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Arizona sentinel and Yuma weekly examiner. [volume] (Yuma, Ariz.) 1911-1915, December 14, 1911, Image 4

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Arizona Sentinel
Editor and Proprietor
Entered as second class matter,
at the postoffice In Yuma, Arizona,
under the act of March 3, 1879.
One Year 2.0G
Six Months
federal Contractor
Begins Real Work
Phoenix, December 11 With the ar
rival in Phoenix yesterday of W. H.
Maxwell, the contractor who will erect
the new $150,000 pdstoffice and feder
al court building on North First ave
nue, between Monroe and VanBuren
streets, assurance is given that build
ing operations will begin at once.
Mr. Maxwell had not been in town
more than 15 minutes before he was
in rnnfprfnf-p with Superintendent jf
Construction Lee Ullery of the build
ings' bureau of the postoffice depart
ment and Postmaster J. H. McCHii
lock. He has with him Lewis Gale, one
of his- construction foremen, who wiU
remain in Phoenix until the buiMnt?
completed and turned oer to the gov-ernfr-pt.
Two other foremen are ex
pected to arrive here to-morrow.
leader is Charged
With Six Deaths
Portland, Me., Dec. 11 An indict
ment containing six counts for the
deaths of six of his followers, while
on a cruise on the yacht Coronet, was
reported by the federal grand jury to
day against Rev. Frank W. Sanford.
leader of the Holy Ghost and U. S.
His trial will be begun immediately .
Dips His'Wings
In the Pacific
Los Angeles, Dec. 11 Calbraith P.
Rodgers finished his ocean to ocean
flight at Long Beach at 4:00 o'clock
yesterday afternoon.
Three minutes later an excited mob
of thousands of spectators broke over
the ropes, overwhelmed the police
force, and with a wild shout of
triumph seized the aviator's biplane
and bore it backwards over 200 feet of
sand until its rear end was laved in
the waters of the Pacific.
CaSexico Special
For Jim Hodges
fFrora the Dsily Examiner)
A special train came up over the
Inter-California yesterday afternoon
with about 30 voters who were regis
tered here and who 'came up. to vote
for Jim Hodges.
With the special were A. F. An
drade, Bill Best and the chief clerk of
the Inter-California.
Among others who came up on the
special were A. R. Stewart, Calexico,
W. B. Lichtenberger, Calexico, Chas.
Lichtenberger, Calexico; Otto Berne
ker, A. Preble, H. A. Jarvis, L. T.
Webben, H. E. Allendorf, George
Hodges and wife, J. Ebner, E. Hart,
H. Lichtenberger, G. C. Escobar, A.
Martinez and others.
Munsey Is Called
Salt Lake City, December 10 J. E.
Munsey, business agent for the Iron
Wbrekr's organization accompanied
by Mrs. Munsey, left this afternoon
for Los Angeles, where he will ap
pear before the federal grand jury now
investigating the dynamiting conspir
acy. It Is said by the federal officers that
after J. B. McNamara dynamited the
Times, he remained for two weeks a
secret guest at the Munsey home.
The New State of Arizona
According to Governor Sloan the
new state of Arizona comes Into the
union with a population of 225,000.
against 204,354 in 1910. The Increase
in Lhe year was largely in the farming
sections, perhaps the best kind of in
crease .
As to the coming statehood, the Gov
ernor says: "The privileges of state
hood are such as to warrant the ex
pectation, that if the affairs f our
new state si. all be conducted econom
ically and with reasonable prudence,
our poulation will rapidly increase
and be followed by a development ot
our resources to a degree which w-3
could not reasonably expect should we
remain a territory."
Arizona approaches statehood with
the knowledge that it has an excellent
school system, maintaining a high
standard for teachers and affording
advantages to our children equal to
those found in older states.
