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Arizona sentinel Yuma southwest. (Yuma, Ariz.) 1915-1916, November 11, 1915, Image 3

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(By B. F. Fly)
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vv- vGen. John J. Pershing left last night
for his headquarters in El Paso, where
'-he haB command of the U. S. troops
...on. the borders of Arizona, New Mexi
co and Texas.
As stated in these columns yester
day, Gen. Pershing was here to call
on Capt. Murphy, Co. D, 12th U. S.
-infantry. I met him last night in the
Arizona hotel and had a delightful
I talk with him for half an hour, natu
' rally on the object of his visit and
'- Mexican affairs. The general was at
tired in regulati6n fighting uniform,
'"and looked every inch the soldier that
, he is.
VI took a run up here to see how
Capt. Murphy and Co. D, part of my
command, are getting along," said the
' I Ynd how did you if ind them?" 1
asked. ( x
"In first 'class condition," was the
. reply.
"Did you visit. either of the out-
posts?" I asked.
"Yes; I went down to the camp at
y Algodones, and found everything all
right no excitement whatever," re
, plied the general.
"Then my friend, Lawson, who used
. to be project manager at El Paso," he
continued, "took me pn the U. S. R. S.
speeder to Laguna dam, and it was
revelation to me; a' trip I very greatly
enjoyed." .
"What about the Mexican situation?
Will there be any Mexican, soldiers
sent through here to Lower Cali
fornia?" "Not that I have heard of," said Gen.
Pershing, "and I have" no reason to be
lieve there will be. As for the situa
tion in general, "it is now quieting
down at Agua Prieta and Naco. I do
not anticipate any further trouble at
either of these points."
"What do you think of Yuma pro
ject?" "
"One of the greatest bodies of land.
I have ever seen a marvel. Especial
ly your .water system. It's really too
bad Imperial Valley has to depend on
such 'a flimsy thing as that dam at
- Algodones for its water."
"Where do you go from here?"
"To Douglas, and then, from there
. ,to my headquarters in El Paso," re
plied, the general.
He left on No. 4, at 7j20 p. m. It
will be recalled that last summer, Gen.
Pershing's wife and two little daugh
ters were burned to death in their
- home on the San Francisco Presidio.
He still shows marked traces of great
sorrow; but, he's a soldier, and knows
how to stand hardships.
A good opinion is contagious. The
fellow who is always telling how good
he is, willeventually get to believe it
himself. Chicago Nows.
They a se Gen. Carranza of ob
irittacy, ,a(b.i)ugh nobody ever did any
thing really worth while without it.
(Associated Press)
MILAN, Nov. 12 There is grave
reason to fear for the main bQdy of
the Serbian army, which is fighting
the right wing of the German's. The
Bulgarians have been cut off between
Kralievo and Nish, says the corres
pondent at Secola.
BERLIN, Nov. 12. The pursuit of
the Serbian army southward con
tinues. The Germans have reached
the towns of Kupic, Ribarsk and also
Banya,. ,
THENS, Nov. 12. A Saloniki tele
gram says the French cavalry raiders
have severely defeated the Bulgarians
near Vales, "and the fall of that iown
is expected.
SALONIKI, Now" 12.-Five thousand
Serbians are holding off 18,000 Bul
garians at Babuna Defile. The Serbs
hold the ' heights, making, Bulgarian
withdrawal only a question of time,
according to military experts.
(Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, Nov. 12k Published
charges, credited to Dr. Joseph Gori
ciar, former Austro-Hungarian consul
at San Francisco, that Austrian con
suls in the United States are working
under the direction of Count von
Bernstorff, the German ambassador,
and were plotting the destruction of
munitions plants and were fomenting
strikers, were referred by the Depart
ment of Stae to the Department of
Justice for investigation.
(Associated Press)
AMSTERDAM, Nov. 12. Three Bel
gians were shot at Brussels today on
the charge of furnishing the Allies
with information regarding the move
ments of the German troops. Another
Belgian was sentenced to jail for 12
. "The Queen of Yuma Project," and
the grand ball at the Yuma theatre
on Saturday evening.
