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Vol. XXXIX. No. 39.
Sam J. Carter was elected presi
dent of the Tempe Rotary club at
the regular meeting Tuesday noon.
Mr. Carter succeeds Dilsworth Baird,
retiring president. Bill Wachs was
elected club delegate to the Rotary
International convention to be held
in Ostend, Belgium, this June.
Tempe Rotarians and Rotary Anns
will be guests of the Glendale Rotary
club at Glendale at 730 o’clock next
Thursday evening. Preceding the
meeting a golf tournament will be
played between the Tempe and Glen
• dale golf clubs.
Visiting Rotarians attending the
meeting and luncheon were Jack
Asher, John Commard and Glen Os
wald of Mesa, and Dr. Bob Frank
lin of Glendale. Guests of the club
were Glen M. King of Tempe and
T. J. Schute of Los Angeles.
The program was featured by a
service talk, delivered by Ed M.
Drivers Must Heed
Stop Boplevards
• All traffic laws and regulations
are being rigidly enforced in Tempe
at this time. Marshal McDonald has
several arrests during the past
week for traffic violations caused
by drivers not paying attention to
the stop boulevards. Those arrested
were fined $5 each for the violation.
Arrests during the past week were:
Floy Gomez, fined $5 for traffic vio
lation; Ramon Valenquela, fined sls
for driving while intoxicated; Dr.
Shelly of Phoenix, $5 for traffic vio
lation; E. W. Hudson, fined $5 for
traffic violation; Mrs. H. C. St.
Clair of Phoenix, $5 suspended sen
tence for traffic violation; and Logan
Cope, $lO for reckless driving.
9 Fathers and sons banquet will be
held on the evening of May 4 in the
Congregational church, according to
an announcement of H. B. Clary, one
of the committee. This is an an
nual affair and open to every father
and son of the community, and every
father who is interested in the wel
fare and future of his son and of the
boys who are to be our men of the
future should not fail to purchase a
ticket and bring a boy along.
Plans for the event include speak
ing, entertainment and some real
• eats. Tickets are on sale by mem
bers of the Rotary and Civic clubs
and at drug stores. This will be
given during boys’ week, sponsored
» by the Boy Scouts of America.
A series of swimming events and
other athletic contests are planned
for May 9 at Tempe Beach. Plans
for this were not definitely an
nounced at the time of going to
Many Will Spend Vaca
tions in North Arizona
The hot summer months are only
a few weeks away and much discus
sion of where to spend a summer
vacation is already to be heard.
Judging from the stray remarks that
drift in, it is safe to say that north
ern Arizona will draw more visitors
than in any previous season.
The cooling breezes that float
through the pine-covered hills of that
region holds an allurement that is
sure to attract. This is not the only
attraction, however, as it is without
doubt the greatest rendezvous for
the true sportsman to be found east
of the Rocky mountains today.
T % The fishing season will open June
1 and in the vicinity of Springer
ville there are said to be 400 miles
of trout streams that rank second
to none in the United States. Sprin
gerville is the capital of that section
and will no doubt come in for a full
share of the summer vacationists.
Good accommodations are to be had
at Springerville and the vacationists
can truly say after a trip to that
section that it is, indeed, the place
“Where the God of Nature Is Still
* Maybe there would not be so
much objection to automobiles kill
ing people if they would be more
discriminating in their selections.
Baseball Games With Flagstaff
The T. S. T* C. baseball team is
playing the Flagstaff team on the
home diamond Thursday and Friday
of this week for the informal confer
ence championship.
“Pollyanna” Given Thursday Night
“Pollyanna,” the freshman class
play, given in the college auditorium
Thursday evening, met with much ap
proval. Especially liked were Polly
anna, the glad girl, played by Emma
Warren, and Mr. Pendleton, the old
grouch, played by Arthur Mercer.
Sophie Johannsen portrayed well the
role of Pollyanna’s sarcastic aunt?
Virgil Daniel made a typical butler
and Wallace DeWitt played the part
of Dr. Chilton, the family doctor.
'Mary Hickox, Merle Kartchner and
Katherine Willweber appeared on the
program as old maids. On the whole,
the freshman play was a huge suc
cess and all that it was anticipated
to be.
Gives Musical Concert
Miss Hudson, of music in
the Gilbert high school, gave a selec
tion of vocal numbers in the college
assembly Monday, April 25. Miss
Hudson’s program included some
. songs in French and one in Italian.
She was enthusiastically applauded
and gave several encore numbers.
