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Arizona Sentinel
Editor and Proprietor
. Entered as second class matter,
At the postoffice in Yuma, Arizona,
under the act of March 3, 1879,
One Year $2.00
Six Months . 1.00
Passed Cattle Over
(From Monday's Dally Examiner)
United States Veterinary Surgeon
H. M. Hart, with headquarters in
Douglas: rJ. S. Line Rider M. O.
Archiba1 elix Mayhew, Joe Balsz
and Johi Donovan, all made the trip
down to tne line yesterday mornin? to
pass about 60 head of beef cattle over
the line for Mr. Balsz.
The cattle were found to be in fine
cpndition and were promptly passed
Mr. Balsz -will put them on pastur
age for Yuma consumption.
Big Republican Rally
In Northern End
The current issue of the Parker
Post says:
A party of nine candidates on the
Republican county ticket arrived, in
Parker Wednesday night, and held a
big rally at Detrick's hall the following
night: In the party were O. F. Town-
send, J. E. Ludy, TJ. G. Wilder, T.
D. Molloy, C. V. Meeden, W. A.
Moser, Cash M. Smith, H. H. Donk
ersley and J. H. Godfrey.
At the meeting held Thanksgiving
night a large crowd turned out to hear
the speakers, and after they had ad
dressed the audience the floor was
cleared and one of the -most enjoya
ble dances of the year resulted.
Several of the candidates made
brief addresses, but Thos. D. Molloy,
made the principal address of the eve
ning. He was well received by the
audience and his earnestness in dis
cussing the issues of the campaign in
dicated his full belief in their truth
and merit. He paid a high tribute to
each of the Republican candidates on
the county ticket, but dwelt particu
larly on the present financial condi
tion of the county, and its condition
under Republican rule previous to the
Democratic administration.
He stated that in 1905 the Republi
cans assumed control of the county
with an indebtedness of about $18,000
and at the close of 1909 they turned
over to the Democrats about $26,000
in cash, with practically all bills paid
up to December 30. During this time
the tax rate was reduced from $4.41
in 1905 to $3.40 in 190?.
Mr. Molloy said that the present ad
ministration would have a deficit at
the close of the present year of about
$50,000, and asked that his party be
given an opportunity to again manage
the affairs of the county on an econo
mical basis.
Most Popular Girl
Miss Ruby Livingston, Yuma's most
poular young lady, and the daughter
of Sheriff Gus Livingston, won first
Miss Ruby Livingston
prize in the Yuma News company's
contest just closed.
Her pleasing manner and hustling
ability won her the prize.
The other prize winners and the
contest story will appear in to-mor
row's issue of the Examiner.
Another Mile Post
In Yuma Newspapers
Sloan Champions the
Homesteader's Cause
Chicago, Dec. 3 Governor Richard
E. Slop- of Arizona, speaking before
the Na nal Water Users' Association
here Ss urda, declared for an exten
sion ol time to homesteaders paying
back to the government the money
loaned them for irrigation work.
Governor Sloan stated that the time
should be extended to at least twenty
Siphon Work
' 0
(From Monday's Examiner)
The upper half of the siphon tunnel
is now under the river 280 feel- from
the shaft on this side and the lower
half, or the completed work is only a
short distance behind.
(From Monday's Examiner)
Another mile post was passed to
day in the history of Yuma newspa
pers when C. G. Lindner, representing
the Mergenthaler Linotype company.
came in this morning and took out the
Junior Linotype which formerly be
longed to the Enterprise Printing Co.,
C. A. Seay, Prop.
This machine is the baby brother to
the standard machine now in use in
the Examiner office, and was taken
back by the company because of the
non-payment of the regular -monthly
notes, the machine being sold on that
plan and belonging to the company
until paid fori.
This machine was put into the En
terprise office just before the Daily
Enterprise was launched some months
ago. The newspaper field was over
crowded, and the result was that the
Examiner aid the Sun survived the
newspaper war which followed, and
the Enterprise first ceased the publica
tion of the daily, and later suspended
publication as a weekly.
The finis of the plant was written to
day when Mr. Lindner shipped r the
machine back to the factory.
Three years ago this month Mr.
Lindner sold the Examiner its stan
dard No. 5 model linotype in use in
this office to-daj'.
Since that time the Examiner has
moved steadily forward, and now we
have a new cylinder press on the road
which we hope to have instaued on
the first of the year, and which will
place the Examiner equipment on a
par with any other office in the new
state of Arizona. .'
To the friends and well wishers who
have accorded this paper their hearty
support and co-operation in the past,
we wish to extend our thanks and as
sure them of a bigger, better paper in
every way for the coming yeav.
Died Yesterday
(From Monday's Daily Examiner)
John A. Munn, aged 41 died in Yu-
Republican Rally
Saturday Night
The Yuma Ice Company's soda wat
er is the best Only pure distilled wat
er is used in its manufacture, there
fore it is also the most healthful.
