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Flagstaff, Ariz., June 8, 1915.
Editor Arizona Sentinel,
Yuma,. Arizona.
Dear Sir:
It will be greatly appreciated if you
will give place in the Sentinel to the
following for the benefit of the North
ern Arizona Normal school. Thank
ing you kindly I am
Very truly yours,
For some weeks past plans have
been materializing to conduct a large
summer school at the Northern Ari
zona Normal School, Flagstaff, Ari
zona. Some students have already
registered; many reservations for
rooms have been made; and, still, in
quiries come from all parts of this
state and adjoining ones. The pros
pects are very bright, and there is
every indication for a most successful
The work will be in charge of a
faculty of eighteen members. The
thirteen rcr"V .jifcsrs ai-e il. 1.
i. uiome, Ph." D., principal; Edward
F. Honn, assistant principal; Grace
Caldwell, head of department of Lat
in and Spanish; Cora I. Botts head
of department of history and geogra
phy; Clarence D. Thorpe, head of de
partment of English; Earl E. Rosen
berry head of department of manual
training; Emma B. Jones, head of de
partment of Economics; Nora E.
Blome, head of art department; Leslie
N. Goodding, head of the science de
partment; Willis E. Berg, head of de
partment of agriculture; Mary G.
Bqyer, assistant in department of Eng
lish; Iva Winterfield, substitute in
department of English, and Cornelia
Luscomb head of music department.
The remaining five members come
to instruct in the summer school only.
.John N. Adams, who a few years ago
was head of the department of sci
ence of the Northern Arizona Normal
.school, will be instructor in. physics
And chemistry. R. G. Stevenson, su
perintendent of the public schools at
Jerome, Arizona, will teach geography
and physiology. Leona M. Haulot, of
the training department of the Tempe
normal school, Tempe, Arizona, will
have the Palmer Method of penman
ship classes. Alice J. Mead principal
of the Sangamon street school, Deca
tur, Illinois, will have charge of the
primary classes in the training school.
A, O. Neal, Ph. D., of the department
of education, University of Arizona,
will conduct the classes in pedagogy
and history of education.
During the eight weeks a semester's
work is covered in any given subject.
All classes in major subjects recite
twice a day. All classes in minor sub
jects recite once a day. Two majors
and one minor constitute a maximum
amount of work.
As a recreation from work the sur
roundings of Flagstaff offer many op
, portunities for picnics, outings for a
day, and week-end camping trips.
The session opens on June 21st and,
continuing for eight weeks, closes on
August 13th. The Santa Fe, Southern
Pacific, and El Paso and S. W. rail
roads will make a rate of one and one
third fare for the round trip to those
wishing to attend the summer school
at the Flagstaff Normal school this
summer. Rates will be in effect on
June 18th to 21st, good to return on
August 14th to 17th.
Should any one reading this article
wish to know more about the Northern
Arizona Normal school summer ses
sion, inquiries will be promptly and
fully answered.
Ernest H. Baldwin, U. S. R. S. pres
ent supervising engineer of the south
ern division, of which Yuma is a part,
has been appointed assistant to' the
chief of construction, S. B. Williamson
whose headquarters is at Denver.
It is stated on good authority that
Engineer Stone, formerly of the Pan
ama Canal has refused the appoint
ment to succeed Francis L. Sellew as
project manager here, and that it has
been tendered to Engineer Cole of the
Idaho project, who has established a
splendid record in the interests of the
people of Idaho. It is not yet known
whether he will accept. It is known
that this appointment was also tender
ed to L. N. ' Lawson, well known as
assistant f project engineer here some
years ago, but he declined, preferring
to remain at El Paso. Mr. Lawson
is for the time being, a member of
the Elephant Butte project cost re
view board.