Miss Gertrude Greenhill accompanied
at the piano. Meetings of the classes
were then held in their respective
Grades Given Out
Cards with the first quarter grades
for the second semester were dis
tributed in a special assembly called
Thursday noon, directly after dining
hall. Students do not get the cards
themselves. They are merely allowed
to glance at their grades, but the
cards are sent to the parents or
guardians direct from the college
Senior Follies of ’27
“The Senior Follies of ’27,” an
original play written by Archie
Thompson, will be presented by the
senior class Thursday, May 12, in
the college auditorium. The play is
a live wire story of college life and
of ptp SlTu ‘spice.
Those chosen to make up the cast
are Marjorie Cox, Edwin Riggs,
Eddie Carr, Dora Rosenblatt, Jose
phine Williamson, Floyd Wardlow,
Carl Teeter, Alton Riggs, Johnny
Tyson and Virgil Pyle. Evelyn
Kjellgren will direct the production.
She is being assisted by Dora Rosen
blatt as music director and Virginia
Kershaw, chorus director.
Miss Kershaw selected the follow
ing for her special chorus of danc
ers: Josephine Pancrazi, Bennie Lou
Reedy, Lottie Brimhall, Zena Cum
mard, Evelyn Smith, Dorothy Lee
Clark, Dorothy Aubrey, Frances
Billman and Dora Rosenblatt.
The directors are working very
strenuously and vigorously on cos
tuming, stage settings and the dance
numbers. It is the first tinie in five
years that the senior class has * put
on “The Senior Follies,” and it is
hoped to make this an annual event.
Proceeds of the play will go to help
finance this year’s annual. >
Book Store Notice
From now until the end of the
school year thfe college book store
will be open once a week only,, from
12:30 to 2, Wednesdays. Merril
Windsor is still in charge.
Dr. Brooks Addresses Assembly
“Education is what remains after
one has forgotten everything he has
learned,” stated Dr. Brooks of Po
mona college in his talk before the
college assembly Friday, April 22.
“Education is the capacity to use
what we have learned,” he con
“Democracy has given America a
new idealism in education,” believes
Dr. Brooks. “No civilization can be
secure unless it discovers the moral
foundation. There is an established
law which can not be broken in the
physical world, which can not be
changed. We must discover what it
is. No man ever lived who succeed
ed in breaking the moral law. He
broke himself against it,” earnestly
remarked Dr. Brooks.
“Freedom demands responsibility
or else it becomes bondage once
more,” said Dr. Brooks, when speak
ing of the modern trend to be free.
“Any State or Nation must rest upon
freedom. Turn aside from Plato,
if you will, substitute another ideal
ism, but justify your freedom with
sound thinking. Freedom comes thru
discipline to be and to do your very
best,” he added.
Dr. Brooks believes that to be sta
ble, any civilization must rest on
personality. In four generalities he
summed up the type of person who
can make a new civilization:
1. Intellectually straight: This is
an extremely difficult process .and
involves an honest discipline of cur
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The Tempe Beach swimming pool, the largest arti
ficial pool in the entire state, was opened to the public
on last Sunday, according to E. P. Carr, president of the
Tempe Beach association. A large crowd was in attend
ance on the opening day, and, if one is to judge from the
enthusiasm shown the first ddy, this will be a big year for
this popular swimming pool.
100,000 Will Visit the Pool
More than 66,000 persons went to
the beach last year, half of this
number purchasing bathing tickets,
and it is estimated that 100,000 or
more Will visit it this year, with at
least half of that number going into
the pool.
Many Improvements This Year
Several hundreds of dollars have
been spent this year in renovating
the pool and constructing new build
ings. TThe entire pool has been
painted and put in first-class shape.
A new building for checking clothing
and valuables and for a commissary
will be completed by May 6. The
commissary is to be installed for the
convenience of the bathers and fami
lies spending the day at the pool.
Attendants Employed
Attendants have been employed to
care for children using the pool and
mothers not worry about their
youngstCTs if they are there. This
is the only pool in the State where
the American Red Cross first aid in
structors conduct classes and this is
one of the reasons for its great pop
ularity over Arizona.
Water Changed Twice Weekly
The water is changed and the pool
thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected
twice a week. Fresh water is then
pumped into the pool every day and
every precaution is taken to make
the pool sanitary.
Around the Town
A small frame house occupied by
a Mexican family on First street, be
tween Ash and Maple, was complete
ly demolished by fire Tuesday.
J. W. McCann and J. D. Bailey
motored over to their mine on the
White Tanks Sunday.
Mr .and Mrs. Sam Hood of North
Morris street are the proud parents
of a baby boy, born on Sunday
H. A. Waite has purchased part
of the Col. J. E. Price property in
Section 11. Mr. Waite expects to
build on his new property at an
early date.
