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Duffy is Married
Alameda, Cal., Oct 30 George L.
(Duffy) Lewis, left fielder of the Bos
ton Red Sox and Miss Eleanor Ruth
Keanne, of Boston, were married late
to-day at San Rafael, and departed on
their honeymoon, which will be. spent
in this state. They will return here
for a week's visit before the groom
goes to Florida to join his team for
winter practice. Lewis met his bride
in Bpston and they planned to be mar
ried at the close of the league season
The bride's mother, however, asked
the couple to come to California for
the ceremony,
01 ,
Bird Man Rodgers
Arrives in Tucson
Women Jurors Kick
Seattle, Wash., Oct. 31 The Wom
eng Voters' council has memorialized
the county commissioners for relief
from annoyance from men who insist
on smoking their pipes in the jury
rpom. So far eight women have serv
ed as jurors here.
Tucson, Ariz., Noy. 1.
Yuma Daily Examiner, Yuma.
Aviator Rodgers arrived here to-day
at 1:00 o'clock and after a short rest
left at 2:45 for Phoenix, by way of
Maricopa. He mad(v6. beautiful de
scent here and his'aerQplane was in
fine condition.
It is reported that he may stay
in Phoenix until after the fair.
Tucson Citizen.
Socialists Win Out
In Los Angeles
Los. Apgeles, Nov. 1.
Yuma Daily Examiner, Yuma.
T&e latest count shpws that the So
cialises have, swept the city and that
the vote .stands, about as follows:
Job Harriman. ... .. 20,108
Alexander . . , , , , , . , . . , , J8,G31
Or-. .
Contracts Are Let
For the New
Yuma Theatre
(From Tuesday's E.xamin.er)
This afternoon the contracts were
let -for tlfe ;new theatre and 'bU.siness
building tp be builtbyMiss, Desmond
on her lots 'on Main 1 street formerly
occupied by the Parks plumbing Es
tablishment, Brooks & CafcgiH,:of Yuma, are the
architects and Qharles OJcestor is the
successful contra'ctpp.
Part of" the material is already on
the ground and work will begin in
the immediate future. "
It is expected tha.t the building will
be ready for occupancy by February
The theatre part of the building will
be fitted up in the most approved
tyle, have a seating capacity of 900;
modern ventilation and effects, and
has been leased for a period of five
years by A. J. teller, Qf the Air Dome.
Italy Assembles
All Reinforcements
Constantinople, Oct. 31 The Turks
and Arabs have retaken all but three
of the forts at Tripoli, according to a
dispatch. The Italians retired before
the fierce onslaughts of the Arabs,
leaving large quantities of riflees, am
munition and stores on the field.
The Italian government is assem
bling all its reinforcements.
Good Bye, Old Man;
It's Off With You
,Los Angeles, October 28 The first
woman jury .to be impanelled in Los
Angeles county if, not in California,
will be sworn for duty in Justice Cas
jsidy's court at , Watts, Tuesday. It will
try the case of Editor A. A. King, of
the Watts News, charged with using
obscene and indecent language in his
paper in a recent campaign between
the "wets and drys" in that town.
The Yuma Ice Company's Extra
Dry Ginger Ale is on sale wherever
drinks are sold. Try it. tf
Autos For New Orleans
(From the Daily Examiner)
A party of automobilists bound for
New Orleans left Yuma this afternoon.
They were J. H. Griffin, wife and
two daughters; R. J. Marshall, wife
and son and J. R. Elliott, a brother of
Mrs. Griffin. Mr. Marshall is a
brother-in-law of Frank E. Curtis, of
the Southern Pacific Hotel, and was
formeerly proprietor of the depot hotel
at Indio.
Mr. Griffin, several years ago was
engineer for the Yuma Ice Co. The
party came from Coachella, and have
been at the Southern Pacific Hotel
several days, getting ready for the
The party will travel in one car,
which is a large one, with a canopy
top and sides.
They expect to be about three weeks
on the voad.
Masquerade Ball
A Decided Success
(From Tuesday's Examiner)
Much credit must be given A. J.