The public school statistics are:
Children of school age (6 to 21) 39,611
Enrolled in the public schools 31,686
Enrolled in high schools 1,343
Attending private schools alone 2,104
Average daily attendance, pub
lic and high 21,776
Male teachers 14u
Female Teachers 736
Roosevelt Approves
Presidential Primary
Oyster Bay, Dec. 11 Upon receiv
ing a copy of Hoval A. Smith presiden
tial primary plank in the Republican
platform in Arizona, Theodore Roose
velt promptly replied, giving the plank
his hearty enodrsement "for Arizona
and everywhere else as just the sort
of sane progressiveism which the
country needs."
McManigal Will Soon
Go to Indianapolis
Los Angeles, Dec. 10 Ortie E. Mc
Manigal is going to Indianapolis in a
few days to tell the federal grand jury
there what he knows of the alleged
dynamiting conspiracy.
Just when he will leave here has
not been determined, but he will be in
Indianapolis by December 22.
McManigal said to-day: "I will, tell
the grand jury everything I know. I
have nothing to conceal. I consider it
my duty to give the authorities all the
information in my possession."
No Red Cross Seals
On Parcel's Face
Buy Red Cross seals and put them
on the BACK of your Christmas par
cels, put them on the back of your let
ters, use them for wrinkle plasters;
to cure your crow's feet; perforate
them and stick them or place them
on your back instead of the "old reli
able'" porous plaster, paint them black
and use them for beauty plasters, do
anything with them that suggests it
self to your mind, but DO NOT put
them on the front or address side of
your letters or packages, because your
Uncle Samuel has a ruling against it.
Fire Destroys Big
Portion of Luna Park
New York, Dec. 11 Fire started
this afternoon at Luna Park, one of
the great show places at Coney Island.
More than half of the park is de
stroyed and at 3:30 p. m., the flames
are still uncontrolled. Structures
across the street are threatened and
the entire island is alarmed.
The Yuma Ice Company's soda wat
er is the best. Only pure distilled wat
er is used in its manufacture, there
fore it is also the most healthful
Dring no other. tf
The Yuma Ice Company's Extra
Dry Ginger Ale is on sale wherever
drinks are sold. Try it. tf
Total number of teachers . . . . 876
New school houses built 1910-11 38
Primary schools 53
Grammar schools 21
High schools 13
Volumes in school libraries . . 32,018
Average monthly salary Male
teachers 110.92
Average monthly salary Fe
male teachers 79.91
School revenue for year ..1,336,049
School expenditure for year 1,152,716
School funds on hand 590,3.41
Total value of school prop
erty 1,995,286
Bonded Debt of school dis
tricts 1,323,99
Manual training and domestic science
departments have been added to near
ly all the graded schools and are giv
ing the best of satisfaction. The new
schools erected are attractive, wrell
designed and well equipped .
The new state finances arenas fol
Revenue for the year $1,110,259
Disbursements for the year 1,115,571
Money on deposit In banks . . 519,949
Bonded debt, net, only 946,972
City and county debt, funded 2,098,302
Valuation in property for taxa
tion 98,032,708
Bank resources, June 7 27,850,654
Yuma, Ariz., Nov. 2, 1911
To J. C. Lanham, his heirs or assigns:
You are nereby notified that I, the
undersigned, during the year 1910, ex
pended tne sum or siuu.uu eacn ou
four mining claims in the Fortuna
mining district, Arizona, and that the
said claims are: "Amazon," recorded
in Book G, of Mines, Page 44; "Shan
ty Boy," recorded in Book H, Page
363; "Cable," recorded in book Q
page 367; and "Anchor" recorded in
Book Q, page 368, of Yuma county
Said claims are located about V
miles from Blaisdell, Arizona.
If, within (90) ninety days from per
sonal service of this notice, or within
90 days after the first publication
thereof, you fail or refuse to contrib
ute your half of such expenditure a.-
co-owner, your interest in the prop
erty will become the property of sub
scriber, your co-owner, who made the
required expenditures in compliance
with the terms of section 2324. R
vised statutes of the U. S. statutes,
and the amendment theielo, approved
January 22, 1880, concerning manuf
labor upon mining claims, and that
the amount of work done by me ha
been the amount required to hold such
claims during the period ending Dec
SI, 1910.
