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Our sermon today will have refer
ence to' the highest good of- the chil
dren. And what is good for. them,
will be good for the men and women
;who shall be developed from pyesent
t cmiunood. Ana ior tne nation which
shall be under their care, and by
which they will be governed. One
has said:
"Give me a child until it is seven
v(! ears old and I care not into whose
r. hands it may fall after that."
-.J And a poet sings:
-A -dreary place would be this earth,
; Were there no little people .in it;
' 'The song of life would loose its mirth,
. Were there no children to begin it.
No little forms like buds . toN grow,
;,. And make the -admiring heart sur-
render; ' .
No -little hands on -hrda'st or brow,
. jo keep the thrilling love chords
v, -tender.- '
nothing to compare with it. The best been any lefral oninion rendered avers
authors constantly, draw "from it. to the same. These are Alabama, Col
(C) For the highest good of our orado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida,
great commonwealth; the state should New Hampshire Maryland, North Car
teach the highest moral ethics known olina, aOhio, South Carolina, Tennes
to man in the public school. And see Virginia, Wyoming, and Okla-
these are to be found only in the homa.
ciDie. ience the moral ethics of the Ohio has things a little mixed, for
Bible should be taught in the public there the Supreme Court decided that
schools. - the whole matter of text books was
Judge Hagens in a superior court in the hands of the school board, and
gave as his opinion in deciding a case that the courts will not interfere as
in regard to the Bible in the public to whether they exclude the Bible
schools. He said: "While the elimen- from the public schools or authorize
tary principles ot religion are in the its use.
numan soui, as arithmetic, or any oth- in eight states opinions have been
er science is in the human mind, they rendered against the use of the Bible
need development and direction for hn the public schools. The Supreme
the good of the state." Courts have thus denlded in Tliinnis
ine aioie teaches loyalty to gov-., and Wisconsin. In Nebraska, the Su-
ernments, obedience to magistrates, preme Court rendered a decision
and all that are in authority. against "the sectarian use of the
The Bible condemns all crime and Bible in the public schools," which
commends all that is for the highest was interpreted as being adverse to
and best Interests both to men and its use at all, which to say the least,
nations. ISc n rlniiMfill intprnrprnHnn nf tho lnw
In Ohio there is a law to this effect The attornevs eenerals have deoid-
And I remark that the principles
fixed in early childhood is the index
to the future nation.
Again it is an acknowledged fact
that the Bible is the foundation of
both civil and moral law.
Macklin the actor told a company that. a new Bible should be given to ed the use of the Bible in the public
that he at first designed his son for an apprentice at the end of his ap- "schools to be illegal in California,
the law. And for that 'purpose en- Prenticeship. Now if it is right to Missouri,. Minnesota and Washington,
tered him in' the temple. "And what compel a man or firm to give a Bible And the states' school superintendents
book sir," said the veteran actor, "do to a young man, then by what law is have likewise decided in Arizona. Mon-
you think' I made him begin, with? t wrong to. place' the Bible in the pub- tano and New York.
Why sir, I will tell you, the Bible lic schools. The state provides chap- in New York, however, each county
the Holy Bible." . ' : ' Mains for the soldiers in times of peace superintendent renders a decision ac-
"The Bible, Macklin, for a lawyer," and ' war. It provides religious serv- cording to his own views, and hence
exclaimed a friend. ices lQr ur criminals in the state pen- there are different laws in different
"Yes sir; the properest and most iteiitiaries, builds reformatories for counties.
scientific book for an honest lawyer, our incorrigible youth, and shall it (D) Some opinions relating to the
as there you will find the foundation refuse to allow the teachers and chil- value of the Bible not only to the
of all law as well as' of all morality." uren m .pnr puDiic schools, who are individual but also to the state
And since this is true the Bible tne Purest, the best and the most hope- John Quincy Adams said, "So great
should therefore be taught to the chil-
unborn. Yes, we owe it to the civil
ized and, the uncivilized world. " We
owe it to the Redeemer of men. Yea,
we owe it to the God and Father of
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Will we be true to our trust and train
our children to be the most useful to
themselves and the greatest possible
Must ache ' andbleed beneath your
load; " 2 - &
I, nearer to the wayside inn.
Where toil shall cease and rest be
gin, f am weary thinking of your road!
O little hands, that, weak or strong,
blessing to their fellow men? If so, Have still to serve or rule so long.
ww suau over Keep me ismie within Have still so long to give or ask;
the reach of our children not only at
home but in the public schools also.
That from its sacred page we may
teach and train our children for the
most exalted types of Christian citizen
ship, in this great and good land, which
the Lord xur God hath given us. This
by the Grace of God I trust we shall
I will close my discourse with a few
lines from -Henry Wadsworth Long--
O little feet, that such long years
Must wander on through' hope and
I, who so long with book and pen,
Have toiled among my fellow men,
Am weary, thinking of your task.