Marquard and R. F. Hawver for the
masterful way in which they handled
the Masquerade ball given at the Yu
ma theatre last evening. It was a de
cided success from every standpoint.
Yuma people present saw some of
the most, elaborate costumes ever got
ten together, and these costumes var(
led from the "Country Hoosier" to the j
"Spanish Cavalier."
Fully 150 couples were on the floor,
one of the largest gatherings Yuma
has ever witnessed.
The music and the floor were per
fect and when Mr. Ray and wife led I
off the grand march, it was easy to
see that it was destined to be one
of the most successful balls ever held
in Yuma.
The various costumes in the march
with the gold and silver trimmings
was a feature not to be forgotten.
There were four handsome prizes
up, tne nrst two-' ror tne nnest cos
tumes, which were awarded to Miss
Lattimore, the charming milliner at
Sanguinetti's, and Jas. J. Apostle.
Miss Lattimore received a handsome
handbag and Mrs. Apostle a leather
pillow cover.
The other two prizes were for the
most comic costumes, and these were
awarded to Miss Wils'on and Dr. R.
R. Knotts, Miss Wilson receiving a
two pound box of Rough House Choc
olates and Dr. Knotts, a camera.
Mr. Apostle represented "Little
Nemo" and the costume was perfect.
Miss Lattimore represented the
"Princess," and her costume could not
have been improved upon, and with
the jeweled cover and pearls, she
looked stunning indeed.
Miss Wilson's representation was
that of a colored girl and the part was
not only well dressed, but well acted,
while Dr. Knotts represented the
"Country Hoosier," in a style pecul
iarly his own and which won him
much applause.
The three judges who awarded the
prizes were Councilman A. L. Verdu
go, P. J. Sullivan and .Charlie Ew
mg. Other beautiful costumes noted on
the floor were those of Miss Ruby
Livingston and Mrs. John Beaubee.
Miss Livingston was made up as a
doll . and Mrs. Beaubee as an Indian
maiden. Both representations .were
almost perfect.
The entire evening proved most eng
joyable from the first to the last
Absolutely Pupq
Economizes Batter, Flour,
Eggs; makes the food more,
appetizing and wholesome
Hie only Baking Powder made
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Residents of Canton Name
New Republic Kwang Tun
WASHINGTON, D. C, October 31 A republic named Kwang Tung has
been established by the people of Canton and Kwang. Tung Province.
The royal family have capitulated on all points and the Manchu garri
son has been guaranteed protection from the rebels.
Cattlemen Will Soon
Meet in Phoenix
Phoenix, Oct. 31 Local cattlemen
held a meeting yesterday in the office
qf Dwight B. Heard, for the purpose of
arranging a program for the annual
meeting of the Arizona Cattle Grow
ers' Association, which will be held in
O'Neill hall, November 2, 3 and 4.
Those who formed the gathering
yesterday, are for the most" part, mem
bers of the association, and the mem'
bers of this association are, practically
all members of ttie American Live
Stock Association. In most matters
the Arizona association co-operates
with the national body.
The Yuma Ice Company's soda wat
r is the best. Only pure distilled wat
er is used in its manufacture, there
fore it is also the most healthful
Dring no other. tf
New magazines at snorey'8
Talesmen Qualify in
McNamara Trial
Los Angeles, Oct. 31 Two more
talesmen, 9 in all, qualified as to the
case of the McNamara trial here to
day. They are Geeorge Johnson, re
tired, superintendent of a foundry, and
Frank Frakes. ' "
Oklahoma Officer
Seeks Requisition
Phoenix, Oct. 31 Deputy Sheriff
Matthews, of Sapulpa, Oklahoma, ar-
! rived here yesterday, armed with re
quisition papers which will be present
ed to Governor Sloan, asking for the
custody of Chesher, arrested here by
Marshal Moore and Officer Egley on
a telegraphic order requesting that he
be held as a fugitive from justice.
