your at
titude and speech. Let this be
your resolve after 1919. Rep’y,
T. F. Campbell, M. D.
Little hands are reaching forth
across the waters today asking
for some little share of the Christ
mas happiness of America. To
these little sufferers of the Near
East, can we say them nay?
Rewards the Faithful.
Several hundreds of dollars dis
tributed to employes of the state
land department in the form of
bonuses came as a happy Christ
mas surprise. These bonuses
amount to as high as S2OO each
for each clerk, and represent in
creased salary since May 1.
E. H. Turner, the contractor,
left on Tuesday evening for Los
Angeles to bring back his family
with him who are expected every
W. R. Curry of Wickenburg
Grocery Company left on Tues
day evening for Monrovia, Cali
fornia, to visit his wife who has
been an inmate of a sanitarium
there for about eight months.
At last accounts Mrs, Curry was
improving and gaining in flesh
every week.
Mr. Curry will extend his visit
to a vacation for several weeks.
Metropolitan newspapers are
buying print from the Interna
tional Paper Company for 4 and
one-half cents. Somewhere be
tween this price and the 10c
charged the small town paper for
sheets, there is criminal profit
eering, and ruthless selfishness
that ill fits the traditions of the
newspaper profession.
Wickenburg and the State
Miner will both grow if you help.
Local Chatter About People
We Know and Meet Most
Every Day.
Branch Co-operative League
stores are being opened in the
Globe-Miami, Prescott, Needles,
and San Bernardino districts. The
profiteers have taught the people
it is best to trade at home in
their own stores.
A light heart and a closed purse
is an impossible combination at
this Christmas season when thou
sands of little children are facing
starvation or a worse fate in the
misery darkened lands of the
Near East.
Dr. Campbell, devoted always
to his profession solely, now has
office equipment, books, instru
ments, satchels well stocked for
city or country practice; has pre
scription forms, for as good a
drug store of its size, as in Ari
Let your dollars scatter smiles
among destitute children by plac
ing them with the Near East Re
lief, headquarters, Phoenix.
Mr. Straughan of the Wicken
burg Grocery Co. is back from
California where he has been on
a vacation.
Every red blooded Arizonian
has an opportunity today to help
feed and clothe some little child.
Volunteer contributions are being
received by the Near East Relief
headquarters, Phoenix.
B. F. Evans has sold his flock
of goats to a Mr, Gist of Kirk
land. Mr. Gist is a well known
goat raised of Arizona. Mr.
Evans contemplates locating in
Suppose you had considered
yourself a millionaire and then
found that your inheritance had
dwindled to a house and lot
what would you do? Would you
have been as wise as Van, in
“The Poor Rich Man”? See
Francis X. Bushman and Beverly
Bayne in this play at Baxter’s
theatre, Friday January 2nd.
Out of your plenty give life to
one little child of the thousands
who are facing death in the Near
East and experience the happiest
Christmas of your life.
Begin the New Year by a sub
scription to the State Miner.
Richard Bishopp son of Mr.
Bishopp well known stock raiser
is back from California for a
X’mas vacation. He has been
attending school in Los Angeles.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Mueller of
the Gold Bar mine motored to
Wickenburg Tuesday.
Wm. Baughman and wife of
Bakersfield, California, visited
the Omar mine a few days ago.
Mr. Baughman is a metallurgist
and made an examination of the
digerent minerals there. The
Omar is a mile from the Gold

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