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Arizona sentinel and Yuma weekly examiner. (Yuma, Ariz.) 1911-1915, October 12, 1911, Image 2

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Arizona Sentinel
Editor and Proprietor
Entered as second class matter,
at the Dostoffice in Yuma, ArlzonaJ
under the act of March 3, 1879.
One Year $2.00
Six Months $l-f,0
Republican State Ticket
For Governor, E. W. "Wells, of Pres
cott; Geo. U. Young, of Phoenix.
For Secretary of State, J. Fred
Cleveland, of Phoenix.
Treasurer, W. D. Fiske, of Globe.
Auditor, Geo. A. Mauk, of Globe.
Snnerintendent of Schools, Claude
D. Jones, of Phoenix.
Attorney General, Geo. D. Christy,
of Phoenix.
Corporation Commissioners, w. a.
Sturges, of Arivaca; E. S. DePass, of
Phoenixj F. M. Pool, of Winkelman;
and J. M. Elder, of Prescott
United State senate, Ralph Camer
on, of Flagstaff and Hoval Smith, of
House of Representatives, John S
Williams, of Tombstone.
Phoenix to Yuma
Auto Road Record
The Arizona Democrat says:
When he went to Yuma for the pur
pose of posting signs along the route
of the auto race course, between
Phoenix and the Colorado town, W. 0.
Tremaine kect one eye-on the speed
ometer. Every time that he came to
a turn, a crossing, bridge or other lan.l
mark, he set down the mileage. His
road record from Phoenix to Yuma is
as follows:
Start at court house out Washington
street by way of Capitol and lower
Buckeye road.
Court House 00
Right hand road ... ... 16 2-10
Left hand road ... 20 4-10
Liberty r.oad ;. ... 22 7-10
Right .hand road :. ... 23 4-10
Railroad crossing 30 2-10
Bridge ; . . 30 6-10
Right hand turn ' . . . . 31
Buckeye 31 5-10
Left hand turn 34
Right hand turn . . i . , 35
Left hand turn 37
Right hand turn : ... 37 5-10
Paio Verde '. .' .". 37 4-10
Hassayampa River ... .., 41
Left hand turn " . . ... 41 2-1.0
Right hand turn 48 5-10
Water tanks 61 5-10
Agua Caliente ... 92
Palomas .... 103 8-10
Right hand turn ... 107. 3-10
Left hand turn 126
Mohawk Road 129 5-10
Middle Wells 131 6-10
Left, hand .turn 140 7-10
Left hand road, .5-10 mile
past Deep Wells ..145
Castle Dome Mine 163
Gila River 187 5-10
Dome ....... .;. .. ..... 188 1-10
Yuma 206 3-1.0
Following is the road -record com
piled by Tremaine on his way back:
"Yuma 00
Dome ; 18 3-10 I
Gila River Crossing. ... . . . . 18 9-10
"Left hand road . 19 2-10
Right hand road ...... 19 6-10
'Castle Dome mine ... ... 43 4-10
Deep Wells , . ,. . .' 61 .
Middle Wells 74 8-10
"Right Hand Turn . . . '. . . . . 75. 3-10
"Left hand turn 77 3-10
Left hand turn .. 99 1-10
Palomas 103
Left hand turn . 112 6-10
"Hot Springs ... 114 3-10
Right hand road . .., 115 1-10
X,eft hand road 115 4-10
Left hand road ..... ... 120
Left hand road ... ... 128 7-10
.Water Tanks -.. 157 7-10
Left hand turn 145
Arlington 150 4-10
Bad bridge 163 2-10
Right hand turn 165 1-10
River Crossing 165 3-10
Phoenix 206 3-10
Republican Candidate
Given Ovation
Flagstaff, Oct 7 Flagstaff was the
scene last night of one of the laregst
and most enthusiastic public meetings
in the history of the city when Re
publicans and Demorats turned out to
welcome Ralph Cameron" and Hoval
Smith and Judge Wells.
Each of them spoke on the issues
of the day.
Admission Day to
Be Annual Holiday
Fnoenix, uct. 7 It is common
knowledge that Arizona will become1
a state by the proclamation of the
president shortly after the election of
the state officers on December 12th
The board of trade, wishing to prop
erly commemorate the occasion pro
posed to make the date of admission
an annual holiday and to that end a
discussion of plans was held at its
meeting yesterday.