O little hearts and souls, that beat,
With such impatient feverish heat
Such limitless and strong desires;
Mine that so long hath glowed and
With passions into ashes turned,.
Now covers and conceals its fires.
And now may God our Father, and
His dlhy Begotten Son Jesus Christ,
and the Holy Spirit be with, and. direct
us all to the Praise and Glory of His
ev,er Blessed Name. AMEN.
Colonel Roosevelt in Alabama renewed his appeal to the Southed support
the Progressive party. .' &ZJj
If you are against me," he said in an address at Montgomery , "Ifye noth
ing to say. The man I am trying to reach is theman who is for" me, 'but votes
against me because his grandfather voted that way. . , ? - '
"The way to honor your forefathers is td face fearlessly the issues of the
present day.
"I want to see AJabamatake its place in national affairs, as,, brilliantly as
it has .dqne In the past. This cannot be done as long as. you do; not face
the liveMssues of the day. ; . " ". '
"Time and again I have championed, the interests of the South againel
to have and to read that book iS my veneration for the Bible that your own senators and congressmen. Instead of voting for the Interests of
No babe within our arms to leap, taught to the children?
-No little feet toward slumber lend
. 'No little knee in prayer to bend,
Our lips the sweet words lending.
No rosy boys at wintry morn,
dren of the nation. which above all other books, tends the earlier my children begin to read
But by whom should the Bible be to save the boys and girls from the it, . the more confident will be my
reioi-iiKHones aim pemienuaries, anu hopes that they, will prove
the South, they kept their eye on me and voted thWway they thought their
grandfathers would have voted." A
A big noise went up from New York, Chicago, St. Louis and other big- cities,
That parents should do this in the to bring an end to all our wars, and citizens, and respectable members of
home I need not argue for God hath estahllsh peace among all nations. society."
said: "And these words which 1 1 If in our political conventions and Abraham Lincoln said, "In regard when the Postmaster General ordered the suspension of Sunday mail deliv
command thee this day shall be in legislative halls and teachers' ihsti- to the great Book I have only to say, eries and told mostly everybody connected with the postoffices and delivery
thine heart; (your very soul purpose tutes prayer should be offered to the that it is the best gift that God has service to go home and enjoy Sunday with their families. The protest how-
should be to obey me) and thou shalt Author of this book, and if it is nec- given to man." ever was snort-lived, since the general public came to the support of the
With satchels to the schoolhouse teach them diligently to thy children ; essary that the Bible be used in the
hasting; ana galt talk of them when thou sit- administration of justice, then how
(To be continued tomorrow) ueiwuneni. ine tounciay closing plan had been previously tried out in the
Time would fail; me to quote from Washington city postoff Ice, and when it was found that it "worked well on the
VNo merry shouts as home they rush, est in thy house) and wften thou wak. can it be denied to the public schools Thomas Jefferson, William McKinley, dog " the result of ' the extension of the plan to the country generally was
v ' No precious morsels for their taste- est by the way and when thou iest where it would be a most important Stanley Hall, president of the Clark assured in advance. To the great surprise of many people who have long
. . ins. ' ' down and when thou riest ud. And factor in the training of children in university: Nicholas Murray Butler. thouSht otherwise, they are able to get along without trmfr man Wi,hi
I I I J v . . . , , . ' v AIXWUW
thou shalt bind them for a sign of the highest duties of noble citizenship, president of Columbia university; uu uluruis wunout any serious inconvenience.
'James Thompson said: thine hand; the hand is a symbol of Dr. T, P. Stevenson said: "If this prof. Sadler of Michigan university.
i-Delightful taskl To rear the tender execution, hence your conduct must is a christian nation, the public and scores of other men of national or MEN OF THE NEW ERA
, thought, - be obedience to my law. And they schools ought to conform to the na- international renown either as states- Every fair-minded voter in the country must have been .'impressed with tha
To'.teach the young idea how to shoot; shall be as frontlets between thine tional chaaracter, and transmit that men or as men of letters. fat that whenever and wherever the Progressives placed a candidate before
To pour the fresh instruction o'er the eyes; the forehead is a symbol of character to the next generation." i will however, content myself by the people he has been a man of highst character as well as sound ability
niind. thought of belief, hence thou shalt Aud I remark that since this is con- quoting from but a few more. This is true of the party in every state.' The man whom the discredited and"
'To breathe the enlivening spirit," and believe my words. And thou shalt fessedly a christian nation, that body The National Association of Edu- repudiated old-line party politicians oppose is the man whom the honeat
-o iix write them upon the posts ot thine qi men ue uiey Jews, iviuuummeuaus, cation when convened at Minneapolis, ijauiuui; voter can sareiy support.