(By B. F. Fly)
For two hours and a half yesterday
afternoon, Judge Kent held-a crowded
courtroom spellbound as he riddled the
Caruthers petition from end to end
and thence back again, nor did he
spare. Mr. Caruthers for his many hap
hazzard allegations in his petition
praying for an injunction in the, good
roads case.
All during this time, the well known
banker sat as if one transfixed. In
one breath Judge Kent pictured him
as a lawyer, in another as an engineer,
then as a contractor, then as a pro
phet, and finally, as the self-appointed
guardian of the supervisors.
It was laughable and pathetic at one
and the same time. The Phoenix jur
ist had decisions of the Supreme Court
of almost every state in the Union, as
well as many from the U. S. Supreme
Court, to back up his contentions. Of
the 35 reasons given in the Caruthers
petition for asking an injunction,
Judge Kent brushed them all aside as
though they were so many spider webs
save two the charge of fraud on the
part of the supervisors" in , awarding
the contract to the O. & C. company,
and the charge that the O. & C. com
pany had not been granted a permit
to do business in Arizona.
He not only didiculed these charges
but he' read decision after decision
to show that where fraud is Charged
the charge must be specifically named
and proven, otherwise it was a mere
assertion that could have no standing
in a court of equitp.
If the supervisors had acted contrary
to the wishes of the people, the reme
dy way the recall. The law gave
them the Yight to award the contract
to' whomsoever they pleased, even
without advertising or competition.
Judge Baker admitted this to be true.
As to the charge that the O. & C.
company had not filed its articles of
Incorporation and v had not been
granted a permit to do business in
Arizona, Judge Kent read many de
cisions to show that this was not ne
cessary until after the contract had
been awarded, whereupon it would Dt.
the duty of the supervisors and the
county attorney to see that this and
all other matters of detail were very
properly complied with before the
contract was actually executed. All
these details are ready" to be etnered
of record by the O. & C. company.
When Judge Kent closed his argu
ment at 4:U0 o'clock, Judge Baker
asked that he be given until this morn
ing at 9 o'clock to prepare for his ar
gument. The request was granted and Judge
Baxter adjourned court to that hour.
A little side light was thrown ou
this interesting legal battle during
yesterday's session of the Board bt
Supervisors, by the filing of a petition
Bigned by 180 ''property owners and
taxpayers," asking the board to reject
the Warrenlte bid and readvertlse for
good roads bldB.
I took a copy of the names and went
to the tax books to try to check up
the names. The task was bigger than
I had time to give it. I looked up the
first three names. One of these has
property valued at a little over $15,UUU.
The other two are not on tthe tax rolls
at all. If the list 'carries out that
ratio it is a mighty poor showing for
the opponents of good roads, but such
a thing would be in perfect keeping
with what I said a few days ago, and
that was that the kickers against
building the good road from Yuma to
Somerton are those who pay the least
taxes, while those who favor good
roads are those who pay the bulk of
the taxes.
County Attorney Colman's main rea
son for asking intervention on behalf
of Yuma county was:
"That the said 0 & C. Construction
Company is, and was, at all times
herein mentioned, a foreign corpora
tion, and was not, and is not, authoriz
ed to transact business in the state of
His petition was denied by Judge
Baxter. The articles of incorporation
are printed elsewhere in this issue.
(Associated Press)
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 12. C. L.
Peebles, G3 years old, a resident of
Los Angeles, who claims to be a great-great-great-grandson
of William Hur
ry, "the bellman of the Statehouse,"
who rang the Liberty Bell when the
Declaration of Independence was sign
ed, will be among the thousands who
will greet the Liberty Bell on its ar
rival Monday in Los Angeles.
Peebles . has two grand-children,
who, because of their ancestral rela
tion, are exhibiting more than ordi
nary interest in the arrival of the fa
mous relic in Los Angeles.
Peebles claims to have a number" of .
Inteersting documents showing his
line of descent from William Hurry,
(Associated Press) :
SAN DIEGO, Nov. 12. 'Better mar
kets for 'California products," is the
subject for discussion at a joint con
ference of the California Deve'.opme'jt
Board and the State Rural Cirfedits
The idea that war can be made go
terrible that it will be imnnssfhio
vailed also before AumiRt. io-iit.
peka State-Journal.
tbirib for th BxauIbw.

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