Admission will probably occur early
in January, .the most beautiful time of
the year in southern Arizona. It is
likely that many other ttowns will
wish to make, this an annual holiday
and all will be requested to do so.
Plan to Start the
Work On. Big Dam
Parker, Oct. 7 Word has reached
here that within the next six month:-:
v.'ork will begin on the Chuckawalla
dam across the Colorado on Pyramid
canyon, 40 miles north of Needles
A. H. Koebig, of Los Angeles, will
be in charge of the work, and it is es
timated that the dam will be 140 feet
high and 400 feet wide and will hold
in reserve 850,000 acre feet of surplus
water and flood Pyramid canyon north
for a distance of 90 miles. The water
will be used to irrigate Chuckawalla
and Palo Verde valleys, 120 miles to
the south, as well as the Parker country.
Anti-Saloon League
Continues Its Work
Automobile Tourists
Reserve Their Rooms
(From Monday's Daily Examiner)
The following letter received 1
Manager Gandolfo, of the Gandolfo
hotel, is self explanatory:
New York, October 3.
Manager Hotel Gandolfo, Yuma.
Dear Sir:
Will you kindly reserve for our an
tomobile party on the trail to Sunset
from New York to. Los Angeles, arri
ing at your house on the evening of
November 18th, the following rooms
Double room and bath for Mr. and
Mrs. A. L. Westgard.
"Double room and bath for Mr. and
"Mrs. Geo. F. Fcote.
Double room and bath for Mr.' and
Mrs. John Legg.
Single room and bath for each of
the following:
W. J. Studwell,
Richard L. Fox
Sydney B. Gladding
W. F. Harris
Also a double room without bath
for H. D. Ashton, manager and Leoiv
aid Ormerod, press representative.
These last two will room together.
There will also be five chauffeurs.
Please have rooms .for them.
Yours very truly,
Manager Automobile Tour Dept.
P. S. This party will remain -with
you until Monday.
The Phoenix Sun says:
Rev. J. M. Ocheltree, who has been
pastor of the Methodist church at Wil
liams, Arizona, for the past year and
lecently elected superintendent of the
anti-saloon league, is now installed in
his office at 412 Fleming building.
Mr. Ochiltree has been a resident of
Arizona for seven years, located at
Yuma, Jerome, Kingman and Wil
liams. o
files On Water In
The Alamo River
The El Centro Press says:
This week notices have been filed
with Imperial County officials on a
claim for 50,000 inches of water in
the Alamo river. The filers are Frank
M. Salisbury and W. H. Best. They are
acting for a company of valley men
who are interested in lands in the vi
cinity of Bernice, in the northern end
of the valley.
It is proposed to construct a dam
across the Alamo river three quarters
of a mile east of Rockwood bridge,
where surveys were made and a sim
ilar project was contemplated by For
mer Manager Cory of he California
Development company.
Among those who are especially in
terested in the new irrigation project
are: J. W. Yoakum, a large land own
er in the north end district; C. Dar
nell, Lyons Brothers, W. H. Best,
Frank Salisbury and Ira Aten.
It is estimated that approximately
50,000 acres of land will come under
this new system.
Bullard Handed
$1,500 Cash Prizes
o '-
The Arizona Democrat "says:
When he opened" his mail this morn
mg, George Purdy Bullard, president
ot the Maricopa Automobile' Club and
father of the Phoenix race, found two
checks. One was from San Diego and
was tor $1,000: the other was from
Yuma and was for $500. Botn are for
distribution emong the winners of the
El Centro has not yetma'de good on
her promise to contribute $500 toward
the purse for the race, but will do so
in a day or two. Yuma and San Die,
nave aone everytmng tney were ex
pected to do or promised to do. While
Yuma gave only half as much as San
Diego the little city by the Colorado
is far better than that of the Southern
California metropolis, for the popula
tion of San Diego is many times
Berore it was finally decided to
change the route of this race to pass
through San Diego, El Centro and Yu
ma, those places had agreed to in
crease the purse $2,000. It was on
their promises, in; fact, that the longer
route was finally chosen in the place
of the shorter, more difficult one.
ine increased purse is certain to
attract more cars, create greater in
terest" in the race and Vring more au
tomobiles here from all parts of the
United States to witness the finish. It
is estimated that not less than $2,000
will be spent here during the next fair
by persons who would not come here
were it not for the race. Mainly be
cause of that event, the San Diego
Chamber of Commerce boosters are
coming and the Los Angeles business
men have chartered a special train lo
bring them to Phoenix.
