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Arizona sentinel Yuma southwest. (Yuma, Ariz.) 1915-1916, August 05, 1915, Image 7

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(By Benjamin Franklin Fly)
The local board of cost re
view was in "executive ses
sion" 11 day yesterday, and
'making satisfactory progres'
as expressed by Chairman
Fleming; but just what the
"progress" was I am unable
to say, further than the fact
that most of the time was
consumed in discussion relat
ing to "operation and main
tenance," which still holds
the right-of-way on the pro
gram. It was discussed again to
day, during which time Man
ager Kelly, of the irrigation
system, was on the witness
stand, he having returned
from his vacation trip espe
cially for that purpose.
Tomorrow and Monday it
is understood that "not less
than 6 nor more than 12" wa
ter users from Bard will be
placed on the stand to tell
what they know about "oper
ation and maintenance,'' af
ter which the board will pro
ceed to the consideration of
other matters "irrigable
area or drainage probably
.being next in order.
When I arrived at the board's head
quarters at 5 o'clock last evening, the
door had just been thrown open.
Chairman Fleming, Mr. Teasdale
and Mr. Baldwin had just begun read
ing, for the purpose of correction, the
two days' transcript of proceeding that
were some time ago voted to be sent
to Secretary Lane and Dr. Elwood
Mead. There are ONLY 180 pages, or
45,000 words, or, showing a rate of
22,500 words per day, which, if kept
up for the 30 days suggested by Sec
retary Lane, would make 675,000, or
the equivalent of about six volumes
;as large as the Holy Bible!
The transcript will be finished today
and sent on its way rejoicing to
Washington, where Secretary. Lane
will "closely scrutinize" Chairman
Fleming's "plan of procedure."
Mr. Teasdale's objections to it, and
Judge Holgate's opinion on the sub
ject, and then throw all the balance
of the 45,000 useless words in the
waste basket, with the possible ad
monition to the board to "go, thou and
;sin no more!" I woud anyway.
After the board adjourned for the
day at 7 o'olock) I asked Chairman
Fleming if they had yet made up their
minds as to the questions that would
lie considered while awaiting a reply
from Secretary Lane, but before he
could answer, Mr. Teasdale handed
me a slip of paper, with the remark:
"Here are some of the questions I
will bring before the board:"
The slip'of paper contained tha foJ-
following in the order they are print
Indian payments.
Irrigable area mesa.)
Town s'ites.
School lands in irrigable area.
River front protection.
Telephone system.
S. P. contract on levee.
Expert form.
Laguna dam.
Phases of law pertaining to dam.
Some of these are certainly live and
pertinent questions and deserve the
fulest consideration of the board ;
in fact Chairman Fleming long ago
offered his "plan of procedure" which
embraced "irrigable area,'' "drainage"
"river front protection," and the
"dam Laguna," so he and Mr. Teas-
dale are fully agreed as to those im
portant features; but they have not
reached an agreement on the question
as to whether it lies within the pro
vince of the board t oconsider "Indian
payments," "town sites," "school lands
in irrigable area," "expert form," or
the very important question of con
sidering the "mesa land."
Inasmuch as the, Interior Depart
ment and the Indian Department are
already in process of adjusting every
thing that pertains to "Indian pay
ments' as applicable to the Indians'
share of the costs of the project, I
am at a loss to se why at any time
should be, or even can be devoted to
that question from the standpoint of
economy to the "white lands" of the
Reclamation unit, and in vie-v of the
specific instructions from Secretary
Lane that the present board has its
duties circumscribed to the California
side of the project, I am at a greater
loss to know by what authority the
board can cross into Arizona and
chase jack rabbits over the mesa in
order to see whether those lands shall
or shall not be included .'n the Yuma
project, however desirable it may be
to include these lands in the irrigable
Mr. Teasdale certainly knows by
this time that the people on the Ari
zona end of the project have thus far
refused to take any part in the pro
ceedings of the present board of cost
review, plainly indicating that they
are satisfied as matters now stand,
in other words that they are willing
to pay the costs of the project with
oue any help from the mesa. If the
'petitions that are now being circu
lated can convince Secretary Lane
(and I am sure they can) that the peo
ple of Yuma county want the Arizona
side of the project reviewed by a cost
board, naturally the board would be
instructed to look into the "irrigable
area" question, and in that manner,
and that alone, in my opinion can the
mesa lands be considered but cer
tainly not by the present board, and
it would therefore seem a waste of
time for Mr. Teasdale to bring the
matter up for discussion before the
board of which he is such an active
and aggressive member.
I will be glad indeed, to see Mr.
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Teasdale press to a finality the ques
tion pf the . arrangement, agreement,
lien, or whatever it may be that ex
ists between the government and the
Southern Pacific regarding the rail
road on top of the levee running on
the California side from Yuma to the
Laguna dam. I have no idea what it
is, though I have tried to find out.
It must, however, be a rather strange
and one-sided document, inasmuch as
the project seems to have the burden
of maintaining the levee, ' while the
S. P. seems to enjoy the privilege of
This question is particularly perti
nent just at the"present time, when it
is requiring all of Acting Manager
Priests' ingenuity, as well .as a con
siderable force of men, to prevent the
Colorado, even at its .present low stage
from eating a large part of the levee
away every hour of the day and night.
During the last day or two I am credi
bly informed that the levee has been
viciously attacked by the river and is
in great danger at the present time
not from ' overflow, but simply from
caving banks at low tide.
Train load after train load of rock
and "pulverized lime stone dust" are
bein grushed to the weak spot by the
local service, but I have 'not yet heard
of the Southern Pacific doing any
thing to save its own tracks, probably
because it got the
manager by the umbilicus when the Santa Rita mountains after Billy
original agreement was made, and has Sunday, the evangelist. When asked
held on like grim death to a lead nig- why he named it after Sunday, Allen
ger ever since, as the S. P. always ' said he did so because it, like Sunday,
does when it finds a good thing . is a good money maker. The proper
Go to it, Mr. Teasdale, I'm with you ty Is a gold and silver proposition, and
on that question until the last dog
dies, but my. friendly advice is to keep
your mitt off of the Arizona mesa!
Let's don't waste any more time
than is absolutely necssary. Go after
the big things on the California side!
That charming blush of a coy maid
eng oft-times comes frpm the nearest
drug store and disappears with the
evening scrub.
A dreamer is generally a nice, ami
able, harmless sort of creature whtfse
principal noise in this work is made
in his own dreams.
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Examiner 6-W
Printers of the Arizona
Sentinel and Yuma
(Special to the Yuma Daily Examiner)
TUCSON, Aug. 6. Glen Allen of
Douglas, has named his mine in the
the percentages are said to run high.
Hostetter's Bitters is becoming the
popular drink with the jag seekers
throughout the States. Several Phoe
nix druggists have been arrested for
selling the patent medicine, which pro
dues a wopderful drunk with all the
trimmings. It is said that Hostetter's
contains about five times as much al
cohol as lager beer.
With patent medicine alcoholic
drinks and the latest in etherized cider
there is not much trouble in getting on
a good spree, but the after effects
must be something fierce.

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