FJrst publication Nov. 4, 1910.
No. 280.
C. F. Curry, Secretary of State.
J. Hoesch, Deputy
Department of State
I, C. F. Curry, Secretary of State of
California, do hereby certify that
have carefully compared the annexed
copy of Articles of Incorporation of
Yuma Electric and Water Company
with the certified copy of the original
now on file in my office and that the
same is a correct transcript therefrom,
and of the whole there of. Also that
this authentication is in due form and
by the proper officer.
Witness my hand and the Great Seal
of State, at office in Sacramento, Cal
ifornia, the 16th day of August, A. D.,
(Seal) Secretary of State.
Yuma Electric and Water Company
Know all Men by These Presents:
That we, the undersigned have this
day voluntarily associated ourselves
together for the purpose of forming a
corporation under the laws of the
State of California.
And we hereby certify:
First That the name of said corpor
ation is: Yuma Electric and Water
Second That the purposes for
which it is formed are:
1. To manufacture, produce, gen
erate or otherwise obtain electric light
power and heat; to condemn and ob
tain rights of way, easements and
franchises for the purposes of market
ing, selling, storing, furnishing, con
ducting and transporting water, light,
power and heat to such places as may
be deemed convenient by the board of
directors of said corporation; to sell
furnish and deal in electric light, heat
and power, and to dispose of such por
tions thereof as may not be iised by
this corporation, to cities, town3, til
lages, private corporations and Indi
viduals, to erect, construct and operate
such buildings, structures, machinery,
apparatus, and devices as may le
deemed necessary or convenient by
the board of directors of said OT)oa
tion, for the purposes of the corpora
tion; to buy, sell and deal in such
goods, wares, merchandise and mater
ials as may be, by said board of di
rectors, deemed necessary or conven
ient in furnishing men and means for
carrying on said business; to locate,
claim, divert and otherwise acquire
water and water rights for all p im
poses; to construct, acquire and main
tain ditches, dams, tunnels, levees, vi
aducts, bridges embankments and ex
cavations, to, across and from any
water course, lake, stream or water
way, and to sell, lease, grant or other
wise dispose of so maen tf the wat'-r
oT water rights thn enured, controll
ed or appropriated, as raav not be used
by this corporation, to certain per
sons or corporations by certain spec
ial contracts or otherwise; to trans
mit electrict lgiht, power and heat to
purchasers thereof and to such places
as the board of directors shall deem
proper, by means of poles and wires,
conduits and subways, or otherwise,
over and through any lands or waters,
or both, in the State of California and
elsewhere, if the purposes of said cor
poration shall so require; to acquire
by deed, gift, will, grant, or otherwise,
lands, tenements, hereditaments, lease
hold estates, water, water rights,
bonds, notes, bills, claims, evidences
of indebtedness, stock of incorporated
companies, franchises, privileges, pat
ent rights and licenses, property and
every estate, right, interest and ap
purtenance in, to or concerning' reai
and personal property or every name
and nature, legal and equitable, and
to have and to hold,, use and enjoy,
manage, control, grant, assign, trans
fer and convey, encumber by mort
gage or deed of trust, and otherwise
dispose of the same and every part
thereof, or interest therein, and to eng
gage in the business of manufacturing
in all its departments, to engage in
the business of supplying light, heat
and power by electrical appliances or
otherwise; to issue its stock in ac
cordance, with It3 by-laws and the laws
of the state of California; to borrow
money and issue bonds upon its rights
and property; and to sell or exchange
the capital stock and bonds of the
corporation hereby created, or any
part thereof, for the capital stock and
bonds of other corporations, and for
other property,1 rights or franchises, as
board of directors of this corporation
deem necessary for the purposes of
this corporation and the prosecution
of its business.
