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Arizona sentinel Yuma southwest. (Yuma, Ariz.) 1915-1916, August 05, 1915, Image 3

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Yuma Farmers Will Make An
Appeal to Congress Thru Lane
(By Benjamin Franklin Fly)
Realizing the absolute necessity of
giving Secretary Lane first-hand inloi
mation as to what charges should be
eliminated from the items of cost now
taxed against the Yuma project, An.
zona side, and further realizing that
thet the best, the quickest, and really
the only legitimate way to do it is
through the board 6f cost review, lead
ing farmers of Yuma valley have de
cided to petition Secretary Lane and
ask him to name a board of cost re
view, in accord with the Yuma Daily
Examiner's suggestions that the third
man on the board be a water user of
we'll known repute on some outside
project. -
The subjoined petition Is the docu
ment now being circulated. It speaks
for itself, plainly showing that the
board's findings are not to be binding
on either the government or the water
users, but only for the avowed pur
pose of accumulating data that may
help Secretary Lane in his appeal to
Congress, as well as to guide hm in
eliminating such items of cost as he
may legally eliminate upon recom
mendations of the board.
This is exactly what the Yuma Daily
Examiner has been contending for all
along. It in no wise refers to or has
any bearing on the contract between
the government and the water users'
association whether the contract be
real or imaginary. It is simply in line
with an honest effort to get it in the under the project are not so bound
"record, just as Bard is doing, that
Yuma valley farmers are being taxed
too much when they are askel to
pay for millions of dollars worth of
work that rightfully belongs to some
other account.
It will give the board a chance to
recommend that the mesa beT included
in the project, which will ver mate
rially reduce the cost per acre of the
whole project.
It will save all the money spent on
preliminary and useless surveys that
are not properly chargeable to the Yu
ma project.
It will save all the river revetment
It may save the entire cost of that
dam, Laguna, or at any rate mak? in
stallment payments for 75 to 100 years.
It will do so much good that Yuma
valley farmers can already congratu
late themselves that the board of cost
review will save them lots of trouble
and lots and lots of money.
And, finally, it can not possibly do
any harm. Every farmer in the val
ley shoud sign it without hesitation.
Yuma, Ariz., Aug. 5, 1915.
The Honorable,
The Secretary of the' Interior,
Washington, D. C.
Dear Sir:
"We, the undersigned people under
the Yuma Project, Arizona side, re
spectfully represent:
That a board of review :for the eng
tire Yuma project, confining its activi
ties to the larger questions described
in your instructions to the local board
of review, would secure valuable in
formation useful to yourself and to
Congress in dealing with this project.
That a prolonged and expensive in
vestigation requiring employment of
engineers, accountants and attorneys
woudl not be advisable and would be
unnecessary at this time.
That much information gathered by
the board of review for the California
lands would be available for the new
board, limiting to such extent the time
required for investigation.
That such a board could conclude
its labors in two or three weeks.
That it would be difficult- for th&
people under the project to agree upon
a representative of the board but all
would be satisfied if you name the'
three members and especially if one
were a prominent and capable water
user from some other project
We understand that you are not '
necessarily bound by any findings or .
recommendations of the local boards
of review and that the water users
PHOENIX, Aug. 6. After a five-day
trip into the region of the Papagoes,
Cato Sells, United States commission
er of Indian afairs, and Governor Hunt
returned to Phoenix last evening.
Commissioner Sells and the governor
were accompanied on the trip by Su
perintendent J. B. Brown of the U. S.
Indian school; Charles R. Osborn, sec
retary of the board of control; Leo
Crane, of the Hopi reservation, and
Seth Moyle.
The party left Phoenix Sunday after
noon, going first to Sacaton and then
south to Tucson and from there to the
Papago- reservation. Commissioner
Sells will visit a number of other res
ervations before leaving for Parker,
where he will inspect- the Colorado
River reservation.
Number of acres .
City Attorney Henry Wupperman
declares that lie Las been drinking
too much water and that in conse
quence he cannot sit down. At least,
while nosing around today, we noticed
that he didn't sit down very quickly,
and seemed very much inclined to
stand up. He has installed cushions
on every chair in the office, presuma
bly for his numerous clients.