The Yuma Ice Company's soda wat
er is the best. Only pure distilled wat
er is used in its manufacture, there
fore it is also the most healthful.
To the Public
Yuma, Ariz., Oct. 7th.
To the Voters of Yuma county:
In the event of my election as
treasurer of Yuma county, I pledge
myself to deposit, with the consent of
the Board bf Supervisors, all the funds
that may come into my hands as
treasurer in the National Banks of
Yuma county, where it can be loaned
out to the tax-payers.
And such depository will be required
to deposit bonds sufficient to secure
the money deposited with them and
pay tne rate of interest fixed by the
board of supervisors
Should the banks decline to pay the
rate of interest fixed by the board of
supervisors then I will collect inter
est at the rate paid by banks in other
counties receiving public monies in
Republican Candidate for County
Absolutely Pure
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tsfftdr
District Court
(From Monday's Examiner) '
Saturday afternoon in the case of
the Territory of Arizona vs Librado
Macias aand Alejandro Quintero, de
fendants, on a charge of robbery, the
jury brought in a verdict of not guil
ty. Attorneys Robertson and Colnjan
appeared for'the 'defendants. The two
were accused of robbing a man down
near the Stofela store some weeks
The cas'e of the territory of Arizona
vs Manuel Ruiz, Benjamin Enrique
and Jose Bustemante was tried his
mornirfg and the case went to jury
at noon, but at 3:00 p. m., they had not
returned a verdict.
Colman and Robertson appeared for
the defense.
The" demurrer was sustained in the
Andrade vs. Andrade case, and the
case will go to trial later.
The case of the First National Bank
vs. the Yuma National Bank and Max
Czuczka is pending before the court
on a motion to stnfle.
Colman "and Ingrahamifor Yuma
National and Czuczka'; and- Henry
Wupperman, A. C. Baker and Frank
Cox for the First National.
The "case of Sadie Roberts, a color
ed woman, charged with murder is
on trial this afternoon.
Attorneys Wupperman and Robert
son for the defense.
' The Green case was not reached on
the calendar and may not come up for
day or 'two. );
Race Affair
Phoenix', Oct. 7 Charles Arnold, a
negro, shot J. E. Perry, a switchman
of fhe Arizona Eastern Railway in thP
chest 'to-day, wounding him perhaps
fatally oh the "sidewalk h?re this eve
ning. - Arnold is in the hospital and
will probably die. StoKies differ as
o which cne tried to elbow" he olhfr
off. the r.idfiwalk. .
Arizona wants two real senators,
and she will certainly get them in
Ralph Cameron and Hoval, Smith.
Rich Gold Fields
1 Close tCLPJioenix
Wickenburg, Oct 6 Work on the
concrete dams of tth& Looana Min
ing company, owners of 'five" thousand
acres of land Jour miles south of
Wickenburg, is in progress, but so
quietly have the plans been matie and
the labor begun, that it is difficult to
realize that this project, if successful.
will open an almost unlimited an ount
cf gold in ihe immediate vfiin'ty of
By the construction of Jthdam for
he storage of ua'ers from thp HacU-
berry and San Domingo will be se
cured, aand this will niakec the plan f
securing gold from the Hassayampa
placers a feasible one.
If the j enterprise .is . successful there
is no dbubt tha$ other! will folio v the
lead of the Lotdwana company and a
new gold field will be developed 'n
this vicinty.
r . o-H -r'."
The Yuma Ice -Conipany's"" Extra
Dry Ginger Ale" is. on sale" 'wherever
drinks are sold. -Try it "'"" tf
"witH strength and .eae
they always please",
rM a el i s proauct ronunes
RIZES for patents. Book Dn -Patents.
Hints to, inventors." "Inventions
Needed." VWhy Sohie- Irfventors' fail."
AH sent Free. Special lists of Dossible bu v-
ers. to our own clients. Send roneh slt-eti or
model for search of Patent Office records.
Our Mr. Greeley was formerly Actinjr Cbmmis
jio.ner of "Patents and astfiich had fulFfeharge of
U. S. PatentOffice. GttEELKT & McINTIRK,
Patent Attorneys, Washington, D. C-
J Don't pay your money to
strangers. Your local def fT
t V'ercan give you the same dal
and an Absolute Guaran
tee. ,that you will get the
- gpods.
The Yuma
m ? U-J
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