Dring no other. tf
ma yesterday, a victim of the Great
Whte Plague.
Deceased was aged 41, a member of
the Order of Railroad Trainmen, Odd
Fellows and Foresters.
He had been a valued employee of
the S. P. company for the past ten
years and leaves a wife and little
daughter as well as other relatives to
mourn his loss, all of whom have the,
sympathy, of the entire community.
The funeral will take place Tuesday
afternoon at 2:00 p. m,. from the Bap
tist church under the auspices of the
Odd Fellows.
Friends desiring to view the re
mains may do so by calling at the res
idence Tuesday from 10 a. m. to 1:00
p. m.
; o
New Magazines at Saoreya.
.From Yuma Fx:mmer
Phoenix, Dec. 4th,
Chairman H. Vance Clymer, Yuma.
Candidates Wells, Cleveland, Chris
ty, Sturges, Fisk, Poole and Doan will
arrive in Yuma, December 9th, on the
Golden State Limited, and will speak
in Yuma that evening, leaving at
Secretary Republican Ter. Com.
The above telegram was received
by Dr. Clymer this morning, and ar
rangements were immediately set on
foot for another big Republican rally
next Saturday night that will rival the
generous ovation given Cameron, Hov
al Smith, Jack Williams and the crowd
two weeks ago.
One week from to-morrow is elec
tion day and the Saturday night rally
will be the last rally of the campaign
so far as the state candidates are con
cerned, although (the county Republi
can candidates wm proDaDiy noia a
big rally the night before the elec
tion, (Monday night) .
At the Saturday night rally Chair
man Clymer states that every effort
will be made to make it one of the
most enthuiastic rallys ever held in
As stated above, the speakers wiil
ED. W. WELLS, Republican candi
date for Governor of Arizona.
didate for justice of the supreme court
J. F. CLEVELAND, candidate for
secretary of state.
V, D. FISK, candidate for state
candidates for corporation commis
sioners. GEO. W. CHRISTY, Candidate for
attorney general.
Everybody should make it a point
to attend and hear these speakers on
the issues of the campaign.
Women Desire a
Splendid Law
Boston, Mass., Dec. 3 Several
thousand women in this state are be
hind a movement for the passage of a
law whereby widowed mothers will re
ceive a pension for the support of
themselves and children without hav
ing to call upon charitable institu
tions. The movement was started by
the Massachusetts Congress of Moth
Notice Mailed to
Mr. Mike Ghiotto
O ' "
:From Monday's D;n"ly Examiner)
The following notice was recently
received by Mr. Mike Ghiott.7 and pos
sibly by others:
Yuma, Ariz., Oct. 30.
Mr. Mike Ghiotto, Yuma, Ahizona.
It becomes my duty to intorm you
that the Yuma Local at the regular
meeting held October 29, 1911, passed
the following resolution:
"Resolved, That any member of this
local holding a position of special po
lice officer or watchman for the S. P.
Co., be notified that unless the com
rade quit the employment of the S. P.
company immediately, his name will
be stricken from the membership 3f
the Socialist party."
Comrade, the Socialist party - a
working class party and when you
think the matter over, I believe you
will see the matter as all Socialists do
and stop helping the capitalists fight
the working class, for by so doing you
are directly hurting yourself as well
as ail men who work for a living.
We do not think that you took the
crk intentionally to injure anyoae,
hut you could not have taken a step
that would reduce the wages of your
fellow workers more than to act as a
"scab herder."
Every working man is your brother
and every corporation ' is working ; v
reduce your's and every other man
We hope you will at once stop you
relations with the S. P. company, and
come to our meeting next Sunday an
honored comrade. We meet at 3:00
Secretary of Local, Yuma
200 Mules Sick
Clothing Thief
(From Monday's Dally Examiner)
Saturday evening a Mexican pur
chased a pair of socks in the store of
Mrs. Ferguson on Main street. While
the purchase was being wrapped up
he was unable to distinguish the dif
ference between other people's prop
erty and his own, and hid a pair of
pants under his overcoat. A custom
er saw the act and Sheriff Livingston
was notified and started in pursuit.
The man was rounded up and placed
in jail.
Prom Los Angeles
(From Monday's Examiner)
Across the river in California along
the line of the nine miles of canal now
being built by contract for the U. S
R. 8., the contractors are? havin
troubles of their own.
All told about 200 mules are sick
and no one seems to be able to ascer
tain just exactly what is the matter
with them, although the iilness does
not appear to be serious as only
about four or five of tie animals are
reported dead so far as known.
Veterinary Surgeon V. E. Cram, of
El Centro, arrived in Yuma this morn
ing, and has gone across the river
this afternoon to make an investiga'
The. 325,000 alleged to have been
paid the Hearst papers for their in
fluence in Arizona by the Democrats
would have put the Democratic news
papers of Arizona on their feet and i
a position to be a continuous power
for good- in the state, but it would be
contrary to well defined Democratic
policy to build up a home industry.