Chesher, it is alleged, was arrested
on a felony charge and jumped his
bail of $2,000, and left Sapulpa with
the wife of a man named Berryhlll,
who had gone on his bond. A publish
ed' story also stated that he had rob
bed Berryhill's safe before leaving.
Chesher was released on a cash
bond of $1,000, and seems to be wait
ing for th6 law to take its course.
New Magazines at Shorey's.
.San Diego Boosters
Coming to Yuma
San Diego, November 1 (Special to
the Yuma Exau'ner Arrangements
are complete for the San Diego Expo
sition Boosters' train which will leave
here Friday evening with 150 men
and women representing the busi
ness and social life of San Diego to
greet the' new state of Arizona.
The train is really the finest ever
assembled in the United States, and is
a much finer train than that used by
President Taft on his recent trip.
It will be open to inspection at the
different cities of Arizona where the
party will .visit. A. complete telephone
exchange will be in operation on the
train, with a telephone directory giv
ing the names of the passengers, their
berth number and their phone num
ber. Compartment cars, composite
cars, the largest diners In service and
the heaviest engines, electric lights
an complete service will make the
train a veritable first class hotel on
wheels. Some of the cars even have
bath rooms.
The boosters plan to spend one day
at the Grand Canyon .where Director
General Collier, f of the exposition,
will join jthem from Santa Fe.'N.' M.
One evening at Prescott, two days at
Phoonix, half a day at Yuma, and half
a day and the evening at the Imperial
valley will complete the rip.
Elaborate preparations for. enter
tainment eng route and at the different
cities visited have been completed. A
band of entertainers, amateur musi
cians and lots of literature will be
taken along.
The purpose of the trip is' to cement
the close relations that exist between
the new' state of Arizona and San Di
ego; relations that will be closer' when
the San Diego & Arizona railroad is
San Diego is sending her greatest
spell binders td mak speeches and
her prettiest women tp charm the Ari
zonians from one end of the new state
to the other. It will be a boost trip
from the time the train leaves' here,
until it pulls in six days later.
Pacific Fleet
to Be Reviewed
describing important improvements in
the late model Mandy Lee Incubators
and Brooders. The No-Guess-Work
Machine Catalog, the Lee New Poultry
Book gladly mailed free to thosa who
request them. Use a postal.
Address GEO. H. LEE . CO.
225 W. Second street, Los Angeles', Cal
San Diego, Cal., Oct. 81 With shore
leave terminated and with' prepara
tions for sailing tq-night, 26 warships
will participate in the great review
' of the Pacific, fleet at San. Pedro, to-
morrow. The fleet wilL remain a San
j Pedro until November 3, when it will
. disperse for the several stations.
Head of Santa Fe
Visits in Phoenix
ATP1AY V "v AT Tr! CANAL s . - '
Phoenix, Oct. 32 For some purpose,
or purposes unknown, President E. P.
Ripley, of the Santa Fe Railway Co.,
is coming to Phoenix. He arrived to
day at SroO in his private car, which
was attached to the regular train from
the north.
Merely a brief telegram saying that
President Ripley would be in Phoenix
was aTl that was received at,therIoc'iI
Santa Fe office.
The officials here are of the opinion
that he has suddenly started on a tour
over the system.
Death May Save
Negro From Gallows
Washington, EL C. Oct, SI Unless
President Taft Intervenes, Mattie Lo
nias, a negro, will be hanged here on
November 20. The prisoner' is ' ill,
however and' may die. "
Some men are bom great .and other
men roll up their trousers and. wade
right into the midst of greatness.
iATENTSProduci Fortunes
RIZES for patents. Book on Patents.
"Hints to inventors." "Inventiona
Needed." "Why Some Inventors fail."
All sent Free. Snccial lists of Dossible buy
ers, to our own clients- Send roacrh sketch or
La'uil representatives m 800 Cities and Towns,
ir Mr. Greeley was formerly Acting: Cottunis
.'er of Patents a.?A a such had fuHcharge of
S. Patent 0:tice. GKEEM-Tr & McINTIKE,
.ttont Attorneys, Washington, D. C-

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