The generous purpose in the glowing house. (The blood on the door posts? Infidels, Atheists, or any other body Minnesbta, unanimously adopted a
urease. of Israel In Eevnt meant security to or secc, caning wemseives unrisuans, resolution in lavor of the reading and A HAPPY soi nrinw
that familyhence the writing on the have any right to attempt . to breakhtudy of the English Bible in the pub- In a brief editorial CollierH seeks to soothe the concern of "manvnrinnq
, uur iirsc text states too great lacts: door posts means that there must be uown our onrisuan nuerues, or iu nc schools, from which I will quote Americans," who are asking the proper feminine of "Bull Moose" Collier's
a. The Exalting Character of Right- a home religion, piety in the family.) change our form of government. - iu part, "We do not urge this in the ungallantly leans to cow, and In support of Its preference quotes verse from
eoushess, and b. The Debasing Char- And. on thy gates." (Deut. 6: G-9). On Remarks interest of sectarian instruction of Kipling as authority. The choice Is ungracious and objectionable. A happier
acter of Sin. thy gates a man must hvae a religion (A) Reading the Bible in the public any kind, but that this great Book feminine is available. Try Belle Moose.
Our second text shows the far-reach- that extends beyond his home, among school is not a union of church and may ever be the teacher's aid in the .... . t
ing influences of child training "He neighbors in business; yea, in all ave- state. ' interpretation of history of literature, And not a man in the state can appreciate the humnr nf'-RWVuo wt
will not depart from it.'!
nues of life. The Bible is not simolv a book for law and life; an unrivaled agency in declamation that he and his followers nr tha. m,hiu; .
jut not oniy snoum tne aioie ue the church, but it Is a book for the tne development 01 true citizensmp, as more man vv. b Herrin. Los Angeles Express.
taught in the -fiome but I hold and state likewise. well as the formation of a pure ht-
affirm with all the honesty and fervor .The church has no right to withhold erary style," Governor Johnson's tour is rapidly changing conservative New.Wfrianri
01 my soui, mat me ciDie snoum nave the Bible from the state no has the arumai ujupuna aaiu, ine mtn mio xrogressive xew England.
and hold -a prominent placev in our state the right to withhold the Bible and women of our day will, I am sure,
public schools. t-r0m the church. It belong to both. be much better themselves and will
(A) Because of its moral teaching. The Old Testament belongs to the also be able to transmit to their chil-
TVizi TMVilti Jo tlin tnnot Imnni-tont foi r x i j. j. l i. t rlron on inhorit nnno nf fvim mnpolUb
xjiuiv - luuiwwui, -v. jews irmy, uul uui lu tuts jews uiuiie, w .v,v- -r j tt r eino- -j .,Jlf i
o ,in(;, x? u ,-o L ti .u. r,,, , ,J,f nf chi orQ hrftl,,i,f m J Hell Howe, Singer , and other xnllUoQalf e
m om,Up - - ior it ueiongb lu me wuiBuuu uuuiuu j " Inventors began life as poor boys. . Fortunes
iwalt other inventors Can YUU thine ot
Our third text gives a clue to the
highest source of chiM culture The
Word of God.
Notice First the Two Great Facts
Righteousness in man shows nobil
ity of character, not only in the in
dividual, but also in society and in
t Righteousness wherever found com
mands respect; respect grows into ad
miration; which lifts a man to'pedes-
written, "The enterence of thy word also knowledge of Biblical facts and teach
giveth light; it giveth understanding." Now it jg no union of Jews and ing.
Psalms 119-130. "Thy word is a light christian3 because we hold the Old Archdeacon Slaterly said, "I should
unto my feet and a lamp unto my mQxnionl. in nmtTlhn Neither i! be very slad for my Protestant fellow
path." The Bible is the great treas- fte church and state united because Christians, that they should have their
ury of all moral thought and teach- both in common hold the Bi0ie Bible taunt openly and honestly as
ing. Apart from the Bible I know (B) Tne reading of the Bible in ihe ts diSnity deserves in the schools,
not how we could teach the highest bUc schools w,n not odqce sec. ud it will be a sad day if the Protest
principles of morally. Its language is tarianism. TUe Bible is nbt a sectar- ant community does not agitate till
clear and impressive. Its teaching ;an bookf but ,8 stron?ly opposed to I will quote from but one other,
enobling and uplifting. Its precepts the division o christians into dif- they get lt"
developed by statesmen, make the ferent sectS- Cardinal Newman said, "I rejoice that
best codes of laws for the government Were we tQ ,urn our schoos illto the Bible is read m the boarding
of mankind. Its principles contain L..., LnrffiHl Rfiftfpjjm!bm schools of England, even without a
the very quintessence of domestic, .ht trnW . fnatered hv the teach- correct Interpretation. It is better the
0" I l. r i i i u l xi . 11
ova T?nt the mere renilinEr nf it. nev
"... . , .n ... u-iio character, the work, the life, the para-
er. But it would tend to th6 bringing I , ' ' , ' ,.,
all into the unity of the faith.