The Yuma Ice Company's Extra
Dry Ginger Ale is on sale wherever
drinks are sold. Try it tf
(Tuesday's Dally Examiner)
CD. Hamilton, C. F. Hawkins and
C. W. Braden, all registering from
Los Angeles, drove into Yuma this
morning in a diminutive Ford car, that
looked like it would do well if it ran
on paved streets. However, the car
looked to be in good shape and must
have come over the desert trip in flue
shape, although actually, the car looks
to he so small that it wauld hardly be
started on a desert grind If it was nor
made of the right stuff.
These gentlemen are here looking
over the route of the ail-American
road from Yuma to Los Angeles, and
Mr. Hamilton is quite a noted engineer.
New magazines at Shorey'l.
In the District Court of the First Ju
dicial district, Territory of Arizona,
in and forr Yuma county.
Margaret E. Payne, Plaintiff
Louis L. Payne, Defendant.
Action brought in the District Court
of the First Judicial. District of the
Territory df Arizona in and' for the
County , of Yuma and the complaint
filed in said county of Yuma in the
office of-the Clerk of said District
In the name of the Territory of Ari
zona to Louis L. Payne, defendant,
You are hereby summoned and re
quired to appear in an action brought
against you by the above named plain
tiff in the District Court of the First
Judicial District of the Territory of
Arizona, in and for Yuma County, and
answer the complaint therein filed
with the clerk of this said court, at
Yuma, in said county, within twenty
days after the service upon you of
this summons, If served In this said
county, or in all other cases within
thirty days thereafter, the times above
mentioned being exclusive of the day,
of service, or judgment by default
will be taken against yeu.
Given under my hand and seals of
the District Court of the First Judicial
District, Territory of Arizona, in and
for the County of Yuma, this 26th day
of October, 1911.
Clerk of said District Court.
(Seal) By May Humphries,
Deputy Clerk.
Firrst publication, Nov. 3. 4t
In the justice court, First Precinct,
County of Yuma, Territory of Ari
zona, t I
H. Wupperman, Plaintiff,
Louise J. Verville, Defendant.
Action brought in the justice court
of First Precinct in and for the coun
ty of Yuma, in the Territory of. Ari
In the name of the. Territory of Ari
To Louise J. Verville, defendant,
You are hereby summoned and re-
uired to appear in an action brought
against you by the above-named plain
tiff, in the Justice Court ofHhe First
Precinct, in and for the County of Yu
ma, in the Territory of Arizona, and
answer to the complaint filed in salt
Justice Court, at Yuma, in said county,
within five days exclusive of day of.
service, after the service upon you of
this summons; if served within this
Precinct; but if served without this
Precinct, but within the County, tea
days; if served out of the county, fif
teen days; in all dther cases, twenty
days, or judgment by default will be
taken against you.
Given under my hand at Yuma, Ari
zona, this 1st day of November, 1911.
J. C. JONES, .
Justice of the Peace of said Precinct.
First publication Nov. 2. 4t
Yuma, Aria., Nor. 2, 1911.
To J. C. Lanham, his heirs or assigns:
You are hereby notified that L th
undersigned, during the year 1910, ex
pended the sum of $100.00 each on
four mining claims In the Fortuna
mining district, Arizona, and that the
said claims are: "Amazon," recorded
in Book G, of Mines, tag . 44; "Shan
ty Boy," recorded in Book :--"EL. Paea
363; "Cable," recorded In i'irQ;
page 367; and "Anchor" recorded In.
Book Q, page 368, of Yuma county,
Said claims are located about 16
miles from Blaisdell, Arizona.
If, within (90) ninety days from per
sonal service of this notice, or withia
90 days after the first publication
thereof, you fail or refuse to contrib
ute your half 'of suchi expenditure as
co-owner, your interest in the prop
erty will become the property ofsub
scriber. your co-owner, who made the
required expenditures in compliance
with the terms of section 2324 Re
vised statutes of the TJ. S. statutes?
and the amendment thereto, approved
January 22, i880, concerning manual
labor upon mining claims, and tnat
the amount of work done by me has
been the amount required to hold such
claims during the period ending Dec.
31, 1910.
First publication Nor. 4, 1910.
ATENTS Prtduot Farfimis
RIZES for patents. Book on Patents.
Hints to inventnm" . "Inventinna
Needed." "Whv Some TrHwmfru- ftil"
All sent Free., Special lists of possible bay-
era, to our own clients, send rough sketch or
model for search of Patent Office records.
Our Mr. Greeley was formerly Acting Commis
sioner of Patents and as such had f uUcharse of
u. a. latent Office. GREELKY & McINTTRE,
Patent Attorneys, Washington, D. C-
"witH streagtH and ease
tHey always please "

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