Preston Ollerton, who was operat
ed on by Drs. Vivian and Palmer for
appendicitis Tuesday moaning at the
St. Joseph hospital in Phoenix, is
reported as doing nicely.
The Pay’n Takit team won over
the De Molays of Phoenix at the
University park Monday evening by
a score of 1 to 0 in their favor. A
game is scheduled between the locals
and the Southern Pacific team at
the Tempe High school grounds next
Mesdames E. P. Carr, A. B. Clark
and A. A. Jones entertainned the
Kyrene Bridge club at luncheon and
bridge at Mrs. Carr’s beautiful home
last Tuesday afternoon. Those in
attendance were Mesdames R. T.
Old, Lottie Harris, Irene Wilkie, A.
J, Matthews, P. K. Minson, Emma
Gotschalk, Alma Stewart, Maude
Gates, Miss Marie Elliott, Lee Mc-
Cullough, Arthur Hunter, Edna Pad
field and Lucille Padfield. Mrs.
Maude Gates made high score and
Mrs. Emma Gottschalk was second.
A. J. Beaty, local Singer sewing
machine agent, ranked first in col
lections in Arizona and third in the
central district, composed of Mon
tana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New
Mexico, Arizona and western Texas,
according to a recent announcement
of the company. He also ranks high
in sales for the sewing machine. This
is quite an honor, especially so since
Mr. Beaty has only been with that
company for a short time.
Small Admission Charged
The nominal sum of 15c for adults
and 10c for children is charged for
admission to the pool. This is
thought to be the lowest charge in
the State, the gate admission prices
alone to the city parks being more
than is charged for swimming in the
pool here.
Official Contests Staged
The Tempe Civic club, because of
its membership in the American Ath
letic union, is the only organization
in the State, with the exception of
the university, that can stage swim
ming matches under rules assuring
the contestants that any records will
be given full credit all over the Na
tion and world. Several contests
under the auspices of the club are
given each year.
Non-Profit Organization
The pool is operated by the Tempe
Beach association and is a non-profit
organization. The ground for the
pool was purchased by the city, the
citizens taking stock in the associa
tion for the amount necessary for
its construction, with the understand
ing that as soon as the pool made
the money and paid back their in
vestment it was then to be turned
over to the city for a municipal
swimming pool. About SIO,OOO has
been invested, and it is expected that
the association will be able to pay
off all indebtedness this year and the
pool be turned over to the city.
Mrs. J. W. McCann attended a
social event at Phoenix Wednesday.
Miss Susan Windes of Chicago left
Sunday for Los Angeles after visit
ing her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs.
Ray Windes of this city.
Work of remodeling the Casa
Loma hotel will begin within a week,
according to late reports. Workmen
have completed a new street curb on
the south side of the building.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lowden left
Wednesday for their home in Los
Angeles after spending some time
visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Lowden
The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs
held a joint open meeting for their
families and friends last Wednesday
evening. Refreshments and an ex
cellent program made up the eve
ning’s entertainment.
Henry Rush, who will be remem
bered here as the blind boy who
graduated from the Tempe school,
is greeting local friends again. He
is connected with the New York Life
Insurance company and is said to
be doing a good business.
The W. B. A. will give a dance in
Curry hall Friday night. The high
school orchestra will furnish the
dance music. Another committee of
the W. fe. A. have a surprise and a
good time planned for you at an
early date. Watch for later an
nouncements in The Southside
Band Concert
At Tempe Beach
Saturday, May 14
The Tenth cavalry colored band of
Fort Huaehuca will give a concert
at the Tempe Beach swimming pool
on Saturday, May 14, according to
announcement of G. A. Goodwin,
president of the Tempe Civic club,
under whose auspices the event is to
be staged. The band is composed of
30 pieces and is said to be one of
the best in the State. Full details
of the program will be announced
later in The Southside Weekly.
Miss Marian Thorne, teacher in the
eighth grade, was confined to her
home by illness the first of the week.
Miss Hazel Farrow of high school
substituted for her.
Albert Adams was winner in the
singles tennis game at Tempe on
Junior-senior banquet will be held
at the high school Friday evening.
The high school won the silver cup
at the Masque of' the Yellow Moon
flower show in Phoenix last Thurs
day for the best project in its class.
The project was the modern canal
system, featuring Ingleside. The
project was made of papier mache
under supervision of Miss Zelma
Hurt. The silver cup and project
will be on exhibition at the high
Girl Reserves Camping Trip
An enjoyable camping party com
posed of 14 girl reserves was held
Saturday and Sunday at the Verde
intake. Mrs. McGovney and Mrs.