(C) Wherever the Bible has been
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social and political economy.
Shall thiSi the very best of all books
for the teaching of the very best,
the highest and by far the most im-
that combine
low cost of
portant instruction for children, as Lemoved from our puoiic schools, it
well as for adults be barred trom our ig manifestly our duty to replace it.
bles of the Saviour of the world; ,
.nan that they should grow up with
jut the knowledge of His name."
And I am glad to say tljat the
4-aIV. lif i -
1.1I?S 111 innin anohtInAn -1.5 j. i. -
hearts'ot the' peop.e zlaZZ iZHf. hW Whlle !t re haS not been a,,owofl
to positions of honor.
This is true with a man among his
the importance of this matter and dur-
ng this month there will doubtless j
have been thousands of sermons
ireached on this subject In the United
States. I have not only been request
ed by the National Reform Association
to preach on this subject but to have
ny sermon published.
In June and July of next year at i
.Portland, Oregon, will be held the
Second World's Citizenship Confer
ence. With many of the greatest men
in the civilized world as speakers,
among whom will be the Hon. William
made to place in the schools the very to go we should see that it enters
best text books on science, literature, We have reason to rejoice that the
fellow men, and equally true anions art and aI1 other branches of, a need" Bible is not excluded from all public
the nations of the earth. ed education; shall we withhold from 3Chools. The laws of the District ot
"On the other hand that man or OUr cllildren that which is the. best Columbia, is favorable to the ase of
nation,, that is unjust and -dishonest; and most imPrtant of all? the Bible in the public schools. Nine
base and wicked. That man or na- To do so is to rob our cuildren of ;tates "also favor it Georgia, Indiana,
ton's sin will bring reproach, shame the very best and highest nart of Towa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missis
and dishonor. Such a man will lower an education. It will also rob our sjppi New Jersey and both North and
himself among his fellow men; and nation yet to be o the greatest moral South Dakota.
that nation will lower itself among the light amon its citizens and rob the Mississippi in - its state constitution
nations of the earth. Of this truth nation of the highest types of states- provides, as should every state, for the
there are scores of illustrations both men and rob ifc of tnat national right- use of the Bible in its public schools.
among nations and men, that Will eousness by wnicb Its exalted position And the law of North Dakota, says Rl'irilPtf D
onme rovMUr , amomr the nntinnc nf tT,Q nu Th1 cl.nll nnt he fleemerl o sen- jennmSS. K0Dert J- Burdett, U
LU UU1 minus. ...i, c.cn iuc D Brooker T Washington and Hon
It is said that, "The child's first be maintained, and by which all na- tarian book; it shall not be excluded democratic candi-
r mu Z., na aga,n i ' " , "Z " "uuc UCL a"J ' ; 7; date for the presidency of the United
nittL ine cmia is lather to the man. 1 stimumuug example 01 in eieveu suites eiuiei uib uuuho
Hence the importance of early child true nobility. or ihe states' school superintendents
training. (B) The Bible should be in our pub- have decided that it is lawful to use
And since "Righteousness tendeth scbol because of its literary evcel- the Bible in the public school, viz:
to life," and "Delivereth from death,' ence-
as the Good Book teaches: and also 0f which, however, we shall make and West Virginia, the Supreme
since "Sin when" it is finished bring- but brief 'mention. Courts has so decided; while a like
ltVl V.fl Anr.fl, il.. j I r i 1 . ... .. I.lnnlcfnn linn lAir fun rtnrofl llV fllQ I
ucuiu, wo see uie import- uur auiest lawyers quote iiherany 'uu "J Bible in the public schools of Arizona
ance 01 me eariy training of children trom it in our courts; poets and art- states scnuui HuijeriinenuonLa m
in ways of righteousness. ists search its sacred pages both for Arkansas, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Rhode
It is well understood that the wel- subjects and for inspiration. As a Island, Utah and Vermont,
fare of a democratic form of govern- book of classics it stands at the head In fifieen states there are no laws
ment is very largely dependent on of all ancient authors. And in all either for or against the Bible in
the morals and intelligence of its peo- modern literature there is absolutely the public schools. Nor has. there
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HUNNiCo.36lBre. New York
Branch Offlco. 635 F 8t- Waahlnato". D.C.
It is my hope and ambition to be
a delegate to this convention.
Thf timA !s T hplipvfi not far rlls-
In Maine, Kentucky, Michigan, Texas I wU be &
moral force compelling an enlightened
conscience in our courts to place the
And that day may soon come.
We owe this to our children. We
owe it to ourselves. We owe it to
our great commonwealth, not of Ari
zona alone, but to every state of the 1
Union. We owe it to the generations
Mo. 88
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