Henry acts very much like a fellow
that we saw once who lad been steal
ing chickens and received a charge of
buckshot in the extreme rear. We're
pot going to drink any of his kind of
The decision of Judge Stanforu
granting the application of Jesse
Boyce for a writ of mandamus to com
pel payment of claims by State Auditor
Callaghan was signed and transmitted
to the auditor late yesterday afternoon
at Phoenix. The court announces if
general conclusions of law: First, that
the governor's veto of the ropealiag
clauses where the amount appropriat
ed was approved is not in effect; sec
ond, that the veto was constitutional
as to those items appropriating money.
which were disproved in their entire
ly; and third, that the governor's veto
( of those sections repealing previous
J existing laws, without making a money
' appropriation, is sui
Yuma's famous Indian band, which
has just finished a month's engage
ment at the San Diego Fair, are home
Sign the petition that is herewith again. The band was under the lead
printed and bring it or send to ihejership of Prof. Bion E. Mills. The
Yuma Daily Examiner, no matter I boys making the trip were John Mc
whether you have already signed one ! Kinley, Williford Parker, Grover
or not. A blank petition is here at the Bread, Eddie Tone, John Lee, Henry
Examiner office. Drop in and sign it. Chappos, Joe Montague, Migual Bry-
The wish of those who have the peti- ant, Jessie Webb, Herbert Bryant, Fi
tion in hand is that it be completed by delis Wills, Tony Curran, Edwin Jack
not later than Saturday of this week, son, Joel Olip, Rafael Clearlon, Willie
so Secretary Lane can act by next Sivilla, Sennen Russel, Shelby Parker,
Monday. Frank Dewey, Robert Lewton, Alfred
Here is the petition. Read it, and Venne, Thomas Jackson, -Thomas To-'
then sign it: jbac and William Black.
The Germans have now moved into
Warsaw bag and baggage and the
Russians have moved to the next town.
Warsaw is the third largest city of
"Ye Old-Time Virginia Minstrels"
are coming to town,. August 16. The
advance man was in Yuma today.
Do you want better county roads?
Tell everybody and keep on telling
and agitating until we get them.
Do you feel the need of a little ex
ercise, brother? We suggest the gar
den, or the weeds around your neigh
O Overwork the women and the O
O next generation will be born O
O tired. " o
Yuma company of the Arizona Na
tional Guard will leave for Tucson on
Saturday night, and from there will go
to Garden Canyon for the annual encampment.
New Magazines at Shoreys.
(By Benjamin Franklin Fly)
Weather Observer Hack
ett continues to "make good"
on his assertion that "we
have no killing frosts here;
Yuma has a climate peculiar
unto itself."
For the past three days,
however, I have .been some
what apprehensive about his
well established record lor
truth and veracity, but all
danger of a "killing frost'
seems to have passed.
The orange groves onthe mesa- are
apparently unhurt, and the mercury, in
the little glass tube has settled down
or rather up to its ''normal" station,
with the chances in favor of "con
tinued fair weather." It will, there
fore, be perfectly safe to leave your
overcoats at home for the next day
or two at least, that is, it will be safe
to leave them provided you lock them
up in your ice chest; otherwise, ' that
unfeeling, malicious weather man over
at Phoenix is very apt to burn them
up, for he's real mad.
Laying all joking aside, it must be
admitted that our climatic conditions
for the past few days have simply
been delightful, as compared with
Dante's "Inferno," at any rate. Judge
Holgate, legal adviser of the local
board of cost review, is charmed with
the "evenness" of our temperature.
He hails from . Washington, D. C,
where at this season of the year ev
erything and everybody goes into a
state of hibernation, but not so with
Judge Holgate while he is here. In
stead of hibernating, he is going thru
the incubating stage in other words
he has already learned how to ward
off "killing frosts" by dressing for
the occasion, a la shirt-tail when pre
paring an opinion for the board of
cost review, or for Mr. Teasdale's,
It is only fair to Weather Obesrver
Hackett to say that for the past few
days he has been very busy on his;
monthly- reports, and hasn't had very
much time to mix up batches of new
and fresh mercury. He promised" me
this morning, however, that he would
hoist a big black flag from the top
of his weather station if there were
any signs of a "killing frost" visiting
Yuma tonight. I have unbounded
faith in his ability to keep "Old Jack
Frost" away from us for several days
to come. ' ' '
Subscribe for the Examiner.
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