Grinstead, Miss Zelma Hurt and Miss
Ruth Cromer accompanied the girls.
The part was in charge of Miss Edna
Whinney. Others present were:
Nona Lee Walker, Clara Lee, Lou
Anderson, Elizabeth Merkley, Ger
trude Burley, Bonnie and Marguerite
Davis, Elsa Stary, Ruby Dorsy and
Lavona Boren.
Mrs. Wm. Hill, formerly Gladys
Williams, and infant daughter, have
returned to their home in Winslow
after spending some time here with
her parents and other relatives.
W. O. Lowden of Riverside, Cal.,
and his brother, A. L. Lowden of
Tempe, visited friends here Satur
Mrs. T. R. Marshall spent the
past several days in Prescott, com
bining business with pleasure, re
turing home Tuesday evening.
Elmer Peterson arrived from Min
nesota the past week, called here by
the serious illness of his brother, Roy
Peterson, who is slowly improving.
Mrs. Frank Caldwell is spending
some time with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. L. Morrison, Phoenix.
John Marty and wife spent Tues
day night at the B. W. Brown home
en route to his home in Janesville,
Mesdames Loomis, Cragwell, Jones,
Markley, M. Kinsey, Morton, Misses
Mary Morton and Audrey Markley
attended the lecture given by Dr.
R. C. Brooks of Pomona college at
the Congregational church in Tempe
Sunday evening.
Miss Dorothy Loomis spent Sunday
with Miss Dorothy Donn.
Dr. and Mrs. Peck entertained Mr.
and Mrs. Johnson of Phoenix Sunday
and all attended church in Tempe.
H. G. Newhall and family left for
their Eastern home after spending
the winter in the Graves cottage on
Second avenue.
Billy Huey, an old-time Scottsdale
resident, now a Santa Fe
was calling on old friends during the
past week.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wilson enter
tained Harry Crew of Long Beach
over Sunday and R. C. Thompson of
Phoenix on 'Saturday.
Mrs. A1 Fredericks has her broth
er-in-law, W. D. Fields of Los An
geles, as her guest this week.
Jim Condon and family and Post
master Conrad and family spent last
Sunday at Mormon Flat and visited
the Ames family, former Scottsdale
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hobbs and
son left Tuesday for Califronia after
spending some time here, coming
from Ohio in December.
W. P. Davis and family, E. Ford
and family and W. H. Robinson mo
tored to Casa Grande Sunday.
Work has begun of remodeling the
E. O. Brown store and extending a
warehouse on the south.
A. F. Mahoney had remodeling
done in his store the past week.
S. R. Mcßurney has purchased 20
acres of land of T. H. Caldwell in
Paradise Valley.
Misses Fay Christopher, Marie
Escalante and Inez Thorne enjoyed
a trip to Roosevelt dam Sunday with
a party sponsored by the Phoenix
Y. W. C. A.
Mrs. G. N. Loomis was a winner
of the three blooms novelty roses at
the flower exhibit in Phoenix. Among
those attending the exhibit from here
were Mesdames Jennie Stout, Joe R.
Caldwell, F. Beauchamp, H. Spen
cer, G. Schulz, H. Markley, M. Kin
ney, J. Conrad, G. N. Loomis, Prof,
and Mrs. Cragwell and Miss Ruth
Mrs. G. A. Simms of Indian reser
vation, huge collie dog and an In
dian dog had a fight recently and
his wife threw her Angora cat in
their midst, which immediately sep
arated the dogs.
Dr. Ellis of Indian reservation is
The „ seventh annual convention of
the Arizona district of the Woman’s
Foreign Missionary society and the
Woman’s Home Missionary society
convened in Tempe Thursday at the
First Methodist church. The con
vention will continue over today.
The Woman’s Foreign Missionary
society had charge of Thursday’s
program and the Woman’s Home
Missionary* society are in charge to
day. Thursday’s program included:
Woman’s Foreign Missionary so
ciety, Mrs. Norma Wicart presiding:
9 a. m., registration; hymn; devo
tions, Rev. Russell Clay; greetings,
J. L. Felton of Tempe; response,
Mrs. Wicart; organization of conven
tion; reports; awarding of Rogers
trophy; introductions; quiet hour,
Rev. Edwin IW. Strieker; luncheon
hour; 1:30 p. m., devotions, Rev. O.
L. Enyeart; music, selected; “Africa
and Some Other Places,”. Mrs. S. F.
