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Arizona sentinel Yuma southwest. (Yuma, Ariz.) 1915-1916, July 01, 1915, Image 7

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Following the final passage
. of the land bill on Tuesday,
both branches of the legisla
ture gave themselves over to
relaxation, says the Republi
can. The house put in a full
day without the complete ac
complishment of anything. It
went into the committee of
the whole for the purpose of
considering a half dozen
measures on the calendar but
only one of them was consid
ered, the senate bill for the
amendment of the semi-annual
tax payment law passed
in the regular session. The
proposed amendment con
sists only of a change in the
time of the year when the
semi-annual taxes fall due.
Under the law as it now
stands, the first payment is
not due until some time after
the taxes are needed for the
schools and it was therefore,
proposed to change the dates
to the first Monday in No
vember and the first Monday
of May.
The judiciary committee, to
which the bill had been re
ferred, reported -it out with a
house bill of the same tenor
and along with it were several
amendments by the commit
tee. Others were offered in
the course of the day and de
bated, though the debate hov
ered about the principle of
the semi-annual system, tho
it is already established and
the abolition of it is not pro
posed in either of the bills.
Mr. Edwards, however, pro
posed an amendment that
would have repealed the law
and established the old law,
but no enthusiasm was arous
ed, though, Mr. Johns, the
principal advocate of the
senate bill, pronounced it a
Late in the afternoon the
senate and the house bills
were both referred to the com
mittee on judiciary with in
structions to present them
this morning at ten o'clock.
The next bill on the calen
dar was laid over without los
ing its place. Similar action
was taken on the next one,
and the one after that until
all of them were thus dis
posed of. "Is this being
done," asked an uneasy mem
ber, "that they may all be
killed together?" There was
no reply, but on the face of
things, it looked as if the
house was planning a Roman
holiday, a carnival of slaughr
ter, an-argyjof Jblopck aiWkoien
sale legalized murder.
The house, after all this
sanguinary planning, took an
adjournment until ten o'clock
this morning:
When the house met in the
morning, Speaker Brooks,
leaving the chair, offered a
motion for a reconsideration
of the vote by which the bill
creating the department of
i labor has been passed. -He
had voted for it, he said; with
'out a full apprehension. .He
had come to the conclusion
I that such a department was
'not needed. The laborers eng
gaged in mining, and that was
the chief industrial pursuit in
! the state, were well protected
by the mine inspection law.
.There was no other industry
of such importance as to war
rant the expenditure of so
large a sum as would be nec
essary to maintain a depart
ment of labor.
. This view was taken also
by Mr. Christy, who believed
that such a department would
be worse than useless. The
labor commissioner, he said,
would be apt to be an agitator,
at any rate, he would have to
make a showing of activity,
and, in consequence, he sure
would encourage disputes
which might be averted by
employers and employes
without outside interference.
. Mr. Pinkley asked the
speaker if it would suit him if
his motion to reconsider were
killed. The speaker replied
that that would serve his pur
pose; he desired only to put
himself on record as opposing
the bill. The motion was then
put.and lost by a vote of 13
to 15."
In the morning session of
the senate little was done be
yond the reference of house
bills and the reports of com
mittees. The committee on
appropriations recommended
the passage of the bill for the
relief of settlers in Navajo
and Apache counties, suffer
ers from the floods of last
April. There was alsoa very
friendly expression in favor
of the bill appropriating
$2,733.90 for the salaries of
members of the land commis
sion from March Wto June 1
of this year. Later in the day
the senate passed the bill al
lowing one of the stenogra
phers in the office of the sec
retary of state $100 a month
instead of $75. An early ad
jpummeri . waste.ken Jy, the
senaYe5in the afterndbh that
the members and their wives
might attend a picnic and par
ty given at Riverside Park by
the lady attaches in honor of
the forty-first birthday or
President Sims.
Beside the calendar of the
committee of the whole house
including the semi-annual
payment of taxes bill, it is
possible that the Edwards
prohibition bill will be taken
up, but its defeat is foreshad
owed. In that case there will
be no prohibition legislation
: unless the house takes up the
senate bill construing the
constitutional amendment.
The status of the anti-capital
i punishment bill is uncertain.
When, on Monday, its friends
failed to secure its reference
to the committee on enrolled
and engrossed bills, Mr. Pink
ley, the author, changed its
vote in order to move for a
reconsideration of the vote.
That motion had not been
made and it is suspected that
it is the intention not to at
tempt the resurrection of the
It was the belief of mem
bers last night that barring
unforeseen accidents the ses
sion may be brought to a close
with the week, though in
some quarters the opinion
was expressed that the end
would not come before next
Tuesday when the last appro
priation for the current and
contingent expenses of the
session will be exhausted. The
exhaustion of the session at
that time would not be regard
ed as a coincidence that
would excite remarks on the
part of 'the superstitious.
Do as you would be done
by. Persian.
Do not. that to a neighbor
which you would take ill from
him. Grecian.
One should seek. for others
the happiness one desires for
one-self. Buddhist.
What you would not wish
done to yourself do not do to
others. -Chinese.
He sought for others the
good he desired for himself.
Let him pass on. Egyptian.
All things whatsoever ye
would that men should do un
to you, do ye even so to them.
The true rule of life is ro
guard and do by the things of
others as. they do bv their
Let none of you treat his
bi other in a way he himself
would dislike to be treated.
The law imprinted on the
hearts of all me a is to love
members o society as
itcmelves. Roman.
Eating shrimp salad.
Playing checkers. ' . . .
Makiner hannuet sneeches. :
Hearing banquet speeches.
Dancing the fox trot. ;
Holding bob-tails.
Arguing with a woman. " , . v.
H. W:
The kind of a package that you re-,-fer
to cannot be sent through the par
cel past. EVery man has to carry that
sort of a package for himself.
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