In the matter of the inquisition into
the cause of the death of Richard:
Haynes, deceased Verdict "of Cor-'
oner's Jury. j
We, the undersigned, having been '
duly summoned and sworn by J. C. I
Jones, a coroner,, of Yuma county, j
State of Arizona to act as jurors ia
the matter of the inquisition into the
cause of the death of Richard Haynes,
having viewed the remains and having
heard and considered all the evidence
presented, and being duly informed in
premises upon our oaths do say that
from the evidence before use we find
the facts to be as follows:
That the name of the deceased was
Richard Haynes, that he was of the
age of. about 70 years, at the time of
his death, in (or near) the town of
Yuma, County of Yuma, State of Ari
zona, at about the hour of 12:30
o'clock p. m., on the 9th day of June
1915; that his death was occasioned
as the result of a gunshot wound in-
m 111 HAMS
flicted ononis left leg by a rifle in the
hands of one John Willis; but we do
not attach any criminal responsibility
to the act of John Willis as we deem
he was justified in the shooting; that
the deceased was an old soldier and
had served as a private in Co. E of
the 123d Ohio Volunteer infantry, and
was formerly a member of the sol
dier's home, at Sawtelle, California;
that the deceased left a sister surviv
ing him by the name of Mrs. Jane
Haynes, residing at MarysYllle, Calif.
To all of which we certify by at
taching our signature hereto this 10th
day of June, A. D., 1915.
' O: JACKSON, , t.
Coroner of the First Precinct, County
of Yuma, State of Arizona.
Mrs. J. H. Willis, wife of the man
who did the killing is probably a
niece of the dead man. Her maiden
name was Haynes. Just before his
death yesterday afternoon he denied
that he was any relation to Mrs. Willis
tout Byron Gray stated that a year and
a half ago Haynes had made a state-1
ment to him to the effect that Mrs. j
Willis was probably his niece. j
According to Gray who was the,
only witness put upon the -stand who)
had heard Haynes make any state-1
ment of the shooting, Haynes said just J
before his death, "I didn't shoot." The :
Winchester which was found near his j
body, upon examination, showed that ,
that it had been recently discharged, i
A shell of the same calibre was found '
upon the ground near the deceased ;
which also had been recently dis-j
charged. j
According to the testimony yester-i
day Willis and Haynes had been con-!
stantly quarreling for the past two
years. The last serious quarrel oc-
curred some four weeks ago. None of j
the witnesses know whether the two j
men had quarreled the night or day
previous to the shooting.
One year ago, Willis had Haynes
arrested; about that time also Haynes
assaulted William Barber but noth-
J ing was done. It was hinted recent-
ly that the grand jury would look
into the troublesome MjT. Haynes; but,
again, nothing was done, and the kill
ing of Haynes occurred the following'
day. Though Willis has always had
the reputation of being a peaceable
iuan, the killing has occasioned no
surprise among those who live near
him and were familiar "'ith all the
Col. Ed. Fletcher, president of the
San Diego & Arizona Highway Assoc
iation, received a telegram yesterday
from the California Highway Commis
sion at Sacreraento, saying that the
commission has officially adopted the
El Centro and Holtville road to Yuma
over the sand hills, a.; the state high
way to the Arizona line.
OTTAWA, Canada A bill has been
introduced into the house o com
mons giving women nurses and all
soldiers, whether 21 years old or not
the right to vote. It is likely to pass.
' F
Yuma, Arizona
Modern Department Store
x Complete line of Staple
and Fancy Groceries,
Delicatessen, Fruits and
Vegetables, Dry Goods,
Shoes, Notions, Hard
ware, Implements, Har
ness, Saddlery and Fur
niture. Prompt deliver
ies to all parts of the
city. Telephone con
nections in each depart
ment :-: :-: :-:
Yuma, Arizona
HAZLETON, Pa. Jacob Getski, an
armless man, has been arrested for
beating his wife. Mayor James Har-
j vey is wondering how the wife will
j prove her charge when the case comes
j to trial.
Miss Yvonne Seldon Munroe was
given a surprise party yesterday after
noon at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Squire Munroe, on Fourth
avenue, it being the occasion of her
four weeks' birthday.
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