Johnson; “Lizzy Johnson’s Quilt,”
Mrs. H. B. Jobe; offering; “Possi
bilities,” Mesa; demonstration, Mesa
children; election. Evening: 7:30,
music, selected; address, Mrs. Mar
garet Locke Coates; “Late News
from Our China Missionaries,” Mrs.
S. F. Johnson; offering.
The’ program for Friday included:
Woman’s Home Missionary so
ciety, Mrs. Monroe Bush presiding:
9:15 a. m., hymn; holy communion,
Dr. H. A. Ingham and a'sgisting pas
tors; greetings from Tempe, Mrs. J.
W. McLain; response, Mrs. Monroe
Bush; “How We Build,” Correspond
ing Secretary Mrs. James Aldrich;
reports of district officers; jubilee
song; round table, Mrs. C. P. Col
grove; rich prospects; lunch hour;
1:15 p. m., devotions, Rev. A. J.
Matthews; “Mary J. Platte School,”
Mrs. Winifred Myser; “Yuma Indian
Work,*’ Mrs. J. P. Schlapbach; mu
sic, selected; address, Mrs. Margaret
Locke Coates; offering; reports; elec
tion and installation. Evening 6:15,
Tempe Young People hostesses to
District Young People’s societies.
Among those in attendance at the
convention were: Mrs. Norma Wi
cart, Tucson; Mrs. W. R. Stewart,
Mesa; Mrs. Nettie B. Barber, Phoe
nix; Mrs. Edna O. Wilson, Phoenix;
Mrs. J. O. Cowdin, Douglas; Mrs. J.
Grabfider, Phoenix; Mrs. C. L. But
ler, Phoenix; Mrs. Henry L. Shidd,
Phoenix; Mrs. Margaret Locke
Coates, Los Angeles; Mrs. R. B.
Scott, Glendale; Mrs. Anna Adams,
Glendale; Mrs. Dwight Locke, Glen
dale; Mrs. Nettie Crawford, Glen
dale; Mrs. C. L. Phillips, Glendale;
Mrs. J. H. Masters, Glendale; Mrs.
E. V. Silvertown, Gilbert; Mrs. Bessie
Rev. and Mrs. Russell Clay, Tempe;
Cleaton, Gilbert; J. L. Felton, Tempe;
Mrs. W. S. Richardson, Gilbert; Mrs.
C. M. McConnell, Gilbert; Mrs. D.
E. Kennedy, Gilbert; Mrs. E. R. Wil
ber, Gilbert; Mrs. J. W. McLean,
Tempe; G. W. Imel, Yuma; Mrs. G.
W. Imel, Yuma; Robille Smith, Phoe
nix; Mrs. Hugh Nichols, Gilbert;
Mrs. J. H. Beadles, Wellington, Kan.;
Mrs. L. H. Grubbs, Wellington, Kan.;
Mrs. L. E. Ensign, Tempe; J. W.
McLean, Tempe; Mrs. J. M. Hild,
Douglas; Mrs. Charles Long, Ooug
las; Mrs. C. H. B. Carter, Phoenix;
Mrs. C. E. Finney, Tucson; Mrs. C.
W. Ports, Douglas; Mrs. F. V. Pat
terson, Phoenix; Mrs. Harry H. Mit
ter, Tucson; Mrs. C. W. Moffitt,
Douglas; Mrs. C. L. Thierry, Doug
las; Mrs. H. S. Townsend, Phoenix;
Emma Adamson, Douglas; Charlotte
Beaty, Tucson; Miss Elsie Claggett,
Tucson; Mrs. T. L. Lumbeck, Phoe
nix; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Millette,
Phoenix; Miss Winfield Myser,
Tucson; Mrs. Catherine Hudson,
Phoenix; Mrs. Eliza Motler, Phoe
nix; Mrs. Charles Ely, Phoenix; Mrs.
D. W. Herring, Tucson; Mrs. Womick
Scott, Phoenix; Mrs. J. B. Themfelt,
Tempe; Mr# Stroud, Tempe; Mrs. M.
Logan, Tempe; Mrs. L. S. Warren,
Tempe; Mrs. T. S. Bertelsen, Tempe.
Russell E. Clay, Minister
Church school at 10 a. m. (Prof.
W. B. Christy, superintendent);
morning worship at 11 a. m.; High
School league at 7:15 p. m.; prayer
service at 7:15 p. m.; Senior League
at 7:15 p. m.; evening service at 8
oelock. Morning subject, “Finishing
the Course”; evening subject, “The
Single Heart.”
leaving for a few weeks’ pleasure
in the Eastern States. This trip is
made possible by friends of the Pres
byterian church.

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