2. To manufacture, produce, or
otherwise obtain ice and refrigerating
liquids and gases; to condemn and ob
tain rights of way, easements and
franchises for the purpose of market
ing, selling, storing, furnishing, con
ducting and transporting the same to
such, places as may be deemed con
venient by the board of directors oi
said corporation; to sell, furnish and
deal in ice and refrigerating liquids
and gases, and to sell, lease, grant or
ottherwlse dispose of tthe same to
cities, towns, villages, private corpor
ation and individuals by certain spec
ial contracts or otherwise; to trans
mit the same to purchasers thereof
and to such places as the board of
directors may deem proper, by means
of pipes, conduits and subways, or
3. To engage in farming and the
sale of farm products.
Third That the place where its
principal business Is to be transacted
shall be the city of Los Angeles, coun
ty of Los Angeles, State of California.
Fourth That the term for which it
is to exist is fifty years from and aft
er the date of Its incorporation.
Fifth That the number of its direc
tors shall be five and that the names
and residences of those who are ap
pointed for the first year are:
Names Residences
H. W. Blaisdell, Los Angeles, Cal.
B. Blaisdell, Los Angeles, Cal.
A. A, Talmage, Los Angeles, Cal.
F. G. Blasdell, Yuma, Arizona
W. T. Heffernan, Los Angeles, Cal.
Sixth That the amount of the capi
tal stock of this corporation shall be
One Hundred Thousand ($100,000)
dollars, divided into one thousand
(1,000) shares, of the par value of one
hundred ($100.00) dollars each.
Seventh That the amount of said
capital stock which has been actually
subscribed is Five Hundred ($500.00)
dollars and the following are th
names of- the persons by whom ths
same has been subscribed, to-wit:
Name of Subscriber No. Shares Amt.
H. W. Blaisdell 1 ..$100. Of
A. B. Blaisdell 1 ..$100.00
A. A. Talmage 1 ..$100.00
F. G. Blaisdell 1 ..$100.0j)
W. T. Heffernan .... 1 ..$100.0fr
In witness whereof, we have here
unto set our hands and seals this third
day of August, In the year of our Lord,
one thousand nine hundred and five.
H. W. Blaisdell (Seal)
A. B. Blaisdell (Seal)
A. A. Talmage (Seal)
W. T. Heffernan (Seal)
F. G. Blaisdell (Seal)
State of California
County of Los Angeles, ss:
On this fourth day of August in the
year one thousand nine hunder and
five, before me, Paul H. M. Pherrin,
a notary public in and for said Los
Angeles county, residing therein, duly
commissioned and swornr personally
appeared H. W. Blaisdell, A. B.
Blaisdell, A. A. Talmage and W. T,
Heffernan, known to me to be the
persons whose names are subscribed!
to the within Instrument, and acknow
ledged to me that they executed th&
In witness whereof, I have hereun
to set my hand and affixed my official
seal at Los Angeles, in said county,
the day and year in this certificate
first above written.
(Seal) Paul H. M. Pherrin.
Notary Public in and for Los Angelej
County, State of California.
Territory of Arizona,
County of Yuma ss:
Before me, PeterT. Robertson. &
notary public in and for the county o
Yuma, Terrlttory of Arizona, on thib
day personally appeared F. G. Blais
dell, known to me to be the person
whose name is subscribed to the fore
going instrument, and acknowledged
to me that he executed the same for
the purpose and consideration thereto
Given under my hand and seal ofl
office, this 12th day-of August, A. D.,
(Seal) Peter T. Robertson.
Notary Public
My commission expires February 11,
State of California
County of Los Angeles,
No. 6398.
I, C. G. Keyes, County Clerk., and
ex-officio clerk of the Superior Court,
do hereby certify the foregoing to be
a full, true and correct copy of the
original Articles of Incorporation of
Yuma Electric and Water .Company
on file in my office, and that I have
carefully compared the same with the
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed the seal o
the superior court this 14th day oJ
August, 1905.
(Seal) C. G. KEYES,
County Clerk.
By T. J. Shea, Deputy Clerk.
First publication Dec. 7, 1911 6t
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